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And, gad, check out the typos and syntax issues.

Posted By: Sure, we'd just *love* to have our work mangled on 2009-05-24
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    Don't proof at all - spell check picks up the typos.
    Help with WP spell-check issues, please.
    The spell-check in WordPerfect has started acting weird lately.  Sometimes I get an underline under a misspelled word, sometimes not.  Sometimes it will underline, and then after a few lines it is gone.  If I check at the end of the document, it does not catch all the misspelled words (left some in on purpose).   All of the spell-check options are correct, I have document checked to spell-check.  Am I going to have to uninstall and reinstall?  Any help?
    Never said people didn't have typos we are all human BUT the mistakes I stated were NOT typos

    I probably QA where you work..hmmmmm

    Hi! I am new to this board. I posted a message a while ago, but i can't find the thread. Anyway, i will just repost my query.

    In one of the reports I transcribed, a doctor dictates "labia majora swelling" and I typed it verbatim. The report was pulled for quality check, and the statement was recast into "swelling of the labia majora". Sadly, it was credited to me as a syntax error.

    I feel that the statement is medically correct and acceptable. If, it is syntactically incorrect, is there any ruling regarding medical syntax?

    Are there resources or articles, which could help me regarding syntax in transcription? thanks
    I know my QA people are toads. I get the same crap where I am and when I don't type verbatim they say -- he didn't say than and make it verbatim. You cannot win. It's sad, it really is.
    Syntax aside, there is
    a chair available that uses an exercise ball as its seat - there's a framework with casters that holds the ball.  I haven't tried it but am considering it.  I saw it in a catalog from Gaia - Real Goods, who sell eco friendly stuff mostly.  Has anyone tried one of these, and if so, how is it? 
    Interesting syntax. nm
    Syntax Report
    I personally did not read your original post as being written by an Indian. I personally might have used the word 'placed' or 'used' instead of 'put,' but honestly I think all 3 words would have been correct.

    I also have seen several posts where the syntax struck me as suspiciously Indian in origin, but your particular post was not one of them.

    I'm not certain how long you have been visiting this board, but perhaps a couple weeks ago, there was a poster named EMTJack. I think he may have used a few other names too. Anyway, he claimed to be American, but he was clearly Indian and working for a company whose website loudly and clearly proclaimed that his company prided itself in providing cheaper prices by off-shoring the work. Ever since then, our nerves are a bit on edge, and we are most definitely on the lookout for weird syntax postings!

    Peace to you, and may this thread be soon closed... ;)
    syntax prob? your dream 5 ft 2 in..nm

    very bad syntax and is your keyboard missing the comma key?...m
    SORRY about the typos!!!! nm

    maybe you had better check your own postings for typos before you pick on someone elses..."so take YOU typos and whining to b a blog..." hmmm. easy to make a mistake, isn't it??? LOL.
    I use spell check all the time, it is part of being a professional.  Except, of course, for the test, lol.  Obviously, the poster who mixed-up "their" and "there" needs to start using it or, at the least, proofread their posts.
    take YOU typos?
    hole wheat? gee, I wonder where that comes from??
    Sorry for all the typos! nm

    Sorry for the typos
    Sorry for typos....
    I have been very upset today..!!
    Typos are everywhere

    Yeah, the ditmo that typed the cover spelled it wrong, what is priceless, they fixed the cover of the book, but they left the webpage incorrect. 

    Typos are everywhere.  You will love this one.  At the corner store where I live there is a plastic sign that has been there for years.  The sign reads, "Florida Lottory" and it has a pink flamingo on it.  It was made by the Florida Lottery Commission.

    Right next to the incorrectly spelled, "Lottory,"  they have a poster plastered in the window that reads, "The Florida Lottery has provided over 10 Billion dollars towards education."

    Now either that money was not put to good use . . . or someone is lying.    oh boy.

    ~ Mari

    Sorry about the typos!
    Obviously I still get upset thinking about her attitude. LOL!
    Typos above. I know. Just put in 14 hrs. and
    sorry for typos-need a nap-nm
    p.s. pardon the typos nm
    Sorry for typos. Shees! Just
    Uh..."take *you* typos???LOL

    Now what were you saying about "simple typos?"

    sorry for typos. I usually get paid
    extra for those at work  but this was JMO and I didn't QA myself 
    I know there are typos. I'm not QA and I didn't

    proof.   My post is a bit disjointed, but I think I got my point across.  I tried to represent both sides fairly. 

    I'm tired - typos ... (sm)
    I meant that the government is NOT on our side.

    AAMT is not on our side, either - since they came on the scene, conditions for MTs have plummeted. A very few people there have gotten very rich off of MTs, especially newbies. And now AAMT seems to be getting involved with India. (Why am I not surprised?)
    Oh, boy! Sorry for the typos...long day! nm
    Please overlook typos. I am on my way
    to bed and didn't proof anything. I appreciate that thanks.
    Do you ever catch your typos?
    there wages - ?
    Sorry for the typos in the above post
    Sorry for the typos in the above post -- still need new eye glasses and I am still very livid.
    sorry for the typos in the last post.
    Sorry for the typos as I am really tired tonight.
    sorry for typos . . .I'm upset.
    Sorry, yes I made typos. :(
    excuse the typos (no message)
    well, if her typos are any indication of how she transcribes...nm
    thass OK, honey, we all do typos.

    Ignore the typos, I saw them. This isn't work. nm
    Sorry for typos... On a sugar high!
    overnight and watches sorry for the typos
    Sorry about the typos in my previous message!
    I am so livid with the 'suits' I can't even type straight, lol - anyone else there feel that management should only include someone who actually did the dirty deed of being an MT before the they think that they can 'manage us'?! I love the companies where the owners are previous MTs - now there is a company that is run intelligently in my opinion and the company that you would want to trust and put your efforts in.
    Not the typos it's misspelling "niece" that bugs.
    Yikes--and now I can't spell anymore obviously--sorry for the typos!
    my PS makes typos but I wouldn't trade my PS
    because my PS (production supervisor) is the most communicative and we all love this one....typos, schmypos - who cares as long as they get their point(s) across to us.  They are not MTs nor typists. 
    True, but typos and minor mistakes aside... SM
    I is a MT and I can post without sounding like I be uneducated.
    Typos happen, and BTW, the word is grammAr (so you
    please ignore typos (heehee) I get carried away...(NM)
    Forgive the typos in post above. I'm tired. nm.
    geeze...you can tell I am up too early this morning...sorry for the typos
    Check at a local nursery/garden center for varieties that are bred for your area, then check online
    My problem is people who keep ridiculing others for typos on these boards!