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Any QA positions that pay well out there, please say!

Posted By: Meghan on 2005-10-15
In Reply to:

I work for a rather large company and the pay is pretty bad.  You have to beg for a raise and are ignored half the time.  It's pathetic.  Anybody know of any good companies for a QA Editor (companies that pay more than 14 something an hour?)

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IC positions offer no benefits, employee positions off full benefits, so if you do not need
benefits, then IC would be best.
I wonder why they have so many positions
They OVER HIRE on the accounts. Been sitting here for days with almost no work -yet for some reason they have so many openings. I have even asked to be but on a different account/position/shift - anything to keep consistent work flow and still nothing. FED UP.
other positions
I have found that those "other" managerial positions are being taken over by non-MTs, so theres no way you can "move" yourself up into one of these. Supervisor is another one of those less qualified positions and more of an administrative job, doing scheduling and other administrative duties that I have looked into and pay a whole lot less than what you would expect for these "titles." As far as doing QA I would talk to a manager or someone in your company and let them know you are interested. I started out doing a half and half combo MT/editing. My supervisor approached me to do this, so I would say your best bet would be to sharpen your skills as an MT. Learn how to do the foreign accented dictators, know your grammar and basic guides that your company has set forth. It never hurts to talk around and let your ambitions be known. Some companies pay by line but there are still a good many who pay per hour. I have come across many well paying hourly or salaried positions on the job seekers board. Good luck to you!
MT positions

Does anyone else with 20+ years experience get upset when they see jobs that advertise for 6 and 7 cpl?? the advertisers think that is so great. We are back in the 80s with these prices and No I am not going to count my blessings this time. They charge these facilities a lot more now than they used to and want to pay us less with no benes.  Okay I vented, thanks.

And more and more IC positions

that certainly look like they should really be employees, with demanding platform, times of day, and pay.... It's a sad state of affairs.....

If you appy, do not expect anything in return and work your schedule as an IC?????  Nope!  See ya!  LOL

Is it 11 o'clock position or 11:00 position?  Which is the corrent way to type that?
Mandatory OT?? Is this for FT and PT positions?? nm
All positions at this point have been

to each and every applicant who has submitted a resume and/or tested with us.  Should we have missed anyone, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for applying and/or testing for USAType, Inc.

Natalie Brooks
Recruitment Coordinator
USAType, Inc.

Duh! There are IC positions posted all over
It is possible to be an IC while working for a service. You might want to get your smarty pants facts straight before offering your smart (dumb) remarks.
Those positions that she named must be the ones she really
There are no in-house positions where I am. Everything
People with non-MT positions

If you work at medical transcription company but as QA, manager, team lead, coordinator, etc., do you have a set amount of hours you work each day and are done, or do you find yourself working more hours than your shift?

In-house positions sm
An in-house position is a rarity these days as everything in volume is being sent out to India. Depending on your experience, I would jump at the chance to work in-house to gain experience. However, if you've been doing it for years and they want to give you minimum wage, that's different, then you have to be choosy. It all depends on your personal situation, i.e., do you need a babysitter, health care, etc., etc. Too many variables to give an educated answer. Perhaps you would hate working from home and love to get out, so it all depends on many things, not always about the money or the benefits (which are big bucks).
Applying for IC positions
I was an employee of a large national for 8-1/2 years.  They provided the whole PC and set-up.  I've never been an IC.  Is there any point in applying for IC jobs if I've never been one?  I have a PC with a temp version of Word 2007 and antivirus software, but that's it.  No footpedals.  TIA. 
management/supervisory positions
Thanks so much.  I am definitely a people-oriented person, think my communication skills are good, and I loved when we were able to give more feedback/teaching to transcriptionists when I was a QA person (they later cut out giving feedback to MTs because they wanted us to up our production as QA personnel).  I absolutely would NOT miss the keyboard as I often feel chained to it and just bored stiff and burned out.  I'm a very organized person so I guess those things would be pluses.   Thanks for mentioning the types of college courses to look into as I was thinking of completing my bachelor's degree anyway - I'm halfway there so it wouldn't be too difficult.  I thought business administration would be a good major or even health information management (although I thought business would be better as it offers a broader range of opportunity, I would think).  The only problem is I almost never see jobs advertised for supervisory/management positions at transcription companies so they might be few and far between.  Oh well, at least I know what is entailed.  Another poster stated the pay was not any better than transcribing if you are a good producer.  Any more feedback on that aspect of things would be much appreciated.
I based pay rates on positions I have
been offered in the past 6 months.  Sure there are lots who pay less and some who pay more. 
For those "Indenpendent Contractor" positions...
For U.S. MTs and U.S. MT companies, here are the basic U.S. Dept of Labor definitions of who is and is not an "Independent Contractor":javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');


I don't know what supervisory positions consist of. You tell me what a supervisor does so I know
Thanks in advance.

PS: I do mean an at-home supervisor like the ones I deal with.
MY QUESTION TOO...I don't even see that they are offering SE positions in this new plan.

I just got the memo dated Sept 2

I have read it 3 times

I do not see the words STATUTORY EMPLOYEE anywhere

I am assuming they are doing away with that position???????

Anybody know?

and if so why am I scurring around trying to buy a computer to

accommodate their new platform as an SE when they are only hiring

EMPLOYEES.........who they provide computers to

they supposedly have open positions - and have them for quite a few years - sm
In fact, now they are offering relocation. However, as one who has 18 years experience, with an EXTENSIVE AND EXTREMELY impressive background, I was told that "I did not have enough experience." I was told that I live too far away and that unless I live there I could not be considered. So I happened to be in Arizona, about 4 miles from them, told them I was relocating, and they still told me I did not have enough experience.

By the way, my experience ranges from working for at least 4 of the top 10 hospitals in the US, all kinds of surgical procedures that one very rarely transcribes, transcribing of rare diseases, transcribing for physicians who do clinical trials for European drugs - so I do have quite an extensive background. Apparently just not enough for them.

Over the years, I have known quite a few people to apply for the positions, and all of them have received the same responses - "not enough experience."
some QA editor/auditor positions at higher pay may (sm)
require the CMT credential.  And I agree with the previous responder; there are companies who offer higher line rates to CMTs.
those are ads for recruiting - not traveling transcription positions
Kforce put the ads out to attract travelers. I worked for Kforce for 2 years. It was up and down with the work. My health insurance would get cancelled 10 days after an assignment ended, unless Kforce had another assigment to go to immediately. There were times I did not have for up to 3 months. There is always good and bad with a job. Unfortunately, I needed something steady and with insurance, so this wasn't for me.
nuther question about interviewing - this one about MT positions (sm)
I have been working at home for the past 13 years.  Went from working in the hospital (next to the morgue in the basement - isn't that where all the Med. Rec. departments are?) to an at-home position with the same hospital to an at-home position with a national company.  The dress code of the MTs still in the hospital is very lax (to the point where flip-flops are allowed and no stockings!).  When I interviewed 25 years ago I wore a suit, stockings, etc.  Once I had the job I relaxed to pants, stockings, and casual shirt/sweater but never flip-flops.  What are you all wearing on job interviews these days?  I'd be inclined (possibly) to wear a pant suit rather than skirt or dress only because that's not who I am - I'm a casual pants and shirt type of person but would put on the pants suit for the interview.  However, since I've been out of the loop for so long, are dresses and skirts still the norm for job interviews? 
I have held all the positions I mentioned without having an RHIT.
She was asking for ideas. I gave her some.

Maybe it was tough for you but it doesn't have to be for her. :)

Got that right! If I'm not happy within 3 days, I quit! Too many easier positions out there. nm
In MT ads on the net, more and more I see ads for combo positions - MT/front desk, MT/secretary, etc
Should just post all their open positions in one post and only be allowed to post one of those a day