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Anyone else have this experience?

Posted By: Lilly on 2006-05-05
In Reply to:

This past week one of 60+ doctors I transcribe for took three of his at-home Transcriptionist to lunch. Granted, he also took 3 receptionists, 3 nurses and his wife; but something like this seems unheard of in this business. Just wanted to share this unusual experience.

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Experience on top, current experience first. Education second. Leave out ALL fluff.
Recruiters don't need your life story. They need to know if you can do the job. If you want, put your current employer, then state "I have 20 years in the profession doing....." Keep it simple; keep it clean. If you want to go into more detail, do it during the interview. A HUGE red flag is to see that you've worked for 10 different companies, for months at a time. I know that someone who has worked for the same company for 2 years or more is going to have some degree of loyalty and will work through issues rather than cut and run.
How is one going to get experience, when no one will hire without experience????
I constantly see all these job openings asking for experience.  How can I get experience, when no one will hire me without experience???
Do you need to have 2 years full time experience or just 2 years' experience? nm
In my experience,

ratio is about 3 to 4 on a large hospital account doing all specialities and report types.   I think it would be closer to 2 or 3 with clinic work.   

In my experience, I had to (sm)
allow the company to access my computer by clicking on an icon on my desktop.  After they were done, I had to click "out" of the program, thus they cannot access my computer unless I give them my "permission" by accessing the program on my end!  Does that make sense?
in my experience, (sm)
work always slows down in the summer, especially after a holiday.  Hang in there, it gets better!
I had such an experience
It was years ago but I woke up laying on my stomach with head turned to the side and arm up by my head, couldn't move then saw a transparent arm coming back down into my arm and when it was completely fused with my arm I could suddenly move. It was very weird, scared the crap out of me, but in later years read about what actually happened and like you said, my spirit body wasn't quite back into me yet when I woke up - astral travel, yes. We all do that when we sleep.
My experience...
I personally found many of the Texas hospitals had a lot of ESLs. My two primary accounts were in Missouri and Washington State and there were very few ESLs. The platform I was on was not difficult (TWS I believe it was called).
I had a very hard time trying to understand the guy trying to train me. He would tell me he would call at a certain time and he wouldn't. It would be the next day or 2 hours later than what he said. Told me you have to work until the jobs are cleaned out of system. I don't think so!!!!!
My experience (sm)

The most I have made working for another service was 11 cents per gross line.  That was 3 years ago and that company sold, I couldn't work for them anymore anyway.

Now I am ALWAYS offered 8 cents per line when looking for part-time.  I think this is low, considering they charge 14 or so and want to see perfect documents and never proofread.  Truly, I think that is a total ripoff.  No benefits either.


Never in my experience. - nm
My experience with IT
I found it to be a difficult program to use unless you have a lot of time to spend reading and playing with it first. I used it for 7 months but would not recommend it. I do not know about MT schools although in my 12 years of transcribing, I have yet to work where they go into much detail about these programs. Good Luck!
My experience as QA
I've found that when I'm dealing with someone new to the company, I find myself more picky as far as punctuation, etc. Trying to show them the correct way or the preferred way at first. Show them a few times but don't hound them on the little things that won't matter in the long run. I always try to teach the preferred way in the beginning but eventually you focus completely on demographics and terminology.
Our experience...
My husband had a small lump about the size of a pea not in his cheek, but on the inside of his lip near the gum.  We went to ENT and it was just a plugged duct.  They lanced it, and it was fine.  He developed another one a couple of years later that just eventually went away on its on.  Prayers are with you!!
From my experience
They do not ask you. They recommend certain MTs.

You DO want to do ASR because if you don't, you will be left with what's left. Nuff said
Same experience with the big "S"
It did not get any better. I left after numerous account changes, disorganization, etc. Some thought it was their way to save money. It really put the brakes on. As far as learning new accounts every couple of weeks, it requires taking a LOT of your own time to do it. I have a family and a life after work.
my experience....
When my 12-year old son went from absolutely loving to play soccer (having played from age 4 up) to being in tears when I dropped him off at practices, I began to wonder what was going on. He was on a traveling select soccer team. The coach was a screamer and I thought maybe it was just that my son did not respond to that kind of coaching. He had been playing on this team for 2 years and the coach put a LOT of pressure on the kids. However, I felt thinking it was too much, but others would tell me how it would teach him discipline, etc. I knew in my heart that something was wrong if he was so adamant and upset about me dropping him off at practice. Finally after a lot of talking and trying to come to the bottom of why he absolutely hated to be on that team, I let him quit. Never another word was said about playing soccer again. Come to find out 3-4 years later, the coach was gay. My son would never tell me that he tried anything with him, but I learned later that he had with other players, so I've always wondered. Sometimes there is more there than meets the eye when a players decides to quit. I wished I had first listened to my son.
my experience

Well, a prominent man in our town (bigwig at newspaper) took him in and let him stay in his spare room while he worked here in town and coached our kids. Like I said, my son finally quit the team and it was several years later before it came out that he was gay. He had gone on to coach our local high school soccer team and it came out at that point. I guess older guys are not nearly as likely to keep this a secret as the younger guys. And to be honest, I'm not sure what all happened with the high school, but there was some trouble. He left town and I'm not sure what happened from that point. I was just glad that I had let my son quit after all. To this day, though, my son will clam up when I ask him about it. He has said he never tried anything with him, but I'm still not sure.

What experience do you have? nm
I have three years psych transcription experience in/outpt and disability, etc. notes. Do you know of anything?
Different experience
Maybe I have been lucky but I have worked on three different accounts for them and there has always seemed to be plenty of work. Rarely have I run into NJA, except for a few times there were system problems and then, of course, on Mondays (if you work clinic accounts) you may have to wait until the docs start working before the dictation is available obviously.

Personally, I don't feel I have been misled in any way. I try to meet my minimum line requirements and keep my quality up and I have had no problems. I don't get moved from account to account and when I have asked to try a different account they have tried to accommodate me if at all possible.

There always seems to be someone available to answer questions with normally fast responses and you get several updates a day on what the job stats are.

I have worked for them for close to a year and pay has always been on time and accurate.

I feel they are a very organized company unlike some others I have had brief encounters with (brief due to that very reason - so unorganized) and any contacts I have had with supervision, account liaisons, etc., has been very positive.
That's been my experience a lot lately.
I'm tired of it.  I took on my third IC job last week until I can find a company that I can make half decent money with.
No Experience

Alll the jobs state they need expereince.  How do you get hired with no experience.  Very frustrated.  Appreciate any help.  Want to do transcription from home.  What is the best way to get started.    

If you don't have that much experience SM

and you get hired by a company, they expect you to do your part by researching and looking up words and spelling them correctly as well as other aspects of the reports such as grammar and punctuation. 

Companies do not have the time or resources to teach people what they are supposed to know.  That's what schools get paid for. 

Considering the fact that you had less than two years' experience, you were lucky they hired you in the first place. 

Instead of being angry, try to make yourself a better MT and go to the table with a little more to offer.  It worked for me.



And just how much experience do you have?

There are $.09 and $.10 jobs out there with decent bosses, on time pay, and easy work that isn't all ESL.

My experience
I make a little over $20 an hour QA, salary not production, and not CMT. I get the same amount every invoice whether I was twiddling my thumbs or busting my butt. No typing unless an MT misses a report and there isn't enough time to have them do it, so maybe 2-3 reports every six months. No production typing.
for someone with a lot of experience sm
that would be the norm but a newbie? Could be dictators are talking slow. I do 30 minutes per hour, so that would be a couple hours or less for 60 minutes of dictation, but there are variables.
In my experience...
Radiology usually gets a higher rate - if you are doing radiology you should be getting more for that and preferably paid by the report.
Has anyone had any experience using sm
Monster.com or Career builder in their job searches?
Unfortunately, yes, in my experience.
Usually, if your customary schedule would put you working that day, you would get some type of incentive (double lines, extra cpl, etc.) for working it. That is how the holiday is "observed" by the company -- special pay.

If you do not work it, you will not be paid unless you use your PTO, which is just that -- a bank of Paid Time Off hours that include vacation, sick, holiday hours but left to your discretion for use.
My experience
I worked for Freedom Type right after finishing my online course. They were very willing to work with me. It was three years ago and things may have changed since then. They were very good to work for and I never had a late payment but I only worked for them about 4 months. At that time the way I accessed the dictation was to call into the hospital's system and record it onto a tape. This was very time consuming and resulted in bad recordings. This was the only problem that I had with them. AFter using the Lanier system, I wouldn't go back to manual taping.
Hope this helps and good luck.
Bad Experience!
I worked for them for about I year.  The first couple of months were great, and then they took away the accounts I was good at and gave me nothing but the WORST ESLs with a "take it or leave it" attitude.  I would not recommend them!
30% has been my experience also
Bad experience with them here. Looking elsewhere.
My experience was
Just about the same, but the line rate was different. If they think they can get better service cheaper, then let them go for it. When they come crawling back to you to fix the garbage work or because reports are always out of TAT, then charge 17 cents or more to rush the work and then tell them your regular rate just went up to 15 cents... :-) We are not doormats!!

Does somebody who has been doing Multispecialty Clinic transcripation have a chance at landing an Acute Care job?  If not, what could I do to get more Acute Care experience?  I would love to get experience in Acute Care as well as what I have been doing.

Thanks for the advice!


I had the same experience
But I stuck with it. I had 13 years experience of acute care and went with a smaller company and they proofed all my work, and boy oh boy did I learn a lot. It did do a bit of damage to my ego, but in the long run I feel I profited from the experience. Once you get good at the account and learn it, they should ease up on the QAing a bit. 10.5 cents is a great rate, I would not give it up. Just keep doing your best, I even started reading my reports for a while and still spot check and read them too.
No experience
Not many places will hire you without experience. No one wants to take on someone and train them anymore. I have 27 years experience so I have no problem at all. Good luck. It takes years of experience to be a transcriptionist.
not by my experience. I have been --
responsible for my own digital voice player. I think perhaps you are thinking of something else, where they download their program onto your computer, like a platform, and you type into their program. I did that one time when I worked for a Sten-Tel outfit, but I quit due to the coordinator keeping me on Instant Messanger all day long talking about his daughter and her graduation, and then scolded me for not getting my work done. But anyway, their system was like that, and I did not like it, because I could not count my own lines...they did, and I totally did not trust that. Check out the StartStop website and you will see what I am talking about. that is the voice player that I have.
My MG Experience
I took the Master Gardener class in Iowa a few years ago. Loved it. Spent a day at the university in Ames for classes on plant pathology, entomology, etc. We also had live feeds from Ames with different professors. These live feeds went to all  extensions giving the class, I think. It was great. Tons of great information. The only problem I had was getting the extension offices to notify me when the classes started. Not all extension offices offer the classes each year, so when the two near me failed to notify me of the start date, I ended up driving a long way to take the class each week. Very much worth my time, though.
Just my experience . . .

If you love someone you can put up with a lot, if you don't - it's hard to take.  I stood by my man through thick and thin because I loved him but after time, that love just chipped away into nothing.  After that, it didn't take much at all to leave.   I sure was ready and never looked back.

In other words it depends on what the two of you have, because it sounds like a difficult situation.  Good luck. 

looking for experience

I want to become more proficient in op notes and ESL.  Is there a company that would be willing to work with me so that I can learn this?  I am not a newbie, with over 6 years hospital/clincial transcription experience, but we have very few ESL and the op notes are covered by others.  This is something that I really need and want to exceed in.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks!!  Marceia

How much experience do you have? sm
I know of a company looking for a part time editor, mornings. A good way to get your foot in the door, perhaps.
this is my experience
I quit my last job on a Tuesday. My insurance was effective through the remainder of the week and my last day of coverage was Friday. I was eligible for 3 months for cobra coverage. But the premiums were insanely high. But, I had it if I would have needed it. I purchased a health plan through Blue Cross/Blue Shield that was effective before my cobra ran out. Thank goodness I never needed to use it during that time.
That has not been my experience.
I've been my own sole support for nearly 23 years and have been a Transcriptionist for 22 years.    If I were you, I would ask to be put on an account I liked better, and if they refuse to do that, leave.   We have an immensely marketable trade.   We don't have to work under unreasonable/unfair conditions that are hazardous to our well-being.   Nobody gets to work on what they like and do best 24/7, but if you truly believe that your employer is treating you unfairly and hurting you, then for God's sake and your own, find one that will treat you right.   I would.
All I can say from my experience is that...

If they don't want to change or quit, they won't.  The addict has to really want it or they will not quit and will eventually go back.  I have had loved ones and family addicted to meth and it is nasty.  I've seen two men lose their wives and children because they couldn't/wouldn't quit.  Support them in their endeavor, but they have to do it on their own with the support of their family.

It is a tough and long road, and it sometimes has no end.


Experience with this one..
I am stepparent to an AHDD and ODD kid.. he was horrible to raise.. violent with the animals in the house and siblings. We thought his younger brother was following his footsteps, but turns out he is just a little hyper.. what really tamed him was just getting him regular sleep hours! It's amazing how many parents don't realize how much sleep their kids need! 11-13 hours! How many get it?
My experience
My friend has the hybrid Civic and I have the regular Civic. It's been a long time since we discussed it, so I don't remember the exact details, but my regular Civic gets 30-33 MPG around town, and I remember being stunned when I found out that her hybrid car only did slightly better (can't remember the exact number), especially considering she paid a lot more for her car than I did.

She was disappointed also in it and thinks she will buy a regular car next time.

Hope this helps!
My experience...sm
I recently had shoulder surgery and could not type for over a week, and during that time I used Dragon 8 for all my emails and instant messaging and some other text entry situations. If you're willing to spend the time to learn how to use it efficiently, and also spend the time to train it, it can be a good tool to use. But I have never been able to match my typing speed with speech recognition.

my experience sm
When I use mine on a weekend it doesn't show up until the next business day. :(
My experience sm

Sometime before my 16th birthday I was terrified for that day to come.  I had this constant, overwhelming feeling of death.  It turns out that on the day of my birthday I went to a cemetery with a group of friends...not to do anything bad, but they liked to go fishing there at this little pond.