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Anyone familiar with making MS Word templates?

Posted By: Tonya on 2006-09-05
In Reply to:

I am trying to make a bookmark field, one that will take the text that I type in the first time and copy it to another location further in the document. The problem is that the font size is different in the second location. It changes from 12 pt font to 10 pt font and the copied text is not changing to the correct font. I hope that makes sense. Any ideas?

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Creating Templates in Word

Anyone familiar with creating report templates in Word ? 

Sorry, but your schedule doesn't justify making up your own rules. Use the word board for word q
Making text larger in Word
Ctrl+A to select all text, choose font size from format menu. Also make sure view is at 100%.
Word is making my crazy and I'm ready to tear my hair out!!

Does anyone else have this problem?

When working in Word, there are TONS of ~WRL0000.tmp files that are created (the 0000 are just placeholders for random numbers) and being used by Word. These files eventually cause the program to crash, close and restart, always giving the message that the normal file has been changed and asking if I want to reload. This can helps SEVERAL times a day and I'm just tired of the aggravation.

I have looked high and low for an answer to this question and I have yet to find one other person that has had this happen. Microsoft is NO help at all. Their KB only says that the normal.dot is corrupted. I have recreated normal.dot and that hasn't fixed the problem, either. I've done the same for the soap.dot that I use for notes--no luck.

The only thing that I can figure is that these .tmp files are copies of the actual note/file I'm working on (I've opened them up and looked at them). Most can be deleted but there are always one or two that can't be deleted because they're being used by another program (or so the computer says). Closing Word and rebooting Windows is not helping either. BTW, I'm working on XP OS.

If there is anyone out there with either the same problem or, better yet, an idea on how to get this stupidity to stop, please let me know before I go totally bananas!

ExtText by Dictaphone -- Word 2000 - won't capitalize when making a new paragraph or after lists?
Hi. I am new at a job. The Word 2000 running in ExtText (Dictaphone) will not capitalize at the beginning of a new paragraph (never had that happen before), nor after numbers in an automatic list, and sometimes even just after plain periods, not just periods used in numbers (like hemoglobin 7.5).

What is going on? It works fine in the Word version on my computer, but when it ties with ExtText, it "forgets" to capitalize. It is especially annoying with lists, and also at the first of paragraphs, I never had to babysit that before.

Any help? TX
sure i was. i'm making fun of the people who are making a case for background checks, etc
to do medical transcription at home as if they may do something AWFUL with the info they receive. So if you want an invasion of privacy let's REALLY invade it and make sure fat chicks don't transcribe because they are so busy eating they can't get the work done, they mess up the keyboard with food and if they are provided health insurance they will raise the rates for the company sky high because their health risks are higher than others. Then there are the psychological issues overweight people bring to the table. After we eliminate fat people, we can go on to eliminate diabetic people who may have low blood sugar while typing and go into a spell and type the wrong thing. I could go on and on through the process of elimination. How about prescribed medications that may cloud your thinking? So you take Ambien to sleep but you have an Ambien groggy hangover when you are transcribing? Should they transcribe. How about your teens are on your last nerves and you take a Xanax? Should you be allowed to transcribe?
You realize by doing that they're making more money & you're making less? You should reconsid

I am currently looking for a new MT job but with my previous job I have always found that making my own templates worked best for me. I had the same doctors all the time so I knew what needed to be in the reports and what did not need to be there. :-) I have always found my own shortcuts to be the most productive ones.
Yes, I know what EMR means. I understand that they can also do the point and click method and also create templates?
Could she be using templates and she just has to change a few things here and there?  If that's the case, I still don't know about 800 unless there is an awful lot on that template that remains the same and it's a long template so fewer starts and stops. 
Using MS templates with EMR
Anybody create Microsoft templates for EMR documents?

I have a new account that uses EMR. I want to include Microsoft fields into the document so I can easily tab through them but I just don't want the code Word uses to generate a field to conflict with the XML code used for the EMR system.

Does anybody use fields in EMR documents without any problem?
EMR has templates

EMR has many templates: ROS, HOPI, lab orders, Plan, health histories, immunizations, specific diseases, etc.  Each template has many fields with corresponding questions that can be checked off indicating a yes/no response or severity level.  Similar to filling out a survey by checking the boxes that apply. After completing these templates, the physician can click a button that automatically pulls the information that was entered in each of the templates, and generates a "document" in a determined format.  Thus, no reason for the physician to dictate a tape for someone to transcribe.

We implemented an EMR where I work and it did result in less transcription. 

Exactly! Because you got familiar with VR....
It is difficult to switch from stRaight to editing, Back an forth, back and forth, this is so TRUE!

And all the various accounts with the different clients' specifics.
Template or no template, any time YOU have to take away or add to a template, delete, redo, whatever, I count everything....after all, it's my time to add and take away. I use Sylvan also... any will count the template.

Don't screw yourself over.... count everything!

Re: Templates

Yeah really... we get screwed over enough, let us keep SOME things that work to our advantage.

Not familiar with a dropdown box . . .
Are you referring to F9 to get line count?
If you are familiar with this forum at all
then you should have enough insight to realize that posting such vague information without any shred of credibility will get you a less-than-desired response.

Either way, even if it IS true - what kind of friend shares such an important secret? What kind of employee leaks information?

Hmm...sounds familiar sm
Is this company out of Texas, perhaps. 
Sounds familiar.
Feast or famine.
sounds familiar
I'm drowning in paper. I have piles everywhere, including my bedroom floor and dresser. I used to be very organized and couldn't stand clutter, I don't know what happened. I live with three other "messies", husband and two of three children. I think I just gave up. I usually can find things, but it bugs me a lot. Can't seem to get myself to clean it up. This has a psychological basis I'm sure. I'm not lazy, otherwise I keep a really neat, clean house. Stressed out maybe the reason, just don't know where to start first when I do have some time to myself. It's always something.
sounds so familiar!!
I guess most office atmospheres are like that...it sounds so similar to what I had worked with until I went home...and boy am I glad I did!!! I am a social person, but absolutely do not miss the office crud!!! Now I have been doing home repairs and "fixing" up my new "office" as well as getting out a couple of nights a week. Also spending more time focusing on my needs, i.e. pampering myself more!
We are attracted to what is familiar to us
Womanizers, alcoholics, workaholics, rage-aholics...if our dad was one, there seems to be a good chance we find ourselves married to a replica of him. At 48, I decided just to be alone as every man I found myself with was a psycholoanalysts' worst nightmare (these men rarely seek help and rarely change in my observation).
Anyone familiar with FTP Navigator?
I downloaded version 7.0 but now what?  I got the files I wanted but they open in notepad.  Is this right?  Are they now in my PC and can I view them in a word processing program?  Thanks.
We have templates where I work but - sm
we get paid for all that (no spaces though). They do the templates because is it what the doctors want at the hospital I type for; they all have specific needs. They put in jump markers {} that we jump to using Alt-F (WP 5.1), so it is very easy to get through. On a account of my own I did the same thing on the template I made up for myself for 1 of my docs in MS Word, jump from spot to spot, very easy. If you can save the template and make your own "markers" to jump to, yes, you still have to delete unused ones but boy is it a lot easier.
Not familiar with SIM message, however,
I have found that if I am persistent and patient with their customer service line, eventually I will get through and get an answer to my question/problem.  There is a yahoo group for tracfone users and I have found them to be very helpful also, especially with codes for more minutes, etc.  Someone there is probaby familiar with that SIM message.  Hope this helps. 
question about templates.

I have a question about during a physical exam portion, I know what it means to "flush left, sub headings all caps," but what is the other instance of "stacked form". thanks. 

Templates in Meditech
When I worked on Meditech for 15 years, there was something called canned text.  Ask your new employer if there is a way to submit canned text entries and how this works. 
Websense - anyone familiar with?
Something called Websense has decided it is my own personal internet sentinel and blocks various websites.  I don't know who/what this is and I have not authorized it to do so.  Anyone know anything about it?  How to get rid of it or shut it off? 
Thank you all!!! i do use templates, but its easier for me to just add the cc on the ones i need as
i put the cc: in autotext and it is working like a charm!! i have never used autotext, just autocorrect and it wasn't working in autocorrect. never knew what autotext was about. thank you so much!!!!!
I have templates for one account that are
Sorry.. I am not familiar w/ExText

Thought maybe it had its own shortcut program. 

Also, not familiar w/ Vonage, but ..sm
If there is any kind of option for pulse vs. tone dialing. If Vonage is set up for pulse dialing, it might be that the station isn't recognizing the ID # when you enter it. That's a longshot, since most are now all set to tone by default, but it's an idea.
Templates from doctors

Really need your thoughts. One of my doctors has about 50 templates/shells. When doing combined procedures he will tell me to just combine the 2 or 3  or 4 shells he has for the individual procedures without taking out whatever is redundant or conflicting. I have to do that. Several of these individual op reports are 3 pages long, so can end up with a 6-page final report.

On his follow-up notes, he will use a shell and then say "add this to the physical exam" but he does not say what to take out of the standard note.

Many of his op notes have numerous variables. He oftentimes does not tell me which to use and/or which to delete.

For "risks" he will dictate some and then say "and add whatever Dr. X uses."

I am requesting a meeting with him and with the office administrator, but would like to know what you think and what you would do.

Thank you



Creating Templates
I am looking for a way to create a sample report and put ?? in the places where changes would be made, using a control key to jump from ?? to ??    i.e.  This ?? year-old ?? patient.....Blood pressure ??, pulse ??, temperature ??,  ETC. 

Question on templates

Okay, I have a new question.  I'm trying to create a form or template that I can insert information on. How do I create the form with lines so that I am able to insert information on these lines?  Is this possible?

Anyone familiar with Olympus DS-30?

I need to find digital recorders for a few doctors.  I am looking at the DS 30, but want to make sure its a decent recorder, but don't want to spend too much $$.  They want to email me the digital files--so I was wondering if this recorder is pretty easy to use/set up?

Thanks for any info

Almost no templates and close to 40 hrs sm
it is all OP notes. Actual my-butt-is-in-the-chair-typing time is 35 hours or so. Shift time is different. I had one day this week when I could not sit for more than 5 hours of my shift total. I had an 8-hour shift and quit after 7 because I could not sit any longer. Lines were 1350 for that day. I remember it as a distracted day, not one where I worked for it.

I often wonder if I were more motivated, if my body didn't hurt when I sit for longer than 1-1/2 at a time, if I could churn out more lines. There is no reason I can't do 30,000 every 2 weeks, except that I can't sit still.
Sounds familiar...
There's that 7 years again, me too. Would agree with much you say. Are you elsewhere now and do you like it?
So what if it's with huge templates....
600 lines an hour is 600 lines an hour whether it's straight typing or using templates. I WISH I had huge templates.
Thanks for the info! So is anyone familiar with... SM

VoIP companies called Phone Power or ITP?  I've decided against Magic Jack because of the problems.  I did some research and found the two above companies were pretty reasonable or maybe I should just stick with Vonage?

MRT Services - anyone familiar with them?
Anyone ever heard of MRT Services? I saw them online. Please provide feedback.
Questions about templates, pay, etc.
I work for a company that uses templates.  The work is extremely easy, but for each report we have to subtract the line count that equals the templates...anywhere from 8 to 13 lines depending on the template used.  Over a course of typing this adds up.  The pay is average.  I am wondering if anyone else types on account that do this and what your thoughts are about it.  Do you feel you make up in typing what you have to end up taking away in the end? 
Questions about templates, pay, etc.
I work for a company that uses templates.  The work is extremely easy, but for each report we have to subtract the line count that equals the templates...anywhere from 8 to 13 lines depending on the template used.  Over a course of typing this adds up.  The pay is average.  I am wondering if anyone else types on account that do this and what your thoughts are about it.  Do you feel you make up in typing what you have to end up taking away in the end? 
MPLite templates


MPLite templates are Word documents in the TransMP Formats folder whose filename is used to differentiate which templates belong to which clients. All the templates you have for a particular client will show in the Document Information screen.

1. Start with a blank MS Word screen, and create the template you need there. Use the codewords (eg Last? First? MR? DOB? etc) to tell MPLite where you need this information put. Make sure each contains the ? at the end of the codword, and you'll find a complete list of available codewords in the help file in the chapter Formatting Templates. You can use headers / footers and any other formatting features in your templates.

2. Give this template a name in the pattern FacilityInitials_DescriptivePhrase.RTF. You have to save them as RICH TEXT FORMAT in the Save box, and save them INTO the TransMP  Formats folder. The Facility Initials must match what you entered for that when you registered the facility. Keep the descriptive phrase relatively short, eg, CON, FU, XRAY, HP, DC. If this is a template for a hospital or clinic, you can has as many templates for a facility as you like and can differentiate Dr. John Smith's Consultation by use the descriptive phrase CONjs, and Robert Youngs as CONry or CONyoung. (Note it is an underscore _ and not a dash used in the template filename.)

The list of available templates is refreshed when you start a session. So if you create a new template while in a session, cancel the session, and then reset it so the template list is refreshed.

If you have other questions about the templates, please ask.

Best wishes,

Vann Joe Turner

yes if you are doing Radiology with all templates. sm
I've been working on this platform for almost 6 years now, doing all acute care, all worktypes, and my highest monthly lines per hour average is 685. One time I averaged 938 lines per hour, but that was one day with all the same dictator and all the same worktype.

And, my account has been on VR for 5 years now.

So, to answer your question - In my most humble opinion, it is NOT really possible to do 1000 lines per hour every hour or every day and keep the high standard of quality at 99-100%.

Does this work on all templates....sm
I have been trying to figure that one out. How do I keep from having to take my mouse and skip to the next field? I suppose F11 is it. Thanks I will try it.
Question about templates
I am wondering how you make a template so that you can hit F12 to skip to each section.  Thanks!
Are you pulling in templates? If so,
you will have to check and make sure they are set on 100%.
Sounds familiar only.....
once in a while if I fall asleep watching TV, I dream I'm trying to transcribe everything that's being said. Only problem with that....you can't backspace or fast forward. Now that's frustrating!
I do ER and do double that. Lots of templates, etc.
Uh oh! Sounds familiar. I have an 11yo too. sm

She is my 4th out of 4 and, believe me, times have really changed over the years.

Some of these 5th grade girls come to class all made up, tight jeans, etc., and their parents ALLOW it!  One of my daughter's classmates has cable TV in her bedroom and can watch MTV and horror movies, etc. AND she has her own cell phone!  That's just plain nuts. 

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but when I hear, "well Susie gets to do this and that," I say, "You're not Susie and you know the rules."  Sure she'll experiment. My older kids did, but they knew in their hearts I didn't approve.

One thing I did do was yank the cable.  Oh pity, too bad, you don't get to watch garbage on TV now do you?  I'm such a MEAN MOMMY.

My 23-year-old daughter pulled a ton of stuff on me growing up and now she's a mom.  You should hear her talk about setting curfews, etc.  I'm like, "Uh, you have a good 6 months before potty training yet."