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Anyone heard anything good or bad about Tigerfish Transcribing? nm

Posted By: Just Me on 2006-03-18
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Does this have anything to do with TigerFish by chance?
Really? I make a good living transcribing tapes.
Just because it's not the way you want to receive your work does not mean it is worthy of contempt. As far as I'm concerned, practitioners who are reluctant to give up their familiar dictation methods are less likely to give in to the blandishments of VR or EMR salespeople.

You are free to work your way, and I am free to work as I see fit. If that makes you cringe, well, I guess that's just your problem. It doesn't bother me at all. Cringe away.
I have heard both good and bad--and I work there.
I am a recent transplant due to the company I was working for, TRS, being acquired by Transcend on April 1. No fooling. So far, so good....

If I remember correctly, according to their website, they require 5 years of acute care experience--which, when I was looking for a job, I did not have, and therefore they would not even let me test. And now they've got me anyway. Go figure.

My own experience has been fine so far, but I am still working under my former TRS supervisors, on the same accounts. Others' mileage may vary.

Please feel free to e-mail if you think I can answer any more questions. I am crankybeach at yahoo dot com.
Have always heard good things about X-Press
and have heard they pay really well
How's Medispell? ive heard there good for the price.
sorry, not in Kansas. PA is where I heard of a good job opening (near pittsburgh)

There's MDI in Maryland and Florida. I've heard good about both.
I heard a lot of good things about them and am looking to purchase a laptop, so your information
is very helpful to me. Thank you!
oh good grief. Haven't we heard enuf of this? Educated people are just

I don't even agree with what QA said, but they are QA. Question them, and your out the door.
new at transcribing
im new at this, worked for a local cardiology office for 1 year as a medical secretary.then got  this at home transcription job, lowest pay with a 1200 line a day minimum, it has been very hard, if i made more money i wouldnt mind it.   when you guys were new, where did you get your foot in the door?
Sometimes when I am transcribing

I will type a word out of nowhere, it's like my fingers are typing without any thought behind it. 

Transcribing while in a car?

Does anyone have any experience with this?  My family is involved in different activities that involve traveling two or three times a week with at least an hour's commute one way or more.  I hate to sit and twiddle my thumbs while traveling when there is work that could be done.  Is it possible?  Have to download internet files from my national.  Could I do that with a cell phone?  Any help at all would be much appreciated!

transcribing in a car
I have thought about this but in a park with a laptop. For my particular situation, I was going to email voice files to myself. Theoretically should work.
transcribing help
Hi!  I'm new to this forum and am seeking help.  If a Dr dictates "extension -5, flexion 90..." do you leave it like that or do you add the term degrees??  I have been transcribing for a little over a year now but have not come across this yet.  I appreciate any help anyone can provide me  :)  Thanks!
Transcribing from CD?

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to transcribe from a CD and use a USB foot pedal to play back?  I have been asked to transcribe a documentary and I am not very savvy when it comes to things like this (applications), so any help would be appreciated.



Is anyone out there transcribing for Cardiology?
Just wondering if it is fairly easy to catch on or a pain in the butt? I might take a position but I'd like to know if I will be able to handle it as a newbie? What do you think?
editing vs. transcribing
Hi everyone!  I have been working (at home) for a medical group for 10+ years and they are now in the process of switching to Dictaphone voice recognition system.  They tell me I will soon be an "editor" if I choose to stay with the group.  I have been transcribing for about 30 years now so I am looking forward to editing rather than transcribing, but I have no idea what the difference will be in pay.  Do most editors charge by the line?  Any info folks could share on the transition would be appreciated.  Thanks!
if you are only transcribing 2 hours a day - sm
don't turn it away. What's a measly 2 hours a day!!! They cannot tax you on it and by the end of the year, you will have more writeoffs to offeset anything you may have to pay in for taxes.
Don't know about transcribing for the Military, but...sm

your transcription skills will most certainly qualify you for an Administrative Assistant/secretary position for the Military. I started as a GS-4 in Aug 04. Got promoted to a GS-5 in Aug 05 and now am lead secretary in an office of 50 people. I get an automatic promotion to a GS-6 in Aug 06. On top of the all the benefits, they are going to pay for my degree too. I know a lot of people complain about Federal jobs, but mine has been a blessing all the way around.

transcribing on treadmill
Haven't figured out how yet but there has to be a way to transcribe while walking on a treadmill. Any suggestions?
transcribing for Doc's office

Moving to Idaho soon, would like to type for doctor's office..Any idea how I can find out how to go about this.  Where would I look to find out particulars.  Working for outsource now but do NOT want to get into that situation again..Too many confusing signals.



Slow down while transcribing (sm)
and proof then? If you're making so many errors that proofing is time-consuming, then you need to change your work method. Are you using an Expander so you don't have to think about spelling/capitalizing drug names, for example? Are you saving copies of each report and creating normals from them so you don't have to retype the doctor's standard phrases? After 4 years, you must be doing something very wrong to be stuck at 900 lines/day.
You should not be transcribing what you don't understand.
Do you know the diff between peroneal and perineal? If you don't, you are making a fool of yourself and the field. If you don't understand it, you aren't doing it right. That holds true for ANY field of work.
Is doing QA easier than transcribing? nm
Transcribing vs Dreaming

You know how they say sometimes your dreams are your brain's way of finding solutions to problems?  I find that when I am transcribing my brain does the best thinking.  Yes, I am focused on what I am typing but I find that all sorts of ideas/solutions just pop in my head while I am transcribing--things that have absolutely nothing about what I am typing.  Can't tell you how many times I think about what to plan for dinner, etc.  I wonder if it is because I slow down enough and am still in one spot that my brain is finally able to focus.  Or maybe it is because I am so focused on my typing that my brain has room to think of other things too. Does anyone else do that? 

dreaming or transcribing

Whenever I am working I think of cooking and cleaning. Then when dinner time rolls around I have already cooked and done all my housework (in my mind only) and am ready for bed.  I call this mind-cooking, or mind-cleaning.  Sometimes it is only place where I can find peace.  Isthat how you feel?

Transcribing since 2000, now 31....
Drinking and Transcribing sm

Someone's life is placed in my hands when I sit down to transcribe. One letter out of the way such as an "a" could change the meaning of someone's medical diagnosis. One slip of a wrong medication or dosage and the patient could die. We all know when docs get used to us getting things right, they don't even read what they sign. One pass-over of a word that we don't want to take the time to look up could kill a patient. Don't tell me to lighten up, please. That's your excuse! I have had an anaphylactic reaction to a medication. If someone decided to skip over this or whatever  - I could die, yes, DIE! I would no more drink and transcribe than play Russian roulette with an infant. Sorry, it's probably what you don't want to hear, but I would not want you NEAR my medical history. I once had a student skip over an allergic reaction and instead of looking up the name of it she just typed "the dye". When I caught her on it, she shrugged her shoulders as if it didn't mean a thing. She just wanted to get her line count in, looking things up took away from her $$$.

Please take me seriously, it's worse than drinking and driving. It's a serious, serious thing to do. Alcohol definitely affects judgement and makes you sloppy. Slop and medical transcription do not go together. I don't want to kill anyone tonight, do you? If you want to drink, that's your business, but don't drink and type someone's medical record! Don't bother responding for me to "lighten up" because anyone with half a brain knows I'm right! If you drink constantly, then you're still "drunk" when you get up in the morning, coffee does NOT sober you up. That's BS.

 Put the plug in the jug!

Transcribing is not typing. sm
It includes typing, but so much more.  It absolutely includes tools of the trade, especially word expansion programs, and normals, and sample of difficult doctors.  Typing wpm actually has nothing to to with transcribing lph.  If you think of it as typing, you will always be slow at transcribing.
tired of transcribing
Yes. I feel that same way . I have been transcribing for about 28 years, and you are absolutely correct that the pay is just not going up, and you work all day and make peanuts. I would like to be the middle man and make the money they do. If you are interested by any chance in partnering in a company venture, let me know. I need to get out of this field too.
transcribing expletives sm
I have heard different approaches to this. In this case, the expletive has to do with the employment of someone and harrassment. I think in this case it is okay to spell it out, as it is his part of the complaint. I usually use quotation marks. Anyone else had this problem? Help wanted on this subject.
@ 380 lpm transcribing, 800 editing
Rather slow typist, working for national (Transcend), semi-anal good-quality work, use ShortHand and templates, acute care accounts I'm familiar with. That's actual work time only, not coffee-break time, and I can do better when I try.
I'm not talking about transcribing.....
I am talking about "scoping", or rather, editing a transcript that has already been made..this is not court reporting or transcribing...fyi
I am considering using VR for my transcribing. Does anyone have any NEGATIVE
comments about using VR?  Best program?  Like to know what to be prepared for.   May be my only hope to continue in transcription due to wrist problems.  Thanks.
I welcome transcribing correspondence
that is not patient-related now and again, but not if I'm not being compensated for it.  I don't know how long you have been with this practice, but I would send a letter outlining what you posted regarding both matters, and state that you feel you are deserving of a pay increase because the job entails more than you originally agreed upon.  See what kind of reply you get.  Ya never know!  Good Luck!
Digital Transcribing
I sent you an email.  All you need is the software, a foot pedal, probably USB, and the doctors need the software and some dicatating hardware.  It is all very inexpensive.  And SO nice.  Try it, you'll like it. 
I am transcribing the most considerate doc sm

ever. I'm doing a stat transfer summary and I'm going along as fast as I can and all of a sudden as I proof this is what I read-I have to imagine that you would have to be pretty sick of listening to people just flip pages all the time, I'm sorry about that.  I wish there was a better way around it. Now, isn't that sweet of him? 

editing vs. QA vs. transcribing
Wondering what you guys in editing and/or QA can tell me about the stress level of your jobs?  I love transcribing; have done it for 25+ years, but this year I've been extremely burned out.  Some days, I can barely make my quota.  I'm easily distracted, I get sleepy, my back hurts, and my wrists seem to lock up.  I have to stretch my 8-hour day out to about 15 hours just to get my minimum line count.  I wouldn't say it's "stressful," just monotonous and boring.  Tried editing at one point, but found it to be even more boring; just MY opinion.  What's the stress level for you guys who are strictly editors and strictly QA?  Is QA worth the extra money, or are you stressed to the max?
When I first started transcribing,
it was most comfortable to put the keyboard on my lap, and I spent much of my time transcribing in that position. I did not require a pillow due to long arms and short upper body. One arm is a little longer, so the keyboard was on a little angle.

Everybody's body is different, so you just have to pay attention to what's happening as you type and adjust your position. It's not bad to have more than one position you use each day. And I can't stress enough the importance of exercising. I know you don't want to take the time, but if you would use little free weights and proper form in a few exercises, moving the weights slowly with no momentum (some of the form I see on The Biggest Loser is not ideal!) you would really help your posture and get rid of the knots before they start getting bigger and pressing on nerves.

There are also chiropractic exercises for your neck that have been around for decades that can really help keep neck pain away. It's where you put your hand on one side of your head and push against the hand for a count of 10, with 10 sets. Then do it on the other 3 sides of your head.

You just need your muscles to be a little stronger to support your arms more comfortably. And with exercising you also learn to detect tension.

Are you squeezing your jaw muscles right now? That's where tension starts. Stretch and relax your jaw. Where are your eyebrows? Raised for no reason? Knit together in a frown? Let go and relax your face.

did not say she was new - said she had many years transcribing - nm
13975 -- all transcribing
 Did not realize it -- three psych reports 15 to 18+ pages each
transcribing with the AlphaGrip
Before I discovered the AlphaGrip I had been searching for a tray to hold my keyboard on my lap, and I wound up buying the one offered here: http://www.laptoplounger.com/
I have never been able to work comfortably with my keyboard in my lap, and still was not able to with this tray, but it works great for my foot pedal and is adjustable both in height and angle. I will have to try to take a pic of my setup and post it here. I have my recliner on an old futon frame so that I can use a rolling laptop desk and have my computer in front of me while I am reclined, with the tray I mentioned for the foot pedal set up on the end of the frame (need to stabilize it a little better).

BTW, when I bought the Touchsmart computer, the wireless keyboard that comes with it is smaller than the one I was using prior, and I was able to take an old lapdesk and Velcro attach the keyboard to it, and I was finally able to have the keyboard in my lap. When I bought my AlphaGrip, I was able to immediately discontinue use of the traditional mouse, but gradually switched from the keyboard. The AlphaGrip web site has tons of information and free programs to help with learning to use it. I started with a program that one of their early customers came up with and is provided free, and then downloaded some of the typing games they offer. Most of the keys are hit with the same finger as on the QWERTY keyboard, but to fit all of the keys from the traditional board in such a small space, some of them are chorded. Basically, there are three shift keys, regular for caps, red for numerals and some special characters (-, +, =, etc.) and green for punctuation and some other special characters. I love mine, and with the pain I was having before, I do not know that I would have been able to stay in transcription without it.

Sorry so long . . . I guess I'm passionate about my AG :)
**transcribing - too late in the day (lol)
I'm Back to Transcribing

I just wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone.  I don't know if anyone here even remembers me.  I left the MT industry about a year ago, coming home to work on cottage industry things.  However, I was recently offered a good job doing MT again, so I'm back!  Just wanted to say hello to everyone.  I had let my office get into a huge mess,   but I've had a lot of fun undertaking an office redo.    If anyone cares to see pictures, I've put some on my blog.  Link below.


Transcribing a wav file
To use a pedal, you'll need to be using a transcription software that allows the use of a foot pedal. Unless you have one installed, more than likely the wav file is being opened in windows media player, which has no footpedal support. If you need to open the file with your transcription software, in your software go to file > open > and choose the wav file you'd like to transcribe.
Transcribing in boonies
Please share info on successful of connections while living in rural areas.  I work for company that uses VPN for voice.  TIA!
transcribing programs? SM
Not even sure that is the correct word.  I am trying to transcribe from a CD but using f4 is not working, no control with footpedal.  It's taking me forever.  If I do the whole thing like this I'll be making about $1/hour.  Is there another free download that would work?  Thanks in advance.
Who is transcribing HCA hospitals?
 Does anyone know what company is transcribing the Texas HCA hospitals?  Need to know this really quick. 
Anyone gone from transcribing to VR editing.. sm
and been able to make decent money?  This will be on the Escription platform. Also what is considered a good line rate for voice recognition editing?  My company is doing this and I am concerned.  By my calculations I will be making considerably less money.  Any advice/opinions would be appreciated!  Thanks. 
transcribing from notes
Yes, I do and yes, it is frustrating, but most of the time it is ok.  If I run into a problem, I can just call the office and they go over the words with me or I can talk to the doctor.  This is a private account and they are really nice.  Hope that helps.  I also charge by the page.  I have found a lot of it is repetitious like the xams and the tests they do and the diagnosis and treatment plan.