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Anyone know the origin of the AMTA guidelines?

Posted By: Megan on 2005-09-27
In Reply to:

I was told that the 2 women in Amherst came up with this book just to make money and that they really don't (excuse me, do not) know their "elbow from their kneecap". I know it took me some getting used to: 1 space after a period and colon, using numerals instead of writing out numbers, not using contractions, etc., etc. I see the book on sale with the guidelines, but does anyone know who wrote it? Frankly, I think it makes medical reports look a little less professional than they used to. I have been a MT for 20 years and even though I am using the new guidelines, I am not crazy about them.

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Halloween has Christian origin. Please sm

Please see the link below. 

justify your answer origin.
Maybe nationalist. Everyone else is listing countries of origin. White english speakers at the wor
They like to show off, play with the language. At least the ESLs learn to say it, and always say it the same way, every time. The Caucasian English-speakers are the worst, arrogant, effusive with the language.
They should ALL go by the same guidelines.
Different accounts have different specifications as well so that could account. But all in all, the editors should all be going by the same rules, etc.

What did we ever do before style guidelines? How did we ever type? I guess we have been doing it wrong for all these years. Now we are being graded. What is that about. Am I in grade school. I have been there and done that. Went to college and being treated like an idiot.

I would to see these supervisors and corporate try to sit and type all day.

You are correct that the possessive form of eponyms is now not possessive. And it is not just AAMT who did that, but also the AMA. It is in the new Book of Style  and in the Manual of Style that the AMA produces. You can find it in both places to show to your docs if you are looking for that.
That should entirely be up to the client.

Thanks for the guidelines..it's too bad that...
My manager didn't give an "official" explanation as to why this shouldn't be done.

Her reasoning is that the doctor can't read it as well when milligrams is typed out.
If you MUST have QA on staff, they should all have guidelines, be it BOS

or AMA, whatever you choose. I've been seeing ads for QA personnel and they don't have to have been MTs. I don't get that.

As I've said before here, I work for an MTSO who believes if you have to have QA personnel, you've hired the wrong MTs. I tend to agree with her.

We get up in the morning, do our work and send it in. If there's something we don't understand, we put a note on the log for the doctor or the hospital - because we're all experienced enough that we either know what we're hearing or know how to find it.

My daughters have certain guidelines in the way they want (sm)

the children to act, be treated, etc.  We have an understanding that I won't let them play in the street, swim unattended, smart mouth an adult, cus, or do anything that is generally dangerous for them.  They love to help cook, garden and just sit on my lap and be read to.  Yes, I may take them shopping a little too often, but they usually have helped in the garden or helped with housework prior, so they are actually earning the money they spend for toys at WalMart. 


I would never undermine their parents (even though the father of the two youngest is a true bum) to them.  I try to always touch upon good things they should be proud of such as "Your mommy sure knows how to fix you hair so nice, I wish I could do it as well."


These grandchildren are the most precious thing in the world to me and the last thing I would do is act in a way that would keep their parents from allowing them to visit.   Maybe you should explain to those grandparents your reasons/concerns.  Surely they would be glad (after an initial sulk maybe) to change their ways in exchange for more hug and kiss time from their grandbabies.

MQ is going by the AAMT Guidelines
with rules regarding transcription. So I would think that as MTs we should be typing by AAMT Guidelines. If you think we are not paid for spaces, then why do one more than necessary.
Anyone know a site for IRS guidelines for IC nm
Docs don't have those guidelines because... sm
they realize how stupid they sound and look.  They learn the language of medicine and stick with it.  They don't bow to some silly-*ssed organization's whims. 
AAMT guidelines about not using q.d., q.i.d. q.h.s. etc.

what is the current recommendations for these?  I have been an MT for 7 years and I still type them this way.  Was I off school that day?  Thanks!!!!

is it acceptable in our guidelines, if so I will

do it too.

You should always follow guidelines
set up by your MTSO/client. If expanding when not allowed to, that could be considered line padding and a quick way to lose your job.
Did you follow BOS guidelines??? That could
You will! Just as you all said I was "crazy" when I posted about the new QA guidelines, only t
you obviously all get them within a few months top, now you can stop kicking the covers off over QA bonuses, and lack thereof, as that will be coming your way, too!
HIPAA faxing guidelines
Fax only when necessary, always verify fax number and ALWAYS use cover sheet. Do not fax hypersensitive PHI.
Thanks for sharing this. If federal guidelines were followed,
the minimum wage earner could not even shop at Walmart---that's really sad!  This is just another point that shows that the government has obviously gotten too big for its people, $5.15 is a JOKE.  I'm glad some states actually have some sort of caring politicians.
There have to be guidelines and standards in place
for every profession, including MT. While I don't like the AAMT or agree with some of its new ways, there has to be something in place for all MTs to go by so they are all on the same page. The only way to bring real professionalism back to the field is by mandatory certification or a license to practice MT. There are way too many inexperiences terrible MTs out there ruining all of our reputations! And I for one am tired of it.
You need to brush up on HIPAA guidelines...

The computer should be password protected for individual users so files cannot be accessed, but, other than that, HIPAA requires "reasonable care" be taken to safguard patient information.  It does not require any computer used for MT to be used exclusively for that. 

Some believe the computer must be in a locked room.  That is absolutely not a requirement either.  Reasonable care means just that. 

Thank you so much for replying - that gives me some guidelines to follow
AAMT number guidelines
Does anyone know the newest guidelines for numbers with AAMT?

You follow the account guidelines - sm
Expanding out abbreviations when the account specifics say not to is an easy QA ding also.
It depends on the account guidelines.
For the majority of the accounts I work on abbreviations are only expanded in the critical sections, such as diagnosis, impression, etc. This is to the client's preference, and it is considered an error to expand an abbreviation when it is not necessary.

As far as dosages, I always transcribe what the dictator says unless it is a prohibited abbreviation or an error. Prohibited abbreviations are changed, per client preference, to the acceptable term. If it may be an error, it is flagged for review. If the doc dictates "twice a day," they get "twice a day." If they dictate "b.i.d." that is what I transcribe. It is also considered a error, at least at my company, to alter what is dictated.
Urgent question regarding BOS guidelines!! PLEASE sm

I'm testing for several jobs right now that will offer the full-time status I desperately need to support my family.

The last job I had didn't follow BOS guidelines and I as advised by a few MTs to follow these guidelines when formating the body of the test reports.  I do not own this book nor do I know anyone that has it.   Are there any online resources that I can refer to for some of the more common guidelines?

I need all the help I can get and want to thank those willing to take a moment to help a fellow MT out!! 

God Bless!

We got an updated set of account guidelines constantly
put somewhere different than it was last week, they'd tell us to change something and when we changed it they sent it back and told us not to change it anymore.  They blamed things on us that weren't even anything we do, like if someone was on vacation and a report didn't get sent to the right place. People started to get threatened with termination (not me but I know people who were) for even the most miniscule reason like forgetting to sign off a doc as a DO instead of an MD. They were just unreasonable bullies and the more they complained and fussed the more Diskriter management bowed to their every wish and created a monster.  Good luck if you end up there.  It could have been a nice account if this nonsense had been nipped in the bud.
According to the Medquist Style Guidelines that I received,
it states that the one space rule applies following a period, in numeric lists, and following a colon. I received these guidelines in March from MQ. This is what I would go by. I was told that if I spaced twice I would receive a penalty on my QA reviews. Obviously, you are the uninformed one, so see ya later wench.

Guidelines are one thing, but if your client wants it transcribed a certain way, just do it.


Most companies draw from the AAMT's standards and guidelines.
If you meet guideline, you are IC. Taxman has guidelines for what is IC in your state.
AAMT has wonderful resources on their site. QA Primer and scoring guidelines (and explanations)
Sole Proprietor has nothing to do with sole client. You need to read those guidelines again.