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Anyone use RadNet?

Posted By: MTperson on 2005-11-04
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EZ platform? Type in Word? TIA

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Shorthand works for Radnet. I love Radnet BTW! nm
Very easy platform, you do type in word and can get hourly or daily accurate line counts
Anyone familiar with this platform for x-rays?? 
I don't have any idea; this company pays per line. I have to do a little more investigating of it.
There is a company out of Michigan called mwp services looking for a radiology Transcriptionist and they use radnet. Good luck!
email me please for information

What can you tell me about radnet? Why do you like it?
SH and RadNet
I hear conflicting reports on this.  Does ShortHand 8 or 9 work with RadNet?  I am on a Cerner (which is some kind of RadNet program) account now and it has been a real headache:(  SH freezes the program.   Try taking away SH after years of using and straight typing.  Not FUN!  It is like we are going backwards.  I find myself going back and correcting my typing because I have typed in my shorthand letters.  I am so used to it.  Any ideas?
I use RadNet and SH version 8.70b with it and Cerner, no problem, no freezing up.

Would someone who works in RadNet please let me know how production-friendly it is?

Personally, I'm not nuts about it, I have worked on better, but I am also told the version I am working on is an old one, so that could be the problem. I am hoping they update it as I like the job.
I really like radnet
Don't like transcribing in RadNet, but do like using it if I can type in Word then cut and paste. Much, much better that way. Shortcuts are harder to use in RadNet, at least with the setup I'm using, and keyboard/screen time is seldom in sinc.
Is there a way to add words to your dictionary in radnet?  There is an option for it on the screen but it will not allow you to access anything. Thanks.
I use RadNet and in the tool bar there is a question mark for wood processing templates tool, which is a ? on my tool bar, and you click on that and you can enter a word, phrase, sentence. I would ask your team lead/coordinator for directions on how to use this function. It does work as I have word Expanders in mine.

For all RadNet users!!!  I hope this can help anyone with any questions...  I am a sub-contractor (1099) for a radiology account for a major hospital in Michigan.  We recently switched over to RadNet, and believe me, I was afraid...  I went 6 weeks without a paycheck during the change-over due to problems and bugs in the system, and about 4 of those weeks was simply getting the correct security level just so I could work!  And to make matters worse, I have dial-up (Ahh, the country...Well water and dial-up!!), so needless to say I was skeptical.  However, in working this weekend, I have found that RadNet does work with dial-up (although there is a very slight delay in typing and a longer delay when using your mouse).  It also DOES work with windows FLASH word Expander (Yes, I have said my shares of Hallelujahs/thank the Lord!!).  So anybody looking for short-cuts in RadNet, my advice would be to download any free trials of word Expanders (I used a free trial of FLASH) and see what you like best.  Hope this helps some of ya'll!!  Annie

radnet - sm
I only worked for KS on RadNet for a short while but worked for another company and used it. I absolutely love Radnet - it is so easy to use - it is a word-based program and you should be up and producing in no time.
Can anyone tell me places that use RadNet as their platform.
Keystrokes for sure uses RadNet for some radiology accounts, not all.
I think lots of hospitals do. We used Cerner for medical reports and RadNets for radiology.
It is horrible especially if you are getting paid by the report. It is so slow and slows you way down!!!!
Radnet - Does anyone know how

to change the size and color of the screen in Radnet?  Changing the settings in Word doesn't work for the RadNet screen.  Please help.

RadNet - Good or bad?
Easy to learn, operate, etc?
Any opinions on Radnet? nm
Cut and paste in Radnet
That is exactly what I did. I used a macro program (Macro Express) to make the "Page Up" key highlight and cut the text from Word and the "Page Down" key paste it into RadNet. I couldn't see any other way of doing it, since I hate typing online with the delayed keystrokes, etc. I used Dragon Naturally Speaking until we upgraded to XP, then it wouldn't work anymore without upgrading, but Word/AutoCorrect saved the day.
I have one radnet account

Pain in the buttocks, because RadNet is full of glitches, and so is Webmedx's software, and they don't always get along.  Combine them, have something go wrong, and you are stuck in the middle, because Wmx techs blames radnet, and the client blames our software, and since nobody will "own" the problem, nobody will fix it.  I'd say 50% of what I send to QA on that account is due to Radnet refusing to save a report, so it has to be stashed elsewhere until Radnet is in the mood to accept it.

Radnet F9 shortcuts

Does anyone know how to add to the shortcuts in RadNet F9. 

Does PC Shorthand work in Radnet?../nm
Not true at all. I have been on a RadNet account for sm
four years. The hospital has no intentions of going to voice recognition as they tried it several years ago (too soon) and were very unhappy with the results. They also will not send work offshore because of several reasons.

PACS is not geared towards offshore. It is a method in which an area of a film can be enlarged, turned, etc. resulting in better reading.

It also allows films to be seen at hospitals within the same healthcare system, which results in better patient care. It also saves on costs related to films, developing, storing, etc.

Radnet is very, very, very easy to learn and use. It is VERY transcription friendly.

radnet word expander

Does anyone know if RadNet has its own word Expander and if so, how do I get to it?

I would appreciate any information about Radnet platform please. sm

I would really appreciate it if anybody with Keystrokes who uses a RadNet platform to please e-mail me.  I have never worked on this platform, and I have some questions.

Thank you.

RadNet Platform with Keystrokes - sm

I would like some information about the RadNet platform with Keystrokes.  Is it easy to learn?  Is it word-based?  Is it productive?

Thank you!


Millinium RadNet? My Hosp is switching...any help? SM
We currently transcribe in Word from Lanier VoiceWrite and send via VPN.  I've been informed we're switching to Cerner Millinium RadNet the first of January.  The people inside don't seem too worried and don't know much about this system.  Does anyone have a clue for me?  I need to know what I'm getting into here.  Any and all help will be appreciated ! !
What company has Radnet accounts? It is my favorite!
Our hospital just went to voice recognition and I am looking for a company that uses RadNet as we have been given 30 days notice that we will no longer be needed.
RadNet is part of an offshore packaging... (sm)

...of the PACS system, which is the method by which the reading of x-rays will eventually be sent offshore. RadNet itself is geared not to transcription, but voice recognition, so you can imagine how bad it is.

macros in radnet or word 2007
I have a new job typing in RadNet and it has macro system.  does anyone know of a macro system that I can use with radnet (radiology) dictation.  thanks. Rita
Instant Text works with Radnet
One solution to use your list of abbreviations with RadNet would be Instant Text.

Instant Text lets you convert existing Expander lists into Instant Text glossaries so you can carry over your list to any platform.

I hear Radnet won't work with Word autoentries and stuff.
And I never worked out of Word before, so what are good and cheap word Expanders - will any import my Word shortcuts and expanders?
RE: I hear Radnet won't work with Word autoentries and stuff.
I currently use RadNet at my in-house job, and it has its own shortcut Expander pre-programmed. You create the expansion and use F9 to launch the expansion.
I work for a hospital that has Cerner Classic Radnet and a service that sm
uses Cerner Millenium Radnet. The two are completely different. The Classic version does EXACTLY what you described with ShortHand but they found a solution at the hospital. I will look at it on Wednesday when I go to work. I'm embarassed to say that I have used it for so long that I don't pay attention anymore and can't remember the name of the program.