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Anywhere to find lab values?

Posted By: FlaMT on 2008-10-16
In Reply to:

I tried Labcorp's site but the don't let you know what the normal value ranges are.  I need something that I can look up lab tests, and find out what the normal ranges are.

I do a lot of lab reports but most of the time I don't know if I'm typing the values and units right.  I'm not a darn lab tech to know these things!

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Normal Lab Values
Here are a few sites:

doctors values


Amen to that sister.  It is so true that it now comes down to dollars and (sense) cents.  I really can't stand when doctors are crying about money  when they have 2 loaves of bread under each arm and when we, the patients and employees stop treating them as Gods then maybe, just maybe this might change.  I personally think that it should be like the 'old" days and they should get paid with fruits,  vegetables and maybe even a chicken or 2.  It is rare today that you find a physician that truly cares about the patient's welfare not just their checkbook.


Expansions for numbers/lab values

Do you all use Expanders for numbers and lab values?  - Ex.: 0-10 red cells, 10-20 white cells ... things of that nature.  I have a few, but it seems there are so many different combinations of number items that I can't come up with a good system.

Any ideas appreciated. 


Since the values are always different, I'm afraid we are destined
to always type out the numbers.
I had questioned values/dosages by leaving
a blank - QA filled it in with what was said -- totally wrong. All we could do was notify our supervisor if we caught it and who knows what happened there.

We could only send a certain percentage of reports to QA, if over that percentage, then our bonus/incentive/whatever they call it now was affected. Didn't matter the reason we sent it, it was the total number of reports sent.
go to chat room on web site and find out. i'm working but if you find out, let me know.
creepy dude.
I find most of my abbreviations here. Scroll all the way down until you find the abbreviation box.
I didn't find an 800 number, but I did find this number...
1 650-253-0000

I find that if I ....sm

get over-tired I'll have more problems with palpitations than when I'm well rested.  I also have them more if I've been taking in more caffeine.  While these palpitations are harmless they are annoying, aren't they?

So find a new job already
It's your own fault if you stay and put up with it.  Complaining doesnt change a thing. Find a new job, we have all done it! 
Did they say why? Did you ask? Did you go find another job?

Got me, but when you find out
please let me know too. I've had that in the past and it's freaky. The phone company couldn't even tell me where they came from!
find it odd??
There are many countries world-wide including Cuba and Iran that have offered help.  Many celebs have pledged millions too.
Can't find out anything.
If I hear "Corporate says" one more time, my head will explode. It's like they lost the ability to think on their own and are robots. makes me mad
Can't find out anything.
If I hear "Corporate says" one more time, my head will explode. It's like they lost the ability to think on their own and are robots. makes me mad
Hey - Tell me what you find out! THX!
no message
How did you find this out? sm
Was there a story on the Web or do you know a Phillips executive or what?  Just curious.
Maybe you should find something else right now
and if you're unhappy with what comes up in October, then you'll be up and running with another option?

Hey, how about YOU find something better
You are a psycho b***ch!! GET OFF THIS BOARD!!
can someone tell me where to find

other listings for MT jobs besides this site and mtjobs.com?  i'd even be interested in things outside of mt as long as i can do it from home.....need to change to something better soon - like yesterday!


I got into this because I could not find a job elsewhere. sm
And I found I was good at it, but I have always wanted out, though I have been here 25 years (needs of the family outweighed my "wants").

I think in my next life I want to be a government assassin or something like that.
Where do you find a job like that?
Who says she HAS to find another man?

I firmly believe that the girl doesn't have to get the guy at the end in order for there to be a happy ending. 

Her husband can still be a good dad to his daughter without the two of them being married.  If she is unhappy and the situation isn't good for her other child, she should seriously consider leaving.  Just my opinion.

Once you find it...

Even after you find it, you will pay $25 to have the entries added to SpeedType - AND after already paying nearly $200 for the program.  I found that ridiculous.  The included instructions for adding the entries yourself do not work, so you are rather forced to have them do it for you.  Personally, I think that is a bit of a rip off.  I still have SpeedType sitting here unused, because I told them the fee was just not right, and they should include instructions that work! 

Gosh, that didn't help much. 



how do i find one of those?

oh well, just some of them need to find...N/M

IF they really have to, then they should find
a humane way to do it. I have a feeling though that it wasn't something that was necessary to begin with.

Also, because it was mentioned, even animals raised for food consumption have feelings, are smart, etc. In my eyes, a cow is no different than a dog....it's just what everyone has been raised as acceptable.

If any animals have to die though, it needs to be done humanely. If you want to see some things that are barbaric, go visit a slaughter house, a chicken farm or fur farm right here in our own country. We are no different. We are just not running around in the streets with clubs in our hands.
Thanks. I will try to find it!
What you find out-
Please let me know what you find out from your CPA.  I need to make an appointment with an attorney before I decide anything else.  Makes me wonder what this world is coming to.  We have legitimate deductions.  It is not like we get cash for our work (at least I do not).  We get a 1099 every dang year.
Trying to find...
A good recipe for hashbrown casserole.  The hospital where I used to work made a delicious kind and I'm gonna **try** to reproduce it! :)
Is there any way you can find out
what make and model you liked at your in-house job? I bought 3 different EXPENSIVE chairs that seemed to have the same features as a chair I loved, but none of them had what one favorite chair did for me. Finally I got a job that happened to have the same chair, and it actually belonged to another Transcriptionist in the office. I bought it from her because this chair hasn't been made since the 1990s. It's a Herman Miller, looks like ER200 or EP200, but what it does for me is take the weight off my ischial tuberosities AND conform to my lower back. While this chair did have a lot of enthusiasts in offices I've worked, others have other favorites. The best test is actually using a chair for 2 weeks, unfortunately.
Did you find one?
I find that if

I turn away from my screen and read over my shoulder, I can catch errors that I normally wouldn't because of concentration required.


Let us knows if you find some.
But when they find out you know
I have found my doctors will talk with me in their language, not breaking it down so with lay person. Go to the same ones,not a problem there. I have found the providers usually read what kind of work you do and start off asking you about your profession. Years ago before the physician diagnosed me with hypothyroidism, I told him what was the problem, had all the classic symptoms, asked him to check TSH, T3 and T4. He said needed physical done and yet he forgot to order tests. I returned, no tests. I said that was the issue in the first place- needless to say when the tests came back immediately referred to endo as tests way over the top for the norm. If I had not done this type of work, if had not known symptoms, might have suffered longer than I did. I also told a relative one time to ask their doctor for an appetite stimulant, wrote down the name and their appetite came back whereas before skin and bones type appearance with their inability to eat. This knowledge has paid off for me sometimes.
s/l you need to find a job outside of MT. If your CTS
has become an issue and surgery isn't an option (I'm assuming since you don't have insurance you aren't considering it) it doesn't seem like a company change would help, sounds more like you just need a job change.   Maybe part of the depression is you have come too isolated too, so getting a "real" job would help there also. 
Oh please! If you don't like your job, find another one. nm
Find a new job
What's the good of working at home if you are tied to a schedule? Look through Job seeker's board. Plenty of choices there. Do not be afraid to go with a smaller company. Bigger does not mean better.
I can't find it!
Boy, I cannot find it! I hope it's not extremely obvious and I really am blind!
I can't find that.
I'm sure it is staring me right in the face.
find second job
As work is running low in my full-time job, I am looking for a backup job with flexible hours. How do you find a job like that? Which companies offer that kind of flexibility? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
I find that if…
I keep my wrist in alignment…it helps the whole arm. My left arm hurts so much sometimes. I wear a Futuro support on the wrist, compression might be why that helps but it's worth a try.
Not that I could find.
I wish they'd fix it though.
You will not find either in MT.

Benefits are decreasing, wages are decreasing, work is going offshore or going to speech recognition. 

I would definitely not recommend this business to you.  It will cost you approximately $4000 if you take a course from one of the better schools.  It will take you approximately 18 months to complete the course (more or less depending on how much time you have to commit to it).  If you take one of the better courses you stand a better chance of getting a job without having experience, though it is still iffy, and then it will probably take you at least a year to get up to speed so you're making more than miminum wage.

There are no guarantees in most businesses these days.  I would recommend you take a medical assisting course or even go to nursing school if you have help with childcare.  There is a great need for both. 

I think she was trying to find a way to get
sets for her.  I agree with above that she wanted to know how to set it up so her DH was her employer and then she could do unlimited typing with the transcription pay going to him as her employer.  He would then just pay her the limit of $900 while the bulk of the pay would be kept by DH to be used by the family. 
How do you find anything out there? My

nice, but afraid to say anything whatsoever, in case she accidentally lets something slip. I'm a complete nervous wreck.



If You Can't Find Anything, Try
Noise-canceling headphones. I can't hear the clickety clacks with my headphones on. I will never give my Microsoft 4000 up and it's not quiet, per se, but I can't hear anything except the doctor.
Yes, I did find it a little...
offensive insomuchas first impressions. It can be easily inferred that your 'I don't give a damn' statement is directed at this forum's members.  You asked for honest opinions.  :-)
I think you could find some that pay...

9 to 9-1/2 and maybe even 10 but that is becoming a rarity.  The average now seems to be 8 to 8-1/2 cpl.  I seriously doubt you'd have to settle for 7 cpl though - I'd say 8 would be the lowest. 

Can you tell me where to find the
escription forum you speak of in your post? Thanks!