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Posted By: countrymt on 2007-07-03
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Is there any way to move all your Word Autocorrect shortcuts from one computer to another?  TIA

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I put them all in my autocorrect so I only have to look them up once..nm
under autocorrect
It has an option to check to capitalize the first word in a sentence.
I discovered (or rather, re-discovered) how to use Auto Correct to Save entire documents that can be called up with just one or a few letters (or numbers). Highlight the text IN
YOUR DOCUMENT, then go to AutoCorrect. Select Formatted text (if it isn't the default, I think it may be when you do this) and then you can save whole blocks of text.

I also recommend Instant Text. There's an importer program and I used it to transfer all my old DOS-based PRD shortcut files to Instant Text. But if you can't afford another program or work somewhere where all you have is Word, AutoCorrect is great....that's all I know at the moment, I haven't used the macros feature yet. I actually am an in-house Transcriptionist for now, though my job may be shipped offshore soon and I'm trying to refresh my memory as to available tools.....Hope this helps...

Does anyone know if you can make a copy of your AutoCorrect words and transfer them from one computer to another?


I have version 2003 on both computers.
If you type in what you need in bold then highlight it, then go into autocorrect, and put it in what you want it to be.
A way to use AutoCorrect in WP

You could use Instant Text V Pro, an Expander that works with both.

AutoCorrect lists can be converted into an Instant Text glossary with a few clicks. Instant Text follows you with your glossaries wherever you need them.

See link below.

You can use Autocorrect.
Help!!! My AutoCorrect is not

functioning properly . . . I know I've read on here before that AutoCorrect has limitations, but what has happened is that only my doctor's addresses and one other short are working.  With all the other shorts I had stored, they are still there, just do not work when I type the short.  I've searched for the .acl files without success, and had decided to go ahead and start re-entering the shorts (ugh!).  Anyway, when I begin entering a short, it is already in there, so I am just replacing rather than creating a new one.  The short then will work fine in my Word document.  Also, I should mention that when I go in through tools to AutoCorrect I am not seeing the shorts (except the ones mentioned above that do work, including those that came with my MS Office 2000), so I am only seeing them when I go to enter it as a new one and, again, it says replace and the short is there. 

I am baffled by this, other than from what I have read I may have done something to the Normal.dot template in Word . . . I just don't know, and any help you guys can offer would be much appreciated.


Add it into your autocorrect (sm)

it is a Word-based platform, works the same way.  Hope this helps.

What about autocorrect
What if you put the entries into Word's autocorrect.  That might make them usable in ExText.  I have never worked on ExText but in other Word-based programs it has worked for me in the past. 
Does anyone know how many entries autocorrect will store in Word?
I used to use only AutoCorrect before, so with

an expander, I'm really lost. I never really worked for a national until this past year or being paid by the line, so I've really upset over this and really don't know the "secret" to getting high line counts.

I was just checking my shortcuts for the past few days and I must have 3 or 4 different shortcuts for the expanded terms. I'm trying to get them consistent now.

I checked my Expander this afternoon and saw the same expansions with different shorts, so I decided to copy and paste the most often used phrases to word and print them out, put them by my screen one alphabet letter at a time; i.e.,  use A consistently until I get them down pat, then tomorrow, B, etc. for those terms I know are used the most often, but may take a few months. 

I haven't tried it yet but do you think this will work? I hope so, as I am spending as much time working on my expander as I am working. 

Thank you for all your comments and suggestions.

If you accidentally hit your "insert" key, that will effect your autocorrect function. 

I changed to a new computer and i am wondering how to copy my autocorrect ShortHand to my new computer.



I found this information a while back. I have the location of my own files in blue and the file names in parentheses. It would probably be different on your computer. These are just sketchy notes I kept. If this is unclear, you can find information online, which is where I found this.

q      To find out where your “regular” templates are stored in Word, select Tools + Options + File Locations, and note the paths listed under “User Templates” and “Workgroup Templates.” AutoCorrect entries saved without formatting are stored in an acl file; whereas entries saved with formatting are stored in Normal.dot. (Show hidden files to locate these folders and files.)
C:Documents and SettingsOwnerApplication DataMicrosoftOffice (MSO1033.acl)
C:Documents and SettingsOwnerApplication DataMicrosoftTemplates
(Normal.dot and templates)

The best thing to do for the future is get an expander, since your typing speed will greatly improve. And transfering to another computer is also easier. Hope this helps!

I put it in AutoCorrect
I have all of my abbreviations in AutoCorrect and then when you type ddd all you have to do is hit the spacebar and it expands it for you.
I have it on autocorrect
LOL... I know it's wrong, and I have "alot" to "a lot" on my autocorrect in Word, and I almost always make it two words when "on my own" but I figured once again I was just being too anal about the petty stuff and I let it slide. Of course, that's when you get called out, right? I don't think I have ever typed or seen noone -- that would bug the heck out of me!
don't put the ; in the autocorrect
just while typing put ; in front of the yo...like this:


and it should come out looking like 35-year-old.

Again, Thanks Cheri!

I just use the Auto Correct feature in Word.  I keep a list of all the ones I put in it and I reference it until I can remember it.  I try to keep it simple.

lx = lower extremity edema

hcho = hypercholesterolemia

inds = indicates

rrar = regular rate and rhythm

so on and so forth.  I programmed the words or pharses the doctors I work for use most often.  After I got those settled and started implementing them into my everyday transcribing, I started adding ones for long words that arent used as often, but as easy to remember:

ger = gastroesophageal reflux

shb = shortness of breath

But, seem I use Auto Correct and not a real expander, I have to be careful of what I program into it.

I would write down what you program into it and reference it as often as you need until you remember them.  I adivse not to go nuts and program a million things at first.  Start by programming extremely long words or words and phrases you hear over and over for the account(s) you work on.

Need autocorrect for cc to mL and also cc: Thanks!

My mind is not working right how to do one without affecting the other!


Thanks for the help

Could anyone tell me how to move my autocorrect entries and autotext entries to another computer?    I will be typing at my clinic's satellite office and would like to take my shortcuts with me but I am unsure if this is possible.  Thanks
using autocorrect
 found a new way to use autocorrect by turning Inscribe on first and minimizing the screen.  Then typing the file in Microsoft Word and then cutting and pasting it into Inscribe.
I used to use autocorrect and still do, but I also used to use auto text and have lost a lot of the exams I put in auto text, so now I am making an individual file in MSword for those exams.  I can't afford to be lose anymore short cuts.  Time is money.
Autocorrect help please!

Everytime I add something to autocorrect it works until I close my program. When I go back into it my new entries are not there. Any suggestions? This is driving me insane!
Do you back-up your system at the end of the day? What software are you working with?
Are you talking about Autocorrect?  I do have that but I think it has many limitations.  I have never liked that there are only 200-something characters you can type but rather have to use the recording device. 
Its just like Autocorrect isn't it?
Expanderic is just like autocorrect isn't it?  Does it have suggestions?   
I use the AutoCorrect feature in Word as an expander. The problem I am having is that this feature no longer turns on automatically when I open Word. Does anyone know how to change this? It used to work correctly but no longer does. Thanks!
That is the problem. I need to check replace text as you type every time I log into Word. I didn't have to do that before.
Yes, I am working in Dictaphone EXT but I have been working in this platform since November and this is a new problem.
That worked. Thanks!
there is also a way to do it in Autocorrect,
but I do not know how?
Do you mean Word AutoCorrect? (sm)
Please don't rely on that as an Expander -- once you get above 2,000 abbreviations it is notorious for crashing.

Intant Text (Textware Solutions) is the best expander because it's the only one you'll ever need. It works with practically any platform, so you can take your expander file with you and not waste time setting up a new one. It effortlessly imports expansion files from almost every other program (including DocQScribe and PRD+); if your former program is not supported, the techies at Textware will usually translate it for you and email it to you.

Don't be scared off by the marker key nonsense and the ludicrous instructions in the manual from Cheryl Flanders and others explaining how to gradually convert to that method.

The programmer had in his mind one way to use it, but most MTs I've trained have just used the mode that emulates traditional Expanders and been perfectly happy. Want to add a new abbreviation? Simply highlight, press Alt-=, and your new phrase is entered with the abbreviation already suggested.

Harriet's Productivity Talk forum is your best source for this information.
limits in AutoCorrect
The limits are determined by the amount of memory in your system. The more memory you have, the less like you are to reach a limit in the # of entries.
Autocorrect issues

I copied my autocorrect .acl file to a disk to load it to my new computer.  I copies it into 3 separate files that each had .acl and nothing comes up but the stuff normally put in, not my personal stuff.  Any help greatly appreciated.  Been searching internet too and I've been at this most of the day and I've just about given up.  Windows 2000, XP OpSystem

Autocorrect can be a rather unstable
program, especially with a lot of entries in it.
Autocorrect in Word
Does anybody know what the maximum file size is for the autocorrect file in MS Word 2000?  Do you know how many entries it will hold before it will start deleting entries?
AutoCorrect shortcuts
I work at a hospital and my main doctor "Ah's" a lot and changes her mind and has no particular format.  She just dictates and I have to put where it belongs. We get along fantastic, but I am lucky is I get 120-150 lph.  With Psychiatry, I can get 200.  However, I have an account on the side in Psychiatry where he speaks very fast and I can keep up so it comes out to about 300.  I would be interested in getting some ideas on more shortcuts - as I am sure everyone would if someone would like to share them with us.  Do you have a printed list? Or where did you come up with these?  Any help is appreciated.  TIA.
Word Autocorrect

Microsoft does not make it easy, you have to be comfortable following their instructions or writing macros.  You can just print the list by following the instructions here:


If you want to make a backup and print the list, you should follow the instructions here:


Importing AutoCorrect

Hello IndyMT,

No, importing your AutoCorrect list into Instant Text will not make it unavailable to use in Word as normal. When you import it into IT, it simply makes it available to use within the IT program but it does not delete or change it from its original format.

Kind regards,


Is this for autocorrect or shorthand?

Sorry I'm so dense, but I use autocorrect/autotext and I can't seem to figure out how you're saying to do this. 

Is this --> {@KEY BkSp}-pack-per-year ... for autocorrect or autotext or ShortHand (which I don't have). 

Thanks so much for your help! 


transfer autocorrect
If you are using the same version of MS Word you can just replace the ".acl" file with the one you have. It does not need to be converted. This "may" work even if not the same version.

You should be able to find the correct location by doing a Windows search for "*.acl"; however, if there are files in multiple locations, start Word and add or delete something from Autocorrect, then close Word. Repeat the search and find the most recently modified .acl file and rename it. Then copy your old file into that same folder. Open Word back up and your old Autocorrect things should be there.

If this does not work and/or you still need a text file, let me know and I will try to help further.
autocorrect problems

I am clueless about The escript and the other programs but I do know that I used to have a problem with the autocorrects because my supervisor a long time ago put in global ones along with the ones we made for ourselves. So if I put in "tp" it would come out "The patithe patient" or something like that. 

To close out the supervisors global, the first report of the day, we would have to hit "ctrl W" .    Actually instead of erasing the first "tp" which would be double, my routine was to go  "ctrl z" (which would erase the double expanded word and leave the "tp"  and then I would hit "ctrl W" after (which would turn off the other program, and then since the "tp" was there  I just hit the spacebar and the two words "the patient" would show up.    IF THIS IS TOO CONFUSING WITH THE CTRL Z STUFF, JUST GO AHEAD AND JUST DO THE "CTRL W" and that should do the trick.    Now if none of this works, (and I guess the problem is something different )and I can't help you.    Hope this helps.....


AutoCorrect transfer...sm


What would be the easiest way to transfer AutoCorrect entries from one computer to another?


The trick for cc: in AutoCorrect is to use a ; or /
in front of cc in the replace box so Word will back up and change the cap to lowercase. It's a lot faster than AutoText.

;c expands to cc:

autocorrect conversion to SH
I have version 8.7, below is what I found in the HELP file. For a different version, go to your HELP file and the INDEX tab, type in AUTOCORRECT and then hit DISPLAY for the instructions. When I first started using SH 10 years ago, it worked for me. I never use the autocorrect any more.

SHCNV - ShortHand File Converter Utility

Run the SHCNV utility by choosing “Run File Converter” from Shorthand’s File menu.

SHCNV is a utility to convert MS Word (Versions 6.0, 95, 97 and 2000) AutoCorrect entries, PRD+, Abbreviate!, Smartype, formatted ASCII text files and older Shorthand (v4.x and earllier) dictionaries to the Shorthand 8.x dictionary format. Files created by Shorthand 5.x through 7.x do not need to be converted to Shorthand 8.x. This utility can also be used to merge two Shorthand 8.x dictionaries.
You can auto cap in autocorrect sm
I leave autocorrect enabled since I don't the ESP program. I use Instant Text and autocorrect togeter with ET and haven't had any problems. Under the show autocorrect options, just check mark capitalize first word in the sentences. I actually checked them all.
Shorthand different than Autocorrect
I just download PC ShortHand for the 30 day trial and I want to know what's the difference between it and autocorrect?  I have not been to thrilled with Autocorrect yet because it seems to run so slowly that I have already typed the word by the time I even notice the Shorthand box in my document.  I like Autocorrect, what's the difference between the two and how can SH enhance my speed.  Thanks
I'm with you - I love AutoCorrect

I tried ShortHand but I couldn't get it to work like AutoCorrect. I use ShortKeys. It has a few glitches but it's basically the same and you can import all your AutoCorrect files into it. You can't use it at the same time as AutoCorrect if you have the same shortcuts in them, though, so if you want to use it in addition to AutoCorrect you would have to put only new entries in ShortKeys.

But first - you could try putting some of your AutoCorrect entires into AutoText, especially the longer ones. That would give you more room there.


Speaking of AutoCorrect....

I had a client where I used my regular Word, so I have all my medical shortcuts in there. I no longer have that client but I use Word for other things. I know how to save my custom AutoCorrect, but how do I restore the original AutoCorrect?

If I move my custom one to the C drive for storage, will Word automatically use the default one?