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Posted By: momof6 on 2007-03-01
In Reply to: Yes... - AzMT

So, how did you set it up.  I'm assuming you have a wireless card on your laptop or internet through your cell phone.  What company do you use and is it expensive?  Thanks

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AzMT --- I have been working in DQS since

August.  I had heard a lot of bad rep about and was very fearful myself.  However, the first pay period of training I did not qualify for the $10.00 an hour training pay because the total lines I typed x my cpl was more than the hours I worked.

I am a fast learning and have worked on several different systems.  I like it.  The new Expander is a heck of a lot better than the autokey utility in MTS.  Since I have worked really hard on my expander (i have been doing this for 17+ years) I have not see a drop in my line counts.

My complaint with the expander is the "standard" report.  I have only attempted to create one once but failed and have not taken the time to figure out what I am doing wrong.

It took a little time to get used to all of the alt, alt-shift, etc combinations to perform some necessary functions.  I kept hitting the F4 key to bring up the drs data base, which is really the on/off toggle key for your expander!!!  I know that I have even done that in the past week!!! 

Don't fret.  Take your time while you are being paid by the hour and don't be afraid to ask the wrong question.  You'll do fine.   Good luck.

Please note I'm the original poster and not azmt below. (sm)
I would never not proof as my original post said.

azmt there are many different names you can go by here and I'd rather not be confused with you.