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Bare Minerals

Posted By: makeup on 2005-11-21
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Anyone use Bare Minerals makeup?  If so, how do you like it?  I was thinking of trying it.   

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bare minerals
I started using Bare Minerals awhile back but they are so expensive. I found a dealer who, with her mother (an RN) make their own mineral products for a fraction the cost of Bare Minerals. The quality is even better than the original. They have been supplying high-end stores for years. You will find the daughter on eBay. Her seller name is snowmandce. You can buy them either in little pots or (what I do) is buy them in baggies and put them in the containers I also buy on ebay from CalBoy who sells the little acrylic pots very inexpensively. Diane snowman dce) will make up any color kit that you want!! All of her colors are on her mother's web site which is Sweetscents.com. Diane sells to many wholesalers. Check this out and read her feedback comments. I know you will be pleased! lynn
Bare Minerals
For those of you who like using the minerals, see my post under Bare Minerals down a page or two.
Bare Minerals
Been using for years and love. Would never use anything else, seriously. I usually get from QVC.com. Their prices are pretty good and often they have specials. Tip--Bisque is the best concealer ever. Highly recommend. I will say it does take a few times applying to get used to it. At first, it seems like you put too much on. You only really need a tiny bit. It lasts forever, too.

bare minerals
If you ask, Bare Minerals to extend the time for shipment, they will - also you can get only 1 base color, rather than the 2 - I've been buying it through ebay (careful about quantity - lots of 'samples) - & QVC carries it also at about the same price as the company, but shipping is cheaper. good luck
My Grandmother uses Bare Minerals
She is 75 and has never looked better. Her skin glows. It's crazy. That's my next purchase after my other things run out!
Bare Minerals, and I love it. sm
I purchased Bare Minerals from an infomercial. When you're on the phone, they offer you things to add to the basic package. It ended up costing me $160.00, so it is pretty expensive. Plus they enroll you to receive a new set every 2 months or so. Working at home, I don't use enough make where I would go through it that fast, so I cancelled after my first shipment. It is pretty expensive, but I really like the makeup. I've even done my teenage daughter's makeup on special occasions. She has acne, and it really covers well. I just wish there was a way of buying it where it wasn't so expensive.
NOrdstrom's carries Bare Minerals

That is what I am told and keep thinking about checking it out but haven't yet.  I also love it and to be sure as I felt like I could not see a difference, I did one side of my face with it and one with my "old" Clinique make-up and there was a HUGE difference.  So that sold me.  It lasts longer and I think it does work out to be about as much as Clinique or the other ones and it is worth it to me as I get older.  But I did hear it was being sold at Nordstrom's and so that might help with the shipping as that is what adds to it.  


My mom has used MetroGel and also loves Bare Minerals makeup-nm
Bare Minerals IS available at ULTA online,Sephora online...(sm)

...and you don't have to sign up for a makeup "club," or anything. I totally agree with you that this makeup is great for all the basic purposes (coverage, lasting), but their slogan is "Makeup so healthy you can sleep in it." There is a delay in time between when you can apply your powder after moisturizer, but it is really worth it.

To go with your powder I recommend the "pump brush" offered at some of the cosmetic online stores. You fill the handle with your powder mixture (I mix two different powders, changing it up or down according to how much sun I've been getting) and the pump brush will distribute some to the bristles, tap and have at it! This is great for carrying it with you to minimize the loss into the lining of your handbag!

I cannot recommend Bare Minerals enough. I used to be a MAC convert, and have tried everything from Chanel to Maybelline--this product does not disappoint.

QVC for Bare Escentuals
Try QVC.com first.. I believe they sell it a little cheaper.  I love the Rever-upper and their powder makeup is awesome. 
Made from all natural products - minerals from the earth nm

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