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Been doing this 20 plus years and still proof after

Posted By: California on 2006-05-31
In Reply to: POLL - Do you proof as you go or proof when finished? sm - AzMT

always catch a typo or two and am glad I took the time to proof. Just can't seem to catch them all when I proof during transcription.

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I proof as I go. I didn't when I first started umpteen years ago. nm
POLL - Do you proof as you go or proof when finished? sm

I proof after, but would love to proof during.  I'm working on it.  I'm curious as to what percentage of MTs proof as they go or proof at the end?

Thx for responding.

MT, proof as I go. ME, go back and proof afterwards
I have only been editing 3-4 months, and I find I make at least twice the stupid mistakes on ME as with MT, so I do scan the ME reports --find double periods, caps where they are not supposed to be -- stupid stuff.

good luck!
I proof as I go...nm
I proof after - sm

I finish typing...every line of every single report that leaves my desktop.  I may find a typo (and, of, or, etc.) rarely, but I still proofread.  It's just something that I do .

I proof after.
I proof after

Depending on the report/dictator I can proof during... but I find I catch things better when I proof after. One day I will have the proof during mastered.

Proof as I go, always have...
Proof as you go DEFINITELY
I was trained to never pass over a word or something in question just to finish the report - you will invaribly miss or forget about it if you skip over it for a "final proof."

Have been an Editor for years and I am amazed at what even seasoned MTs will miss because they figured they would "fix" something when the report was finished. And, yes, your spell check or grammar check is never going to catch the difference between perineal and peroneal, etc.
Proof, of course.

Always have. Never proof again. sm
If I catch something other than spellcheck catches, I change. Otherwise, off it goes. Never, ever proof the entire report again.
No Proof
There is absolutely no proof.  The Labor Board DENIED her request as I have been in contact with them.  This is an ALLEGATION.  The Labor Board does NOT  handle Indendent Contractor situations.  The paperwork sent in by Doris Latta in reference to Lynn Jester of Jester's Touch was FRAUD.  It has been dismissed!  If you wish to continue to let just anyone post items about MT Services without PROOF, that's fine with me.  I care not!   The litigation is between Jester's Touch attorney and Doris Latta at this point so I am not concerned because I am very fair and good to all ICs that have and do work with me.
I proof as I go and sm

There was a time when I really did have to proof each and every word.  Last time I had an audit, it was better than 99% which is quite good enough.

There is a way to learn to do this and I can't really tell you want it is I do or how I do it exactly.  I have pretty high production (1500 to 1800 lines a day) and few mistakes.  I think it is just finding a flow because I have my off days when I have a lot of difficulty.

I proof as I go along
I have so many macros and templates, and because I only do H&P I bascially type the same things all the time for each specific doctor.
if you use playback and proof at the
same time that this feature would not be of benefit to you. Oh well, thanks for being honest.
and you proof read IMs too
There is proof in the statistics
Not long ago there was an article in Advance magazine about salaries.  CMTs do make an average of, I believe it was, 20% more than a non-CMT.  That's proof enough for me. 
I proof as I transcribe, unless (sm)
I have a blank or blanks.  Then I listen to the whole report.  
I'm so good, I don't have to proof....HA! HA!
I proof while I'm typing unless I'm doing a very difficult dictaotor.
Proof as I go, was taught this way! nm
Send him proof

When this happens to me, I go to several reliable sources and make sure that (1) I *am* spelling it correctly and there are not any alternative correct spellings and (2) that I have a source any doctor would not be able to argue about. I then type a polite note to the doctor and send it along with my proof. In my note, I include the comment that if he has found it spelled another way in a reliable reference, I'd be glad if he would let me know what reference that was, for my own information.  Once, for the name of a medical device, I went to the manufacturer's web page and printed the page describing the device and showing the spelling.  Along with my polite note, I faxed the web page to the doc.  The next dictation I got from him, he was very nice and apologetic and thanked me for being thorough! The worst that has happened is that I didn't hear anything back from a doc, but that's fine, too.  In the unlikely event that the doc STILL wants it spelled incorrectly (which has never happened to me, but it's possible) I would have him put it in writing that he wants it spelled that way. 

You ought to proof your own posts, because
You said then, and it really should be them.  You should really practice what you preach, as your error jumped right out at me. 
Proof reading
I have never heard of that either. I go over/listen to each report I type twice. QA is only there if I get stuck or have blanks.
Proof as I type - NM
Proof as I type
Proof as I type sm

Unless I'm really tired, in which case I go back and proof, sometimes even listening to the dictation as I go.

But usually if I'm that tired, I stop transcribing and email the doc's office and tell them I will finish in the morning. Since I very, very rarely do that, they are pretty understanding about it.

I just have to add that I proof my posts too, but
before I post.  
Never proof a report
Have been doing this over 25 years. I do spell check and do that when finishing a report. I work on VR (do some straight also) but the best thing I love about VR is almost human- things I do not have in my shortcuts, it changes on its own a lot of times, I love all the help I can get.
Sh*ri has all the proof. Why don't you just email her about it?
Ahmed obviously has proof too. Where is the
I have proof of copyright on everything I use... You should too... nm
MTs are not recession proof, but sm
As things go, if you are good you'll have a job, even now. We are not recession proof, but isolated is a word I would use. Yes, job loss means fewer people with insurance and therefore more people who can't afford to be sick or go to the doctor if they are, but as long as the Medicare, Medicaid and CHiPS bills are being paid, we will be paid. Those programs require dictated reports, after all.

I have two pretty diverse jobs. One I do a hospital with an aging demographic and most of them are 65 and older. The other job, my main account is a huge teaching hospital, and my secondary is actually 3 hospitals including a children's hospital.

Older folks and kids are more likely to need health care and are more likely to have those bills paid by our tax dollars, for better or worse. For some time it has been MY sense that these demographics are the primary users of health care and as time has gone on I have seen fewer patients who fall between those extremes. I don't think that the majority of Americans have been able to afford to be sick for a very long time. This is supported by the fact when I do see those in between, they are generally very, very sick and could have been better served, i.e. not be dying, if they had been able to seek health care earlier.

I don't look for work loads to drop to any degree, not now anyway. Have you noticed how many more people are having heart attacks with all the stress right now? There also seems to be an increase digestive problems (GI bleeding especially) lately too. NOT good news...not even for those of us who transcribe those things.
Same as SM and MTMommyof2. Proof on the go, SM
come to the end and sign off. Unless I'm feeling fuzzy or the report's a toughie, then I relisten as long as it takes until I have as good a report as I can make of it. People who type and then reread, much less relisten, must be incredibly fast typists to be able to make a decent living. But whatever works.
You cannot proof fully if you do not have
Proof of how out of touch they are with the average MT

If ever there was proof of how out of touch AAMT is with the everyday life of the average MT, the annual meeting in Honolulu is it.  First of all, the economy is pretty much in the toilet and airfare has gone up, as has everything else.  Well, every has gone up except our wages.  My employer, a hospital, has very little money in the budget to share with everyone in medical records for educational activities.  The hospital sure wouldn't pay the $3000 bucks, or whatever the total cost is, to send any of us to Honolulu.  If I were to pay out of pocket to go, why go to the tropics in September and spend the time in windowless hotel ballrooms, attending educational sessions?

How much farther out of the way for the average MT could the meeting be?  Bangalore or Bombay?

I proof every single one to voice
I've been an editor and proofreader for a lot longer than I've been a medical transcriptionist. I am well aware that the mind can see what it expects to see rather than what is actually on the screen or page. I proof every single one of my reports to voice, and knowing the mistakes I've caught in my own reports, I wouldn't do it any other way. Even with proofing, I average well over 200 lph, and my two most recent QA scores were 100%.
I would love to proof your work and see how that looks but I am sure you will tell us you are 100%.
If that is true, then show proof of it.
Corporate won't.
Proof while I read that's it. The majority of the sm
nationals look at quantity not quality. If you don't get 1200 lines minimum a day there are issues. A person can type 2000 lines a day with a0 lot of errors and QA just pick a few reports with 1 error they have 98 or 99% accuracy.
true...but they are living proof that
at least 6 times he was heterosexual lol.
I want to learn how to proof as you go and need tips

For those who proof as you go, I would love to hear any tips and tricks on how you learned to do this and what method works best for you.  I need to increase my line speed and I know proofing after the fact is really killing my line counts. 


Regarding the CMT exam, do you have to show proof
Again, keyword is alleged. There is no proof, therefore...
I am not going to get all bent out of shape before knowing all the facts, that's all. I have a heart for all living creatures, but I was also raised to look at all things objectively.

If all of this is true which, I might add, states in your article that it is alleged thus far, then yes, that is a terrible thing to do to a creature. I am just not about to throw a man's career out the window until proven guilty.
I would just retain proof that it was their decision,
If you are spending all that time having to proof
may as well hire someone else and proof their work. I've considered starting a business of my own but I can definitely see there would be headaches. I do IC for a gal and I really like working for her. She pays me a decent wage and I do my best to make the client happy because I know that will make that gal happy. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure I have made an error here and there; NO ONE is perfect. There are good days and bad days. Some days, I have to send loads of blanks to her but usually because the doctor seems to mumbling, sound quality, maybe a doctor's name in the report I'm not familiar with and don't want to put the incorrect spelling in, or a discrepency I may find in the report. There are other days when I have great docs, great sound quality and the doc may even spell an unfamiliar doctor name for me. :) I definitely hope the gal I work for is happy with my work and I would also hope she would say something to me if she was unhappy so I could fix it. Have you talked to your MTs about your concerns? Sent them changes you have had to make when you proof?
Proof as I type and during spellcheck...sm

Throughout the day pick random reports to read completely just to check up on myself.  My QA scores are always well above the required 98%.  I could not get the line counts I do if I reread everything. 

PROOF your work before submitting
IF you are going to correct this at all, you should try forcing yourself to re-listen to the entire report before sending it off.

Of course it will slow you down - that's the point. But you'll keep a job better because you'll catch your own errors...

There is no substitute here - it's a matter of concentration /focus paying attention to everything you type... this will help you learn to read as you type - and realize right away when something sense.

(makes no)
Then just pony up the proof you paid her and
Just fax Admin proof, your documentation, that
U were vindicated, fax all to Admin. If no proof
There's your proof- zombies exist!
Healthy necrotic tissue.  Yep, must be zombies.  I'll have to remember to tell my hubby, as he loves all things zombie.  HA!!!