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If u give a damn you'll proof....

Posted By: tracie on 2006-05-31
In Reply to: POLL - Do you proof as you go or proof when finished? sm - AzMT

PERIOD. About 90% of my proofing is done as I type, but when I've finished i've made it a habit to check for my blanks cuz sometimes u can catch the stuff u couldn't before, it just suddenly becomes clear to you, and also I skim through any sections that were questionable, not blank-worthy, just want to make sure its an easy read. I'm pretty confident in my abilities after all this time but mistakes do happen and you're in denial if you think u don't make them. Sometimes the fingers and mind aren't in sync. Its easy to only think of the $$$ and be nonchalant about the reports but what if this were Your loved one. So yeah, put me down as a Proofer :)

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I give a damn but I don't have any blanks or
any "questionable" parts. So I proof as I go. If I didn't hear it right the second time, I rewind right then and there. If I don't get it then, I'll dig in and rewind, rewind, rewind until it pops in my head. But no, I proof as I go. No reason to go through it again for me.
Tell him you'll give him your macros if he'll give you his Lexus, his ski cabin, and (nm)
Give the crap a break. There is NO proof that MQ has sold, so 'critical' thinking isn't in

Give the crap a break. There is NO proof that MQ has sold, and while 'critical' thinking should be a part of the equation, sadly it isn't.  All some posters are doing here is stirring up trouble and they can go somewhere else, we don't want it here. 

Dano, regarding Softscript, I've received a number of emails from people who work at the company who appear to have legitimate complaints.  I see no reason for posters to not be allowed to post for others to be watchful. 

Because all threads referring to a so-called MQ sale were removed, some of the good comments went, too.  When a thread is removed in its entirety we are unable to pick and choose what stays.


I'll give that a try...
Hope my brain cooperates! Thanx...
I'll give it a go. Tx.---NM
I'll try that thanks. Give me a link....
Where do I buy one? Can you save me some time searching and give a link? Thanks so much.
I'll give you my 2 cents

When I started about 15 years ago I did clinic.  I had the same doctors over and over, every day.  While I got to making decent line counts, I also was very bored after a short time.  Clinic has all, but dried up at this point. The people who do it generally have their own accounts, pick up tapes or use an Olympus digital setup.  The days when there were lots of small companies with call-in systems who hired MTs are pretty well gone.  They exist, but not in the numbers they once did.

You are extremely wise to stick to acute care.  That is where the work is, at this point.  It is hard to develop the kind of ear that doesn't get rattled by many different voices on a daily basis.  Frankly, some MTs never do get there. 

With VR or SR or whatever you call it coming on more strongly as time goes on, the worse it will be for those who do traditional I-type-every-word transcription.  The shloch you are getting will be the norm, not the exception. 

I'd actually ask if I could have my secondary as my primary. You are fairly new to MT and you sort of need a bit of a leg up right now.  Once you get into more of a groove, and yes finding a groove often takes longer than a couple of years, these things will not be such a problem for you.  You will have "got it" by that point.

Tell me you are using an Expander and making the very most of it.  That is one thing that is really helpful.  It can help to take your mind off things like spelling and trying to push for more speed, and shifts more towards hearing the voices, recalling obscure terms and your accuracy.  You have not been doing this too long to learn an expander and make the most of it.

Hang in there.  It will get easier, but perhaps not as rapidly as you would like.  For all the years I have been at this, it has only been about 4 years where I felt I had a wide margin of mastery. The scope of knowledge is just too broad.

I'll give that a try since I'm in the 14-day trial window
Thanks for the advice.
Thanks for the responses. I'll give it more time.
I'll give it a go. Fortunately I don't have to punch in and out so getting up frequently won&
be a major issue and will probably be better for me in the long run anyway.  My feet swell horribly and my rear hurts after about an hour and being more mobile will probably help those too. 
I've never tried it with sausage...I'll have to give it a shot!
Thanks, Lori, I'll give that a try. Also downloaded primopdf, just in case! nm
thanks for the advice.....I am definitely open to learning new things, so I'll give it a try!
Give it up and enjoy your vacation! They'll live w/o you for a few days.You're allowed! :) nm
Me too, but not that damn Dog!
Give them a week's written notice...I'll be leaving xx/xx, please forward final check to . t
why would you have to say anything else?
I just bought a pair of Able Planet (Lynx) NC Headphones I'll give you a great deal on! SM
I did a ton of research and found that many preferred these headphones over the Bose. They were actually more expensive. I paid over $300.00 for these! The only reason I purchased these was because I could charge them on my Dell account. They really are awesome. I can't even hear myself type when I turn on the NC feature. They are comfortable, but after 18 years as an MT, I've just gotten used to the stethoscope style or earbuds.

If you'd like to contact me, I'll give you an offer you can't refuse!
He's a damn fool. That's what I say. nm
POLL - Do you proof as you go or proof when finished? sm

I proof after, but would love to proof during.  I'm working on it.  I'm curious as to what percentage of MTs proof as they go or proof at the end?

Thx for responding.

...should be new meds, colleagues not in the database, etc. Damn! nm
We bought a boat, damn thing keeps breaking down and I have to work more now for repairs.

MT, proof as I go. ME, go back and proof afterwards
I have only been editing 3-4 months, and I find I make at least twice the stupid mistakes on ME as with MT, so I do scan the ME reports --find double periods, caps where they are not supposed to be -- stupid stuff.

good luck!
The girl was 13, the rapist a distant relative they took in. Give money, give food and your time, b
you don't put your family at risk by taking in strangers. That's just plain foolish. There were over 3300 registered sex offenders in NO. Where are they now. In your community? Perhaps in your house? Good luck.
oh our lovely government does give illegals medicaid, foodstamps, and housing so in term we give tha
i have been through some rough times lately and had to apply for some help. there are signs, big signs, all over our offices saying "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE LEGAL TO GET HELP". so we and our government do give them our benefits whether they are legal here or not. now that is messed up. i am helping to support them so they can take away my jobs and i can't even support my kids and yes i get benefits, wow $75 a month in food stamps which lasts not even a week in a household of 6. don't get me wrong, i am thankful for any help at the moment, but i get penalized for trying to work my tail off and still can't survive.

there was recently an article in our local newspaper where one of our local school districts tried to charge $1000 a year for each illegal student enrolled. it was bulked and the illegals got a lawyer to sue for discrimination. the school district merely stated that they had to HIRE extra teachers that could speak the foreign language just to teach these children and were trying to offset some of the expenses. ridicilous!! so again our taxpayers money is paying to educate illegals as well.
It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get! No point in joining. nm
Aw come one give her a break. She said she was sorry and is willing to refund. Give her a chance to

do what is right.  If she fails to do what is right, then go about this in an adult way and not act like such a child.  "you suck"  That is so immature.

She is responding to you and you are eating her alive.  Why would she put herself out there to be treated like this if she didnt mean it. 

I am really astonished at how people can act on here.  Would you treat people like this in person?  If you do, I cant imagine you having very many friends. 

Remember we are all "HUMAN." 


I'll go! I'll go!! I won't take hormones and will be ready to defend your honor :) n/m
No. It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get, and it's unnecessary
You'll get used to it. It is keeping the right leg propped up at the same time that'll be the
When I broke my ankle, I was just grateful it wasn't the hands. Without our hands we'd be totally screwed.

I broke my right ankle slipping on ice and was lucky to have gloves on because the palm of the glove was totally torn up and my hand was okay.

Good luck and be sure to do your exercises when it is time.
I proof as I go...nm
I proof after - sm

I finish typing...every line of every single report that leaves my desktop.  I may find a typo (and, of, or, etc.) rarely, but I still proofread.  It's just something that I do .

I proof after.
I proof after

Depending on the report/dictator I can proof during... but I find I catch things better when I proof after. One day I will have the proof during mastered.

Proof as I go, always have...
Proof as you go DEFINITELY
I was trained to never pass over a word or something in question just to finish the report - you will invaribly miss or forget about it if you skip over it for a "final proof."

Have been an Editor for years and I am amazed at what even seasoned MTs will miss because they figured they would "fix" something when the report was finished. And, yes, your spell check or grammar check is never going to catch the difference between perineal and peroneal, etc.
Proof, of course.

Always have. Never proof again. sm
If I catch something other than spellcheck catches, I change. Otherwise, off it goes. Never, ever proof the entire report again.
No Proof
There is absolutely no proof.  The Labor Board DENIED her request as I have been in contact with them.  This is an ALLEGATION.  The Labor Board does NOT  handle Indendent Contractor situations.  The paperwork sent in by Doris Latta in reference to Lynn Jester of Jester's Touch was FRAUD.  It has been dismissed!  If you wish to continue to let just anyone post items about MT Services without PROOF, that's fine with me.  I care not!   The litigation is between Jester's Touch attorney and Doris Latta at this point so I am not concerned because I am very fair and good to all ICs that have and do work with me.
I proof as I go and sm

There was a time when I really did have to proof each and every word.  Last time I had an audit, it was better than 99% which is quite good enough.

There is a way to learn to do this and I can't really tell you want it is I do or how I do it exactly.  I have pretty high production (1500 to 1800 lines a day) and few mistakes.  I think it is just finding a flow because I have my off days when I have a lot of difficulty.

I proof as I go along
I have so many macros and templates, and because I only do H&P I bascially type the same things all the time for each specific doctor.
It'll happen. You'll find your fit.
You might have to kiss a few frogs first, though.
Oh she'll spice it up alright, she'll be
placing hidden cameras in the other ladies' dressing rooms! LOL!
continue your goal; he'll/they'll get used to it/over it
I'll vent and I'll sign my name sm
I have two IC contracts right now. I recently went back to a job I had quit earlier in the year to work for the other company I am still working for.

The newer job has 80% ESLs. I transcribe OP notes primarily and I can fill in other work types as the opportunity arises. I am frustrated with this particular situation. After 6 months, I am making less money and working longer hours. I am past the learning curve and I should be doing better, at least in the number of hours I am spending doing the job. We have run out of work for 24 hrs at a time at least 5 or 6 times since December 1, and in November it was more than that. I have a friend who worked for this company as well and she was having similar difficulties. The only thing that we can figure is that they are shorting us line count some way, because after 6 months at it, it should be easier/faster/more money, but it is less and less every single pay period. It is not a nice thing to accuse a company of doing, but it SEEMS that way to us. I am fed up with being expected to type every single OP note that comes in 24/7 and meeting the 6 hr TAT for them on weekends, evenings, holidays, wee hours of the morning...

I took back a job I held for 2-1/2 yrs. The team leader has changed and this gal thinks that I should be on call 24/7 for whenever she has work. I might have some at 7 a.m., or perhaps not until 6 p.m. or later. I can't plan my personal life and between these two IC situations, I find that I am not eating on a daily basis, not showering on a daily basis and not sleeping more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. I have lost weight and I don't feel very well. I woke up today with a rip roaring head cold (my first in nearly 8 yrs) and it has already moved to bronchitis and I am expecting pneumonia by the weekend because I develop it very easily. I already have deep pain in my back.

Yes, I should call in sick tomorrow, but I really can't take the fallout. The job I took back I am covering for another gal who wanted vacation over the holidays and if I have to call in sick, the team leader will call me and pitch a fit about how this is my responsibility. It IS my responsibility, I did say I would do it, and I will do it, despite being quite ill. In the past, when I worked for this company, they would not allow me to call in sick for a "cold" without a doctor's note. I worked through many illnesses with them and only called in sick when I developed West Nile Fever and while I was sick for over a month, I only called for my last 12 reports one day when I could no longer see the computer screen because my head hurt.

The problem is that yes, many MTs lack work ethic. They don't take their responsibility seriously. This is not a work as you please career, not even for an IC. I can see the MTSO's point of view, I truly can. Like finding experienced, reliable and capable MTs, for the MTs who are these things, finding a company will treat you like a human being is equally difficult. I sit here, feeling lousy and like I am an utter slave labor with no consideration whatsoever. I know that my work needs to be done, but when I am this sick it is better that someone else do it for the sake of the work, for accuracy and for speed of getting it out. I know that I am needed, but to be the MT these companies need me to be, I also need to look after my own health.

I will also mention that when I have asked for vacation, I have been approved for the time, but the MTSO queues up my work and calls me then I am not on the system getting it done. I have told them I had been approved for time off, but the MTSO didn't schedule anyone to cover for me and I am told to get on work, vacation or no, if I want to keep my job.

Thus, I work 24/7/365 and have for years. I work sick, I work when I am in pain (I have an AI disorder), I work exhausted from staying up all night covering for others who are allowed to call in sick and have vacations when I can't have either. I work having no health insurance and not being able to afford the $125 a month to buy some with a high copay so I can see a doctor. I work without breaks for breakfast, lunch or dinner and I sometimes come close to having an accident because if I leave my desk to go to the little girls' room I get nasty calls about where I am at and what I am doing.

Many MTs are mistreated, and I am one of them.
if you use playback and proof at the
same time that this feature would not be of benefit to you. Oh well, thanks for being honest.
and you proof read IMs too
There is proof in the statistics
Not long ago there was an article in Advance magazine about salaries.  CMTs do make an average of, I believe it was, 20% more than a non-CMT.  That's proof enough for me. 
I proof as I transcribe, unless (sm)
I have a blank or blanks.  Then I listen to the whole report.  
Been doing this 20 plus years and still proof after
always catch a typo or two and am glad I took the time to proof. Just can't seem to catch them all when I proof during transcription.
I'm so good, I don't have to proof....HA! HA!
I proof while I'm typing unless I'm doing a very difficult dictaotor.
Proof as I go, was taught this way! nm