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Boy, how short sighted you are.

Posted By: TM on 2007-05-01
In Reply to: Apparently you donít understand too well - Darryl

I think you are the one who does not understand too well. You say unless you are laid up in bed unable to move then you work and take care of your family, but since when is being laid out the only disability that would prevent one from performing their daily activities? True depression is a disability and sometimes something a person might battle their whole life. It is easy for you to say, just put your big girl panties on and deal with it when you obviously have never had to overcome this disability. Maybe you need to educate yourself a little more before you speak out about things you obviously know nothing about.

Unfortunately, attitudes like yours are what have held some people back from accepting their problem and getting treatment for it. Mental illness is a disease, not something the OP could turn off and on when she wanted, not laziness and just as debilitating as "being laid up in bed."

And you might not have called her a crack head directly, but the slap in the face was just the same by comparing the two.

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I used Short Keys, not Short hand for Bayscribe, it worked fine.
Ditto, short ERs or short OPs....short anything! sm
And I especially don't like long OPs, they are the most boring for me, and the doctors pause a lot cause they have to think more. I just want to be done with it! Next!!! ; )
Long short forms vs short short forms


A long short form is usually easier to remember. So I would definitely assign the short forms as suggested by Kelli:

In most Expander programs you would opt for a short short form as you have to type the whole short form before you can expand.
In Instant Text you don't have to type the whole short form: you type the first two letters of your long short form and then you can type any of the following letters.
So in this case you would type smcth for the first one, smcta, and you may also type smhead, smabd

This is possible when you use the Instant Text marker key to expand. If you use the space bar to expand, you may be better off assigning the initials as suggested in the second response, as you would not be able to "jump ahead".


The short of it.....
When management sends you E-mails filled with typos, they are going to you, not to the client.  Since you aren't paying management, it doesn't matter if every word they type in their E-mails to you is spelled wrong.  See, management's paying you to transcribe error-free reports.  Understand now?
PRD short cut help

I have been using the PRD short cut program on an old DOS-based computer in WP51.  I have upgraded to Windows XP with WordPerfect X3 and wondered if there is anyway to use the PRD with this program.  I have had to use other short cut programs for Word on my XP computer but have recently had to move all my WordPerfect work to my new computer and need a short cut program for it as well.  I would sure love to be able to use the PRD.  Anyone with any helpful information would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks so much!

I do think it's too short but...
the company I work for only gives you 2 days. :(
short msg

My guess is that VIPS like this would have decoy names, and they should.

I agree that AHDI or whatever AAMT wants to be called now is just another thing to watch and not trust.  That said, why should anyone want government to be in charge of everything and be trusted to not screw it up?  They've shown us already (both parties) how well that's worked, so I'll handle my own "change," thank you.

AHDI is another form of big government making things more difficult for us.

one can short of a six pack! nm

Don't sell yourself short....
I charged docs/clinics 12-14 cents/line 5 years ago. They had no problem with this. Being paid by the hour in Canada at home where I work for a local hospital I make $18.33/hr plus 14% in lieu of benefits plus 4% vacation pay ($21.73 per hour) For contract work MT's in my area charge $25 per hour or 14 cents a line. This is not through MT companies - just for docs asking for extra help and our Physiotherapy Depts that do independent medical assessments contract it out to local MTs. Hope this helps. I'm in Ontario
Don't sell yourself short.

If you think that you need to "lower" your rate because you're not driving and picking up, then charge .10/line; otherwise, I would stick with the .11/line and consider it a "raise" if you get the job. Honestly, if the OM is happy with the quality she'll get at .06/line, then you probably didn't want that account anyway because I have found those OMs are the biggest pains and you're better off without the aggravation. JMO.

My short story
Somebody removed themselves from the picture before someone in the extended family tried something with me and if they had spoken up there is a chance I would not have that horrible memory now.  I yelled loud and clear so that no one else had to go through what I did.  I don't care how old he is, unless you are clearly mistaking his actions - which I doubt  - then something is wrong.   This is probably easier from you to step away but if you read or found out that he had tried this with a 7, 8, 16 or 20 year old or even someone else or he had with his daughters -- could you then live with yourself.  At least tell your mother the reason why and if she choses to put her head in the sand, so be it but you told someone.   If you have questions about what you feel or think is happening talk to someone but do something. 
I'd get up and kick my dog if I got that. I like short SM
little tonsillectomies and stuff. :) Keeps me awake.
I have Short Hand. Never used the others -sm
You can install ShortHand on multiple PCs. I like it. You can actually have one shortcut for a few things (found that really, really useful). You do have to pick from the list which one you want, but I'd rather be accurate even if it might slow me down a little. It has drawbacks too though. If you forgot to put -ed on the end of a word for instance, and you go back and do that and if ed is one of your shortcuts, it will expand when you don't want it to. You can save your personal shortcut dictionary (which is nice for backup) and install it along with the program on other PCs. You can also convert an old PRD dictionary from WP if you had one and possibly others too.

It works with anything windows and you can have multiple dictionaries for multiple jobs or facilities that might have different rules.
life is too short
Just chalk it up to your value system being different from your value system. Nothing dumb about it. I have seen the same happen.
Life is too short
to let these kind of games drag you down. You know what you contributed and "she" knows you are the one who provided the original data. She will have to live with her dishonest type of manipulation. You cannot change her, you can only change how you react to her.

Keep doing a terrific job for your own satisfaction. The only person you need to "oneup" is yourself. Set goals to outdo yourself and know that the better you do, the more satisfying your job will be. It takes 2 people to play the game. I suggest you bow out of the game and it takes away the fun for the other person.

I have been there too. It will happen anywhere you work if you "play the game." The choice is yours. I hope this helps. I only mean it in a supportive way.
Short message for you........sm

I do many things, am an MTSO for 10 years who just now had to get an occupational license because the city I live in now demands home offices to have one, now had to send off to the county with copies of OL to get county license...I'm an IC for 10 years and also do some weekends for a national...

where do these people get their info from, that all ICs are *prima donnas* - N_O_T......WOW....the narrow-minded and ill-informed......surround us.....unfortunately.....

You know you're short when...

My boyfried recently bought me a new office chair for my birthday.  I was very happy as I desperately needed one.  The funny thing is that even with the chair all the way down, my feet wouldn't touch the floor...LOL.  My toes touched the floor, and I could still manage to push the foot pedal, but it was killing my knees after sitting for long periods from the stress of my legs just "hanging" there.  So, my boyfriend build me a very nice platform that is about 4-inches high that sits under my desk.  My feet rest on it as well as the pedal.  I'm 5'3".  I know I'm no amazon, but I didn't think I was THAT short...LOL.  Guess I was wrong.

depends but usually short
If I have a short attention span that day, short reports keep me awake.  If they're long, I tend to lose focus and get tired.
The reports are usually short
I have done both acute care and Radiology. Radiology by report usually works out to more money in your pocket. Since I switched to radiology I never want to go back to acute care. My line rate stayed the same, but I make 50% more money!! I agree, Stedman's Radiology is wonderful. You can get it on CD and keep it open while you work...quicker to look things up.
short hand
I've been using it for about two years and love it! Good luck to you.
Short-cut system
Try PRD - I used to use it with WordPerfect and it was the best Expander I have ever used.
short response
Where in my message did I say that the test should be "used?" I simply provided a couple of links for reference.

And I feel you are being rather judgmental. Simply because something is not difficult for you does not mean it is not difficult for another individual.
The short and sweet of it, you get what you pay for.
Here is the long and short of it
Most of the time gross line comes out pretty darn close to 65 characters unless you do addresses and a lot of numbered lists. If you uses lists, you may lose out. If not you will probably gain a little. You will really have to evaluate how your notes are normally set up.

Personally, after being somewhere for 3 years and doing a good job, I would expect a lot more that 8 cents per line gross or otherise. Just me.
short vent.....sm

Please, Dr. resident, Get A Kleenex.  I've never heard so much sniffling and outright snorting in one report.  I'm sorry you have a cold or allergies, but holy cow, doc, you're gonna suck the phone up your nose! 

Thanks for letting me vent.

Short cuts

Ctrl U - underline

Ctrl A - blocks all

Ctrl S - saves

Ctrl X - deletes

Ctrl C- copies

Ctrl V - pastes

. . . and my favorite Ctrl Z - brings back something you accidental delete.

I hardly ever use my mouse as it breaks my rhythm and slows me down.  If I think of anymore I will send them your way.  Did you know that if you hold down your Ctrl key and use the arrows you can move around a document that way?




The short cut keys help.
You move around the document much more quickly. The short cut keys for the header, ccs, template, etc are key. I'm not a huge fan of the alt+K but I still try to use it. I also use just my autocorrect for expanders.
Life is too short....
don't sell your peace of mind and health for a few bucks - you can never buy it back at any price once it's gone.  Take care of yourself.  
I've lost my short-cuts...could I have hit a key on my keyboard?  Thanks!! 

I have never used Instatext, but I have used ShortHand for 10+ years and love it.  It is versitile, easy to use and I can use it in every system I work in.  I have used it in Meditech, Citrix, Star, and all worked well.  AND I was able to convert my FlashForward to it and my autocorrect to it.

I have had it as short as 4 hours on QA sm
And no, that is not fishy a bit.  For me, 3 days would be a very long time.  It just depends. 
Short-cut keys
Do you all use your mouse much?  What short-cut keys do you find the most helpful?  I am trying to cut wasted time where I can and think maybe I can pick up something new from you. 
Don't sell yourself short
Hiring seems to have slowed down quite a bit over the past couple of months (from what I've seen). I have four years in and have been looking for a second company and I can't even find one right now. I know four years is nothing compared to most, but still. I could take my pick in companies this past spring/summer...this always happens though. There will always be a slow down depending on the time of year.

Give it some time, you will find a company THAT PAYS.

Good Luck!!
It turned out to be short, so
I typed it without my footpedal. My Gear Player box is no longer open to drag the windows media file into.

Now I'm having trouble formating Word. They want the margins changed to 2.54 cm (not inches), and I type it in like the instructions tell me, and save, but of course Word ignores me. Grr.
It turned out to be short, so
I typed it without my footpedal. My Gear Player box is no longer open to drag the windows media file into.

Thank goodness it was short. It was also not a medical report. Instead it sounded like a radio show with two speakers talking, but it was clear and easy.
short cut program

I am using Shorthand. I seem to have problems saving entries into the dictionary. I have tried to get onto the board at the ShortHand site, but cannot. The problem with the entries seems to be that I can use them for 2 or 3 days, and then I cannot make them work any more and cannot find them on the list. Also, entries I have made 4 to 5 weeks ago sometimes disappear (on large group of docs rotating through their various office locations).

Any suggestions as to
1. How I should save my dictionary entries? I press OK to get out of the entry box;
2. I hit "save" at the top of the shorthand screen when I make an entry;
3. How can I get onto the Shorthand productivity board?

Thank you.

Thank you.
Happy Holidays.
Short Cut for Windows
Does anyone know if the word list from Short Cut for Windows is transferable to Shorthand? Thanks in advance.

32 days until Spring!!!
OK.. short and sweet... TAKE A PILL !! nm
At least now you won't have to complain when they short you next month.
I love fall but it is too short. nm
Almost 20 years with a short relapse.

If you get the urge to light up, do whatever it takes to put it off, don't think of it as not smoking, just keep putting it off.  The longer you keep putting it off, the farther apart the urges become.  You can do it.  You really can. 

When I first quit, I decided to crochet an afghan to have something to do with my hands.  You can look at that afghan now and still tell which end I started on.  The stitches are so tight and close together, you can tell I must have been gritting my teeth as I did it.  By the time I was done, the stitches loosened up and so did I. 

After quitting for almost 10 years, I started smoking 1 or 2 on the weekends (yes, beer was involved).  Then it was 3 or 4, then 5 or 6.  I found out I was pregnant, put them down, and haven't smoked another since.  That was almost 12 years ago.  Best of luck!!

Short note..more tomorrow
Hi, I am just wondering if the psychologist had any clue as to whether or not the child is ADHD, but I would bet this child has MULTIPLE diagnoses. My daughter, now 17 years, is ADHD, and I feel your pain. My daughter is a "poster girl for ADHD" according to the school counselor, and I must agree!! Even at that, she does not have as many problems as this little girl you describe. I am so sorry I don't have more time ... I HAVE TO GET MORE LINES IN ...AUGGGGGG!!!! I will try to post tomorrow. Anyway, there are some that will try to tell you no little girl could cause that much trouble. Not true!! Been there. Hang in there.
peep just short for people
He is one fry short of a Happy Meal.

One quarter short of a roll...nm
A few clowns short of a circus
short term cure ...
OK thank you to the responders, I am going with a hot cup of coffee and extra sweetener .... knowing I am NOT ALONE helps, too!   Thanks a bunch -- now down the hatch and onto SOME NEW THOUGHTS ..... !
Life is too short . . . if you can afford it,
I don't know about renting short term,
I think you could rent it and then return it, but you would have to ask. A friend of my rented-to-buy a Dell PC from them and learned a lesson. She paid approx. 200 every two weeks for almost a year. You will pay 3-4 times what the product is actually worth.
Short hand question...sm

If a doctor writes a plus sign inside of a circle, what does that translate to in short hand?


I had the same problem for a short while earlier in the day