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I am in the same boat. I think I am way past burnt out though.

Posted By: Ditto on 2007-04-29
In Reply to: Suggestions for getting back on track? - Slacking

I need serious help! I can't pull it together to save my own butt right now. Sigh.

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I did in the past, got burnt out very quickly. sm
It is very difficult to do. I lasted about 5 years working 16 hour days, and by that time I was exhausted, stressed out, and my financial issues never disappeared.

It really is not worth the money to do that to yourself in my humble opinion.
chiefly British past and past participle of SPELL
Maybe you can get un-burnt-out by 1 or more of these:
Maybe you can get un-burnt-out by 1 or more of these: Read trade journals (AAMT, Advance, Plexus, even nursing or MD journals); read up on the lastest stuff at related websites; watch some of those live ER or reenacted ER TV shows; watch some of those surgery TV programs; if you have cable TV check out health-related programs; be a volunteer if that's your kind of thing & offer to do some transcription for a nonprofit clinic for the poor (helping others is a known cure for burnout); change your work area: wallpaper or paint, or a new desk, a desktop fishtank or fountain, a CD player for some non-distracting music.
Burnt out...what do you do?
What do you do when you just can't take it anymore? I feel so burnt out in this field right now, but Im kind of stuck here at the moment for personal reasons. What has helped you get out of that "rut" when you feel burnt out?
Burnt out

Hi Everyone,

I am not coming here to sound like I'm whining or complaining, but I am just completely burnt out, stressed, and an emotional wreck and need advice because I'm sure we've all been there.  No one understands our jobs.  I'm definitely not trying to say I have it *so bad and worse than anyone*  because I think we all have it exactly the same.  What do you do when you get burnt out like this?  Would it be a good idea to just take a *break* from transcription for a while? 

I have been doing this for 3 years and just can't seem to get ahead.  My motivation is there (most of the time) but my line counts just aren't.  Most of the time I am making less than minimum wage.  I struggle through 60 minutes of dictation, only to have a piddly 400 line count after about 8 hours.  My doctors seem to like to spout off partial or wrong company names that people work for (completely irrelevant to the report), activities, job titles, work equipment, street names (of all things), school names (out of state), impossible to find without at least 20-30 minute doctor name searches as much as they can (always mispronouncing or an out-of-state doctor because my accounts are basically on the border between 2 states).  Join the club... I know.   I definitely love transcription and who I work for..but I am just incredibly frustrated at my paychecks along with the amount of time and effort spent on a check amounting to $200 every 2 weeks.  I am always working/at the computer "on call" on my days off...as most of us are. 

I do have a daughter at home who has become VERY demanding (she is not the reason I decided on this career; I have a huge interest in the medical field and didn't want to be a nurse or secretary, anything like that).  She is in preschool, but my work has been coming later and later to the point where I have no choice but to do it while she is home.  Talk about adding to my stress. 

I actually just let it all out last night.  My eyes are all swollen today from bawling last night.  My husband asked *are you done yet* after me only trying to vent my frustrations to him for like 2 minutes (that just set it all off) - and was fed up with me and told me to *just quit because I don't want to work* that phrase skyrockets my blood pressure.  He doesn't get it.  The transcriptionists work is never done and we never get away from our jobs!! 

He is never home due to his job, which he loves and says is a cake walk.  To be honest, that actually makes me jealous and even more irritated.  I just wish he knew for one second what my life was like!  He has a 2 hour commute, gets the GI bill every month, and loves to work overtime and trust me he makes enough for us all to get by smoothly.  Still, EVERYTHING is on me...EVERYTHING...on a constant daily basis.  I have 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 goats, and a daughter to take care of, along with the house, cooking, and all of the chores that go along with it...which I wouldn't trade for the world, don't get me wrong, I just feel like I don't have the time for anything other than my job and my daughter's attitude is really starting to reflect it and all of my family sees it, just not my husband. 

What gets me is...he and his parents can and are 100% willing to pay SOMEONE ELSE to take care of my daughter and do MY JOB with her...yet, here I am struggling to do a million things at once and only coming out $100 ahead of preschool.  Would they think about paying me?  Lol, I highly doubt it..and in fact when I brought it up to my husband last night, he laughed in my face and called me crazy.  Well, what is so crazy about it?  I taught her everything she knows!!  Yet his parents will still comment on what a great job preschool is doing for her.  It is the pressure from his parents (who both happen to be school teachers) and my husband would never go against their decisions.  Don't get me wrong, I would never expect/want to be paid, lol...it is just a hypothetical situation.  If it is good for someone else, why can't it be good for anyone else?

I think that was actually the start of my frustration..when he started his new job because he got lazy around the house and with our daughter!  When he gets a day off though, you better believe it's a day off!!!  He does whatever he wants with his buddies or whatever, while I sit at home and deal with the same things when he is working.  When he gets home from work, he has the nerve to ask me *what did you do all day* because my paychecks dont REFLECT the amount of time that I am actually in here working my butt off...and neither does the mess of my house. 

Any ideas on what I could tell my husband to help him understand at least partially what I, we all, go through in this field without him basically telling me to shut my mouth because him not listening to me is really getting old. 


Burnt out....sm

First of all, you sound like you need a hug, but I couldn't find a smiley for that, so here is a cheers!  

Maybe you just need a change of scene? Would it be possible for you to find an MT job outside of your house in a local clinic or hospital for a few hours a week? You might even be able to make more money doing less hours outside of the house.   

Husbands can be so irritating sometimes.

Burnt out
I would send him a copy of this post you made, maybe seeing it in print will wake him up.
Also I have been transcribing for 20 years and have found HEAVEN with this program. Watch the short video at www.teamresult.com and e-mail me if interested, I will then call you.

Burnt out and under appreciated
I can relate. My income is decreasing, my hours are increasing. My son is making more as a security guard at the local casino. I'm so tired at night I can't do anything. I think we all need vacations, if we could afford one.
lol, usually these people are so burnt out (sm)
they are getting hit from every end. i usually pick up my work and skidaddle out of there. you usually meet the in-house employees eyes and they got their claws out. lol
I feel your burnt pain!
I have been feeling this way for years. Sometimes I think I need straps on my chair to keep me in it! My mind wanders and my focus is not there and sometimes I am just down right mad at myself for sticking with something that makes me so miserable for so long. However, there are other opportunities out there to make money. You can do it!! I have some ideas for you, but you need to e-mail me. Keep an open mind and open eyes and something will come along that may help make you feel better. You may need some aloe-vera for that severe burn, though! I will send some prayers your way..keep your chin up, you can do it.
Burnt popcorn will linger for DAYS!
Over 100. Burnt my bare feet on concrete. Plants are dying.
But why sign it to put the past behind? The past should have

It seems that they dredged up the past by wanting the release signed to keep them out of trouble for unfair employment practices.  Usually when a person ends the working relationship, they give formal written notice, the company accepts the notice, and the employment is over.  Smells pretty fishy to send a termination agreement and, oh by the way, sign this release.  LOL

If we are in the same boat so are all the other MTs so I think we should really do something about
this because us coming on here wont solve the problem although it is nice to know the game they are playing. What is the old saying, you name the game and I can play it too. Nice to know the game is being played on everyone so they dont said it is ONLY YOU. Please if anyone knows what to do let me know or come on here and let us know.
I'm in the same boat as you are.
I'm the same age, in the same field, and most likely looking forward to the same prospect.  I guess the only difference is that I prefer to have a positive outlook.  I'm not dead, not without education, and not without skills.  Although I don't want to have to find another job before I retire, I will IF I have to, and I'm confident that I will be able to.   I wasn't trying to blame anybody.  I was just trying to insert a little humor in an otherwise depressing post about an issue over which we have little control.  I understand the need to talk about it, but sometimes there is just as much need to just realize we can't do anything about it and then move on, laugh about the absurd, and notice the things we DO have.  The joke just seemed to fit under the other post where someone else was kidding about Bush having it out for everyone.  Maybe had I signed it "Kanye West" it wouldn't have gone over your head.
I'm in the same boat

Just curious is this person located in California?

in the same boat, except for
Around 15K in debt, gross 40k a year, rent going up in a couple months, all this buzz around me about houses, tired of being stuck in an apartment, living check to check.  BUT...I have been payng off debt to a tune of 5k or so a year, or under, and am looking into the prospect of getting a roommate.  To me, I must be absolutely out of debt and in a secure job (MT not too secure right now) before I take on a mortgage.  You said you have a renter?  Why dont you go for the house and have your bro sign something, for financial reasons, so he sticks around and pays you monthly, cut back anywhere if you can, and continue to pay off debt while you're in your new house?
same boat here
I have 25+ years experience, do mostly OPs and always get the ESL accounts. What are these companies going to do in a few years when the seasoned pros are out of the business and none of the newbies can transcribe these accounts because they never had to learn them? I get paid the same as the other people but get the crap account because I can produce and understand the worst, I have seriously thought of leaving the MT profession just for this reason.
I am in the same boat, but (sm)
I am still using Verizon. When I signed up, they told me it was okay to use for transcription, not a problem, but nonetheless, I am very worried right now. I think I need to look for a new job. As it is now, I hate to even dial in to get work. How long did you use it before you got nailed?
In the same boat.

I bought Medispell, but is not quite as good as the Stedman's.  Guess I will make do for awhile.  Could not find Stedman's on E-bay at the time.  I would also love to be able to load it on two computers. 

I am in the same boat...


I am currently in the process of getting my 2 local physicians up and running with digital.  I bought them each an Olympus DSS 330 hand-held recorder (do an internet search for cheapest price, like with Nex-Tag).  The software is very easy to use, and it's easy to transfer the files onto the computer.  I then bought space on CryptoHeaven, which encrypts the files and enables me to transfer files to and from the physicians.  I only need the smallest amount of space, which costs 2.49/month.  This way the office can upload the files or email them to me through the email accounts that CryptoHeaven provides.  This is the cheapest way I have found.  The only down side for me is that I have dialup.  If your physicians have dialup, then this will be a big draw back, as it took me about 30 minutes to email or upload one of the audio files.  This is just one of many ways to go.  I also looked into DocShuttle, but it is way more than I need and too expensive, as I do this just on the side.  If you find a cheaper, easier way, please let me know.  Good luck.  Email me with any further questions.  Lynn

I was in the same boat --
I worked on site at a hospital and new management was horrible.  We were to "exhaust all avenues" before leaving a blank.  That included calling the doctor's office which was absolutately ridiculous.  You can be on hold for 10 minutes or more before they pick up the line to see what you want.  When trying to explain why certain ESLs took so long to type ---- they didn't want to hear it.  They were getting rid of MTs that had been doing this at the same location for 10+ years.  I finally got fed up and told them .... "talk to the butt."  The bennies aren't great at home and the pay isn't either, but I certainly feel better about my job and myself!  Good Luck.
was in same boat sm
You can deduct health insurance premiums, equipment, depreciation of same, cell phone, internet, etc. I ended up having to pay over $3000 and am now an employee. I don't know how they do it either.
Same boat
But I tried doing MT on the side and at 10 cpl typing I am making less. You see, when you are QA, for me anyway, it often means you do the same with typing as you do with QA and try to make it perfect and you can't make any money that way. When someone consistently types 300 lph that's usually where you see all the mistakes. JMO.
same boat here

curious what posts you get.

I am in the same boat
as you. Feels good to hear an honest opinion about rates, I likewise have over 20 years experience and am still making per hour as I am per line as I did 10 years ago...but I stay with it as going back to school for a rewarding career at almost 50 does not exactly excite me.
in the same boat
I was always a shy person, and now have developed social anxiety disorder, which I think has a lot to do with working at home and not having anybody to socialize with. I think you lose your ability to socialize. It's hard to make friends when you hardly ever leave the house. When I do get a chance to socialize I feel like a total spaz. I guess that's one of the drawbacks of working at home.
In the same boat...
Both of my accounts have been extra busy the last 2 weeks and are asking us to work extra this week. I have so much work to do, I will be up all night tonight to try to get caught up. I am awaiting the week of New Years as I am taking Monday and Tuesday off and am going to enjoy a 4-day weekend. At this point, I really need it!
I'm in the same boat. here's what I'd do...
My MTSO is wanting to retire and me take over for her within a year or so. My ONLY reservation is that I have two young kids and enjoy weekends and a vacation every year. She hasn't taken any more than a long weekend in the 10 years I've worked for her. My plan is to have a reliable, quality backup IC that maybe we can trade vacation time. Even in the event of a family emergency, I don't think it's smart to not have someone dependable ready to go in a crunch, and it's just not smart business to think you can go forever and not take a break. Anyone is going to get burned out. Other IC's in different fields get to take vacations, why shouldn't we? I think the key is being prepared and realistic that emergencies are going to come up, computers are going to crash, parents/children/we are going to have medical issues, etc., and having someone ready and willing to step in is a good plan. Good luck!
we are in the same boat!
Wow---so you can definitely relate! My decision to be an MT was also related to his career because he moved us here to Florida, which is not where I want to be and I knew that with my flexibility as an MT I could travel to see my family and still work if my job required it. It is not as easy to ask for time off on a traditional job. I feel that for the sacrifices I have made due to his career, I deserve to have the career of my choice and not have it criticized! We do not have kids, but I still need the flexibility.

Your posts have lifted my spirits---Thanks!
Same boat
I am in the same boat you are in, with supervisory position history.  I do not know what to do either.  I will wait along with you and see what advise we get.
Same boat
I want to get a full time job which would pay more money than my MT job. Unfortunately, my 6-year-old hates camp (tried it last year and he refused to go). The other option is to get a full time baby sitter. You just have to be careful that you are not paying the baby sitter more than what you make! I've been lucky and pay mine $5.00 an hour, but I've known other moms who have to pay $10 an hour. By the time I pay for gas and clothes for a nice job and a babysitter, I might as well just stay at home and make less as an MT.
I'm in the same boat as you s/m

I lived in an area that did not offer DSL or cable.  I had satellite through Dish, but they didn't offer satellite internet either.  I had to move in town temporarily where I'm able to get DSL, but I'll be moving back out to my old place soon.

I worked for MQ on DocQScribe for years without any problems on dial-up.  I did have to tell my internet provider not to boot me off if I appeared idle or was on the internet for hours because I was working. 

I applied for several jobs since moving into town.  During the interview process, I always explained that while I had DSL now, I would not have it available after moving back to my home.  Most of them were unsure if dial-up would work.  When I explained that I had no problems with DocQScribe on it, they were fine with dial-up.  Some even went on to say that they thought they still had a couple of employees on dial-up (now that I mentioned it).  They were, however, careful to mention that I may experience problems with getting dropped by my internet and that their program may run a little slower.  I told them that was no problem for me.

I also looked into a few other options.  There are some things like cards available to plug into your computer.  I think they're a little pricy - but it may be worth it in the long run.  There's also Hugo satellite, which I think is about $60 a month.  I'm sure if you research a little more, you can find these and other options.  I always felt like helpless in this situation, too, but we do have options.  I wish I could tell you more about these, but I'm not that much of a techno girl.  You should be able to find something in the archives - maybe just searching the word dialup.  Good luck.

In the same boat
Maybe we have the same company. I have been with a new company for 6 weeks, and I have tech troubles, can't hear certain files, not having enough work to get good at any one account... its seriously frustrating. I have almost 10 years experience, and its frustrating when it happens, no matter how much experience you have. I do agree that you need to give it a little more time. And I think talking to your supervisor. There must be someone at your job that can help you sort this all out.
Same boat as you
I, too, am getitng back into the field after being out of it for 4.5 years (having transcribed for 7 years).  I was just hired for PT with Medware and I'm hoping things will go well. I know it may take quite an adjustment for me to get back into the swing of things, but I'm hoping and praying for the best.  I went to school to be a respiratory therapist and that's what I've been doing for the last 5.5 years, so I'll keep doing that one day a week. I hope things work out for you and things get a bit easier and more productive. Good luck!
in the same boat as you...
I am also in college right now for another profession altogether that I know will not pay me anywhere near what I make right now as a transcriptionist, but I am so burned out and want to do something new, I am not caring. I figure I can come home and work an hour or 2 a day or maybe even 1 weekend day and make up the pay difference until I can get some experience and time in my new field to get my pay up.

Do you mind my asking what you are studying?
Same boat here
wouldn't it be nice to at least get a message telling you to not bother trying to work? 
same boat
my company has done this too. information is slowly starting to trickle in. still doesn't say anything about pay or if we are guaranteed a position with them though. have you heard anything else?
Same boat as you...sm
Over the last 6 weeks, my take-home pay has totalled about $650.00! I'm not a high line producer but do manage to make my required line count (when the work is available). That $650.00 for the 6 weeks is a couple hundred less than I used to routinely clear every 2 weeks.

The way I figure it, I'm in the red by nearly $2000.00 at this point and I'm not sure it's going to get better any time soon. Again, all you get is platitudes from management. I'll bet their paychecks haven't taken a hit.

I work on 16-20 different accounts and, still, there is little-to-no work. My supervisor gives the same excuses you mentioned in your post. My company doesn't outsource, so I can't blame that.

Either way, I'm down by
In the same boat...sm
I am experiencing the same thing you are. I have been with this company since August 07 and I love the account I work on. It is really all I have ever done. I started MTing in May 07. This company too has ups and downs but here lately it is just downs. I mean the work is slim pickings. I too wondered if it was due to overhiring but then some other MTs are having the same problem. I have been looking on the job board too but I also do not do acute care. I would but nobody will hire you without exp. I do clinic work. Specializing in general surgery clinic. I have applied some places just on their website and heard nothing. I don't know what to do either.
I am in the same boat.

You are not alone. I have been looking for a new position since December 10th and applied to several companies. I have 5 years of acute care experience at a local hospital near my home. I have certificates in medical transcription and an associates degree. I have not heard anything from anyone. I have taken test after test. It is frustrating. It is starting to get tight financially with my family as well due to this. I will be praying for you and your situation.


In same boat and don't know what to do. sm
I applied for disability last year when I broke my wrist and was denied.  Appealed it once and was denied.  I have such excruciating pain in my shoulders, elbows and especially wrists and elbows, it takes me 7-8 hours to type 700 lines, if I make it that long.  I also suffer from depression and EXTREME burnout (note my name LOL!).  I would love to take a LOA but am my sole support.  I just don't know what to do.    I've been an MT for 33 years and don't know how to do anything else.
Same boat

I receive feedback via email.  There's one QA who is constantly sending me nit-picky feedback, which I place in a folder that I might read someday.  It's usually nitpicky stuff which reflects her own style, not any format requirement by the client, and it just serves to irritate me.  I have been told not to respond to her email feedback at the risk of wasting her time!!!  So, I just ignore her emails until I feel ready to deal with them.  In the meantime, I have provided my mighty jack telephone number to her, a phone that is only turned on during work hours, for her to use whenever she has something really important to share.


I am in the same boat, and the one thing
I have gained from my search of the archives here is don't quit the old job until you are up and running with the new job and even then you might want to try to swing both for a while, just in case.
Whatever floats your boat . . . but, try
not to mention that on you resume/application  if you're looking for a new job . . . just in case someone has a problem with it.  Our company would never hire you, but I'm sure there are plenty of places who would.  00<<<<~~~~insert rolling eyes emoticon here.  
In the same boat if it helps...sm
It is a whole new ballgame out here finding an MT job... I could have written your post... same story. If you find something good, better stay put!!
I am kind of in the same boat as you..sm
My husband was the manager at a furniture store and made good money but he just quit to take over an irrigation business for a year and then buy it.  I am making more money right now but within in the next couple months he will for sure make more. 
I was in the same boat a couple
years ago.  There is just so much you can deduct in paper, pens, etc., including electricity and on and on.  I decided to change companies and go to an employee status.  This way I don't have to worry about deductions for SS, taxes, etc.  Good luck and I hope things work out for you.
I was sort of in the same boat

My mom's doc told her in 1996 that she had "a touch of emphysema, nothing to worry about." (He was a lousy doctor but I didn't realize it then).

She had lived in a trailer on our property rent free for 10 years independently before this happened, then she got the shingles, "most severe case I've ever seen," was hospitalized for 2 weeks and went downhill after that. I moved her in with us as she developed macular degeneration, plus she was almost deaf.

The last straw came when she was walking through the hallway and her legs went out from under her. She broke her hip and walked on it like that for 2 weeks. I quit my job to stay home with her after that.  She spent 2 wks in a hospital and 6 wks rigorous PT in a nursing home, then came back home.  I did everything for her. She even gained weight, went up to 96 pounds (4'11"). She also came on on oxygen because of her "touch of emphysema" which turned into full blown COPD.

She then got pneumonia, was hospitalized, and then started to develop memory loss. Her macular degeneration got worse and she couldn't tell day from night and sometimes, her biological clock would get mixed up and she'd be waking me up at 11 p.m. thinking it was 7 am. She loved to read but couldn't do it anymore. My son gave her his large screen TV so she could at least see that, but she couldn't hear without the sound being turned up LOUD.

After 3 years, she was almost bedridden. Her bedroom was next to my office and I had a bell that she would ring if she needed me.

 I had a nurses' aide come in every day for 1 hour a day to bathe her and give her breathing treatments. That was all Senior Services could do for her because of her limited SS income.

In the meantime, I got a job through my former hospital working for them at home after she broke her hip. .I also worked full time 1 job, and had a couple small accounts, took care of her bills and checking account, our three accounts (both self-employed).  

We had a lot of friends that would come over on the weekends but where was I? In the house working and taking care of her. I never left the house for those 4 years except to do grocery shopping...and it was never more than 1 hour so the nurses' aide would be with her while I was gone.

She broke her other hip in January 2000.  I spent every day in the hospital with her, but there was nothing I could do. I couldn't stay the night because this hospital wasn't set up for that and I couldn't afford it anyway.  I knew she wasn't going to make it this time and 2 weeks after celebrating her 79th birthday, she was gone.

Anyway, I feel for you and know what you are going through with the exception of 1 thing....I have no siblings. Hang in there and keep doing what you are doing. You'll never regret it. Three people know you're the right person. You, your mother, and God. Forgive your uncouth (sic) siblings...and if you get mad enough, tell the one that keeps winning the money to hand some over for a change. He might surprise you. Heck, he may not even know the problems you're having. You should tell him.

But in the meantime, just keep taking care of, and loving, your mother for as long as you can...and don't forget to tell her you love her all the time, too.

We're in the same boat.
I've even explained the obvious one-sidedness and how it hurt me, all to no avail. There are just some folks who don't realize or care how they treat people, including family members. In my case, others notice it and advise me to "tell her off," but at what expense, not being able to see my nieces anymore because she gets offended? So, I continue to be used (the primary problem) and figure I know in my heart that I'm doing the right thing.

I think there are many others in this kind of relationship due to different personality types.
Was in same boat in Jan of this year
First of all, make sure you get your certificate of creditable coverage from your old insurer so you won't be subject to the ol' preexisting conditions clause with your new insurer.

Are you on meds? Fortunately metformin is quite cheap as far as meds go and seems to be the first line treatment.

I had a random BG in January of 341 and couldn't believe it, which is how I got dx'd. It scared the living daylights out of me. I threw out all the junk and high-carb food in the house, found low-cal/carb meals I could live with, added some movement/exercise, replaced my recreational eating with housework and yardwork, and have lost 40+ pounds thus far. By April, I was off the metformin and I now have nondiabetic numbers, as well as substantially reduced cholesterol, but I still watch my carbs carefully, although I can have the occasional treat. I spent a lot of time reading labels and comparing foods at the store to come up with low-carb versions of my favorite foods. I bought some small weights & a couple of Richard Simmons DVDs and do them every day.

The ADA website has a good message board and info.

You will be surprised how much energy you will have once you get your BG under control. Good luck.