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Can't spell aleved sm

Posted By: what is wrong with me today? on 2005-08-13
In Reply to:

The patient states his pain is not worsened by anything nor it is aleved by anything.

I checked dictionary.  What am I looking for?  Thanks for helping!!!!!

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I can't even spell that! LOL
I am going with Ala. Not sure how to spell her name. nm
6, you would only spell it out....
...is if there are 2 numbers in a row. For instance:

The patient is to take two 10 mg tablets daily.

(NOT 2 10 mg).

Hope this helps.

I spell it that way...
and I am in the US, although I am Canadian. I know in Canada I have seen it spelled both ways.
I know how to spell most and

what I dont' know, I make it a point to learn. I've gotten more than 1 "critical" error from QA stating that I had misspelled a medical term or drug, only to prove that I was correct and QA was wrong. Not to offend any QA'ers, but if you're going to correct someone else's work, you'd better know your stuff.

The one error was even spelled incorrectly by the neurologist dictating: olivopontine cerebellar degeneration. He spelled it out as "oliGopontine", but I spelled it according to Stedman's and proved both him and QA wrong.

Boy, were their faces red! My point wasn't to embarrass anyone, it was to type the report correctly. Spelling is important. We have enough other factors to squelch our line count. If there's anything I can do on my part to bring it up, why not?

What I do is when they say spell it out I put

it in my Expander program, so I can continue typing b.i.d.  I don't have to think about do I or don't I.  Same with contractions - put shouldn't in my expander and if I go into auto drive mode I don't have to worry about missing it.

I have 20 years of experience.  I haven't worked for many companies, but I've had several accounts.  One says do this, the other one is don't differently, and then there is the verbatim, but it isn't really verbatim because we still have to clean it up a bit.   It is hard to switch, plus there alwasy seem to be little things no one has mentioned and isn't in account specifics, etc.  I just got off of 100% QA (4 days), but I felt like I would never get off 100% because it seemed QA found something in almost every report.  It just may be a comma that was/wasn't needed, but it was something. 

I also make me a sticky note and put it where I will see it easily when they make a new change.  It takes me maybe 3 days and then I've got it and can toss the sticky. 


how about when they spell them
we were on 4.6, but is this a spell
check you build yourself (for the most part) located in the same screen as your email, etc? Don't remember the field number now, 42 or 46? somewhere in there. Had to return through it and virtually scroll down to the word which can take a few minutes. hope I could help.
How do you spell
Does anyone else notice that AHDI and MTIA have the same address??

Kind of suggests to me that they've created 2 seemingly separate entities, one of which is trying to push mandatory certification and the other of which (surprise!!!) just happens to provide the test. How convenient. It's not like they weren't already making a killing on the CMT certification (especially since they've now got potential CMTs lined up around the world). Now The Word has come down from MTIA (their own creation) that certification is mandatory, so theoretically every MT in the US will have to ante up as well or be unemployable. Chicken or the egg; maybe MTIA came first & created AHDI. Either way, pretty soon they'll all be driving Bentleys if they're not already.

It's downright diabolical, & I'm wondering if it's legal.
Can't spell either.
So why should they be any better at counting?
It's not just the PAs that can't spell
I only have a handful of docs that can actually spell meds or instruments or other doctor's names correctly. And I have an RN who can't pronounce ANYTHING! And then she rambles on for 2 pages and will say, new paragraph. LOL! Waaaaay ahead of you, honey.
Is this when you spell check? If so....sm
hit the #4 and the "sound alikes" should come up on the screen you are use to seeing.
DQS spell checker
When you type "whre" instead of "where" when you spell check it the first word that comes up for a correction option is "whore."  Wonder how many reports typed by some of our wonderfully accurate Medquist MT's made it through with the word whore in the report? 
I think the most popular is Stedman's.   I have been using Dorland's.  I needed to update my Dorland's Medical Dictionary and bought the new 30th edition.  It came with a free spellcheck.  So I got both for 49.95 -- quite a deal.    I've only been using it a couple months, but it seems comparable to Stedmans (and much less expensive).     
Dew ewe reed as gud as you spell?
spell checker I use
I have used steadmans spell checker for word in the past but the company I work for uses Spellex. I cant really tell a difference between the two but I do know Spellex has a free trial on there site so you can try it before you buy.
Need help on med spell...s/l cultazine...thanks. nm

You spell it "hurricaine"...nm
And would it not help if you could spell knowledge???? nm
dang, so mad cant even spell right lol
Spell checker
I have used Stedman's spell checker on two different jobs and love it, but not the price, especially since it is just for one user.  Can I really only put it on one computer?  I am an IC and have two computers, and now need to buy a medical spell checker.  What do all of you guys recommend?  I like the fact that the spell checker automatically corrects a lot of the words, and does not simply flag them.  I also do not want to go through a manual spell check after I finish a document.  Is there another spell checker out there that works as well for less money?
Dang..I can't even spell it!
I am used to working in Microsoft Word.  Is this platform a lot different?  I am wondering how my productivity will be.
spell as the Romans do......get it?
I always run a spell check!!! nm
Don't ya know, an MT should be able to spell every word - sm
imaginable and never, ever make a mistake, even when it does not pertain to your job of medical transcription. Gee Whiz, some people!!!!
Yep, they spell out that stuff...
but would never think of spelling out a difficult medical term or another physicians name... nope.. and they think they are really helping you out!!
This is why I spell out the state name
entirely. Geez...I wonder what you would do with that one...another GROSS error? Even some of the doctors do not know what the abbreviations mean for states other than where they are located, i.e. AR for Arkansas or AK for Alaska, and nobody cares about that GROSS error. Just another observation and a reason why I spell it out. sigh
Agree with the above, spell out sm
everything and pay for a good background check. We have had rentals before and finding a good, decent rental form is hard. I get mine from http://www.offcampusnetwork.com/rental_forms.asp. The rental form is very lengthy, about 8 pages long, but it covers it all. You can save the form to your hard drive in Word and make odds and ends changes here and there to fit your needs. The sample is a lease but I wanted a month-to-month and just changed to to fit. Renting can work out great if your tenants know their limits. We had one or two who went sour about 6 months into the deal and we got rid of them, fast. Heck, the one gal we had to move her things to the curb. Fat chance she was going to stay and not pay. That's mainly why we only did the month to month plans.
There is NO correct way to spell

slang like that.  Saturating is the correct word - however, if your QA people say different, then ask them to document it.  I defy them to do it!!



Apparently, I cannot spell either...lol. NM
Why not spell it correctly?
I learned a long time ago that doctors are notoriously bad spellers! What is the word?
I would spell it correctly. sm
That is why we are transcriptionists. It is our job to correct their spelling and grammar errors to make as perfect a document as possible. I have one that notoriously spells Homan's sign incorrectly and she spells it every time as Homman's sign, but I disregard her spelling, do not take it personal, and I just do what I know is right. JMO
I would spell it correctly.
It's actually Homans'. ;P

I have a doctor like this too. He insists on spelling one word incorrectly and even had his office staff try to correct me. I am a very flexible person but there is no way I will spell something incorrectly in a document if I know better.
and you don't know how to spell grammAr.
I don't do as they spell either as they are usually wrong - sm
I have not had any complaints as yet. Granted if it is a drug or whatever I cannot verify then I state that on my cover page for that doctor.
and they don't like to be told how to spell anything either (sm).
That is why MT'ing isn't what it used to be. 
that would be technical - normally I can spell!

Dang - I Can't Even Spell
spell checker
If you are working off a template or sample that has been spell checked previously you have to reset your document in - tools, options, spell check - check document - so that it will re-look at everything. I do this with every document just to be sure.
I would spell it out; don't know what is proper

Spell check.......
I have worked in several facilities without spell check. You would think it's a given, but the folks who set these programs up are not transcriptionists and the dept head seems to care less. I don't think it is because we're spoiled, it's a backup for us also. I had one dept head say we can't afford it, so I offered to bring my own and then she said, you should know how to spell the words. Like we never accidentally hit a key when typing 90 miles an hour while trying to keep up with dictation backlog. I don't get it either.
Spell Check

When you see you have not capped something or similar, do you correct it as you go or leave it for when you run spell check?

I have noticed I do a lot of correcting as I go, and I think I don't trust spell check will catch it (as I have noticed it will sometimes miss extra spaces). 

I believe this is slowing me down and wondering how you all handle it.  ?

Must be a good MT...you can't spell
spell check

Have to purchase a new spell check. Hard drive on my computer had to be replaced and with that lost the spell check.

Asking  all the experienced MTs out there to advise which is best, Spellex, Sylvans or something else.

Price is also factor.


Thank you!



Spell check
I would definitely go with Stedman's (wouldn't let me use the actual name).  Its what we use at the hospital I work at. I'm not sure of the cost, but even if it is a little more expensive it will make you more money in the long run because you will have to spend less time looking things up. 
(Even though I can't SPELL 'agree', I still do! -nm
I bought Spell-Ex and up until I had to
update it, it was fine. After I did the update, it totally screwed up everything. I had misspelled words all over the place. Even after contacting them they could not fix it so I ended up totally uninstalling it and now use Stedman's.
spell checkers

I just got a new system, vista.  What spell checker are you using with Vista.  At work I have Spellex on xp, but i was wondering if there was something better, steadmans??? any opinions.


I have had doctors spell out very clearly, and they
were not USA drugs. I put a marker in and QA still left it blank even though it was a foreign drug, because they could not verify it; so yes, flag it.
Spell checker
I recommend Stedman's Plus Spell Check software through their website. mnm
spell checker
I highly recommend Dorland's spell checker CD that comes with their illustrated dictionary (I paid about $55.00 two years ago). It has all of the words the dictionary has but the beauty of it is you install it directly into your word processing program.  You have to change your dictionary from default to "medical".  It then works like any other spell checker, except it is all medical.  It saves a tone of time and is great for accuracy.