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Career Step

Posted By: Career Step Student on 2006-02-10
In Reply to: Need legit MT school on line... help! - Beth

is the largest online school of medical transcription. You can join their forum even if you are not a student so that you can see for yourself what the grads in the forum say about their training. They are in there talking about their jobs all the time. Big companies like Spheris and Medquist and Transolutions hire CS graduates.

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Career Step
Hi - have any of you received your training from Career Step?  If so, would you recommend the program?  Thanks for you feedback.
career step

I am considering going to Career Step.  I have been working as an MT for a few months now, but I do not feel that the course I took prepared me for the "real" world of transcription.  My only question is that I also noticed the price diff in these online courses.  That is primarily the reason why I am choosing to go with Career Step.  MTec seems like a good school, but they are 3x as much.  Will I get just as good an education?

Career Step
It's true, you get what you pay for. Andrews is #1, M-Tec is #2, and Career Step is a distant 3rd.
Career Step

I am attending Career Step.  I have also been hired as a MT while still attending.  I think the course is good.  Good luck!!


M-Tec and Career Step
Career Step

Have you been to Career Step's website.  It is a very friendly community there and you would get lots of support on their forums.  www.careerstep.com. 

Is Career Step it?!
Any graduates of Career Step?  Any information about how you felt about your experience would be greatly appreciated.  I was so impressed by the website and information that I have received in the mail.  I make $10/hr now in an office job.  What are the chances that I can meet this as a grad?
Career Step is IT!
I'm a CS graduate and would HIGHLY recommend them. I was so well prepared, I received a job offer in less than 24 hours from one of the top employers, AND I was able to start out in acute care as a grad.

Email me if you have additional questions. CS ROCKS!!!!
Look at Career Step
If you know the content you can take the tests.
Career Step
Career Step is one of the top 3 AHDI-approved schools. If you work well independently at your own pace, it may be a good program for you. It is an online course. I know from experience that employers will hire for at-home transcription work immediately after graduation from CS.
Re: Career Step


I just began the Career Step Online Training Course a couple of weeks ago. You answered a question to a concern that I had from the very start. I wondered if they really help the student transition into an at-home MT position upon completion of the course. You stated that "from experience" you can say that they get you to work right after graduation.

If you don't mind me asking, can you give me some feedback on your experience with Career Step, please? How long did it take you to complete the course? How long after completion did you obtain employment at home? Is it fairly easy to understand what the physician is saying as you transcribe? How do they prefer to pay their at home employees? Those are examples of questions I have.

Looking forward to hearing from you!  :)




Career Step
Don't listen to that "only Andrews or M-TEC" line. Career Step has a great program for much less money, and they do place their graduates.
Career Step?

I have over five years experience in psychiatric transcription.  I started at a counseling facility with no experience or training -- just a good command of the English language and a good typist. 

Anyway, I went about five years doing no transcription.  I recently got a home position doing psych trans. again.  I would like to continue working for this company, but broaden my skills in acute/medical.  Of course, there is some medical in psych transcription, but limited. 

My question is:  Has anyone here been through Career Step and is it worth the money?  Also, do you think it would benefit, or should I just try to gain experience as I go?


Career Step
Career Step is a great program for people who prefer self-directed independent study. It is one of the top 3 schools and is approved by AHDI. You do get jobs afer completing the CS final. I had a job within a few days and have had no problems since then finding MT work.
Career Step
Hi. Has anyone used the Career Step program for medical transcription? I am currently working for MQ and received my training while in high school, but my fiance is going to be training with them soon. I was wondering if it was easy to find a job afterward and how you liked the course?
CanScribe/Career Step

I'm thinking of taking the CanScribe course, which is the Canadian equivalent to the Career Step program. I was wondering if there are others out there that have taken this program. I would like to get some feedback from those who have. Also, for those of you who are in Canada, what are the work from home opportunities like for MT? I don't want to go through all this and then have little prospect for employment in the end.

Go to M-Tec...more expensive than Career Step, but...

you will be a graduate of THE TOP SCHOOL.  You will have many job offers and will be able to chose the one that fits you best.  You can't go wrong with M-Tec. 

Andrews is also very good.  Career Step, while not in the scam-school category, is just a distant, very distant, third place in the MT school race.

Andrews or Career Step?
My SIL is really interesting in taking an MT course.  I gave her the phone numbers for both of these schools.  She is undecided about which one to go with.  It looks like Career Step will be less money, but I've heard Andrews graduates seem to get hired more quickly and are getting the better jobs.  Does anybody have experience with either of these schools that can offer some input?  Any information would be welcome and appreciated!  Thanks! 
Career Step has a Coding course
Hi hillbilly!

I am a MT graduate of Career Step but know they have a Coding course as well. I found that CS prepares you extremely well and is definitely worth the $!!!

Go to my website for a packet on the Coding class - www.MTinTexas.com. Feel free to email me and I can get you more information!

Good luck to you!!!
coding course from Career Step
Hi moonlight,
I would recommend checking out Career Step. You can have info mailed to you from my website ... www.MTinTexas.com. Good luck to you!!! :)
Career Step...Regrets?
Anyone go through the Career Step course and then regret it?
Career Step is on myspace now
Just telling you guys if you were grads or whatever, in case you are interested. A CS student friend of mine told me about it today. I went through CS and I loved it. Anyway, like I said, in case you are a myspacer.

courses with Career Step

Have you seen the new issue of Women For Hire and the article about MT, how you can be making up to $32/hour and "you control how much you make."  They also suggest you go to AHDI website for more info.

Career Step Coding
Has anyone done this course through CareerStep?  What did you think?  Were you able to get a job when you finished?  How long did it take you?  TIA
Andrews and Career Step have the best reputations
I went to career step & graduated 3 yrs ago. I think it prepared me well.

Is Career Step a legitimate program?

Just finished my certificate at a local college.  I probably spent $1000 or more and can't get hired. Just wondering if Career Step would be a waste of $$$ and time?


Andrews, M-TEC, Career Step, in that order.
Career Step Foot Pedal

Can anyone tell me what type of foot pedal Career Step uses.  I have a friend who is accepting an at-home transcription position and she needs to purchase a foot pedal.  She saw one on E-bay and it states that it is a Career Step foot pedal, however, that is all it says.  She is needing to purchase an IN-USB-1 foot pedal.  TIA

Not anymore. Only Career Step grads without experience
A number of the nationals will hire straight out of Career Step ...
I need step-by-step instructions to make a macro in word that aligns automatic numbered list to the
HELP!!!!! Thanks in advance.
One small step for MTs, one giant step for the US! -nm
Follow his directions step-by-step.

Once the Macro is in place, you can add it to your toolbar by right clicking on the toolbar you want it to appear on. Choose customize (bottom of menu). Click on the Command tab and choose Macros from the left-hand side of the box. Find Normal.NewMacros.GetLineStrictCount from the right-hand side of the box. Left mouse click on that macro one time and hold the button down. Drag the command to the toolbar in the location where you want it to be. You should now see a large box with the entire name of the macro inside. Right click on that box for the drop-down menu to change the appearance of that button and you're in business.

Better to take a step up than a step backwards.
Help! I need step-by-step instructions for MS
When the dictator says "same" for the postop diagnosis, do I have to highlight, copy, and paste from the preop diagnosis, or is there a simple one-step keystone that can be done to automatically copy (hope that makes sense).
CAREER versus JOB--lovin' my CAREER
Career definition:

1. an occupation or profession, esp. one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework:

2. a person's progress or general course of action through life or through a phase of life, as in some profession or undertaking.

3. success in a profession, occupation, etc.

Job definition:

1. A specific task done as part of one's occupation or for an agreed price
2. post of employment; full-time or part-time position: She was seeking a job as an editor.
3. anything a person is expected or obliged to do; duty; responsibility.

Hence, medical transcription requires special training. This is a CAREER.

The report we transcribe is a job with a job number.

I love this CAREER and am proud to be in my 12th year as a medical transcriptionist. I'm not rich, but my consistent $18 to $20 per hour equivalent is pretty darn good in this small town where the cost of living is pretty low.

Career? this thing is not a career anymore...sm
this is a sweat shop job right up there with all the illegal sweat shops out there.

Right now, i have no other choice but to do this "job" because with my disabilities, no other place will hire me and I especially cannot work out of the home anymore. Until I can get disability, I guess I will continue to do this job, until we are all phased out by Indian MTs and VR.
step outside the box?
I'm looking at your samples and asking myself, "How would I ever remmember that?"
To the moderator - you need to step up
and block this flamer from the board. We come here to chat nicely because we have isolating jobs and don't get out much. There is absolutely no need for someone to make these kind of statements to a mother. If her purpose is just to cause upset, then clearly she has no place here. Do the right thing.
Well, that's a step in the right direction!!!
Level the playing field a bit!

Thx for sharing!

Not a Mom, just step-Mom and aunt

I tried for years to have a child, lost many early on in pregnancy and it was many years ago prior to the advances that they have now adays.  But I do have two step-daughters -- one remembers me one does not even though I am divored from their father.  She and I have stayed close and neither have seen their Dad since our divorce.  But I have two nephews and a niece in the area that I am very close to who now have children ranging from 4 to 18.  One of my great nephews told me yesterday,  I am not a Mom but close, better than a Grandma because I am special Aunt Patti.  So that made my day.   For some reason the Lord chose for me to be that special person to my many nephews and nieces which I truly enjoy.   And I get to send home when they become "too much".   Love it and cherish my time with them.  


12 step programs, which above are
referring to, are all based on God, a higher power - surrendering to that higher power, and then healing following the 12 steps. Leaving religion out of recovery is rather contradictory!
Some need to step out of their box for a moment - eh! LOL. nm
you gotta step outside the box a little...sm

twwa=the wound was

twwe or twsw= the wounds were

oh gosh. I would have had to step away for
hours probably..... I do ER reports and had 4 bad ones in a row earlier this week - makes me really count my blessings.  My toes curl typing procedures I have had or my children have had - I've never done an OP note such as you described... I don't think I could handle at all.
If not my kid, then the parents need to step up
and take care of their own child. If I need to work, do not babysit period. I took care of my children when they were little and they can take care of theirs. No time to spare when working.
Take a step back and look at it again... sm
** ... in this situation they are asking us to LOSE money for THEIR profit.**

Your MTSO is NOT asking you to lose money so they can laugh all the way to the bank. They're asking you to pitch in to keep their accounts in TAT so they don't LOSE those accounts.

If your MTSO can't keep their commitments, can't keep their clients happy, they lose the work... and ALL of the MTs will be affected by that loss, even YOU, Princess. Maybe especially YOU if you're a relatively new hire, have no seniority and a whiny attitude.
Future-step recruiter
I too spoke with this woman, only she told me she was recruiting for Medquist because they no longer wanted to outsource and wanted to bring all the work back to the States and that this is why they're on their hiring binge!
Step back and punt.

Would he consent to something like that since it's his kids involved? 

That's a good step in the right direction...
I have all girls, so for some reason they are not the least bit interested in video games, but they used to have their own TVs in their rooms and since we just moved this summer, I never hooked them back up.  They don't watch half as much TV, maybe only 30 to 60 min a day now, if that.  We all make mistakes.  But I do think these video games are bad for little kids.  Educational stuff maybe, but not the crud that's out there now.  Good job.