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Chris....and Kelly....

Posted By: HUGEST AI FAN on 2006-03-02
In Reply to: Why YES! - The Singing MT

I really wish that America would get it right for once and not base this on "looks" but on talent. Let's be real, seriously Kelly is not that great, she's just a cute Barbie. Katherine is the most talentin IMO in regard to the girls. I really would love to see Chris win it, he is the most talented and not bad looking either!! A total package. Just like Bo last season. He really should have won it. Carrie is just a robotic Barbie now.

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Thanks Kelly!
I am going to try the Neutrogena, I've had good luck with them in the past.
Kelly has got to go!
Kelly needs to go because she just is NOT...nm
Regis & Kelly
I have been in the audience of Regis and Kathy Lee. It was great. I love Regis. He is so funny.
Kelly LeBrock
She was that girl from the commercial. She was also in Weird Science, ugh, how do I even know that?!? She was a model and I was kinda glad she's fat now too. OOOOH...Evil Jodi !
Thanks Keyboard Kelly (SM)
I have been scoping out all the different keyboards, too. Sure can get confusing!

Did it take you a long time to adjust to the Gold Touch in the tented position? I thought that looked rather interesting and would be something I would like to try. At the end of the day my hands ache and I am anxious to find a more comfortable keyboard.

Have you ever tried or considered the Kinesis Contoured keyboard? (Been looking at that one too). It's the one where the keys are sunk into a bowl-like depression. I've done some research on it and it does take getting used to, but all who have used it declare their pain is gone forever.

Wish there was a place where all these neat (and strange) keyboards could be tried out.

Another question, I have only been an MT for 5 years,and when I started everyone said - Be sure and get a gel wrist rest. Well, I did, but according to all the scientific research, I have been using it wrong. I rest my wrists on the wrist rest at all times letting my fingers "do the walking." I have just learned I should actually suspend my wrists while typing and only place them on the rests when not typing. Had any experience with this? Many thanks!
Kelly seems to be Pickled...

I've never lived anywhere but Georgia, and it really makes me mad when folks get on TV and act slow, playing up the dumb hick stereotype. Anybody ever seen the Klan on Jerry Springer, for example? LOL It makes the rest of us (Albeit, we do speak a little bit slower/relaxed.) look dumb as dirt! I think she's faking to try and be "cutsie." I see nothing cute about it. It just nauseates me. I think they got rid of the wrong southerner last night.

I think Paris or Kelly
I'd love to see Kelly go home. She was bad last week and worse this week. If there's any justice, she'll be gone. I like Katharine and didn't think she was as bad as the judge's thought last night. I really love Chris thouh and think he'll definitely be in the final two.
Has anyone ever been in the audience of Regis and Kelly?
I love watching them on t.v., and was wondering what it's like to actually be there.

Did anyone see the show this morning? I had to miss it.  Did Lori Schulweiss pick a guy? Who did she pick.  I have been watching all last week but missed it today. 

Keyboard Kelly - One more question (sm)

Thanks for the info.  Would you let me know how you like the Kinesis Contoured keyboard when you have a chance to try it out?  I have enclosed my email address. 

Also, the keyboards you buy on ebay - are they new or used?  Have you ever been "bit" with a bad keyboard?  Thanks!

Keyboard Kelly - Need Your Input (sm)
It's me again. I have narrowed my choices down to the Goldtouch or the Kinesis Maxim. I had leaned towards the Kinesis because it is advertised to be a really soft touch. Also, I liked the sloping palms rests. BUT - the Kinesis only tents at 8 and 14 degrees while the Goldtouch tents up to 30 degrees - quite a big difference.

How comfortable is the Goldtouch tented up w/o a palm rest?
How much tenting do you usually set yours on?
Does it have a soft touch?

Would so appreciate your reply. I really wanted a keyboard that had reprogrammable keys so I could put my backspace key where the left space bar is, but all those keyboards seem a little too pricey for me.... maybe when I get rich!! LOL

Many thanks!
On Regis and Kelly yesterday, they said (sm)

Regis saw the first 2 episodes, said you would not guess in a million years what happens at the end of the first show, and that the second episode was "gut-wrenching." 

Kelly Pickler gets on my nerves - sm
I am from the South, too, but she makes us look stupid. However, I absolutely LOVE Taylor Hicks!! That's entertainment!!!
Kelly won't go tonight--probably Katherine!
yep sings country well but Kelly is just NOT..nm
Kelly can sing Country and there are
probably more Country fans out there than the others. She has a strong fan base. I doubt she will be going home anytime soon. I tried calling for 2 hours last night and could not get through on her lines so ended up texting. She does play the dumb blonde a little to much for me though.
Given the uncertainty with the future, Kelly, SM
I wouldn't recommend anyone go into MT right now (especially a single mother without a partner's income to fall back on)--unless you have the opportunity to do a limited range of work you can handle competently in short order, such as for a local physician's office, or to do hourly pay work, such as in a hospital, and are prepared to walk away if needed. Becoming skilled enough to make decent money requires a surprisingly long investment in time (much longer than many other comparably paid jobs), and for anyone working on a production basis that means an investment in lost wages that would have been earned at other work. Someone trying to enter doing acute care work on a production basis will make very little for some while--a very very long while if not working a full work week at it every week. The only way to become fast and accurate is through extensive experience on the job.

For a parent, also, it's important to point out that this work requires eyes, ears, and hands be engaged with the report in front of you. You won't hear any suspicious quiet settle on the house, and whenever you stop to tie a shoe you stop earning money. There's no multitasking while you're actually doing this work. Best wishes.
Kelly? I am at a total loss as to what the fascination is
Keyboard Kelly - Many thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions.

I really do appreciate it. 


Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, Jack Lemmon and - sm
Tony Curtis and Cary Grant.
Wasn't really one of the tour shows, but I did see Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson....sm
when they toured together. Really went to see Clay, but Kelly was actually much much better.
Yep, Chris is my fav . . . I think
Bucky might go.
Chris all the way....sm
Just think he has not been picking as good of songs.  Cannot stand Elliott and his vibrato. 
Chris D
The band is Fuel and he sang their song "Hemorrhage" a while back on AI. I also heard that there was, in fact, a phone number error on the show Tuesday, where his votes were going to Katherine...this was on a local radio station where I live. Not sure if he's gonna come back or not...have to wait and see I guess!
hey chris,
I didn't read many of them, but it seems you've taken a lot of flack here. I will say that at MDI, they have a doctor on staff that is head of the QA dept. But I expect if you got on there, you'd have a more-than-full-time job, and no time for private practice, though I cannot say for sure. There are benefits to the MTs as we are statutory, but not sure about whether it is offered to those in other capacities. I think there is a group insurance out there for the self-employed, though that is not what I have. I'd be inclined to think you might fare better doing a crash course in coding and go that route, as that can be done from home too. Otherwise, best bet would be to contact the various MTSOs and inquire directly of them, as many here will only bite your head off. Sorry we cannot be of more help. The best to you.
Chris is da bomb!!!
Isn't that awesome how Elliott sings with 90% hearing loss in one ear?
Chris rocks
I can't believe Bucky wasn't gone sooner. Lisa was definitely a better singer than he was, he was always off and he did that rapid blinking...I don't think he was talented at all.
That;s how I feel about Chris (nm)
Chris got the boot.
A very talented man; dont' fret his life has been changed forever, he will be a very, very rich man, and deserving of it.  He is a bald rocker?  I cannot get behind that, if you are a rocker you have to have hair.  He has such an ego that when Seqrist blurted it out, he was shocked.  I feel sorry for his overweight wife and her insecurities.  At one point earlier in the AI season,  he did a song that he felt was proper, about trying to be loyal to his wife, and all things associated with sudden stardom.  You guys take this far to seriously, the American people vote, and we have only been wrong once, when Rubin beat out Clay, I could not believe that, still don't. I was glad to see him go, he needed to be taken down at least a notch.  He got too confident, and last week and this week, he got beaten out.  Get over it.
Sorry disgruntled Chris fan.
You will get over it.
I just saw an interview with Chris from AI
on our local Fox news.  Everyone was figuring he was going to win and he was supposed to fly home tonight and there were going to parties all over town tomorrow.  Anyway, he couldn't get out a complete sentence that didn't have "well you know" in it.  Articulate he isn't. 
Musically, it should have been Chris.

He was exceptionally talented.  I like Elliott and Taylor, too, but Chris was amazing and even Simon knew it.  Kat is getting by on being cute.  Her voice is weak and she is often out of tune.  She can work the camera and that is what many of the young female stars having going for them nowdays, i.e., Brittney Spears and Jessica Simpson.  Mediocre talent and sex.  That's what they are about.  It's a darn shame. I think Kat should go and should have gone a long long time ago.

Chris Tomlin
I remember him from years ago and the Dawson McAlister youth conferences. He was one of the main vocalists. Glad to hear that he has made it big-time.
Chris I am not trying to be rude sm
to you but because you are an optometrist (which is not a medical doctor) you are not qualified to be a MT editor..........unless you can do this for an ophthalmologist. Even then would be qualified? I doubt it. Could you really go through ophtalmology operative reports and correct them. I understand what you are trying to do and its not a bad idea, I just don't think you are going to find anything that you are looking for, much less with benefits.

It kind of reminds me of people I use to get who would apply for jobs and think they could do this because they were a "nurse." I can tell you from experience it doesn't work and they don't have the same grasp of medical terminology that an experienced working MT has. I wish you well though in whatever you do to get that group insurance. That is a big factor in everybody's profession these days. If you can qualify for insurance on your own its so expensive nobody can afford it.
Chris - a suggestion for you (sm)
A better idea might be to see whether there are insurance companies that could use your services and special knowledge to do things like review claims, evaluate medical necessity and quality of services provided, etc. Of course, I'm referring to claims in related to eye care.

Insurance companies utilize nurse-specialists (e.g., neonatal) to review certain types of claims, so I can't see why they wouldn't use someone with your training.

Just an idea.
Chris was great last night . .
I hate to say it by Simon is always right.  Paula should let him speak without getting punched.  Let him be the guy you love to hate.
Yep NC has 4 in it, but Chris is almost a neighbor, didn't
know him though. 
Elliot and Taylor, oh and what about Chris?
They are all great! It is for sure a man this year!
They do need to learn some dance moves though!
Still love Chris - he is fine....don't tell my DH I said that!
Favorites - Chris and Mandisa!
Least favorite - Taylor. His seizures/tremors are getting old and I agree he needs another makeover!
Chris and Kellie are my favorites!
Agreed. Chris WOWED me tho!
I was amazed at how great his voice really is. I would have bought that song if he recorded it! Sad to say, I think Taylor should pray he is not sent home.
Chris has had some awesome performances, just...
not lately.  My husband and I think Taylor is great.  I don't see him winning it all, but he is very entertaining.
That is total bullcrap that Chris got

What a total shock!!!!  I can't believe he is going home.  Chris rocked the house.  I actually predicted him to win!!!!  How sad.  I guess my vote now turns towards Taylor. 

Chris fans are saying in numbers that they
I would normally mark that off to sour grapes, but there were quite a few people all saying that when they called his number, her voice came on saying "thank you for voting for me" and a few said they thought they dialed wrong so checked again and redialed only to get her voice again.

A few people are saying that Ryan announced the wrong no. for Chris, but that's not true, I guess. Some people got through fine on his line, but others got Katharine's, almost as though some lines got crossed. However, Fox has not addressed this and so far, it is merely the word of these fans so I highly doubt they will do anything about it, and I doubt even more that they would bring Chris back over it. They'd have to have some kind of proof that the lines were crossed and since other people got through just fine, I don't see how they could.

I loved Chris and am sorry he's gone, but we haven't heard the last of him and he's probably better off not being tied down with AI to have to make CDs that they want him to make. I think that would be hard for him to have to record a CD full of bubblegum music when he loves rock so much.
who did chris sing with? They could have been twins...
Never caught the name of the group, but Chris sure did sing better then the lead singer. LOL.
Anyone watch Brady - Chris and Adrienne on A&E

Chris is a hometown boy, but I haven't been keeping
up with it. 
Chris is DA BOMB! Hope he wins.