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Congrats on both your baby and becoming an

Posted By: LB on 2006-08-09
In Reply to: Need some advice - Lori

MT! You can have the best of both worlds - stay home with your baby and work at the same time!! Yes, it can be done! I taught myself MTing while holding a newborn on my lap! As others have said, take advantage of when baby naps, while not forgetting your own sleep, and hang in there! Its challenging, but it 100% can be done. Probably lots less stress in the long run than having a baby and then trying to return to work - day care and the whole 9 yards! You can do it if you really want it!

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Troubles with Teething - Baby, Baby, Baby
Hi. My little guy is teething soooooo bad and I am wondering if any of you have some ideas that I can try, to hopefully make his life (and my life) a little easier to deal with? lol. We've tried Tylenol - with little pain relief, but much diarreha! We've tried Orajel - it seems to wear off too fast to make a difference. We've tried teething toys - help for only a few minutes (not nearly enough time for me to get any work done!). His appetite is normal, but his sleep schedule has been totally disrupted (as has mine). For the last 2 nights, he has woke up every couple hours. I would think he would be exhausted during the day....but he never goes to sleep. He is more fussy than usual and alittle more clingy, but overall he is very playful. His pediatrician gave me some suggestions (the above) that I have tried with little to no help, so I am desperate for new ideas! He is cutting multiple teeth right now (and just got a few new ones last week too) so he is in a lot of pain. Poor little guy. I appreciate all ideas that anyone has. Thanks in advance.  :)
My great-nephew standing in his baby bed in his beautiful nursey - he is the most adorable baby in t

This is probably one of the HARDEST things you'll ever do in your life, but YOU'RE WORTH IT and so is your family!!!



Congrats on the job!
I have had no problems with them at all. They are a great company to work for. Don't let anyone on this board tell you anything different.
I've been with MQ for six years, and have been quite happy.  I have had steady work flow with only a day here and there off due to lack of work (1-2 times per year).  I have had steady accounts and have been quite content!  A word to the wise - take the negative things you hear about MQ on this board with a huge grain of salt.
congrats! ....
thanks for posting! i needed that smile this morning!! keep dancing and keep strong!
Wow - congrats, "Ms. Hot Shot"!! 
:) Congrats!! :) NM
You must be a wonderful person to have such a special daughter - you taught her well. Congrats to the two of you!!!
you do have something to be proud of.  You have a beautiful daughter!!

Congrats, Sharon!
Congrats! nm
You should be proud of yourself.  I tried but was going through a horrible expensive divorce and he just left me with all the bills and even with the attempted consolidation had to file a Chapter 13 but am paying off something to everyone but I really wish I had been able to go your route.  I have 10 more payments to the bankruptcy courts and then I will feel good.  But again, congratulations. 
Congrats to all of you!
It's such a hard thing to do...y'all should be proud!
Congrats on the new job!
Gross line: Any line with a character on it counts.
Raw gross lines: All lines on page counted, character lines and blank lines.
65-character line: Count total characters on page, divide by 65 and that is the number of lines. There are variations on that, number of characters per line, or counting spaces/no spaces.
Hi, Can you let me know what the test entailed? I have the study guide but I wonder if they ask such in depth quetions as the study guide says?

Thanks, Linda
Congrats! nm
MT is harder than it seems.  I've dreamed for a long time to be an MT.  Learned today I'll keep on dreamin.  Congrats to all those that love it and are successful at it. 

How wonderful for you!  It's so nice to hear about someone who isn't already rich winning like that.  I agree with the other posters about not going crazy spending, but do enjoy yourself.  Life is short, so have fun!  Oh, I would probably quit the job.  Explain your reason and I bet they'll wish you the best. 

Congrats! nm
I don't know if I helped, but you're welcome if I did.

Congrats again.


I emailed out over 137 resumes in one weekend and got a job from those.  There is a better result when you send out lots of resumes, I think.

Congrats!  So excited for you!

Congrats to all of you!
I'm 57, attempting to re-enter nursing after being away for many years. My original goal in my 20s was to become a certified nurse midwife, which I never accomplished and still regret.

Good luck to all of us!!
Congratulations! No matter what anyone says there are a lot of "flakes" in this business and when push comes to shove when actually competing for a good job (sadly few and far between) I think the CMT would give you the edge.
Congrats on completing your coursework. I am glad you got help off this board and not disillusioned. There are lots and lots of positive posts and you can get great word help. Just don't let the negative folks bring you down. I wish you the best of luck in your job search. Best advice is to be persistent and take the tests. I have transcribed for many years and still love it!
that's fantastic! congrats!!

how did you get so lucky to find a man that can actually voice his appreciation of you to you!!???  there aren't many out there like that.

Congrats! Now be sure to call (sm)
the police officer that wrote the ticket and let him know that you will see him in court!  You don't want to take the chance of him not showing up for some unforeseen reason!  Also, if he knows he needs to remember what her face looks like, it will be easier to do it now, then later.  Once this little fiasco is part of her record, whenever she gets pulled over they will know she was convicted of providing false info!  No more "I left my license at home" for her!   Glad you got it taken care of so quickly!
First off, congrats on landing a job! (sm)
From what I've read, heard, and seen, ANY PLACE is a good place to start out. It is so difficult for a newbie to land the first job.

The best place to start out would be in-house so you have helpers right there, but so few hospitals have in-house MTs any more.

You will hear bad and good things about MQ, but at this point, just go into it with a positive attitude and as a way to get your foot in the door. After you get experience and if you're not happy there, at least you can put something on your resume.

BTW, I am happy with MQ in general. I love my office, so I just try and have a good attitude myself so I don't become distracted and waste time worrying about the other issues that plague them.

Again, way to go, newbie!!
Well said, and congrats on your 12 years! NM
Congrats to Steelers!
Broncos played terrible today and Steelers deserved this win!
CONGRATS!!! thanks for the idea of

normals for even those you hardly type, i'm starting a teaching hosp this  week and i'm going to try that. 

if you don't brag once in a while you may never get any praise!  good job! now rest up

Congrats, Sharon! nm
Congrats Mary! :-) nm
Congrats. See's is the BEST candy.
Awesome! :) Congrats to you too! :) Thanks
Good for you! Congrats!...nm
She deserves congrats because SM
the test is NOT easy.  As for the other comments (useless rules, etc.), if you are going to work for any national service or even a very large one, you HAVE to know these rules.  I guess if someone wanted to stay in the safe world of typing for the doctor down the road, the rules wouldn't make that much of a difference.
no brainer - take it! Congrats! nm
Congrats - sometimes we all have to wander
before finding our "home."
Congrats, but 8% raise?!
Way to go! but I must know which health system is offering an 8% raise for CMT?  And on top of that, an extra 2 cpl on incentive pay?!  What the heck did they start off at, 6 cpl? I work for one of the largest health systems in Virginia and all we get is reimbursed for the cost of the test.  We do get paid 10 cpl with a good calculation format, though.   
Congrats, Jewels...
I hope it turns out to be a terrific decision for you.

Let us know how it goes.

Yeh baby
I forgot about him - ala Cool Hand Luke (yup, I am 43)
You can do this with a baby.
Lots of opinions on this subject I see.  You can do this.  I worked in house for more than 10 years, but came home to be with my kids too.  My schedule was a bit rough, I would work in the mornings during baby's nap time, then split my shift so I worked a night while he slept.  My desk was in the room next to him.  I then had another son and continued with the same pattern.  It is rough and you tend to lose some sleep, but it is well worth it.  It actually helps to do a split shift so your wrists don't get tired.  At any rate, my kids are older, both in school now and I still work in the mornings, do errands/housework in the afternoon, be here when they get home from school, do dinner and homework together, and after they are in bed, I finish up my shift.  I've been doing this for 10 years now.  I take my job seriously, I'm productive and have a 99% QA score.  My company is happy, I am happy, and my kids are happy that they have a mom home with them when they need her.  It depends on how disciplined you can be, but is is feasible  Keep in mind that babies are not babies forever (which is kind of sad).  Enjoy your little one!