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babies are easier than teens and older children. they sleep and you can hold them and type. nm

Posted By: roadrunner on 2006-08-08
In Reply to: Need some advice - Lori


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The first year with just 1 would be a breeze since babies sleep a lot....after that
but it's doalbe on a part-time basis, maybe FT if you are quick and able to do your job in 6 hours. I started doing MT 3 years ago when my kids were 3 and 4....very hard but I did it, worked while they napped, and at night basically. It can be done but you don't sleep much! Good luck.
Yes, you can! Babies sleep over 16 hours a day on average!
It can be done and has been done - by me!
I have 5 children, two of which have been babies...
It is not always easy, but you do what you want to do. You will make it work if you try and find out what works best for you. Don't put your baby in daycare just to make it easier on yourself. You can work around the baby!
Unfortunately, these type of people still sleep well at night.
She could care less about someone else footing the bill for her child.
It is an older DOS-type environment - works well with Shorthand. sm
Lots of menus, especially in radiology, but ShortHand helps you get through them very quickly is you write macros to just stop where you need to.

It can be very productive with good line counts if you are paid by the line.

Personally, I loved it, but that was because I did very well with our incentive program on it.

Only the bushy-tailed type children here,
but they do seem to resent the time my hands stay on the keyboard, so maybe they are getting up in my chair when I'm not here ...

Thanks fo much. Knowing this will help a lot. Maybe I can change the "jump" key for stopcodes from F11 to something I can reach better.
Amen on babies having babies

I know that several teens seem to be having babies anymore, in a time when there is sooooooooooo much offered them in the way of education and birth control.  At our local highschool, they even have an elective course of life studies//these girls take care of a life like baby that yes, cries, wets, wines at all times.  They even have to take it home for the duration of the course, the same as if it were their child, 24/7.

I think that some of the mentality is that be getting pregnant, they can "escape home life" by illogically thinking the boy will take care of them and the baby and we all know how many times that really happens

If I work when the kids sleep, when will I sleep?

I understand what you are saying about the kids will always bug me no matter what.  I just thought that if I had a job where I didn't have to hear dictation and type word for word that maybe it might be easier to block out the kids.  There are no babysitters to watch the kids around here, besides that is why I work at in home in the first place.  The kids are 2 and 5 so hopefully it will get easier.


I do this job with young children around and neither my job nor children have suffered...
It can be done...
oh yes, I have two teens (sm)
and they know full well how I feel about them drinking.  I am not saying you can control it or stop it, but you are the one who said you didn't want to know if she was drinking at college, and to me, that is retarded!  My son will be 18 tomorrow, and believe me, I'd want to know if he was drinking when he starts college in January.  I guess I just have a closer relationship with my teen than you do, and for that I am sorry!
not all parents are that easy to fool, maybe you are. and 2nd and 3rd grade drinking, that is kind of rare to me. maybe your head has been stuck in the sand too long, take a look at a alot of other kids, most of them did not have to attend a tenn AA MEETING.
I hear ya.  According to my son all the kids he knows are allowed to stay up all night, talk on the phone or IM until all hours and even drink alcohol at home.  I say that is wonderful for them, but that is not going to work in our house.  My son is a 17-year-old senior and the past few months have been a nightmare.  He was always so sweet and mild and did listen, but that all went out the window.  We have sent him to a psychiatrist because we cannot figure out how to motivate him.  Believe me~ you are not alone.  If you get any answers, let me know, because I am at the end of my rope with this crap.   
teens and New Cars

Yes, there are probably a few nice new cars the "sweet 16's" had given to them, more so probably out of the guilt the parents felt for not spending time with them or the parents need to "keep up" their own status.  My niece was one of those....daddy bought his little girl anything she snapped her fingers for, she is 23, never went to college or held a job, but has a masters degree in partying and shopping. It's finally wearing thin on ol Pops and he gripes and complains but he set the standard the first time he gave in.  Kids may not like you right now, but they will appreciate it more so when it's their hard earned money and feel a sense of accomplishment.

On the other hand, my kid who is 20, is still driving a used car and he now knows the benefit of it after 3-4, 5...can't even remember the count minor fender benders, no injuries except to his pride!

Teens are just learning how to drive, insist of driving with the damn cell phones to their ears and minds on anything but the roads, and as I put it, why take something brand new and bang it up?  Save it till you have more experience, more of your own money and your insurance rates are lower.  If my kid and his friends had stock in Maaco, they'd be young millionaires by now!

Remind her of that old saying, which I heard a zillion years ago when I was a teen "people in h _ _ _ want ice water but they don't always get it

I'd take hung any day over 2 teens that like RAP!! UGH!

I need shock absorbers for my upstairs floors while they listen to their RAP downstairs.

Don't ask why I put up with it. I do because they don't drink or drug. They write and record.

gotta pick your battles.

I have 3 teens on myspace.
Really, you need to slowly step out on the porch, down the driveway, and into the world.

Don't you realize that media will sensationalize anything to the furthest extent possible in order to raise your blood pressure?

I watch the myspace of my kids, my kids' friends, and of any anxillary friends (it's not at all hard to do if you can use a computer keyboard). Ninety-five percent are fine. A few are revealing. Heck, my 16-year old met the greatest fellow on the planet through myspace; he has become a second son.

I have a myspace myself, centered around my work and hobbies.

Don't condemn reality before you experience your first breath.
Yes, shocked here, too. As my 3 teens have
pointed out, dear Cat is sure strutting her you-know-whats. Yuck. Chris was absolutely stunned, and so were a lot of viewers. We're not even gonna bother - the remaining 3 are nice enough, but talented enough? No way!!
Yes, teens should work...

When I was in high school, I babysat and right after graduation worked in the local conveneince store. My sister worked in a clothing factory with no air conditioning, which gave her great incentive to go to college when she came home covered in lint and threads stuck to her.  (Not bashing factory work, because that's where my grandmother worked.  Just making a point.)

My oldest, who is now 19, worked at a grocery store and at a summer camp at our community center last summer.  He had gas and car insurance to pay for after he bought a car.  Right now he is attending college and working part-time at Fed Ex, loading trailers that are around 100 degrees inside.  Again, another incentive to do well in school.  He has rent, utilities and gas to pay for while he is at school. 

My daughter is 16 and ready to take her driver's test in a couple of weeks.  She started working at the same store I worked at, but unfortunately they scheduled her for every weekend and then started to cut her hours back to next to nothing, like 1 1/2 hours a night.  She quit with our blessing with the understanding that once she has her license, she will start job hunting, because she, too, will have gas and car insurance to pay for.  She already babysits quit a bit and buys whatever extra stuff she wants and also still has some money left from her other job that she left in March.

My youngest son is 14 and has been working in his uncle's shop for several years, helping out with this and that and he makes pretty good money.  Of the 3 of them, he is the one who LOVES to work.  In fact, we went to see Pirates of the Caribean (sp?) this weekend, and he wouldn't go because he wanted to help his uncle, so I have no worries about him making his way in the world.

Sorry so long.



At some point, at least at 16, teens should work.  There are too many "EXTRAS" that they want now adays and if they want them enough they should be responsible enough to work hard to get them.  My husband always thought my daughter(17) should not work while in school so she could concentrate on her studies until he saw how his sister (who is 18 years younger than him) did not work during high school or college and could not find a job after college because she had no experience.  My daughter has been babysitting summers for two years and now she works at a fast food place.  She pays for most of her gas, any extra clothes she wants and half of her expenses for extracurricular activities at school.  This summer she mainly worked to pay off an enormous cell phone bill (which she no longer has) which taught her a big lesson in responsibility and money. 

So it is my opinion that teens should work, be it part time somewhere or babysitting or yard work.  The big real world is competitive.

YES teens should work to help pay for what they want but don't need
so I could help with money at home.  It does teach responsibility and gives a sense of pride with each paycheck.  My 10 yo wants a cell phone.  I told her no way til she has a job and can pay for her minutes!
We have teens, so our plan is...
...to have one big trip every few years. We did Europe with all 3 teens in 2002, then Kauai with teens and friends this past summer (oldest graduating). Next year we are going back to Europe to do more of Italy, Wales, and Ireland with #2 graduating. Luckily I have a money-smart hubby who insists we live below our means so we can do these trips.

We also have a #2 daughter involved in competitive Irish dance, so we travel about once a month for that far and wide across the U.S. I don't call these vacations, though, but rather endless flying, shuttles, and staying at hotels. Not fun.
Absolutely teens work
In this day and age of 10 year olds with ATM cards and cell phones, absolutely! How do you learn the value of money if you never actually earn it and handle it? All 3 of my kids walked dogs for $2 an hour, scooped ice cream, babysat, mowed lawns, shoveled snow, etc. As long as their grades were up, they could work part time. The deal was that whatever they saved towards college spending money, we would match. We would also help buy each a used car for college. They knew from age 12 they had ONE SHOT at college on our nickel, then they were on their own if they dropped out or flunked out. We didn't micromanage their savings -- they were responsible for it themselves all along. All 3 absolutely amazed us -- between them we had to match almost $20k. They are now well eductated, working and productive adults. My eldest son actually thanked me for our good example as parents, and giving them an understanding of the value of money. How great is that????
Absolutely and my 2 teens are ready also. sm
I have a Senior in HS and a Freshman in HS who both are board, finished their summer reading, tired of the swim club, been to the beach for 3 weeks, and they are now vamping up for their summer camps, VB and football. They both said yesterday, they are board and their brain needs stimulation.

I on the other hand, can't wait to have my space back. I sometimes feel "my space" is invaded and don't have a spot to call my own. No matter what room in the house I go into, someone is there or follows me in, especially the kitchen.

Can't wait for school to start, but on the other hand, am not that anxious as they will be 1 more year toward being on their own and leaving the house for good - college and everything. That is scary!
I think teaching pre-teens how to do laundry

I think 10-12 year olds can help do some laundry - it helps them develop a work ethic and shows them that if they go out on their own, what they will have to do....well, the ones who don't continually bring their laundry back to their mothers.  *LOL*  AND they love eaning $$$ - it's a great way, instead of *tossing* allowances at them.....chores/laundry/etc. = few dollars in their little pockets *S*

It's all about deals and contracts w/kids I think....and I'm a pro...on the subject, as I have some....*lol*

Not me - love my 2 teens at home! Enjoy it while you can.
I realize my house doesn't have to be perfect all of the time, their rooms do not need to be clean all of the time, and I enjoy them so much. Soon, my son will go to college and I will be left with my one daughter, and then she will go to college and I will have an empty house with just me, hubby, and our golden. Boy, I dread those days. I am enjoying all the noise, fighting, messiness and laughter as much as possible. I love when they have friends over. They are so funny and a delight!

Really, don't wish it away too quickly.
I don't think she means adults. She is talking about teens
Just turned 40 last week, Not on myspace and won't allow my teens either. sm
I have a very fulfilling life with my husband, family and friends - don't see the need for myspace for folks my age.

As for the teens - there is just too much temptation on their for them to get in trouble. They are forbidden and I check the web as well as their computers, cookies, etc. every week to be sure they are in compliance. To much danger there for my son and daughter.

It can be done both with babies and kids...
I would agree that it is a lot easier to do when you have a baby because you can work around the baby's schedule, at least I was lucky to have a very flexible employer at the time I had my three little ones.  As they get older, it is more difficult because you will be running around with them to do their activities/school stuff, and they want to spend one on one time with you, etc... but I also agree that if you have something to keep them busy like the leap pad or computer, or play things you can do it.  I've managed to do this at home for 8 years with three kids starting when my 10 year old was 2 so it is possible to get it done. You need to be very organized and disciplined to get the work done but it definitely can be done with babies and kids around. Good luck!! 
except birth babies.....do you all ever...sm
listen to yourselves?  Unreal. 
Another link for the babies, sm
38, female, married, 2 teens ages 16 and 14. Started tMT when I was 17. nm
Animals have more rights than babies do!

I had 2 babies in less than a year and kept them at home with....
no outside help.  BUT.... Do not think for a minute that you can sit down and put in an 8 hour day with an infant in the house.  You will have to dramatically alter your working style if that's what you are used to.  I made sure I worked for a company where I made my own hours, which basically amounted to "catch as catch can", but you know what?  I still managed to make 25,000 a year working VERY part-time.  I typed a few reports, got up, fed the kids, typed a few more while they played, got up and played with them, ran errands, put them down for a nap, typed while they slept.... blah blah blah..  My work revolved around the kids and their needs, but it worked.  It has to be that way with a baby (in my case 2 of them).  I don't believe in daycare for infants and small children.  Had we not been able to afford to live of what I could make with them at home, we probably would not have had them.  I feel that strong about it for my family (not judging others mind you).  They're 11 and 12 now and very secure loving connected kids.  I hope my early sacrifices had something to do with it.
Bless your heart, hon. Been there with 2 babies.
I put gel-filled teething toys in the fridge to make them cold; did the Tylenol thing; did the Orajel thing as well.

Honestly, there's not much else you can do. Sometimes if they were a little fussy, I would recline them in my arm and dip my finger in a very cold glass of iced water to cool it and then gently massage their little gums with my cold finger. They would let me. I think the cold numbed and the massage just soothed.

This is one of those stages that it is hard to get through for both baby and parents! I feel for you. I've been up many nights and suffered long days hurting for my little ones.

If it helps, they won't remember the pain. Only you will! lol

Maybe she should have stayed in America where Americans look for drunken teens everyday.
If you go to a foreign country, you are under their laws and their policing.  If you don't like it, DON'T TRAVEL OUT OF THE COUNTRY!  In the meantime, TEXAS TEAM IS SEARCHING IN ARUBA WITH PERMISSION AND ARE VERY HAPPY WITH COOPERATION FROM ARUBAN GOVERNMENT!  
People now see their babies as a fashion accessory
Me thinks so too. Snowman poop is for babies. :)

When men start birthing babies and breastfeeding
then we can have a conversation about who is better. 
If they are babies, lots of times the birds and
rodent population make short work of them in a few weeks. Happens all the time where I live. The babies don't have a high success rate! Good luck! Yuck is right!
I'm in favor of showers for all pregnancies/babies
Diapers and supplies are always needed regardless of which pregnancy it is. Also, babies are so wonderful; I love celebrating them (and their moms) with baby showers!
I went back to work when babies were 9 days old
And yes, you can transcribe with TWO babies on your lap. It's a royal pain getting spit-up out of the keyboard though!

And before anybody starts a flame war on me, the boys are 10 years old now and now I get to work while they're asleep.... ;)
My sister's cat brings babies home and she doesn't know from where
Nat'l. Crying-Babies & Leaf-Blowers Outside The Window Day!
Yuppie parents today raising a bunch of big babies
Wish someone could get through to them that they are doing more harm than good.   Nephew's children are like that - it is so annoying.  6-year-old spoiled rotten, and not even fun to be around at all, but it's because they have babied him so much and given him everything he wants, that now he is just a sullen little boy.  Can you believe using that word to describe a very bright little 6-year-old boy?  It's really a shame.
It's CHINA for Pete's sake, where they still kill girl babies. Do you think
they have some sort of dog euthanasia patrol of paid government employees?  Puhleeeze yourself.
two cats-Spike-male-Sierra-female--my babies.nm
Babies looking for attention.They have the technology of the Woodroow Wilson administration.
They'll get some kind of concession and go back and try to think of another way to get money out of us. Happens all the time.
Lots of cases where babies in NICU got sick from the nurse's nails. nt
prepuse - skin covering genitals/papoose - carrying device for babies - nm
don't type double spaces. Type single. Then no one will be cheated.
how hold
married at 18....wouldn't change a thing even if I could go back in time. Our marriage grows stronger each year...
Hold up a sec.

You dictate your own VR as an IC?  I don't think that's what the original poster was asking about.  I think what the OP was talking about was a company that has VR and only pays 55% to 70% of regular line rate.  Most companies' platforms aren't technically enabled to allow the MT to redictate the VR.  In fact I've never heard of that before. 

If you make money doing VR you're way, more power to ya.  But I don't think that's what the OP was talking about.