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Cphone manual

Posted By: Julie on 2009-01-05
In Reply to: C-Phone Security Code?? - Kathy Stryk

I emailed you re: above.

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Is this phone still available? My daughter needs one. Are there any others out there today?
All four that I have owned I have used the end button on the left side, bottom row, for headphones.  I hit speaker,  dial in, and when it connects I just hit that button and it goes to headphones and it no longer is audible from the speaker.  Maybe they were all preprogrammed, but they all worked the same. 
I had worked using a CPhone for my first 5 years in this field. When i went to work for a national i was nothing but confused. There are several posted on the classified board here for under 200... And they go for a lot more than that new. It is an adjustment no matter what new thing u are trying to get used to.. The biggest thing is that the headphones .. The ones you use for the PC won’t work as the headset port is a two-pin thing...
It is a dictaphone unit.  It also doubles as a telephone.  Kinda bulky and ugly, but works great.  You use it like a phone, to dial into the dictation line, and retrieve dictation from accounts who are not accessed through the net lines.  It has attached ear phones, or in my case, ear buds.  Good luck! 
Actually the person who trained me told me to do this.  Thanks for your help.
Dictaphone Cphone SOS
Has anyone ever locked up a C-phone accidentally and now requires a security code which I do not have nor does the owner of the machine to do anything. I am at standstill.  Any advice appreciated.
Need to purchase cphone
Help!  I am trying to get started transcribing at home and I have work to do but I need advice on what type of transcribing phone to purchase.  I have been instructed by my current employer to by a cphone that dials into an automated system to retreive my work.  Please, any advice or if anyone has one for sale.  The cheaper the better or I will buy used.  Thanks.
can anyone explain to me what a cphone is?
I've only ever worked for MQ and I have no idea what a C-phone is. Is it a piece of equipment or software or both?
Cphone questions
I am supposed to be starting an acct that uses a Cphone and am wondering how this works.  To those who use a Cphone how does this differ from signing in and transcribing via online?  Also I'm wondering about if you are able to reject a dictated job on cphone if it is a dictator you can't transcribe?  On the acct I'm on now there is a doctor I simply can not transcribe no matter how hard I try and no matter how long I try so I can just reject his dictation and it goes back into the system for someone else and I'm wondering if the same thing will work with Cphone?  Thanks, Wanda
SOS-familiar w/Cphone DA-127D?


    It's crunch time - I am using TranscriptionGear Model DA-127D for first time (replacement after demise of Dictaphone C-phone) and do not have instruction manual.  I've navigated through a report and need help with the following:  Everytime I take my foot off the pedal, I get the recorded "To sign off you must be at the end of the report."    Then, when I actually got to the end of the report, it signed off automatically with the foot pedal.    I must sign reports off manually on this acct.     Any help would be greatly appreciated.  TIA.

Question about Cphone headset?
I have the stethoscope style #AL-60DP but where the wire hooks to the stethoscope part it won't stay together and I could barely hear out of them.  Is there something I'm not doing right or are they broke?  Thanks!
Cphone and foot pedal
Actually, my foot pedal plugs into the C-phone, not the computer, but all this junk is very confusing, isn't it?
Adjust speed on Cphone
Does anyone know what to do to adjust the speed on the CPhone?
2 others? medicaltrancriptionoutsourcing.com and On-Call out of Wisc. - need a Cphone for the WI
Will you be accessing the voice files via a Cphone, too?
Vonage! Works great with my Cphone. nm
Question for Lanier/Cphone users...please...

I have a Lanier LX219 that I just hooked up. I have it all programmed (I believe) correctly. I am having a problem with the pedal though. I can play the dictation but I cannot for the life of me figure out the rewind or fast forward on the pedal. It just beeps at me. Do I have something programmed wrong? Does anyone know what I have done wrong? Thanks for any advice.



Are you using a Cphone? Don't the files keep feeding into your que or are you assigned? You'll
Did that manual state that the funds that were to be used to immobilize this mission were diverted to homeland security.
Did you try their web site for manual?
C-Phone Manual

Does anyone have a CPhone manual?  I have found where I can buy one but I was hoping that someone might have one here they might email me..  Money is on the tight side.

Am just now getting back into transcription after a short period away from it and I can't remember all the darn programming and keys..  LOL

C-phone manual
I sent you an email. I have it on file on my PC and can send it to you if you will accept it as an attachment - I do a virus scan everyday and have no viruses. It's up to you, just let me know.
C-phone manual
Manual for Lanier LX-218

Does anyone have a manual for a Lanier LX-218?  Need one ASAP. 



EXText manual
Anybody know where to find an EXText manual to download?  Previous posts with website addresses do not work.
The help file IS the manual.
Well i found the manual but...
It is saying that you have to get the ID from the person who created the encruption and if they didn't do it in Scribe you may not be able to decrypt them. I don't know if you have access to another decrypttion type program and can open them and then copy??
EXtext manual

Try going to Nuance.com  for the dictaphone EXtext manual.

Just started last week on this program. Still learning it but overall seems to be good program.  Good luck!


see link for manual--sm
Manual or bimanual - especially OB/GYN
It is not manual labor...
just another excuse by you
The help file in IT is the same as the manual. sm
You can right-click the gray phrases bar and choose Options, then click on the auto spacing and auto cap options to set those up as you want.
Awesome! Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction.

Very much appreciated!
Straight Talk manual

I had emailed you and asked you to contact me for information regarding a manual. You can download it at Dictaphone's website, but since it has been a week or two since I emailed you I can't remember exactly where on their website. I guess just do some looking around. I think it was in frequently asked questions or something like that.

I looked in my manual but could find nothing-sm
to mute the ringer; however on the bottom-underside- of the phone there is a volume control that can be lowered.
Looking for Lanier 219 VoiceWrite EX manual
C-phone instruction manual
Could you please e-mail me a copy. I lost mine and have been unable to find it again. Thank you so much. My e-mail is diannalazan@yahoo.com.
Dictaphone C-phone manual

Does anyone one possibly have a PDF file with the operating instructions for a C-phone.  Please.

Thanks in advance

Dictaphone Extext manual

I was just wondering if anybody can tell me where to find a manual for Extext?  I did a Google search but could not find anything.  I do not need the whole manual, but I would like to know some of the shortcuts of using the program.


Does anybody know where I can get an ExText training manual? nm
The full manual is also in the Help file.
Read the manual again on how to use Includes.
My single words on the phrases side are in a separate glossary.
C-phone manual online...
For anyone interested...

Click URL (see hyperlink below or copy & paste URL here):


Scroll down and click where it says L-940 operating instructions.

Manual will open in Adobe reader. Click on File and Save As and save to desktop or My documents.
Free C-phone manual here...
Under L-940 Operating Instructions. Once you open up the PDF, you'll see that it's for the 0420, 0421, and 0424 models of C-phones.


Maybe you have a shortcut that's interfering. Did you check the manual for
the program shortcuts that you might be hitting thinking it's for something else?
See Classifieds for free C-Phone manual

There is a URL for free download for dictaphone C-phone 0421 and 0424.

I recommend Gregg Reference Manual for
There are many other good books out there too.  It took me months in medical transcription school to stop making the same punctuation mistakes over and over again.  My teacher told me repeatedly, but sometimes it just takes awhile to sink in, so you might be better off taking a class or reading a great book on the subject.  There are also a lot of websites to help with that sort of thing if you want to Google it.  Have you looked into joining AHDI (formerly AAMT)?  I believe they offer help from mentors.
Read the policy and procedure manual, maybe something is in there.
I do not believe there is a law, but you could check with the labor department.
Does anyone know where I can find an INSTANT TEXT MANUAL?? sm

I have my disk, but cannot find my manual/user guide to save my life.  I would really like to have one handy to keep from having to go through the CD menus.  I'd be willing to pay anything at this point.


Read the manual. It has full instructions.
Long, informative read - Merck vet manual (sm)