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Definitely one of the other board's people who refer to those on this board as "holy rollers,&

Posted By: Have fun, dear. I'm not playing. on 2005-07-12
In Reply to: argument baiter - dls

Now go ahead and post your reply - I know you're dyin' to!


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    Just remember that it is not the people on this board who short changed their people and ONLY after
    caught did they (after they were suied) make an effort to look good by sending out these checks. Now, think about this--had they done this many years ago when they short changed everyone, that would have been honest. Does it not bother you that only after they know they are under the gun that they are doing this to try and make themselves look good?

    I used to work for MQ and I used to like what I did. I never can say I really liked the people that I worked with, but I really think they had some of the best accounts that I have ever come across in the MT industry. I loved working the major teaching hospitals that I did, but that certainly does not mean that I enjoyed being cheated out of pay.

    So chill already. People have been cheated, were lied to, and only AFTER they got caught have they tried to return some of the money they robbed us of (as well as cheated their clients).

    We all have reasons not to be happy with this company and you go off on us because we are complaining of things like small refund checks of a penny or a few cents or a few hundred dollars and NO WAY to even check to find out if this is correct?

    I am sorry you are unhappy all of us thinking that there is still a dead rat in the cellar, but there is still a dead rat in the cellar and nothing will bring the dead rat back.

    I would hold no love for a company that I know willingly cheated the very people who helped THEM make money out of their hard-earned money.

    Go take a deep breath and think about that.
    Some people are new to this board
    and confused.  Every heard of a NEWBIE needing help?????
    Kristen, you've got at least 3 people on this board
    that say you've scammed them. Are all three people liars??? It's not that hard to do a criminal background check on you now that we have your name. And it would not be hard to obtain your SS# after that either to find out what other states you've done this in.
    It was not about the south, but the people on that board. get over yourself.
    Word ? DO NOT go on this board, but people continue
    to post them.  Administrators have continuously posted DO NOT post word questions here.  Most everything else is allowed unless people get ugly and then they are told to take it elsewhere.  If you want to play you need to follow the rules. 
    Board names or not, some people, myself included...

    don't care to discuss what they make.  Why should we?  It is such an individual thing and based on so many factors that is is impossible to draw any meaningful conclusions.

    The type of work, as well as the MTs experience, ability to research effectively, retention and overall knowledge and intelligence, self-discipline (and much more) are variable, to say the least. 

    What others make is totally irrelevant to what someone else may make.

    I think people get reamed on this board because registration is not
    how they feel. I think the moderators here do a pretty good job of keeping this site clear of that sort of thing though. I personally like that I don't have to log in or show who I am when I post.
    People who read this board still apply
    at companies they are warned about.  Your book would not only be a waste of time, but no one will buy it. 
    Why is is that people come on this board and ask a question and get pissy when they don't like th
    your orginal post you are complaining about following the account specifics and not liking it and now you are blaming QA...don't get mad at other poeple if you are not clear on your original post...
    Other people have posted about the ad on the company board--
    --but the posts were deleted. I'm not sure what's up with that.
    Could this be termed false advertising. Seems like a lot more people on the other board are saying
    the same thing about MQ. If she is so religious as you claim why would she steer people to a company to have them not be able to pay their bills. Seems a bit odd to me.
    Soooo...what are you saying? That people should post something that is worthy of the board in SM
    your estimation? Would you like to have the monitors delete this post about KL and Regis? What is it that you want? Or would YOU like to think of a transcription topic and post it? What's the deal?
    Not just in this thread but hostile people on this board always, WHYYYY
    It's depressing.
    Someone please post the name of a board where I might have to pay to be a member but don't have to listen to all the mean people.
    And its gonna kill you to post on the Company board rather than the main board?
    This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
    This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
    This post should be made on the Ask the Dr. board. OP please repost on that board. Thread locked.
    Post belongs on Ask the Dr. board. OP, respost on that board. Thread locked.
    cherrypicking co-worker issue (meant to post it on this board instead of MQ board) sm...

    I need opinions please...I work on a very small account with just a handful of ladies.  Because of the nature of the software (trying not to get too specific here) we can see who is working online and what reports they are working on in real-time...

    We have one cherrypicker on the account.  Instead of using FIFO method, she retrieves the reports by author ID - usually picking the better dictators of course.  She knows I busted her and she did admit to it in on our work e-mail (not too bright) which I am saving just in case she gets out of hand - so far I'm still able to make money since really most of the dictators aren't bad. 

    But every night it's starting to wear on me since she's screwing up turnaround time.  I don't really want to cause a big uproar being that it is such a small account and I need to work with her almost every night usually one on one.

    What would you all do?  I want to handle this as delicate and professional as possible because we can't really afford to lose anyone on this account.  In other words, I refuse to stoop to her level by cherrypicking right back.

    My boss has asked me several times why so-and-so does so much more than I do...I just bite my lip at that point but one of these days I think I might explode and just open up a can of worms....

    Cute. Now you have taken to analyzing people as an anonymous poster on a MT board.
    On a Sunday morning, doncha have something better to add to the world?
    I am sick of people posting crap on this board and not backing it up. nm.
    People tend to "embellish" the answer to this question, especially on this board.
    Some people seem to feel a need to impress strangers on an anonymous message board. Sad, but true.
    Please see my question on company board -posted on wrong board
    read recent posts on this board and on the company board
    Post belongs on Ask the Dr. board. See that board. Thread locked.
    Word Board=Help Board. NOT a do the math = figure it out yourself=GOOGLE IT!

    What is the Main Board for? All general topics seem to get moved to the new gab board.
    wrong board - rules are pls use WORD board

    I meant to say Job-Seekers Board, not Company Board.
    No mssg.
    Why not? Other MT boards refer people here all the time?
    Are we supposed to just pretend other sites don't exist?
    When I go to New MT/Students board I am taken to the Abbreviations board. NM
    You put them on the company board, not the main board. They are still there.
    Main board is for MT topics. Non-MT goes to the Gab board! nm
    wrong board - try word board
    go to the HOME board and then to Career board on the --sm
    left hand side. Inside that is the resume posting site.
    here is a link from the New MT board-you might want to read a bit on this board
    All word questions need to be posted on the Word board. Please use the correct board to post.
    All word questions need to be posted on the Word board. Please use the correct board to post.


    Post word questions on the Word board NOT the Main board.
    Post about Companys on the Company board, post job ads on the Job Seeker board
    What? State board? This board?

    every board is a "communication board" - you are looking at one now!
    you have no time to switch from board to board? how can you have time to look for the drug?
    "Holy c**p, Batman!"

    You have to clean 3 rollers...sm

    or you can do what I did, I waited until the Logitech mouse (originally was about $70) came down in price to about $20 or $24 and bought one.  You never have to clean them inside and you don't need a mousepad.


    Oh, one of those high rollers?
    dontcha just detest those eye rollers?....nm

    In my pink rollers and sky blue jammies

    So none of you holy rollers are eating on Easter
    Job Board ???
    What happened to the Job Board that was at the top of the Job Seeker's Board?  I have not been able to find it for several days.  HELP!