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Posted By: TD on 2007-05-03
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Any good websites to help with new dermatology account?

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How is dermatology? I have been doing oncology for five years - that is pretty much all I know. I have heard that dermatology is fairly easy?


Added a derm clinic last November and I charge 12.5 for chart notes, op notes and letter, gross lines.   I just ordered Stedman's Dermatology book but have been doing fine without it but training someone on it and getting it for them.  Have been doing MT for 40 years off and on though.  I am in Oregon. 

Just like the other specialities it has it's own terminology but it is one of the easier ones once you get the meds down.  Just lots of acne, growths, rashes but it is good money for me.  Especially the letters and OPs - I make good money. 

E-mail me and I can send you a list I have made up with some of the more common ones and several drug site that help you when you can only spell it phonetically. 

If you have generalized experience and have done OP's before and will be doing them, you should not have many problems.  A lot of the lingo was used in my IM account and my FP account.  I do have a  Stedman's Derm book that I use now and then.  Medications are a little tricky and I just go onto my usual drug pages and use them.  Actinic, seborrheic, telangiectasia, basal cell, melaoma, acne, rosacea -- not that hard.  My OP's are pretty easy and I set up a template to do them and no unusual instruments used.  Pretty simple anesthetize, excise and close. 



Dermatology question.

Sounds like - Reveals a type II scanned female with a shallow scar over the right eyebrow.

Is this correct?


Oncology or Dermatology
Which is less complicated Oncology or Dermatology???
RE: Dermatology sites
you can try this site...

Anyone have any good websites for OB/GYN, ER, & dermatology? Thanks! nm
Good Dermatology Resources?
Hi, does anyone know of any good dermatology resource websites? thanks a bunch
Dermatology and radiology experience

I'm going from a dermatology and radiology background to a radiology only, so it is a specialty I feel comfortable with. 

Poster is correct - Dermatology is much easier!