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Dictator said DOB 1926, but then said...

Posted By: gmg on 2006-02-01
In Reply to:

59-year-old male - Should I correct this?  TIA!

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Agree it's the dictator's report and the dictator's call. NM
I did bad, bad, bad!! Need a dictator! Lol nm
I have one dictator who does that...sm
He's from either Britain or South Africa and he always clearly says *the patient is alert and orientated* and I give him *orientated*!  It is a verbatim account!  He speaks the true King's English, so if he says *orientated* (and he does ALL the time say that word) it's what I'm giving him.  *lol*
And this is the dictator you get from the
that is MT friendly!   Yeah right!  I'll apply to the company that states "dictators are MT friendly!  Been there done that, but I got a chuckle from your post!     Thanks for sharing!   
ESL dictator
LOL!, LOL!. LOL!!!!!!
Okay, I spoke with a girlfriend in south Texas who said they are seeing many ESL dictators refusing to speak English to dictate, demanding a bilingual Transcriptionist be found. There is a HUGE number of illegals in the areas and she says he gets their business and doesn't care...he is one that is outspoken out no border control and letting all illegals come and go as they please, so that speaks volumes there. Don't know about this guy though, but in a country where there is civility among its peoples, yes, you do need to speak one language to one another and in this country, that is English. If he wants to speak only Spanish, then let him go south of the border and he can dictate in Spanish all he wants.
Ask dictator
I ask the dictator and so far I have always been told they expect me to fix the report, that is not their specialty. It is harder to determine if you can't speak directly to the dictator though. I would never change it unless I had the dictators permission.
I have a new non-M.D. dictator, ESL who always
gives the diagnosis of high blood pressure as hypertensions, has to have that S on the end.
annoying dictator
Here's a good one; 7-1/2 minute dictation, first minute put on hold, then dictator dictates for two minutes, then says, Never Mind, Lets start this ALL OVER.  And they wonder why we are tense
Annoying dictator
If you are being paid by the line, I sure would dispute this! They have no idea, do they?
no you aren't...he's a bad dictator
If your dictator says DCD for discontinued

i want to put discontinued what would you put


Yup - 3 to 4K, depending on the day and the dictator. NM.....

dictator type
This may be unusual, but I have more problems with southern accents than with Asians! African-American and New Orleans patois also confound me. I find British and Australian accents delightful.
I really appreciated my dictator just now.

At the end he said, "This is <his name> bumbling through this again.  Thank you so very much." 

Guess it makes me at least feel a little appreciated.

My present dictator

She underwent the above procedures without difficulty. period. ummm period. She ummm period. She ummm

 I think its time for a break already

Depends on the dictator....
Sometimes it is faster to type every word continuously, unless there's a difficult dictator, then you have no choice but to listen, stop, type, backup, listen again, backup, listen again....ya know?
Almost always the first except if a difficult dictator. (sm)

Then I am constantly listening again to make sure I have it correct.

Mean-spirited dictator... (sm)

This is probably something that shouldn't bug me, but for some reason, it really has for a few days now...

I work for one of the big nationals and had one of the dictators make a pretty nasty comment at the end of one of his notes.  It was nothing profane or even specific--just a really sarcastic comment about what a "great" job we do.  In fact, what made the comment bad was his tone, not even the words that were said. 

I know that his comment wasn't directed personally at me, and that the anonymity that we feel working from home works the same way on their end, as well and makes it easy to be rude.  However, this has really stuck with me and kind of depressed me for the last few days.  Anyone else have something like this happen to them?  I'm trying to just have a thick skin, but it's still bothering me.

Is a good dictator now? I bet he is. He knows what you go through. nm
because when the dictator's provide the
proper demographics and enunciate clearly, I LOVE this work. I do not do it for the $ or for the bennies. I am 60 years old and don't need either. I just love transcription work. I doubt, though, that you can understand this.
H&Ps dictated by a very thorough dictator. nm

Man, doesn't a bad ESL dictator just...

suck the will to live right out of a person.  I find it hard to believe that after looking up a particular ESL doctor and reading that he's been in practice here in the good 'ol US of A for well over 18 years now that he still hasn't learned to form a complete sentence!  It's like listening to Yoda talk (example: "What your country can do for you ask not, but what, do for your country, you can!") 

How does that happen?  Don't their own collegues give them crap when they talk, or do they just smile and nod, not having a clue as to what the frick they are saying face to face....18 years and still without a grip.  What other profession is this allowed to be the norm in...cause I wanna steer clear in my next life.

Sorry--it's late and I'm punchy...but seriously, this guy needs to be smacked with his own towel, if ya know what I mean.   

Chatty dictator.

I would have been upset, but this guy just made me laugh.  During his 20 minute dictation he probably spent at least 5 minutes of it talking to me. He explained his vacation and why he was late doing the dictation.  He explained he was still getting his stuff back in order and talked politely the whole time he shuffled papers, told me about a picture that was supposed to be in the chart but he just couldn't find it, talk, talk, talking away like I was his best friend. 

At the end he had to apologize profusely.  In any other case I would have been so disturbed by this but this poor man made me feel so bad for him.  He couldn't have been more polite. 


No, actually if you could hear the dictator
it was her own talk.
Transcribe what the dictator says...
You should have transcribed exactly what the dictator says, he may have had a reason for putting that in the report. Perhaps there is a problem with this patient that he wants documented. If the client has a problem with it, they will let the dictator know. YOUR job is to transcribe what is dictated. Even though it is offensive, generally there is a reason they want it in the report. My husband is an ER doc and that is what he says.
If dictator is ESL, it probably sounds like
Funny dictator
We have an RN who not only is a fast talker, but mispronounces virtually every medical term she says.  She must have gotten some feedback, because lately she is ver-y slow-ly and dis-tinc-ly mis-pro-nounc-ing ev-er-y-thing. 
dictator funnies

That is hilarious!

Some MT should write a book with all these funnies.

How about the times they leave the dictation machine on and are not dictating, but doing or saying other things we should not hear? oops

I have a dictator and I know this feeling.
I had so much trouble today because things would be started and then stopped, started again with rambling and seems like taking something out, do they want that left in, taken out, and on and on and on. Talk about a confusing report.
Dictator question
I had a doctor tonight dictate a medication and he clearly spelled it out - I-s-r-o-l-o-l, Isrolol. Problem is, I type that in google, and not one match comes up. Istalol comes up (only when you search "isrolol eye drop", not just "isrolol"), which I believe would be the correct one, but he clearly (doesn't have an accent or mumble or anything) spelled out Isrolol.

Would you flag it? Just put Istalol and chalk it up to doctor's mistake? This is a verbatim account too.

Just wondering what ya'll think?

It all depends on the dictator
Just out of curiosity, why are you asking?  Are you an MT, a student MT or management who is wondering how MTs work? 
Oriental dictator
The Chinese doctor I transcribe for always says Oriental male or female. I would not presume to change it to any other designation. Today he designated one male as a Mandarin-speaking Vietnamese. As long as the reference is not vulgar, use what the physician dictates, in my opinion.
Worst dictator on VR?
I love it when the worst of the worst is on VR on my platform because it makes my life so much easier. Escription works wonders in picking them up whereas I would have to put bamboo shoots under my fingernails, push hard and scream all day, they are just that bad.
I avg. anywhere from 3-5 minutes depending on the dictator-nm
The fluctuations in volume from one dictator to the next
dictator just stated the obvious

"ORAL tobaccoism" -- like what other kind is there !!

oh i suppose it could be cutaneous via patch, but sounded dumb...


What's the funniest thing you have had to transcribe - here are my personal top two favorites - one was from an ER doc who had been working 72 hours - he dictated that the patient had a ball in the 9th hole on the green and he was going to try to miss the sand pit - I called the hospital and let the head ER doc know - they let the poor sleep-deprived doctor go home and someone else finished his dictation. - the other - I had a doctor who dictated all of his reports to the tune of Mack the Knife - no kidding - I think about him everytime I hear that song.  He was quite creative and talented.

On a good dictator 30 minutes would take - sm
at most 2 hours; if you are a slow typist then bump that to 3 hours. Depending on the dictator I am doing I can type anywhere from 10-24 minutes in 1 hour, also depends on how many dr. names/addresses I have to look up too as that can really slow you down. But I tend to spend too long looking things like that up, a habit I am trying to break (need to keep it to 5 minutes tops).
Curious, if a dictator has you delete...
several lines of dictation or even a whole report after you typed it, do you charge for it?  I never have because if someone were to check my lines, they obviously wouldn't match.  I've never really thought about it until just this second where I was asked to "go back and scratch all that."  Total downer, know what I'm sayin?
What makes you think Chavez is a dictator?
I agree with your other comments though :)

Be careful with regard to believing what US media has to report about Chavez - he RIGHTfully criticizes bu$h and U.S. foreign policy - and for that reason US corporate media purposefully distorts the facts about him.

Dictator's Christmas Gift

Yesteday I had the best gift I have ever received from a dictator in 20+ years of transcription.  I have had them wish me Happy Holidays or Merry Chrstimas but this is one I will never forget. 

The dictation begins, no sound, then  I hear 'The Barking Dogs doing Jingle Bells."  After it finished, the MD wished me a Merry Christmas.  The fact that he realized a person was on the other end and he wanted to put a smile on their face was a wonderful gesture. 

BTW, I work for as an IC for a small company.  Couldn't get me to work for a national ever again. 

Merry Chrstimas to all.

Had to share this. ESL dictator says of patient

lose earring.  I was so glad she did not lose her earring, but found it odd.  So I stepped away for a minute and came back, and low and behold, she did not "lose urine"- I am glad for that also!!




DocShuttle Dictator (Bytescribe) is what you are looking for. nm
You mean the dictator said "Ov" as a word?
If it was worded like "Patient comes in for an O V," then that should be easy to grasp, but if he said "Ov" as a word, who on earth can get that??? I'd be thinking the same way....BLANK. I've been at this almost 8 years and have never heard anyone use Ov as a word. Yes, she was being very hateful, especially if you are in training.
Correcting Dictator's Grammar

I transcribe for one professional that says statements such as: "She DID SEEM in agreement". "She DID START to cry" and "The mother DID COME BACK to the office"  My supervisor told me she doesn't care for how this sounds either and that we just need to go ahead and type it as is.  Of course I am going to abide by what my supervisor says.  Is it just "cut and dry" when transcribing to type EXACTLY what is being said? - - - I also type for another professional with a PhD who will dictate and use certain words out of context, but I know what he means to say.  Do we just TACTFULLY address individual issues like this when they arise with those who are dictating?

They'll stand behind the dictator

I tried that recently, when we received a blanket email from an exaperated QA person regarding this doc that's just impossible; we have a bunch of newbies on the account, and of course they are having grief with him, everyone does!   She was chastizing everyone that they should go look at his normals (guess what, he didn't have any for the reports she specifically mentioned) because "it doesn't take that long" (read, she doesn't want it coming out of her paycheck, it should be coming out of ours).

So I gently suggested to this QA person that if EVERYONE, including HER, could not understand this doc, perhaps the problem was HIM?!!  She came back with a lecture that as professionals it is our job to type him perfectly, no matter how bad he is - even though she flat admits she has to send the client blanks on him too.  I'm really sick of being told I'm the bad, lazy, not-so-bright MT when we receive garbage dictations that nobody, not even QA, can understand.

depends on the dictator in my case. NM
I can see how that would help. I have often wanted to talk to the dictator and let them know.
Part of the blame here falls on the dictator...SM
presuming, of course, that the report was cherrypicked because the dictator was an awful mushmouth/speedy Gonzales/etc.

IF THESE DICTATORS WOULD GET THEIR *&@$ING ACT TOGETHER AND DICTATE CLEARLY, cherrypicking would be much less of a problem. Of course, reports are cherrypicked for other reasons (specialty, length, etc.) but in my experience, it's the horrible dictators that are the problem here.
My dictator, smart as he is, just told me the patient's name is
"Brittany, you know like the singer so to say, that young person who thinks she sings."