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Ditto....granted I am not working much these days, but am currently trying out a new way of working

Posted By: LLH on 2005-07-14
In Reply to: Do you ever feel as though this job takes over your life and you have to work all the time in case - MT

when I do work which seems to be helping.  I am timing myself and keeping a log of how long it takes to to type however many minutes.  I am averaging anywhere from 13-18 minutes of dictation an hour now doing this.  Granted the time fluctuates between who I am typing, and if I have to look up names, addresses, etc., just depends on the division I am doing at the time.  But work that used to take me 3 hours to do is now taking me under 2 hours, I am also trying to put in more macros as I go along, which slows me down initially but pays off in the long run of course.  I was working "all the time" before but took forever to get done since I was not applying myself. This new "attitude" has helped me a lot.  My goal, in the Fall, is to do 90 minutes a day consistently at 6 hours, and then maybe get up to 120 minutes a day at 8 hours, still while having at least half of the day free (do 60 minutes at night, and the other 60 by Noon).  Thereby doing 1200-1400 lines a day.  I have never really buckled down and done more than 8000 lines per pay period, so it will be a nice change.  Maybe you can do something like that and have a specific knock off time as was suggested below. 

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    Working 6/hour days, 5 days/week I make
    $42,000.00, but the work is there to make more if I want to.  I'm in the southeast. 
    How? By working 12-hr days 7 days/week?
    Doing wrong? Probably only working 80 hours a week 6 days.

    If U R making 40-45K/year for working half-days,
    Something doesn't add up.
    I dont mind working 1 of the weekend days every week.
    I just figure people get sick and doctors have to work them..
    I prefer working a shorter shift 6 to 7 days a week. SM
    I work hard when I work to put out a lot of lines per hour, which is very tiring. Also, my company has a work flow/volume problem, and this allows me to schedule my hours for those times when work is most likely to be available.

    Regarding having a life, in a 24-hour day, subtracting say 8 hours for sleep leaves 16 hours, and subtracting 6 hours for work leaves 10 hours every day for "life," a luxuriance of time if you don't have young children or other heavy responsibilities filling them with other work.

    The trick (sometimes it is a trick!) is be firm with yourself, and others, and get the work out of the way briskly and on schedule, such as those early-morning or evening and split schedules, and not drag it out through the entire day, sandwiched in between TV shows, phone chats, family duties, and so on.
    Once you give notice and quit working, how many days/weeks/months

    are you covered by your medical/dental insurance?  My employee handbook does not mention this.  Is there a "standard" period of time that you remain covered?  TIA for your reply. 

    I would charge more per line for working holidays or if asked to work scheduled days off. SM
    But did you address that in your contract? 
    You get more working the evening or night shifts and working w/o benefits. And producing like a mad
    Working holidays? Out shopping in stores where someone IS working

    that holiday you refuse to work?  Grocery stores, food joints & seems any store is open on holidays and you expect them to be fully staffed, so why shouldn't we?

    Yes, I took off for the first time on Christmas day, in 18 years and it was great, but I worked Christmas eve and this whole past weekend.

    Someone has to do it!

    working IN A HOSPITAL is different than working at home.
    Someone can steal you identity from the internet if they want to. Why would you go to the time and trouble to jeopardize a job that requires some level of skill to steal someone's identity or medical records? You could get a job as a retail clerk and get info easier than going through the testing required to become an MT.
    Somehow working at home translates into not really working
    My in-laws are the worst. Whenever they plan something last minute and my husband says that I had to work, they say, "but she works at home!". When I one time mentioned I had a "schedule" and basically punch a clock and work full time, I don't think they believed me. They will sometimes call mid-day during the week if they are in the area to see if I want to go for lunch, etc! The best is, my husband doesn't make all that much money, so where is it coming from, the money fairy? I am ready to strangle someone! So I know how you feel and I'm sorry it upset you. You are not alone.
    I daydream about NOT working while I'm working.

    There are so many other things I need and want to get done.  I've been working way too hard lately, and summer is just slipping by again.  Well, I'm outty.

    Don't take anything for granted
    There are unscrupulous people everywhere, including in the MT field. Just because they are MTs does not make them honest people. Things always come in to play, like jealousy, etc. I am always on my guard, as I have had others try to undermine my work, although not in this field, but attempted to get me fired because I would not join their team of trying to get the boss fired. It backfired on them, and they are still in litigation for purchases they made on company funds, but mark my words, if you think it is happening, it probably is. A duck is a duck. Talk to the "owner" of the company...no one in between. You have no idea who is doing this. Trust no one. (sorry to feel that way, but experience talks). Good luck.
    Granted I am no CPA, but I think you would - sm
    pay your taxes on the amount after your write-offs/deductions. That's how our regular taxes work, and how SE tax works. I would presume a paid salary to someone is an expense and therefore can be written off, otherwise the government is getting double taxes (taxing you and the IC) on the same money. If they did that there would be no deficit and a lot of angry people.
    Working. LOL What else? nm
    working out

    Spinning is great if you only want aerobics, but a personal trainer deals with weight training. That's for building muscle, which speeds up your metabolism. You really need both (aerobics and weight training) if you want to slim down and shape up.

    In either case, make sure you drink ice water. The body's reaction is, "What the heck is this stuff?! I'm getting cold here. Turn on the shiver mechanism." That's another way to speed up your metabolism.  

    Working for self

    It is harder now to break in than it was 15 to 20 years ago when I started but there is still accounts out there.   I got started part-time when working for a local hospital -- not even doing medical transcription.   I was an Admin Ass't but had done this in the past and one of our physicians on one of our boards could not get anyone to do his transcription so I started doing it part-time.  I had been a CMA, CMT, x-ray tech in the old days.  But had not kept up on my certifications when I went to work in the hospital.  But this started the ball rolling.  Since my hubbie then was a truck driver I did it to keep me out of trouble when he was out of town.  Then I started doing it full time.   I get accounts from the private docs that no one really wants, larger companies, and still do tapes, printing, delivering and pick ups.  I advertise and send out flyers and seem to get a bite when I need a new account.   I have 2 Surgical Oncologists, 2 IM's, 1 Plastic/Hand surgeon, and 1 Psych.   I have one permanent part-timer and one that helps out with overflow.  I charge from 10.5 to 12.5 cents a line depending on the account.  My rates are going up this month.  I also work in a clinic doing electronic charts but that is as an employee.    These docs are small and I keep my prices lower because I know what they get back from insurances, etc. are not that great.   I am paid within 3 days of receipt of invoice (usually the next day) have never had my line count questioned, have never had a check bounce and they make me a part of their team.  And yes, I am the one from six months ago that said I would bake them cookies and you know why.  But all I can say is look through the County AMA directories or phone books or if your hospital has physician offices in them, see who works alone and try sending out flyers or going door to door -- never hurts to bring cookies either.   But have been doing it for 15 years fulltime and make enough to support myself through a yucky divorce and pay an attorney $10,000 -- barely but did it.  Good luck.  Maybe if enough would do this for themselves much cheaper than the nationals we could all go back to making a good living.   Am going digital here in the next six months or so, but only to pick up a new account as my docs still prefer the tapes.  Trying to get them to change. 

    You can E-mail me for any more questions.


    It will get better--just keep working..nm
    why because I tried working for both
    I have nothing really bad to say about SS, I have had no lines stolen, I just dont understand what is being dictated I'm sort of new I have about a year's experience but in my opinion this is easier to learn in English before you go to extreme ESL work, I will say that SS gives you back all of your reports so that you can learn your accounts but they almost have to so you know what the people are saying 
    are you working on?
    Been with another office 8 years myself. Was a top producer for many years, then got put on DocQScribe over a year ago, now cant get my line count (???) - plus HATE the account. Requested to change accounts numerous times and pretty much got told to be quiet and type. Do they ever transfer MTs to different offices?
    It is working now!
    I went and updated my Norton AV (but I have it set up to update automatically whenever there are new updates) and restarted my computer, logged on, and opened IE and my WW page loaded! Go figure! :D

    Thanks for suggesting updating my AV but I don't understand how that would have effected just that one web site. Perhaps, it is just coincidence but then again maybe not.

    In any event, thank you so much for trying so hard to help me. I really appreciate it. :)
    Are you currently working on ASR?
    got an email from them about the horrible weekend backlog, but I also had no work - Amherst, 5 different accounts
    working more than one IC job
    Don't know where you got your info, but I've never been told by the IRS that I must work more than one job as an IC.  I must have missed that Big Brother memo, lol.
    I too like working for MQ.
    I never said I didn't like working for them. The only thing I responded to was your attitude. Why do you feel the need to defend MQ? If you're happy who gives a rats rear what anyone else thinks.
    Working on it.... NM
    where are u working for 11 cpl ??????
    I am working on it.
    I work at my Mom's house, but am setting up duplicate system at home.  I have DSL here at Mom's, at home only dial-up. 
    Should be working
    LOL - that is funny.  Why would anyone assume a male typist is gay?  I never would.  Know too many that are not only straight, but have kids.
    Working Too!!
    Hi:  No mee too...I am working!  Fancy that.  I am a single mom and I have to make ends meet, so well here I am typing away but I will take a few hours to be with friends in about an hour.  It's ok I am ok with it.  I do the best I can with what I have.  God blessed me with a beautiful daughter.
    When I was in NYC working 5 hr/day

    I could make anywhere between $20 and $90 an hour depending on how the work flowed any particular day but the yearly average was $45 an hour before taxes.  My only benefits were 2 weeks paid vacation a year and health insurance for which the company paid the complete premiums.  Since they took care of my taxes, I didn't have anything else to worry about.

    Actually, when I kept that job and moved to several other states (Jersey, PA, GA, AL), I continued to make the same pay but the cost of living was less in the south so my disposible income was much greater, giving me a better lifestyle.

    How well can I do working for a co. as sub-c? nm
    working as an IC

    I am considering working as an IC employee.  I have always been a full-time employee.  I would like information on what it involves.  Thanks so much.



    Working as an IC
    Good luck to you, too! I knew there would be some expense in getting set up. I just don't know about being considered self-employed and having to keep up with the paperwork for the IRS. I know nothing about all of that. Let us know how it goes! Thanks.
    See, it's all working out for you!

    Jodi, I am so happy that it is working out so well for you.  You are finding out that you are a lot stronger than you first thought.  I'm glad you took those tears and turned them into strength!  You will make it!!  You have already done the hardest part....even though there will still be rough times, you have made it through the hardest part already.  Nothing can stop you now.  You are a strong, smart woman.  Your children are blessed

    I will keep you and your children in my thougths and prayers.  Keep us updated - we care!

    Working for MQ
    Currently applied and was offered a job to work for them, then I see this page and all the nasty things that are being said about then and wonder what is going on, should I take the job or not? Please help.
    anyone working for JLG

    Anyone working for JLG?  Could you please Email me?  Thanks.

    working for DBS
    Anyone out there w/experience or knowledge about working for Domenichelli Business Services?  Looks interesting.  Trying to broaden horizons.
    Why is he not working? You should be...(nt)

    Thank you!! I got it working! SM

    I'm so glad!  I see everything now...it's all working wonderfully!  Thank you for all of your help!



    not while I am working
    But after....depends on the day. today? two beers and three shots of blackberry brandy. Not the usual, but eases the stress.
    Not working for me either..nm
    I'm on my 4th and still working
    I've worked at home since just before my first was born, had twins after that, and now have a 3-month-old on my lap as I type this.  I think it is really hard if you are a workaholic (by personality or necessity) because you will get frustrated with all the stopping.  If you are not that way it's do-able.  I try to get an early start because I know I will be stopping a lot during the day, mostly for feeding.  I also have to have a job where I'm not punching a clock and have a flexible schedule.  If I'm not feeding the baby he's sitting on my lap or in a bouncy seat next to me or lying on a blanket on the floor or taking a nap.  All my other kids did this when they were little and I think they do well with me working at home because it's the way it has always been.  Some will say you can't give the kids enough attention or you can't give your work enough focus, but I say if you are good at multitasking you can make it work.
    I am sorry you are having so much trouble, but unfortunately your background doesn't necessarily qualify you as an MT. It is the same as any other profession, and they want to see some experience. There are companies out there though that will hire you. Meditransition is owned by Jay Vance, I believe, and they will allow you to work to get the experience, but there is no pay, which I think is unfair.

    Keep trying Rebecca and don't give up. what part of the country are you from?
    I am origanally from Pittsburgh, Pa. but now live in Brownsville, Tx. Actually, I have been working with a CMT of many years, who has been so great to me, trouble is, I only have one account, just need a couple more so I can feel like I am helping my husband. I really do love transcription. I spend a lot of time trying to help people on the board, it keeps me involved and also I'm learning as I'm helping.
    Well just keep trying Rebecca. That is the best you can do. Maybe she can help you out with a little extra from time to time. After a year of that you should be able to slow move into a company. Good Luck.
    Definitely online. Thanks for the tip.
    working 8 hr day
    Well, it is very hard, but I have to make the money. Too many bills. I have had wrist joint and thumb joints replaced in both hands. Pretty soon, my hands will be totally robotic if I keep going.
    Who are you working for????(nm)