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I dont mind working 1 of the weekend days every week.

Posted By: Camry on 2006-01-08
In Reply to: Who loves working weekends? - MTMommy

I just figure people get sick and doctors have to work them..

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Working 6/hour days, 5 days/week I make
$42,000.00, but the work is there to make more if I want to.  I'm in the southeast. 
How? By working 12-hr days 7 days/week?
Doing wrong? Probably only working 80 hours a week 6 days.

I prefer working a shorter shift 6 to 7 days a week. SM
I work hard when I work to put out a lot of lines per hour, which is very tiring. Also, my company has a work flow/volume problem, and this allows me to schedule my hours for those times when work is most likely to be available.

Regarding having a life, in a 24-hour day, subtracting say 8 hours for sleep leaves 16 hours, and subtracting 6 hours for work leaves 10 hours every day for "life," a luxuriance of time if you don't have young children or other heavy responsibilities filling them with other work.

The trick (sometimes it is a trick!) is be firm with yourself, and others, and get the work out of the way briskly and on schedule, such as those early-morning or evening and split schedules, and not drag it out through the entire day, sandwiched in between TV shows, phone chats, family duties, and so on.
Or after a boring weekend when working at a hospital someone asks "How was your weekend?" and

I work almost every weekend, but I don't mind so much. sm

I don't have a husband or kids, and I'd rather work and let others be off, if possible.   It would be different if I worked in an office every weekend, but somehow, working at home, it doesn't seem so bad.  I can get up early, get my work done, and have most of the day left if I want to do something. 

Sorry that you're unhappy with it.  Just part of the business, I guess. 

One weekend night every week. Since we both
it's our treat to ourselves.
Actually Wendesday through the weekend are my busiest days
I am currently working all weekend every weekend.
I get so burnt out although I do have work on the weekends, and then there is nobody home or friends to do things with during the week because they are all working or at school. I really dislike this schedule a lot. Plus I never get to do anything on the weekends or plan for anything while everyone else is off. I wouldn't mind 1 day every weekend but 2 days plus Friday is really doing me in. Good luck to you whatever you decide. Do think long-term, because when I decided to go for this kind of schedule, I did not consider the repercussions of long-term every weekend day and Friday.
I work 6 days a week every other week

Due to my company's payroll (it runs Sun-Sat), I'm able to work a rotating schedule with every other weekend off. Week 1 I work Sunday through Thursday with Fri, Sat, Sun off.  Week 2 I work Monday through Friday with Saturday only off.  Then I'm back to week 1 and get that following weekend off.

I've found that I'm more productive with shorter shifts and I have kids in school anyway, so I work a lot of split shifts during the week.  If possible, you might want to consider cutting back your hours to 30 hours and just work five 6-hour days in split shifts, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. 

I dont mind ESL but....
I really hate it when they are ESL and decide to step away from the mic to dictate so low that you are not only struggling with the dialect, but also the darn volume - I mean really - you already know people have a hard time with your language skills - do you have to make it harder by whispering or moving so far away that we can't hear you????

Thanks for letting me vent.
I would love to hear from you too if you dont mind...
congratulations on finding the right fit! if you wouldn't mind i would like an email too with suggestions and the name of who you found such happiness with..im pulling out my hair now and want to find some peace as well :)brandi_0320@yahoo.com
Which office do you work for if you dont mind.
what company do you work for if you dont mind saying?

I have not yet done it, but from what I hear its on the horizon.  To me it sounds wonderful, being able to free up your hands.  What do you find to be the biggest problem?  Are you losing money?  Does it cater to your own voice?  Do you have at least an option of typing the whole thing out or how do you do corrections? 

Maybe you should just hang in there, unless you're really losing money.  From what i've heard, it takes months to master, but once you do, you'll be making double or even triple what you're making now. 

Working this weekend?
Anyone else out there trying to eek out a living this weekend?  Why do we do this?
working most of the weekend
  Mucho bills to pay off !
Count me in for no working this weekend
Need a break any way!
you another penny or two, as will working only the weekend
Ditto....granted I am not working much these days, but am currently trying out a new way of working
when I do work which seems to be helping.  I am timing myself and keeping a log of how long it takes to to type however many minutes.  I am averaging anywhere from 13-18 minutes of dictation an hour now doing this.  Granted the time fluctuates between who I am typing, and if I have to look up names, addresses, etc., just depends on the division I am doing at the time.  But work that used to take me 3 hours to do is now taking me under 2 hours, I am also trying to put in more macros as I go along, which slows me down initially but pays off in the long run of course.  I was working "all the time" before but took forever to get done since I was not applying myself. This new "attitude" has helped me a lot.  My goal, in the Fall, is to do 90 minutes a day consistently at 6 hours, and then maybe get up to 120 minutes a day at 8 hours, still while having at least half of the day free (do 60 minutes at night, and the other 60 by Noon).  Thereby doing 1200-1400 lines a day.  I have never really buckled down and done more than 8000 lines per pay period, so it will be a nice change.  Maybe you can do something like that and have a specific knock off time as was suggested below. 
I'm working a festival this weekend, but I promise to get those scriptures to you asap. Thanks fo
16 hrs/day, 5 days a week?.....so you...sm
so what you're saying is you work 16 hours a day, 5 days per week, and so all you do is sleep and work?  I don't get it.....have you no life whatsoever, besides work and sleep?  *curious* not meaning to sound rude......
7 days a week.
I go to the gym 4 days a week for 2 hours
each. I do 1/2 hour on 2 different machines and then go use the weights for the last hour. I had a trainer when I first joined and he taught me a lot about how to change my routine but his favorite job was the torturing. The gym has a day care that costs me $10 extra a month so I usually go right after I finish work at 1. You need to make time to exercise. It was hard at first to get into it but I love it now.
2500 per day, 7 days a week. nm
I work 6 days a week- only 1 of these has - sm
weekend work and that is by choice - so I could have the weekend off too. Generally though I work Sunday; Saturday is the day we do things together; and Sunday mornings we usually go out and do something. So I have most of the weekend free to recharge and have fun.
I work 6 days a week....

I posted this before, but it got deleted somehow, so I'm sorry if this shows up twice. I work 6 days a week for about 4 hours a day. Sometimes it is 5 hours a day if the dictators are bad. I have found that since I have switched to this schedule, I am more productive since I am not so worn out, and I produce more per hour than I did when I was working an 8-hour day. But I must have at least 1 day off. I couldn't imagine working EVERY SINGLE DAY. Good luck!

Some days I feel so mentally bored I wonder if I am losing my mind. nm
My 5-year-old goes to the sitter 3 days a week....sm
4 if I need her to.  The 1-2 days she's home I have lots of arts and craft things for her to do and she'll play with her toys.  I do take frequent breaks to check on her when she's here.   She is allowed to watch TV 2 hours a day so she'll usually pop in a movie while I'm working or watch PBS.
Clarification: 1200 lpd x 5 days/week...
1200 lpd x 5 days/week =
MQ: $0 incentive
Spheris: $24 incentive/week

I type 16 hours 5 days a week
No cause I want to. Took a part-time job hoping to work into full-time, however, don't make enough with it after 1-1/2 years to make it full-time, so I'm still doing both jobs.. I guess I'm a glutton.. Would like one job to make that amount.
How many days a week does your manager work? sm
Do you hear from them 7 days a week, 6 days a week, 5 days or what? 
I work 7 days a week -- see message
I work 7 days a week. I work 30 hours Monday through Friday and 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday. I start at 3 a.m. through the week. Weekends are my time to sleep in -- LOL. I don't start until 5 a.m. My production is way up. I just can't do 8 hour days. I felt like I spent my 2 days off running errands and cleaning.

I have 2 kids who are school age. When I finish my shift, I go back to bed for a couple hours, get up, shower, and eat lunch. Three days a week I go to the gym for an hour and get home just in time for them to start getting home from school. The other days I use to clean house and run errands. It just seems I get more accomplished and have more time to do the things I enjoy with this schedule.

On the weekends, by the time I finish up everyone is just beginning to get up, so I don't feel like I miss out on any weekend time with my family.
Maybe should stop working so dont have to
And then consider when you work 9 hours a day 7 days a week...that adds up to way TOO much!

I have work...16 hours' worth every day, 6 days a week no less. nm
Grand jury, 1-2 days a week for 13 months . . .
Yup, 1-2 days ever week for a year, in another city, and they held us over another month.

It was a wonderfully educational experience, though. You'd be amazed at what you can learn from it! Check fraud, postal theft, computer crimes, money laundering, wire fraud, drug smuggling, kidnapping, piracy. Seriously.

You'd be amazed who turns up in the cases, too. It completely changed the way I think about people and businesses.

Mind if I ask where you are working? s/m
I'm in the first week of my new job and I'm killing myself to produce lines. Of course I'm still learning, adding expanders, etc. The paid holidays sound pretty good, which is why I asked.

Feel free to email me if you'd prefer.

Hello? With a week notice you can't sock in 3 days of food and water?
2-1/2 hours a day, 1300 lines/day, $150 a day, 7 days a week, IC status
I type around 2300-2600 lines a day, 5 days a week.
Yeah, it does come out to $6,000 a year.

Yeah, many of us do it on a regular basis.

Yeah, it is worth it to me.

No, there is no magical single tip that can give you that kind of production.

No, I'm not interested in talking about production with anyone because all I ever get back is all the reasons you can't do it. So, if that's your mindset, you're exactly right - you can't do it.

My experience pays off for me and having the CMT gives me an extra income boost (which I save and makes a tidy nest egg padding) and the CEUs are very, very educational and worthwhile.

any opinion on working for VA hospitals....dont know a thing about them.
are they pretty much compared to any reg hosp? or is there something i should know?
I don't mind working some. When I work
weekends I'm not on a schedule and I don't usually do a full day, so it isn't too bad.  I don't mind working a rotation, but don't want to work every weekend, although I do get a differential for working weekends. 
I don't mind working more than 8 hours a day; however,
I would rather be compensated hourly and not by salary.

Here is what is holding me back also ~ I make a bit more than than 52K a year as an IC and work 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I will continue to keep that job as an IC, but I am thinking "wouldn't I'd rather just put more time into that IC job and make more on production than be on a clock making less money?"

PTO includes holidays. So, if I want to take Christmas off, it goes against my PTO hours.

The health insurance benefits are really not that good, though I don't need them at this time. I may in the future and they are not great. No reimbursement if you opt out.

The 401K matches up to 4% - pretty much the same as others.

I don't know ~ There doesn't seem to be anything "special" to convince me to take this job. I was hoping someone would give me their opinion to change my mind!!!

I really need to think this through.
I'll wait a few days, week or so, no hassle, no BO to smell, it will be worth SM
the extra money.
I figure if a week has gone by, forget it. But 1 recruiter did take 10 days recently to get back
if you didn't mind working outside the home,
I think retiring MTs should dictate for the doctors !! We'd surely be able to do a better job than some of these other health-field people do, and it seems like easy money to me, if you could just get such a position!
Well supposed to be working and GUESS WHAT NO WORK AGAIN AT AMHERST MQ. No doubt in my mind that
they could care less about the MT, if you make money or starve. These people are absolutely crazy. There is no doubt in my mind.
I was working PT at home one week after my C-section and
probably working FT by third week, though can't remember exactly.   I did have a flexible schedule and I had a very good baby.   I worked where I could and weekends. 
Barely working 20 hours a week...sm
I have worked for this company for over a year now.  I love the account.  I love the work.  I am used to it and don't want to think about going elsewhere but I am not making squat  I don't get paid by the hour I was just letting you know that is the amount of time I am getting to work due to the fact there is not enough work.  I have never been able to get full time work here but more that this.  I don't know whether to stick it out or look elsewhere.  I only have 1-1/2 years exp so I don't have a lot of options with less than 2 years exp.  I don't know what I should do.  I have asked about a secondary account, but they said they don't need help on any of their other accounts.  Anyone else in this boat?  What to do? 
If U R making 40-45K/year for working half-days,
Something doesn't add up.
Once you give notice and quit working, how many days/weeks/months

are you covered by your medical/dental insurance?  My employee handbook does not mention this.  Is there a "standard" period of time that you remain covered?  TIA for your reply.