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Don't understand

Posted By: Michelle on 2005-07-25
In Reply to: Hey, what I said is true - I do it -- - Yeah, yeah, yeah

   I love it when I hear that an MT, at whatever company, is doing 2000, 3000, or more lines a day.  I love to hear that because I am trying to increase my line count and this gives me encouragement.  I love to hear how they do it and try to take their advice.  I don't understand why some get so upset when they hear that an MT has a great line count.  Why do they automatically have to be liars or cherry pickers?  I think we should be picking their brains to find out how they are accomplishing this so that we can benefit from it. 

So I say, keep on talking about your line counts for those of us who want to improve ourselves, please!    

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I would be over there too.....but I also understand where
people are coming from when they say she is criticizing their gov't, etc. I can't say what I would do because I don't know what she is going through, but you can't just assume someone is guilty when there is no evidence to that. Those 2 brothers were held way too long and think about how their parents are feeling. There is no evidence that they did anything and we wouldn't be able to hold them like that over here w/ no evidence.
what if you can't understand the
customer service rep.....I've had many,many instances while dealing with CS reps from India where I was completely at a loss to understand what they were saying.  I say, I you can't speak clearly get out of the field!
Hope it makes you feel better to know that not all of us out here expect you to keep it to yourself. It gets kind of lonely, and bad days are the worst for that. I have relatively good accounts also, working for a small MTSO, but some days it is all I can do not to come on here and whine. I say, if it makes you feel better, that is all that counts.
Here's what I don't understand - sm
Say we use a template and end up having to delete a lot of unused headings. How is that calculated into the line count? I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if we are typing to make up for the deleted headings, if this makes sense.

And, yeah, I suppose I could ask a company representative but I wouldn't really expect an answer and don't want to rock the boat.

SS is my 1st MT job and while it never quite passed the smell test to me, it was easy to get and quick to get started and is certainly giving me invaluable experience with ESLs, if nothing else. Yeah, the money stinks and I could certainly do without the nasty emails, but the thing is what it is: A foot in the door. And I may even try to keep SS as a backup if my new job turns out to be slow.
as i understand it,
QA addresses the body of the report or dictation, and QC's job is making sure the patient information or ADT is correct.
I understand what you mean sm

I definitely think people who get off on being rude, hateful and just plain nasty to others are not happy people.  A happy person is usually cheerful, pleasant and helpful and that isn't always because they live in a bed of roses.  I've known people who were always cheerful, pleasant and helpful even when they were dying inside.  I guess their attitude gives them a serenity that makes them able to cope, I dunno but I would wish I could be more like those people.  Some of them have had problems that would have, seems to me, weighted down a saint.

Hope your editor is in a better mood; meantime, just feel sorry for her/him, I'm betting he/she is way more miserable than he/she tried to make you.

I understand thanks
I can certainly understand, been
there myself, but I am currently working on an account that the second shift person does 5 to my 1, not because I pick or choose when I work or what dictations I transcribe but because of the difference in hours we work I get the responsibility handed to me to take care of things like corrections, researching problem dictations etc, that take away from my production but the other MT thinks I am also a cherry picker but I cannot do anything about what people think, so I do not complain either but rather just do what is required and I know more about the system we work in than anyone else on this account and still produce enough lines to make a good paycheck.
I don't understand. Why should they have to? Maybe they-sm
do a lot of it in-house, or maybe they use a smaller service. I don't know the answer, though. :)
I just don't understand....

How people get off demonstrating such grossly childish and rude behavior.  Something's making you unhappy honey--you really should do something about it. 

I understand now.
been working so long my eyes are crossing
I understand what you are saying
I was on one account that I always had to fill in some of the info in order to have the ADT do the search to fill it in completely. Most of those reports were short ones as well. The account I currently work on, fortunately, almost always has the ADT filled in and are longer reports. However, you are correct, we do not get paid for the cc info and that can be time consuming when the doc/address is not in their drop-down list and you have to type all the info in yourself. You made a very good point about not getting paid for this.
I don't understand why someone
who has a 4 year degree would be a manager for K-Mart. It seems weird to me.
I don't understand
Well now, call me crazy, but I didn't respond to you yet. There must be an imposter out there.
don't understand

I must be dense but don't understand your question, do you mean how much does this equal if you were to get paid for spaces?    Also how many characters in a line or is this a gross line?  A simple test would be to check a document you had typed, using Word, see what your character count is with and without spaces divide by whatever your line count is and see the difference.  Also see what your gross line is.  Again, my brain could be dead on a Saturday after a very busy week but I don't understand what you are looking for as you don't give enough info.

Yes, I understand both of those

what if there are words following the quantity and unit of measure that make it end up sounding more like a sentence?  Here is another example:

ANESTHESIA:  50 mg of Demerol were given along with 75 mcg of fentanyl.

It just looks wrong to me.  Most of the time I end up flipping it around to say ANESTHESIA:  Demerol 50 mg... etc., but I'm still wondering if it's okay to just leave it the original way.


Try to understand.
There are are three MTs scheduled to work 8-5 and 200 jobs to type. A fourth MT comes on at 8:00 A.M. because he sees a high volume of work. He/she sits down and begins typing for two hours at the end of which time there is no work. The three MTs who should have had 200 divided by 3 work to do for the morning have had 200 divided by 4 work and now have nothing left to do but sit and wait for the next flow of work. The fourth MT goes to have lunch, nap or play with the kids. (His/her schedule does not start until 3:00 PM. But at noon, she/he sees another drop of work, and she/he sits down and types for an hour. Then, the initial three MTs finish up their shift and the fourth MT comes on to begin a shift by clocking in.

Do you see where I am going with this?

When there is an unusually high number of reports, and TAT is threatened, calling for help is necessary but otherwise, I just do not see it as anything but intrusion and theft.
I think I understand her. Unfortunately, when there is
no required signature, people feel free to say what they wouldn't if they had to sign. If the negative posts could just be ignored, that'd be great, but you really have to see both to know which not to click on. Even people trying to be helpful here get attacked. It's very strange.
don't quite understand

I've usually worked at in-house jobs, so am clueless about this stuff....what do you mean by "double-dip"??
I'm not sure I understand this.
So you're saying we're all capable of murder, rape, etc. if that's what we want?  I'm certainly not!  We're all capable of desiring the same sex if we choose to?  I don't think so. 
I don't understand....

Do you live in a small town or something, and that's why you feel finding your own accounts are few and far between?

It is and has been my experience that clinics/doctors are SCREAMING to find good MTs,but that's the key - GOOD MTs.  There are tons of them who claim to be good, but - well, uhm ..... never mind - we won't go there!

There's a LOT of work out there - a lot of it, but you have to do mass marketing and mailing and stay on top of it like a bird on a worm to find them.  After all, you know,they're not going to come knocking on your door, right?  Good luck.


I understand....
Don't let some of the posters on this board hurt you. In an abusive relationshup, you do what you have to do. You cover your bases, which is what I think you are suggesting. Different people have different experiences and you are just relating your experience! If she is not careful and has no documentation of abuse, her husband COULD convince the courts that SHE is making things up and HE is the better half !! Yes, you are probably sorry for your choice of the words *push his buttons* But you are just telling it like it is/was in your reality. You need to get proof to establish credibility. Probably, the better way to state it is...the NEXT time he is physically abusive...call 911 IMMEDIATELY!!!!! No bargaining, no questioning.
i don't understand
what your problem is. I don't mean to sound mean, but really 350 LPH, I wish I could do that. I type, at best, 250 LPH.
Sure, I do understand that, but there should be a way to (sm)

meet in the middle or something.  For Pete's sake, SHE is the MTSO.  She should be using a professional line count program.  I understand that the Word count system is cheaper for her, but it isn't intended for medical transcription, it's intended for the kids writing their history paper to know if they've gotten to 500 words yet, you know?  I should be paid for indents and returns just as I would be for the letter "p" or the number "5".  I do totally understand your point, though.  Do you think there is any way around it?  Like perhaps that she needs to get on a professional line counting software and have us use it? I will not switch to the Word method without an increase in basic cpl pay. 

Any ideas on how to phrase the conversation? 

Exactly but I understand men can sometimes be such big ?!!?!
I sometimes get that. I understand
that magnesium can help.  It is a natural muscle relaxer.  Do a search on www.fatflush.com as they discuss achy legs there.  Take care.
I understand that -
I admire someone who does not let themselves get distracted! I bet your boss likes it too!
I understand what an SE is. I am saying that if the
IRS has audited you and says you owe $$$, you for darn sure are probably going to have to pay them that $$. They don't just pull stuff out of the air, and they are, unfortunately, more powerful than our government. Sure, one can fight them, but you need to shell out big $$ for the tax attorneys.
maybe you can understand..
It can be done - it has been done.

There is a balance between MT and kids, it's the reason I took this job.

My kids do not suffer and my work does not suffer.

I never said it was a crime to put your child in daycare, and I never will say that.

My only point is to say that the attitude of "it can't be done" will get you nowhere.

I might add - I have only asked for one weekend off - it was for my brother's wedding, I had to go out of state.

From what I understand, it's all about the...sm

What I do understand about scientology, which is not a lot, is that if you follow the *practice*, you are supposed to become wealthy (I think, don't quote me)! 

I did attend a small conference at church where the guest speaker was a former scientologist, and she had horror stories to tell.  The people in *management* were not allowed to have their own money or babies! They lived on a compound, no TV, no personal items of their own. Not even a washing machine or dryer in their apartment...they had to go to a laundry mat! It's so sad that people get caught up in these so-called religions just because they think they'll get rich, when everyone knows the real treasure is in Heaven! Amen...

I don't understand...
I'm not trying to be mean here, but I would think that after 17 years of working as a Transcriptionist for other services, you would know what type of equipment you'd need and where to go/who to target to find accounts.
From what I understand
Microsoft has complete instructions for this in their FAQ forums on their website, but from what I understand, you must locate your normal.dot file and save it to your desktop. Then the transfer should go smoothly. At least that was how I understood it. Good luck
i don't understand this?

what do u mean stop complaining on the board?


What I don't understand
is what's the big deal about candles? They're useless unless the power's out, then some plain old candles from the dollar store will do fine, or better yet, a wind-up or batter-powered lantern. We're constantly reading about house fires caused by careless handling of fancy candles, often with tragic consequences. I have no use for the things and refuse to attend those parties, no matter how pushy the "hostess" is.
Believe me I do understand that very well.
I know that they are counting on me to be there and do the work and I am there and working my shift.  The only thing is was that in the beginning they seemed much more willing to work with me through this than they are now.  I understand that they have obligations and deadlines and only a certain amount of time to return the work back to the facility.  I just feel frustrated because they are acting like I am just doing this to get out of work when I am not.  I need the money.
Oh, I understand exactly...sm

I realize they care as human beings, but are sick to death of constant reasons and/or excuses why someone can't get their work done.  What I mean is they don't care in the sense that all they want is the work so they can meet their requirements from the client.  Sure you can over hire to cover for such times, but how many would give up their regular routine work to immediately cover for you.  Those are the MT's you see here looking for work because they aren't getting enough work from some MTSO who is just trying to keep them on the string for emergencies.  Oh, man I could go on and on, bringing back too many memories!  It is especially frustrating when it is someone new wanting time off because you can't help but think, here we go again.  I was extremely compassionate with my employees, even paid their health insurance, let them bring infants to work so they could nurse, etc., etc., but always there are the ones who take advantage, are incompetent, undependable, blah, blah, blah.  When you have someone just starting who wants to take off for a move, it makes you wonder if you have hired another one, and it is frustrating. 

I don't understand why...
we should tip business owners.  Do you tip every business owner?  I don't tip the guy who owns the video store because he lets me rent a move?  They are getting paid for their services.  If expenses go up, their prices go up.  However, I do tip the girl who works for her because I know she only gets a % of what I am paying for the service and then again it is only when I like what she does. Most hairdressers make much more than we do, $20 for a 15 minute haircut.
Don't have to be the OP to understand what she said.
I understand--sm
being scared is only natural when you don't know what to expect or what lies ahead, and you have a right to be scared. Actually, none of us knows what lies ahead and most of us try not to think about any negative possibilities and just go on with our lives, hoping for the best. It isn't until tragedy strikes when we place our focus in a different direction. It is good that you already have a connection with God. With Him, you are never alone...and of course, there is this board and the loving kind people on it, who care and who will be there to talk to, if you need to. God Bless.
I understand this except where you say
7.5% is deductable from your personal taxes. Could you explain that a little more?
from what I understand...
They don't tell you anything unless the crime was against you, as in attempted murder, severe abuse cases, etc. Your only help might be if you have any friends with access to the information through the police department's database, or if he's on the sex offenders' registry.
I understand what you are saying
and had I not just got the opprotunity to see everyone at the family reunion in July (which OF COURSE this cousin did not attend, LOL) then I might be feeling the same way.

BUT considering this gal's history I have a feeling that the others that I would like to see are going to respond exactly as I am. We'll probably see eachother at Wal-Mart or a restaurant in a few months and about it. Yeah, I'm 40, I know I should grow up. LOL.
Don't understand
If you guys have done this before, and your husband is in real estate, I have always been informed ahead of time what my closing costs will be and so have never been "surprised."    And I also agree that if you help your family members out so much that they can all forward the rent earlier or an extra $50 or whatever you will need to get you through unitl you can flip the house.   It just all does not make a lot of sense to me or else you were truly unprepared for this purchase.  Could be wrong, who knows until you want in someone elses shoes.  
OK, so please help me understand SM

My cat is a BIG boy too...about 20 pounds.  Like yours, he has been spraying all around his litter box.  After reading the last thread I converted this big long plastic container I had into a new litter box.  It is much longer and wider than a normal kitty litter box, but not any higher.  The first few days it worked wonderfully, but after that I saw a stream of urine on the floor.  Sigh.

OK, let me see if I understand what you did.  Did you use one of those large bins (sort of like a tupperware-ish toy box) that is about 2 feet deep and 3 to 4 feet long and 2 feet wide but the top is open and then just cut out a door on the side for him to walk into it?  I used to have a covered box that he hated...I had to throw the lid away.  But this sounds perfect!  He won't feel claustrophobic and it is high enough to contain his spraying.

Cool!  Thank you to you and the OP!


I understand, but....

Hi, thanks, so then that is my question, it really doesn't matter how long you have been with someone, you will stay at the same rate?  I don't expect to keep raising the price, but am I wrong to think that the cost of living has gone up and I'm still at the same place?  having to pay into my own accounts for retirement, my own health/dental care.. that stuff isn't cheap.  I know I make a good line count amount, but I am topped out at the amount of work i can do, am I supposed to settle for the mediocre wages I end up making?  I don't think 12 cents is very much considering what the big companies are probably charging, unless they are sending their work overseas.  If you make 8 or 9 cents with a company, do you think they are charging 12 cents to the docs?  Probably more, right or wrong?

I appreciate your feedback, i was beginning to think nobody answered each other on here with all the "views" it says there are!!! :)

I think I understand...
Thanks so much for your answers! :o)
as I understand it...SM
As IC, you "should" be able to get your work done whenever you want (YOUR schedule) within a particular turnaround. You should also have a contract (written preferably, or verbal) stating what is expected and how much you will be paid. If the company says you have to work particular hours, then they are at fault and they most likely will be forced to pay all taxes for everyone for whatever period and/or they will have a judgement by the IRS.
Just ask questions with IRS - this sounds more like a company problem than yours. If you have paid your taxes honestly then you likely have no problem with the IRS. Ask them what it means for you and what you should do next, and try not to worry about it!
I understand - we all have them.
Now I try to turn it into a positive thing by being thankful I have work, grateful for my children when there are those who can't, glad to have a roof over my head in bad weather and thankful for this board on which to vent! Hope your day is better today.
I understand what you are saying, but
I think that someone who is scared to post something for fear of being jumped on really needs to grow some. This is the internet...no reason to be scared. I do not personally like when I feel attacked, but it's not going to keep me from posting a question/response. Just my 2 cents for what it's worth. :o)
Don't understand what you need
Do you already have the account or are looking for one?  If need advice how to find one, do a search as this has been discussed many time.  If you want help setting everything up, you will need to pay a consultant fee.