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Must this same old argument come up once a week? Sm

Posted By: Becky on 2005-07-25
In Reply to: Just so happens there ARE some people who - Yeah, yeah, yeah

I have no possible way to cherrypick (and wouldn't if I did have a way, I detest that) as my work is manually assigned at the start of the day. I am a very high producer and do 2000+ lines in 3-4 hours. Always have.

It has to do with knowing your dictators (there are hundreds at the three hospitals I do) and using macros and expanders. That's all.

It's not as easy to do if you're not using free-standing Word or something, but for IC's working at home, yep, every day it's done.

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Is there engineer week? Astronaut week? Veterinarian week?
argument baiter
God bless you also.
hi, i'm not involved in this argument, not trying to be mean
in?  Congrats on getting a degree, I think thats wonderful!  A lot of hard work.
No argument here. Since I can make (sm)

.12 a line with my own clients, I no longer work for other services.  All I would get from other services was the work nobody else wanted to do.  After trying at least 5 other services I quit working for them because I was making...

Peanuts!  It wasn't worth it. 

I need help resolving an argument please! (sm)
Would someone please explain the difference between a medical assistant and a physician assistant.  Have a friend who's girlfriend has him convinced she's a PA.  She takes vitals and history from the patients before they are seen by the podiatrist.  She is a CMA, NOT a PA.  Someone please help me resolve this issue with an explanation or link to website describing specific differences in education and status!! He's driving me nuts!
I am not looking to start an argument--sm
about this or anything else, for that matter. You make some valid points, but I don't even like the idea of chlorine being added to tap water...no matter what the ratio. If I wanted to drink bleach, I would do so, but I don't, and I do not think it should be forced on the general public as being safe either, because it isn't. Besides that...chlorine is not the *only* chemical used in treating pool water, either, and unless you are the person treating the pool water, you really have no idea of what *ratios* are adhered to, or how it can affect a person with a sensitivity. Just my opinion, so don't get defensive. All I am saying is that if the boy's voice was affected by *something*, there was a problem and it should be looked into. JMO
They are just trying to start an argument. I know a
guy that is in a relationship like this, roles reversed. I would have left her a long time ago!
Sounds like you are just looking for an argument.
Type what the doctor said. If it sounds incorrect, blank it and let the hospital know.

How hard is that?

Please help with "discussion" with boyfriend (argument)

Boy, I love that this board is available.  I'm an IC and only have catastrophic insurance so there's no mental health access available for me.

Anyway, here it is:

1.  I've noticed over the years that my boyfriend has periods of what seems to be a depression. It impacts his treatment of me, it then kind of upsets our routine and, of course, it upsets me. It seems that NOTHING I do or say can get him out of it.  In fact, the perkier or more cheerful I try to be, the more he withdraws (I must pretty get annoying, too, do ya think? with all that perkiness).  So I just try to stay out of his way and it usualy doesn't last more than about 10 days, usually more like 3-4.  Sometimes he can go up to as long as a month or two without one of these episodes. 

2.  When I try to talk to him about my concerns he generally goes into a denial thing.  It's usually a given, with him, that anything wrong in our relationship or even sometimes in his relationships with others, is absolutely my fault, but that's another story.  So when I mention casually or carefully that he seems down, is everything all right it kind of makes him get mad and aggressive and usually he will say "yeah, WHY?" kind of in an ugly way.  So as I said, usually I say nothing.  On occasion, he has admitted that he gets down at times but that's all he'[ll say, and then later he doesn't seem to remember that he admitted this. 

3.  A while back I approached him about his depressed mood and he got kind of defensive.  I mentioned that he acts particularly down around his brother and that his brother had said that he noticed he seemed depressed quite a bit lately and thought he was "suicidal" although I think the brother was just kind of exaggerating on the suicidal thing.  I only mentioned the brother commenting on his being down because, as always, my boyfriend usually denies any problem, and says it just my making things up. 

4.  Today my boyfriend got very angry that I had told him that his brother said he thought he seemed depressed - what kind of a girlfriend would mention something like that.  I said "a caring one" and should I just "pretend nothing is wrong" and no one else sees this either?  I said it wasn't meant to be an attack but a reaching out.  A couple other folks have seen my boyfriend in his depressed state and commented on it also (I have never told him that).  I said one of the reasons I mentioned his brother's comment was because he always negates what I say, tells me it's basically all in my head, nothing is wrong with him....blah-blah-blah. 

5.  He asked me how I would feel if my family talked to HIM about them thinking I was depressed.  I said I would be touched and concerned and most of all would feel like they really cared about me.  I certainly wouldn't be enraged.  He says I am lying about that.  He said it over and over that I couldn't possibly feel that way.  I said that depression is not like calling someone dishonest or cruel, that it's out of that realm completely.  That when people ask about how you are doing that they care about you.  He laughs cruelly at me when I say these things.  He also says this has driven a wedge into our relationship, that he can't trust me and that all I want to do say mean things about him.  I say "huh, what in the heck are you talking about?"

6.  Incidentally his sister committed suicide after cycles of depression for many years.  The family knew she had problems but didn't really get involved or try to contact her or do an intervention in the weeks before her suicide.  Most of all, they didn't talk to each other about what was going on either.   I was thinking this was perhaps family tradition to turn away from highly charged emotional issues?  I don't know, as I said, I don't operate like that.  I'm more from the school of "hey, there it is - let's talk about it.  But everytime I try to talk about it he denies it or tells me I'm lying.


You are not going to win. You got the Argument Lady. She gets off on this stuff and you
Your argument does not hold water.
A hurricane in those areas of Texas may indeed have never been so far inland, but that's the nature of natural disasters. For 4 years now Homeland Security has been trying to drill it into the minds of the American people that you need to be prepared for ANYTHING. Maybe next time it will be a terrorist hit. Maybe an earthquake along New Madrid. Don't you believe your survival should be dependent on yourself? Or do you expect the govt to swoop in and take care of it for you? The sheeple need to wake up. Get prepared and stay prepared!
A great argument for breastfeeding nm
I didn't want to turn this into an argument, like someone said, its just a fun thread..but
Look at Jude Law, he is as fit as a fiddle!  Strong prominent jaw line, piercing blue eyes.  Toby Keith has a round chubby face, no comparison here!  He's probably bald underneath the cowboy hat too.
astounding. and argument lady doesn't get it does she?
I mean she missed the whole point and then goes onto some education jag. Tangential flight of ideas. Psych material.
When one cannot win an argument with logic they resort to name calling.
They can't help themselves. It's instinct (hee).
Laura Bush. Not to start an argument, LOL, I really do. nm
I know because we are back to the SAME argument but worse this time...
We have spoken today briefly. He is furious. He is saying everything is my fault, etc. I just told him I am tired of the bickering back and forth, that it is both our faults, and if he wants to do the bills he can have them - but I reminded him last time he was offered this but did not look at the bills one single time. What can I do? Nothing I don't think.
Oh I forgot to mention what actually started our argument today...sm

What started our argument today is his mom and dad have been living in this house, if that is what you can call it, for about 20 years...they never cleaned it or anything (his mom said because "why bother when it is hopeless).  Well I don't care how small of a house it is it can still be clean.  Well, they come into some money, a few hundred thousand dollars, and they go out and buy this 150k house.  They say since we are having a hard time with our payment, being 2 payments behind, then we can "have" their old house.  The house is on lease land and the floors are rotted.  Well I felt like it would take a load of our shoulders and actually I felt like that was the only way we were going to get out of this mess..  We go down there, begin to clean one day....over 3 HUGE Flex bags by Glad of trash just from their bathroom - filled to the rim!!!! Flexed to the max....

I get back thinking of how bad it would hurt to walk out my door at my house for the last time and go live there.  So I said, "NO, I will fight for my house. I will work what hours needs to be worked, etc.  I am saving my house."  He gets mad, because his parents say we are going to lose it anyhow.  But hey - they had all of that money...we only needed $1,000.00 - could they not have lent it to us?????  But he thought I was wrong for asking after I told him I WOULD WORK TO GET US CAUGHT UP....I said, "well, if my son EVER needs anything like that, especially something to save his home, I will do what it takes to help him...And surely if I had came into hundreds of thousands of dollars, I think I could spare or lend 1,000. 


Sorry...I am hurt.

You've made my point with your inspid argument
And clearly if all you are doing is "correcting doctors spelling" you are not a transcriptionist..not sure what you are doing. I stand by my demand for appropriate compensation. Ya'll be happy being categorized as typists and making your $8.00 to 11.00 an hour. Unbelievable you would justify this...simply unbelievable.
Typically this week is a slow week in lots of places

because it is a big vacation week.  Typically things slow dow a bit in the summer too because people are putting off elective surgery, but at the same time lots of people going on vacation so it should balance out.   



Lowest runs $900 week, highest $1400 week (sm)
Get paid 12 CPL. Been doing transcription for about 12 years.
I work 6 days a week every other week

Due to my company's payroll (it runs Sun-Sat), I'm able to work a rotating schedule with every other weekend off. Week 1 I work Sunday through Thursday with Fri, Sat, Sun off.  Week 2 I work Monday through Friday with Saturday only off.  Then I'm back to week 1 and get that following weekend off.

I've found that I'm more productive with shorter shifts and I have kids in school anyway, so I work a lot of split shifts during the week.  If possible, you might want to consider cutting back your hours to 30 hours and just work five 6-hour days in split shifts, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. 

I have no AC. Will be in 90s again her in WI next week...

Ugh. Ugh. Worst part is my little kids. And, everything feeling sticky. I hate that.

*send me cool breezes* LOL!

Maybe twice a week. That is enough for me. nm
$60 a week ($12 a day) nm
Did see that one, but saw one last week where...
this anti child predator group posed as young teenagers on the internet and lured men to a house where  NBC cameras were set up.  In 3 days about 20 men showed up to have sex with 12/13/14 yo boys and girls.  What was shocking was that not all of them were non-functional anti-social types.  Many of them were professionals including a TEACHER, rabbi, ER doctor, etc.  You should have seen their reaction when they realized they were speaking with NBC  Primtime and their faces were going to be showcased on national TV.  Needless to say, the  professional men's lives  have been ruined.  It is scary to  think there are so many seemingly trustworthy men who would show up to have sex with a child.  VERY SCARY.  Lesson for parents.  Don't allow you children to use chat rooms PERIOD!
I wish I saw this last week sm
I just ordered a bunch, but I'll keep track of your web sites and check them out. Thanks for the tip.
She already said 50 hrs per week and
That means she's making around $25 an hour, which is about right for an experienced MT with their own accounts and lots of shortcuts, templates, and expanders. Working for a company and working for self are two completely different ballgames. If you work for a company, then the person you are working for is making 3-4 cpl (at least) more than you are in order to pay you what you make and still earn a profit to run the business. If you work for yourself, then you set the rates based on what you need to make to earn a living. I would say a good average CPL rate for MTs with their own accounts is probably 12-13 cpl so you can do the math. If an MT is working for self making 12 cpl, in order to earn $25 an hour, they'd need to produce 208 lines. Not exactly unrealistic for anyone with experience and expanders, etc.

Sorry if you all aren't making that kind of money, but it can be made if you are good at what you do and you utilize production aids and don't settle for measly 6-cpl jobs.
my first week on my own
Wow.  I started with two companies at once which was dumb, but on is limited and pays better.  Only thing is their software is the most unuser friendly thing and I can't seem to understand.  I have to download the voice files from their site, transfer that name -DSS onto the text name, type the reports in Word and transfer them over too.  It's ridiculous.  Then I started with Infomatics which seems like a sweat shop.  If i made $75 all week, it's a lot.  They finally sent me a food pedal, and would you believe it was defective?  I've used either hot keys or the screen on the monitor. Takes 4 hours to do a 20 minute job, no joke.  They are like a sweatshop.  Got offer from Ameriscribe but don't want to work weekends.  I ran my own service, apparently from the stone age, and this is really a hard transition.  The typing is easy if I had a footpedal and with the other company could understand their stupid, stupid software!  HELP!
I had one the other week who...
kept slamming the receiver down on a hard surface while she paged through the chart.  And then when she picked it up again, she started speaking before she had it close to her mouth, so I lost a lot of what she was saying.  What a pain!
By the way, I was going 2 x a week at first, then 1 x a week and - sm
as I said now once every 2 weeks. As mentioned below avoid those that want to see you every day (I did that once years ago....bill was $600 after 3 days...needless to say I argued the bill and got it knocked down to about $200 and never went back) or use weird gadgets, etc. There are good ones out there.
This is the second week that

I didn't enjoy the show.  They all seemed nervous or off.  Kelly's twang is getting on my nerves. She reminds me of Ellie May from the Beverly Hillbillies.  Is there anyone else out there that thinks Kenny Rogers looks like Merv Griffin? His plastic surgery certainly is subtle.   

I am going to do it once a week. (sm)
I'm so excited. I may finally be blackhead free. I was just about to buy some expensive stuff. This cost me a whole doll-hair!!!!
mt week
is MT week next week?? thanks
What do you think this week?

And again Taylor and Elliot take the cake in my book.  I thought Katherine did poorly again.  She should have thanked her lucky stars that she didn't get sent home last week and picked up the pace, but obviously she didn't.  Chris was just okay in my opinion.  He is actually boring me lately.  I used to think he was great.  Still think he has talent, just not entertaining anymore. 



MT Week.......................nm
MT week
Thanks a bunch for the good wishes! It means a lot to all of us.
MT Week
Happy MT Week to All!
mt week
nothing so far, i did send an email to the group. 
MT week, that is
MT Week
Yeah.  I never ever win anything.  That just made my day.
MT week

I took my I/C's out to a nice lunch, gave them a raise and am taking myself to Vegas on Monday for three days. 


MT Week
Yes, my company made a donation in all our names to breast cancer research. I think that is a very wonderful thing to do. I was touched and pleased.
OMG, you are going the same week I am!
with a 3-1/2-yo. Caravelle is great, too, but Compass Cove has better pools and a couple of lazy rivers, one that's indoor for rainy days. Plus they are cheaper, too. They have a kids pool with a submarine that the kids can climb around in and water buckets that tip over and pour water on them, etc. Very cool and my kids love it! They are 6 and 12, and even my 12-yo has fun with the dumping buckets. You should email me and I can tell you more about both places, but Compass Cove is the best all-around deal. We are going the exact same week so maybe we can even meet and say hello!!

Oh, and yes, they have a really good buffet breakfast that's included in the package deal. In fact, if a place doesn't offer that, it's a dealbreaker for us now! LOL!

If you're interested in email about this, I'd love to chat with you more about it. :) I think I'm set up so you can email me but if not, let me know and I'll try to change it, or I can email you. :)
WOW! I cannot believe we are going the same week...lol

There is not a link on their to email you...I get a little confused with how to do it too...lol....Where are you from? I am from WV....It is about an 8 hour trip for us but I cannot wait...We used to go 1-2 times EVERY year but for the pasted few years have slowed down - last year we did not even get to go....We usually stay at Sandcastle South - I usually go with my family...It is okay -kinda plain in decorations..and too expensive for what they have to offer I think...My family loves it though...So since we are going just our family I am going to where I want to go....lol...

I will try to add my email on here so feel free to email me...and yeah, maybe we can meet...that would be neat! 

very bad week

One of my favorite neighbors was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and will be lucky if he is here in three weeks.  His gallbladder and pancreas are gone as well as 2/3 of the liver and so he unable to eat anything.  But he says that he is in no pain.   They were treating him for ulcers for the past six months.   My 15 year old doggie was diagnosed with a cancerous growth on her neck/jaw and if I don't have it removed she won't be able to eat in a month or so and with removal the doc thinks that I will have a year or so since she is still in good shape and this type of cancer does not metastasize.   So it has been a down week for me but all you can do is to put one foot in front of the other and keep trucking. 

MT Week
I see where you got the impression that Diskriter gave out AMEX - that was donated to MT Stars as a giveaway.
MT Week

Funny thing is, shortly before I quit, they sent out an email asking everyone to nominate them for MT Company of the Year for MT Week. 

Hmmm....  Doubt very much they are going to win that award!  :)


Thanks Transtech for the American Express Gift Cheque.  You guys are the best!!!!

It took me about a week

to get used to it and about a month to get proficient with it.  I have been using it for six years and I can't type without it.  I have entire templates in it, phrases, words, you name it.


Just about $500 a week
but that's as an employee.