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Posted By: Christy on 2007-03-01
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I am having problems with DropChute.  I have the Pro version and I loaded the Lite version on my clients computer.  They can send to me, but I cannot send to them.  It finds there address but says "no answer" when I know they are on-line.  Any suggestions?



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It's actually called DropChute.  Here is their website:


I use it for one of my accounts and I personally hate it.  how it works is my MTSO sends me files and they are literally "dropped" right onto my computer.  So my computer must be on all the time so it's ready for "calls."  I am located by my ip address, so if I want to take my laptop and go work somewhere else, the dropchute wouldn't work without first making other arrangements with the MTSO, cos obviously my ip would change if I was logging onto the internet through some other isp. 

When I get done with my work, I send it back to them through dropchute.  Again, the computer I'm trying to send to must be on and receiving "calls" for it to work.  we have run into many problems with transmission in the past. 

Also, when we receive work, we have it set so that a little note pops up to tell you you are receiving something.  This ALWAYS messes up my typing flow and half the time I end up deleting the note before I even know it's there or I start typing in the wrong window and have to go back and correct. 

I much prefer working on a FTP system.  That way, I can log on when I want to pick up my work and can return work that way too. 

It's pretty pricey too!  If you are looking at this for yourself, get ready to plunk down a whopping $900!  If you are going to be working for an MTSO that asks you to have this, make sure they are supplying the software for you.