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Posted By: Nancy on 2005-12-29
In Reply to:

What is the standard "going" rate for an Editor position? 

Thanks in advance for the info. 

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I've also found it varies from editor to editor -
In one case I researched it fully, and found that both of them were wrong, and I had been right all along.
Editor Pay??
I've seen quite a few posts on here about pay being horrible...just wondering if I'm getting paid right. I've been editing now for two years, started at .02/line and now am getting paid .03/line (65 character line with spaces). I've been in the MT business for 4 years total. Does this sound right or should I ask for more??
bad editor
I think you are the editor that was making so many mistakes and had such poor quality,  And you are the first to cast stones???  SoftScript has always paid for all their lines if there was a problem.  You just didn't like getting caught doing poor work issues,  All of us MTs know who you are.
QA Editor Pay?
I've just been offered a QA editor position with the pay being .05 cpl.....Is this average pay or below average? Thanks!
Very well said and I am not an editor. I am MT
working hard and trying my hardest to do my job well. Both jobs are tough and we all need to be working together. While it not's always comfortable to have my errors pointed out to me, you can be sure that I probably will not make the same error again. As far as getting feedback, well as the old saying goes, "No news is good news."  If one works in DocQ, one can go back and pull up the "finished" product that has been corrected if blanks were left in it; so, that's good enough feedback right there. You can read the report as it was sent to the client after it has been through QA.
BUT I am not an editor
I was offered 2 cpl.
Editor pay
I've worked for 5 a line and 4 a line. 
Becoming an Editor/QA
Can anyone tell me how you go about becoming an Editor or Q/A person.  It seems like every job opening wants experienced editors but where do you get the experience from.  I would work for a lot less if I could get experience editing. I have been an MT for over 20 years, so you would think that would count for something.
QA editor pay
Wondering about what a fair hourly pay rate would be for QA Editor position? Is there such a thing as a line rate for that job? Also curious about how ASR is paid...by the hour? By the line? How much?
editor for 15 or ???
Editor Pay

It would be wonderful if MTSO's hiring editors would state if they're paying by the line or per hour/salary.  It's a huge waste of time testing for a position only to find that the position is paid per line.  A quality Editor would do better working at McDonald's. 

You OBVIOUSLY are not an editor.
Whomever has never made a mistake raise your hand? I've worked as a Supervisor/QA/Editor/MT and I'll be the first to admit I've made mistakes. I'd rather learn from my mistakes. Laugh off the I can't believe I did that ones and chalk up it all up to learning. I've had moments where I would sit at my pc and think why can't I find this or that? Also, the ones where you know the answer but for some reason you left your brain somewhere and forgot to pick it back up. We all have good and bad days. I decided to go back to being a Editor/MT. I wasn't demoted or fired from a job. I like what I'm doing now and of course I have those days where I want to pull my hair out. I'm grateful that I'm able to use my skills where they are needed. I don't knock anyone for their efforts and sometimes just saying a kind word or encouraging someone who makes mistakes won't discourage them. No one is superior here. We all start somewhere and helping one another out can establish good working relationships and even good friendships. Try to look at things in a different light next time. Getting angry and having a tantrum won't get you anywhere. I have worked in situations where I couldn't believe how they treated the MT staff and even the QA staff. I would shake my head and think that person needs a prayer. I hope that all the experiences we have make us stronger and don't discourage any of us. Remember that this too shall pass and it will soon be a distant memory. Big huge hugs to all the QA/Editors/MTs out there. Let's work together and the results will be phenomenal. =)
Unfortunately, I see this a lot as an editor
Quite a few MTs seem to have trouble with constructing proper sentences. I do remember one sentence that did clearly need a comma, but it was still a complete sentence. The sentence with "however" in it was a run on, but I don't remember any of the others.

I wasn't criticising your skills as an MT. I was just stating that you may need to brush up on proper English/grammar/sentence structure, as people tend to get into the groove of things and forget the proper rules.
I'm an editor, not an MT and...
I proof/correct/often re-do things that were transcribed in India.

The company has things set up like a pie - part of the pie goes to the transcriptionist, part of the pie goes to the editor, and the rest of it goes to the owner of the company.

Since she's already paying the overseas MTs a pittance, what better way for her to get an even bigger piece of the pie than to eliminate the pesky editors who have the audacity to expect to be paid to fix the junk work turned out by the overseas MTs.

So, sure - the work is still being transcribed. Only a select few accounts that the boss can't afford to lose are still being edited by anyone other than the owner herself - if at all.

There is no other reason. She told me what she was doing and why!
ME = Medical Editor. nm.
Looking for experience MTs and editor
Terra Nova Transcription is now hiring experienced MTs and editors for hospital account.  We provide all software and hardware at no cost.  Great company!
Radiology editor

I need to hire a QAeditor for a radiology account. Would offer paid vacations, 10 paid holidays a year. What is a fair wage for the midwest region? Do most places by hourly or by the line?  

Thanks for your help, and if anyone is interested in applying, please email me.


Radiology Editor
I live in the Midwest and I am a radiology editor. A lot depends on what you want your Editor to do. Many editors simply fill in blanks and correct errors. Many of them are paid by the line, the rationale being that they will be able to make money because the amount of work they edit each day. I will not work that way and the really experienced editors will agree with me on that. A good bit of my work is feedback and working with the MTs to improve quality. If you are in the business, you know how difficult it is to find really well-trained MTs. I make $16.00/hour. My boss figured out that I am worth what he pays me because I have brought many MTs along and we have cut down on turnover. The client is also very happy with us. I don't think there is a "midwest range" as far as what editors who live here make as most of us work for companies all over the nation. Hope this helps.
Displaced editor
Which company is downsizing so we make sure all of us QA folks stay away from them?
Editor hourly pay??

After years as an MT, I'm thinking of switching to Editing...Can anyone please tell me what is the standard hourly rate to request for an Editor? BTW I live in the Midwest with a fairly low cost of living. Thank you!

Medical Editor job

Hi Guys! Does anyone have any info on what a MEDICAL Editor position should pay in the NY area?  It's requiring 10+ years of MT experience. 

Do these positions usually work from home - or on hospital sites?  I don't know much about editing jobs - and am darn curious about the particulars. I've sent in a resume, but am now playing the waiting game !

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks guys !


medical editor
It really doesn't matter. If you are working online, the
MTSO usually doesn't care. They pay what they want to pay. Many companies still want their QA people to work at the company and it seems as though the majority of MTSOs are located in the South where wages are lower. Some pay more if you are a CMT or give a shift differential but that is about it. I have been editing for nearly 12 years. In the good old days we were paid hourly, but more and more companies now pay by the line and have a minimum of lines that they expect you to do per day. If they also expect you to do feedback to the MTs as well, you have a problem. I do not think it is possible to give decent feedback and make a line count, partcularly if you are working with green and/or bad MTs and/or transcription done out of the country. If I can't get an editing job that pays hourly, I would rather transcribe. Some editors are switching to editing speech recognition reports. Even though no feedback is required, the current opinion seems to be that you still can make more transcribing. I have done some speech recognition editing and tend to agree with that. If you are thinking about editing because your hands are giving out, you might want to think about using speech recognition to transcribe. I have been transcribing (and editing) using Dragon Naturally Speaking for a number of years and have been pretty successful with it.
editor questions

I started in Feb part time as an editor, paid by the hour, $14.  I have 30 years' experience as an MT, but only a few months as an editor.  Now I'm being told I'm not producing enough.  I'm doing about 200 lph.   They want 225-325 lph.  I listen to each report and correct.  I'm using Word and the track changes. There are some difficult dictators and some inexperienced MTs.   My questions:  What should an Editor average as to lph?   Should I listen through each report or not?  What if I don't listen and there is a crucial word that is not typed and I miss it.  Who is responsible?  I'm trying to provide good feedback for these new MTs and put out a good quality product.  I really need the money this job generates.  I work for a national as an MT too and that's another story.  Anyway, any feedback from experienced editors welcomed.  Thanks! 

P.S.  Are there any companies that want quality work from MTs/editors or is just now all about production and to heck with quality?   Sure seems that way.   I'm going to end up working up Wal-Mart and my 30 years' experience will be wasted.

QA/editor salary?

What is an average salary to expect for QA/editor with 10 yrs. experience?  I'm in the process of switching companies and have been offered 3 to 4 cents per line or between $24-26,000 salary.  At that rate, I will either have to stay where I'm at working under unrealistic conditions or go back to being a Transcriptionist (which isn't such a bad idea).

I'm not asking for specific companies, names, etc., but can other editors tell me, do companies offer a higher salary range such as $32-34,000 any more?  The last time I was out there looking for a job, QA/editors were getting a decent salary.  Now I'm finding they are getting less than MTs (and of course MTs are getting far less as well these days too).  Any input is appreciated.  Thanks.
Anybody change from MT to MT Editor?

Hi Everybody,

I have been transcribing for 10 years now mostly in house, although sometime at home stuff doing ortho, PT, chiro, physiatry and now radiology in a MRI facility.  I am feeling pain in my hands which is making me think about other things in the field and wondering how in the future to transition to MT Editor and wondering if anyone has any info on it or has done it.  It is worth it financially and what would be the requirements?








It has been my experience that editor can mean
editing of voice recognition files which to me is not QA.  QA is Quality Assurance (duh) which means actually editing the reports of other MTs.... I think it is confusing and not all companies are clear in what they actually want.
I am an editor with a question

At one point should I tell my boss that this person she hired is just not cutting it?

How many errors per page do you think are acceptable when a person is new?

At what point should I tell my boss that I need a few extra cents per line while editing this person who isn't really an MT, but basically took typing in high school, two years ago.

As editor, MT like the OP tick me off. So
I'm not even an editor, and the OP ticks me off too. nm
Do you mean hourly as editor or (sm)
strictly QA?  How much experience do you need for either?
From MT to QA Editor...I have just made the switch from MT

to QA Editor.  This is much harder than I thought even though I have 20 years in MT industry.  I had thought with my many years experience, this would be a piece of cake...WRONG...I will give it more time though.

Questions for QA/Editor people
What would you say is an average hourly rate for an Editor who is not a certified MT? Do you also do transcription? If so, do you do this during your shift that you are acting as QA or after?

If you do transcription during your shift, how many lines of QA do you average per hour? Also, if there is no work to QA, are you still paid (IC status). I would appreciate any insight that any of you can provide. I just got my first QA position and am trying to get an understanding of how things go. Please don't tell me to ask the company. I want to hear from you guys, if you don't mind.

I have worked as an editor for the last 1.5 years (sm)
This is my experience:  I can do 4500 lines for my current company - but that is because it is easy work, wonderful software and have same docs over and over and over.... on the flip side - recently tried a job with horrible software, horrible docs, horrible MTs, required to listen to entire report. I could not do 500 lines in 5 hours - after a couple of weeks I gave up.  Editing is a lot like MT in that you have to become familiar with your docs and the work as well as the MT to make any decent money... I think you are probably just having basically the same experience I had with my second part-time job - there is better work out there!!
I am an editor and I get paid to sit and watch the
system. You did not explain yourself so sometimes there is no work to do. I am employee w/bennies and there are times there is no work yet I am there watching the system for stats. I am hourly and I do get paid for sometimes doing nothing but watching.

So, you canned the editors and you did your job, so what's your problem?

You did not explain and to be honest, as I said before, believe nothing you hear and only believe half of what you see with your own eyes.

Until you explain the situation, I will take it that the situation was similar.

If two QA people were doing no work, you could have told that in one day and pushed them out of your company.

I have no sympathy for you.

I just do not believe you.
And then went to court with the editor and said her famous sm

*people who do bad things get breast cancer*, talking about the editor.  Rose is not a nice person.   In fact, she said *the (expletive omitted) ain't so nice anymore* or something to that effect.  Yep, what a role model.

Not an editor, but a real job "whore," too, as I try to fit that
Wow, I make $15 an hour as an editor and ...sm
thought I was doing pretty good. I can make more per hour line wise, but I get easily distracted, which causes me after 8 hours to do very badly. ;o(
No, but I am a QA editor paid by the line
There are a few of us I guess.
Letter to Editor-Advance

I will  write a letter...

VR editor - still with CT symptoms, very severe. sm
I have to admit, it has eased up a little; however, I have had CTS for over 12 years now and never did anything about it. As I age, use my hands the same, and keep the same sleeping habits, my symptoms have gotten so severe.

I really can not say it is better or worse with transcribing or editing these days. It is more pronounced when sleeping or grasping things.

I would not change a job for reasons such as tendinitis or CTS, etc.

Not an editor, but can you double space it & use
Editor here stunned by new MT's attitude
I am almost speechless.  A new MT was told to read a manual before typing.  She did not read the our instruction manual.  She typed a mess and when I asked her to read it and pointed out errors she attacked me and was extremely rude.  I am just stunned here.  What is up with people? 
I've been an MT/editor for over 9 years.....
As for question #1:

The answer is YES. There ARE a lot of scam schools out there or at least ones that will not prepare you well. I'm sure you have heard of Andrews School and M-TEC. These are really the only 2 good online schools. Some people say you can't get a good MT education at a community college. However, that is where I got mine (along with countless hours of self study), and I'm doing more than fine.

As for question #2 -
If you DO get a good education, study hard, do EXCELLENT on the employer's transcription test, and just plain have a knack for this, you could find a decent job. Luck has nothing to do with it and being *elite* is not required. The part about getting what you're worth is up for debate, though.

As for question #3 -
I completely agree with this. However, I do think we are a long way from being replaced in any way. That doesn't mean the job description won't change (editing instead of MT, for example) or your pay won't be lowered.

Hope that helps a little. Good luck with your decision!

Editor versus Transcriptionist
Just curious... does an Editor make more than a Transcriptionist or about the same?
i'm not an editor pulling my hair out or hollering at anyone. You are.
what a joke. you think you are superior but when i make $25-30 an hour with no sweat, no problem, no hollering, no pulling my hair out, and you are left hollering with BP in the too high digits, who is dumb? bwwwaaaaaahaaaaaaaa
i don't want to be an editor. i want to work independently. i don't need to have "power p
to feel good. i don't work well with others and MT allows me to do my personal best w/o others bringing me down. You don't believe it, you got issues. Probably lied to by your parents as a child. Talk it out. Not everyone is a liar.
Anyone ever work as a researcher/editor for Stedman's?
I saw on their website that they welcome you to join their editorial team when they're working on new books.

I was wondering how much they pay and how much work it is.  I'm pretty happy to only have one job for the first time in years, but an occasional short-term project for some extra cash sounds kinda cool.
Radiology Editor wage for midwest
Although I am not a Radiology Editor, I am a Radiology Transcription Supervisor in the midwest (teaching hospital). I think QA/Editor positions should pay more, or at least the same as MT positions. I think $20-$22/hour is more in line with the job requirements.
Displaced Editor trying to find a home

I am a good Editor trying to find a new work home.  The company I work for is downsizing and I am afraid I am next.  I would like to have a place where I can have benefits as I have children.

Does such a place exist anymore?

Thank you.

My editor did the same - told the doc that she knew what the office
staff had for lunch, which their social schedules were for the next 48 hours but did not know what he had dictated on his tape. Ha!