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Ewww! Are those the brown hard little bugs that

Posted By: make the bzzzzz sound? on 2006-04-14
In Reply to: Any remedies out there to repel Junebugs? sm - mlstoo


I'll be watching to see what suggestions you get!! LOL

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Maybe some sausage and peppers on hard rolls, but brown all the peppers, onions, and sausages
Bugs, exactly what kind of bugs
do you have, what are your symptoms? Saw something on TVV that might go along with what you are talking about.
I forgot about that one. That one freaks me out too, makes my toes curl...
Ewww...everyone look at this ad!
Go to this MT company website. Scroll down and look at the ad to the right...picture of a woman's face and says Smart Beautiful Transcription...!?!! WHAT?!?! Anyone else find this cheesey at the least and gross at the most? LOL

ewww - I so don't agree with you....sm

I type 100 WPM but as a former Editor of a weekly rag in NYC - I'm far faster on ASR/VR than regular reports - I'm doing 400 LPH with ASR and nearly 200 LPH with regular reports on DQS/DEP. 

So your post doesn't bode well for some as you cannot make such a HUGE generalization.  You've typed that before I do believe about *slower typers* in former posts (perhaps it wasn't you but it *appears* as if it were).  We are not typers by the way, we are transcriptionists and/or editors.  *S*

Have a GREAT day!!! 


ewww..if you have no sound at all--sm
ANYWHERE, it sounds as though your sound card just went out. You may need to replace it. (I have gone through two sound cards in the past year). I hope you know someone that can put it in for you. Good luck!
Ewww. Not a nice answer.
Gross is right! Check out the picture. Ewww....

Ewww. Our house had nasty carpet throughout when we moved in.
We tore the carpet out of the kitchen and bathroom and put in a piece of cheap vinyl that didn't last. Then we tore that out and put vinyl squares down. More pricey but still didn't last as we wanted due to scuffing, scratching, sliding and lifting. The company we bought from went out of business, so nada for the warranty. We're going to do Pergot laminate next month. I've never done ceramic tile because I've lived in at least two houses where the floor tiles split and cracked. I don't know how well it would tolerate the constant parade of kids, dogs and cats.
just hope he doesn't start a new trend--ewww!
I can't stand it if I accidentally forget to put mine on. I can usually tell pretty quickly if I do. Just not comfortable to me (or anyone else around probably).
I live in Ohio too.  When I had a bug problem I went online to my county's agricultural website.  They have a section on bugs and can help you identify them.
This bugs me too!!!
I totally know what you mean! It is scary that a doctor cannot pronounce the terms and I can...who had more schooling again? lol. But seriously I leave blanks because I don't want to guess and then QA tells me that I need to put in more effort to locate the medication names. I just want to make sure it is correct! If they would just dictate it correctly I could just type it and move on to the next...they are doctors, you think they would know how to pronounce medical terms.
No stomach bug here but still bugs

My kids came home yesterday with notes stating that headlice was going around and to keep an eye out for itchy heads, great way to start the new year 

June bugs
Awwww, I miss June bugs, and just hearing about them makes me wish I was back in Missouri, which is where I grew up and we saw lots of them!
June bugs
My husband's uncle used to eat them.
Not until the bugs are worked out
This really BUGS me, & I'm getting sick of it! - sm


Why is it that MTSOs can't get at least MOST of their QA people on the same page when it comes to style, format, spelling, abbreviations, etc. etc.???  I have 4 different people editing my work, and I keep getting 4 different opinions on what is correct and what is not!  Half the things they *correct* were right when I typed them, and now are WRONG once they're edited!  Yet it's MY initials on the page of the final product, so whoever reads it will think I produced that trash.  Gaaaaaaa!


I've heard farts, burps, peeing, but never loogies. Ewww.
Get some chickens, they love bugs! :)
To get rid of june bugs you need to get rid of grubs. You can
use Milky Spore but it is expensive and can take up to 3 years.   You can put products on the lawn for grub control and that will eliminate the June bugs.  
I've heard it has too many bugs in it...
and to wait until Microsoft works things out better before buying it.
JUST A SMALL VENT - This just really bugs me...

I sooooooo CANNOT stand when a dictator is chomping/smacking gum, food, ice whatever the heck is in their mouth in my ear while talking!!  Do they not know it is annoying and does interfere when they are chomping between their words??? 

Arrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh.....ahh, Im better! lol 

That bugs me, too, as a matter of fact....(sm)
About 20 years ago, our new director introduced herself to the transcription department by asking, "How many transcribers do we have?" Without hesitating, I replied, "One for every Transcriptionist and two backups" :O
Not the typos it's misspelling "niece" that bugs.
I just found the best spray for June bugs sm
and spiders, ants and those yukky black and yellow bees that go in the ground. I have June bugs something awful this year, hundreds banging around my house. And those bees were so bad last year I couldn't get in the garden, they had invaded everything and got in the house as well. I talked to a farmer who used this stuff called Suspend. He said it really worked but it was expensive.  I found some on the web and mixed a couple gallons and went around the foundation, under the decks and sprayed a bunch in every bee hole I could find and wow, it's like magic. I haven't seen one bee scouting around the holes, no ants in the house anymore or in the gardens and not one spider. We get those big wolf spiders and I found 4 dead ones in the alley. It's great. It's $40.00 for a bottle (I think its a pint) and it makes around 11 gallons. I bought it at http://www.doyourownpestcontrol.com.  No, I am not a distributor nor do I make any money off referrals. Just recommending something I finally found has worked.
oh but mine is *apparently* - yeah that bugs. nm



Anywhere I see an error it bugs me. I've seen the fast food
signs, grocery store signs frequently with spelling errors.  I have even called a fast food store and told them about an error.  It also bugs me when I watch the news and they'll put the name of a person or a place as a caption and they obviously spell it wrong.   Not only am I an MT, but I homeschool my children, so I think spelling errors bug me more.   Before I took my DS out of school the kids were having a contest about guessing the weight of a pumpkin and they made posters and spelled it "pumkin."  I brought it to the attention of the principal as I noticed it on the day I was pulling my son out of school and she took down all the posters.   I don't proof posts here and I'm sure I make spelling errors or use the wrong "they're/their/there", but I really try to be conscious of my spelling. 
If it rains hard, the wind blows hard and there are trees
nearby, it snows heavily it will mess up the signal.  The speed is not constant, sometimes as slow as dial-up, but at least still connected.  Many companies will not allow satellite. 
So, you think it is okay for hard-working MTs to earn 7-8 cpl for their hard work?? nm
E-mail the White House, your congressmen and senators, your newspapers, the Times-Picayune and everyone you think may help to demand the immediate firing of Michael Brown. Now is the time. He needs to go out of there. His bold-faced lying takes all American people for fools.
Look up brown nosing - not what you are
Sylvia Brown

I have never trusted that woman. She answers too quickly.  Other psychics will stop and listen, or honestly say they don't know.  S. Brown has an answer for everyone. I think she just wants to sell books.  I heard that she told the kidnapped Missouri  boys parents that he was dead between two rocks. She said the culprit was dark, Hispanic, and had dreadlocks. That is a horrible thing to make up and tell parents who have a missing child.  I prefer the guidance offered by Gary Zukow. He is not a psychic but he talks about living your life in harmony also.


I listen to Dr. Joy Brown sometimes on the radio

e-mail her or call her and see what she says. She gives pretty good advice and is FREE!!

If you can be positive about this relationship, you can be positive about yourself and meeting someone else. Remember, your gut feeling is what's right, and I think I know what your gut is telling you or you wouldn't be posting this in the first place, you just need someone to back you up. Don't waste any more time. & don't talk about THE REST OF YOUR LIFE -- you have choices you can make in this too as much as he has the choice to do/not do something -- it's just that you have the choice to stay in this stagnent pool of muck or get out, clean yourself off and never return to the dirty pool. Who knows what the future holds for you, but if you stay with him it will just be this same cycle over and over again, unfortunately. I say cut your losses now.

Brown & Fema delay

I JUST read that myself on the AP...I have not been one to judge quickly because there is so much blame game going on but this.......it's just inexcusable and if proven (which I'm believing it to be if the AP has the memo), then Mike Brown not only needs to lose his job immediately but also needs to stand trial for negligent homicide in all the deaths that could have been prevented IF he had not worried about his "wording, CYA he was doing" in that memo, thank God for the common folk who had the decency to start with their humanitarian efforts and got down there when they did and despite.FEMA.  I also heard that several companies like Wal-mart and RV companies were turned away because of not having the proper contracts ready, duh...FEMA did not provide them

How DARE he?????????  In my book, he will be at the head of the line of many who did not want to give up their "power" along the way to help the very people who they were voted by and sworn to represent

Mastiff,rat terrier, a brown lab, and 2 others that I am not sure of.
Herman's Hermits - Mrs. Brown You Have A

it was the first concert I ever went to.  I remember a teenage girl behind me crying her eyes out and screaming 'HERMAAAN!  HERRMAAAAAN!'

I would call it "muddy brown"
I would call it a muddy brown color.  He had some markings but it was hard to distinguish very much.  He has gone into hiding now.  A snake is a snake is a snake.  Scared of all of them!
CMs are olive, brown or black - not in NC, but in SC - sm
look it up on Google and you will get some sites which show pictures. Maybe you can identify it that way.
No brown recluse spiders but I may have sm
found what looks like black widows out in my yucca bush. Scared the tar out of me. Now, I can deal with the snakes, but spiders sent me screaming. Spent some time on the internet looking them up but they might be black jumping spiders. They look to hairy to be black widows, otherwise the look a lot alike.
Love Judge joe brown!
he's my fave
You have a brown smudge on your nose you
I donít brown nose anyone as I am not in charge
of how to tell physicians to dictate, just handle my end. I only wish, though.
As long as brown-nosing MTs
exist, who will turn backflips if a doctor tells them to, this crapola will continue. Dictating on a cell phone is rude I agree. You'd think years and years of college, med school and residency they would learn how to form a correct sentence and get it right the FIRST time. Not too much to ask that the greedy SOBs be considerate.
Speaking of TV, anybody watching Being Bobby Brown?
He is coming off as the most normal between the two of them.  I honestly believe Whitney Houston is certifiably crazy.   It is really sad and scary to watch her.  And her child!  Is she going to have issues or what.  Her mother is/was beautiful and crazy drug abuser.  Her father is in jail on and off and a bit of an abuser himself. And the child at best is very plain and overweight.  She looks sad and depressed most of the time.  On a rerun I happened to be watching last night she told her mother to get away or she was going to hit her.  This is a very sad reality show.  I don't get why they would let cameras into their dysfunctional life.
My dog loves his brown rice and chicken!
He turns his nose up at most dog foods.  Found out he was actually eating the cat food.  For some reason the cats stopped attacking him when he got near their food.  A few weeks after I put the cat food up on a bench where he can't reach it, he had lost 5 lbs.  He'll eat the dog food now, but he loves his special rice and chicken once in a while.
Good grief, charlie brown. nm
Dear Muscle Stimulator. Brown:
The office manager did not find this funny at all.  My boss and I did, however.  That quick correct didn't last long.
This is poor spelling, not brown-nosing.
The point is she could only be promoted by brown-nosing
Grape jelly and brown sugar????
Is that as a sauce or in the meatball mix, itself? Would you mind parting with the recipe, my curiosity is getting the best of me.
I did my office is yellow-gold with brown
tones and then with thinned brown craft paint ragged on using an old T-shirt.  Turned out great and elegant.   I also did my bathroom in green tones. People think its wall paper. This technique also hides any flaws you may have in your wall because it sort of gives it a 2D effect.