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Ewww. Our house had nasty carpet throughout when we moved in.

Posted By: who puts carpet in the kitchen? Ugh! on 2005-12-29
In Reply to: POLL: Off subject - Ceramic tile or vinyl - USMT

We tore the carpet out of the kitchen and bathroom and put in a piece of cheap vinyl that didn't last. Then we tore that out and put vinyl squares down. More pricey but still didn't last as we wanted due to scuffing, scratching, sliding and lifting. The company we bought from went out of business, so nada for the warranty. We're going to do Pergot laminate next month. I've never done ceramic tile because I've lived in at least two houses where the floor tiles split and cracked. I don't know how well it would tolerate the constant parade of kids, dogs and cats.

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Yeah, we just moved and got a larger house...
so we have brought the dogs in the house now. I love having them with us and I know they are loving it, but the hair is just horrible. They are labs too, so they need lots of attention.
FWIW, nasty is in the eye of the beholder and you have given nasty as good as you got.
Read your posts again very carefully.
I forgot about that one. That one freaks me out too, makes my toes curl...
Ewww...everyone look at this ad!
Go to this MT company website. Scroll down and look at the ad to the right...picture of a woman's face and says Smart Beautiful Transcription...!?!! WHAT?!?! Anyone else find this cheesey at the least and gross at the most? LOL

ewww - I so don't agree with you....sm

I type 100 WPM but as a former Editor of a weekly rag in NYC - I'm far faster on ASR/VR than regular reports - I'm doing 400 LPH with ASR and nearly 200 LPH with regular reports on DQS/DEP. 

So your post doesn't bode well for some as you cannot make such a HUGE generalization.  You've typed that before I do believe about *slower typers* in former posts (perhaps it wasn't you but it *appears* as if it were).  We are not typers by the way, we are transcriptionists and/or editors.  *S*

Have a GREAT day!!! 


ewww..if you have no sound at all--sm
ANYWHERE, it sounds as though your sound card just went out. You may need to replace it. (I have gone through two sound cards in the past year). I hope you know someone that can put it in for you. Good luck!
Ewww. Not a nice answer.
Ewww! Are those the brown hard little bugs that

I'll be watching to see what suggestions you get!! LOL

Gross is right! Check out the picture. Ewww....

just hope he doesn't start a new trend--ewww!
I can't stand it if I accidentally forget to put mine on. I can usually tell pretty quickly if I do. Just not comfortable to me (or anyone else around probably).
red kool aid in carpet HELP
any suggestions on how to get this stain out of the carpet.  The carpet is the sand/beige color.  I have soaked up with towels and water, but there is still a pink hue.
I definitely would have gone into CARPET CLEANING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carpet cleaning is an incredibly lucrative industry and wish I went into that 25 years ago.  I got into transcription to get out of bagging groceries.  It quite a change for me.  But sad to say, I got burned in many different ways in this particular field (transcription).  I love doing pathology though.  But believe me, I have found that people are much quicker to pay for cleaning services than anything else.  Making between 17 and 30 grand a year is ok, but in carpet cleaning, a guy/girl can make at least 50 grand on his/her own first year out.  This is no joke nor is it an insult to the transcription industry.  Just a comparison.  Regrets?  yeah, some.  But it seems to me that no matter how old you are, if you have the ambition and desire, it's never too late to start over again.
Shopping for new carpet but not sure

I have 4 animals so it would have to be durable.  My budget does not allow for anything but carpet and the one I have has had it.

Can anyone suggest an attractive yet durable carpet?  I also wonder about the glue and will there be fumes?

Thank you for your time. 

Go to Krogers and get Incredible. It got ink out of my carpet. NM
moldy smell in carpet
I had the same thing and ended up finally tearing up the whole carpet and pad, then installing a wood laminate floor. It was expensive, but I had tried EVERYTHING, to no avail. Baking soda and vinegar are excellent remedies, IF the mold hasn't seeped into the pad. If it has, there is virtually nothing that will remove the smell altogether. We hadn't noticed the mold smell when we looked at the house. (The carpet had just been freshly shampooed to show the house.) It was after we bought it and moved in that we noticed it. Before my husband installed the wood laminate floor, we bleached the entire concrete slab, as the mold had also seeped in to the concrete. Bleach did the job on that. Good luck. :)
I've heard farts, burps, peeing, but never loogies. Ewww.
Ceramic tile, but who puts carpet in a kitchen?
You need to get the smell/urine enzymes out of the carpet and furniture - sm
The dog will just continue to go back to where he peeed (?) again and again because he smells his scent. I don't think neuturing him will make a difference in that respect. You need to go buy Nature's Miracle Odor & Stain remover. It's pricey but it does the job....I learned this by working at PetsMart years ago and by personal experience. You have to soak whatever it is the dog peeed on though and let it air dry, takes a couple days. You will have to decide on how to "contain" him until the smell is gone, either in a smaller area of the house, outside, whatever. You might want to seriously try training him to go outside. He never learned that he should NOT go inside so that behavior of him going wherever he wants in the house is going to be difficult if not impossible to change. You may want to call a professional legit dog trainer in the area and get their thoughts and suggestions. You are going to have a hard time modifying the dogs behavior, but with a LOT of persistance and consistency you can prevail. Good luck.
Not MT related - I need suggestions on getting the moldy smell out of carpet.
I have had the carpet professionally cleaned, but there is still that moldy smell from the carpet having gotten wet a while back from an overflowed washer. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can use to make the smell go away? I plan on ripping the carpet up at some point and redoing the floor, but not ready for that yet. In the mean time, now with the hot weather, the moldy smell is really obvious. Help!
Unless she has animals that constantly snag on the carpet or intentionally sm
dig their claws into the carpet, I have to beg to differ with you on the berber carpet. We LOVE ours. Have had it for 7 years with 3 cats, 4 dogs (not all at once) and we don't have any snags! I'm serious. I'm not sure what grade of carpet you are referring to, but we have not had any problems with our Berber. I also think it cleans very well with a steam cleaner once every 6 months or so. Our Berber still looks new with all of these pets we've had.

So, I do recommend Berber, though it is pricey.

There are a lot of other durable things on the market that she can look for and afford but I just had to say something about Berber because we just love ours.
Blue on the walls, textured olive green carpet,

hydrangea sculptured border, olive green curtains I designed and made, 2 office chairs to give the ol' back a break, desk placed just so in order to be able to look out 2 different windows, 1-3 cats who come and stay as they please, and 1 little dog who never leaves the office unless I do.  There are also the necessary things like a bookcase, printer, backup computer, nik-nacks and paddy wacks.

I am so completely blessed cause I have all this AND get paid!  Who wouda thunk??

A little 3in1 oil or WD40 might help, too. But protect the floor/carpet underneath until the oil has
Try Resolve, the regular kind, got out permenant black marker from my carpet - worth a shot! - nm
Spray might stain carpet underneath. Put a plastic bag with a paper towel under the foot pedal while
Carpet cleaner? Flea spray? Chemicals used inside his car? Restaurant food? New vitamins? Cold
after being nasty, now you want to
know which office? I think not, to tell YOU.
Nasty, not me!!!
It got nasty
Those posts got pretty nasty between a few people.  I have strong convictions about a lot of things but I would not have come across as some do on this board.  I often feel that when someone comes across like that it usually means that there has been a problem in that area  -- he who does protest too much. But we all do have a right to our own opinions and I try to look at everyone's.  I understand where having a glass of wine is not someone's cup of tea but because I do (and maybe not every one can keep it in moderation) does not mean I am unprofessional, irresponsible or not capable of doing my job.  Would be glad to match years of experience, paychecks and longevity of accounts with any of you that called me unprofessional, irresponsible and uncapable of doing my job.    Patti
who got nasty?

I certainly didn't, and nobody got nasty with me. In fact, it was one of the better heated discussions I've seen or been involved in. And I've been in the middle of some lulus!!! (but not here)

You want sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows ... turn on Lesley Gore. 

Don't let someone with a nasty
attitude ruin your self-esteem about what you have done with your life. Just consider the source. They sound bitter to me and try to make it everyone else's fault. Keep up your good work and ignore what someone who does not matter has to say. Just be thankful you do not work for her.
Truly, I did not mean to be nasty, but with the...sm
problem you reported with your resumes not being responded to, it wasn't clear if you were just more casual here. You could just as easily replied there wasn't anything wrong your grammar. Having worked in human resources before, I know most resumes/correspondence gets 15 seconds to 1 minute of time. I have personally blown a couple job opportunities because I set the wrong tone with my resume, e-mail, and cover letter (jobs I really, really wanted), and I was only trying help. I have certainly been at my wits end in this business, too, and feel for those MTs who feel stuck in a job they're not happy with.
Not only are you a nasty sm
BEACH, but you have sand in your nether regions! I have never seen anyone on this board with more nasty bones in their body then you have.

The reason you aren't making any money is because YOU ARE HANGING OUT HERE SPEWING YOUR BILE.
I just moved from PA
to the Bay Area and I have to agree, it is more expensive to live in the northeast and it does not seem like there are any type of programs to help people out. Here in CA PG&E is offering everyone regardless of economic status a rebate if they are able to conserve 10% this winter. Whereas I just read a while ago that in the PA they recently passed some kind of law or the like where the electric/gas company can turn people's electric/gas off in the middle of winter. That is just cruel.
that is what I moved from
Last neighborhood I came from was brand new and in 3 years turned into the hood. I know exactly what you are talking about. That is why I am so irritated to feel like I am back there with just 1 neighbor who happens to be my closest one. They are screaming as we speak. Agh!
It gets moved around, but it is definitely out there.

We've gotten 81 entries from people who have FOUND IT so far!  Keep lookin!


They are still using that but have moved to
Word - I just remember typing in WP 5.1 and it was a dream come true - don't remember the demos being slow - but I'm not all that speedy so may have been
I just had a nasty conversation with a
telephone rep from India who informed me that all Americans were uneducated, stupid, and "farmers" and that India was getting all the jobs because they were all educated. She shut her fat mouth when I asked if that is why India still practices putting female infants on the hillsides to be eaten by wolves, why so many of their people are starving to death, and why disease is so rampant. They are getting to be the most arrogant bunch of people I have ever seen.
Nasty women
You know women should be supportive of each other. Let's face it, men aren't, like the lady said. I worked in offices where some of the women there were so nasty and catty and rude. Seems lots of them are on here too. Thank God for being able to work at home. I don't think anyone is looking for pity on this board, but for crying out loud, doesn't anybody have a warm heart anymore. There are lots of cold-hearted people on here talking, must be from the East Coast.
Oh, please! Nowhere was I nasty or rude.
Did I call her names or belittle her like a lot of you do on this board?  No, I merely asked how she knew she was being trained wrong and stated what my experience has been.  MTs need to be adaptable.  That's the best thing a newbie can do is to learn to be flexible according to the rules of the accounts she's put on.  Wouldn't you agree?  Honestly, if you're that hypersensitive to think that I was nasty or rude, you need to toughen up.  All I did was ask a question and state some facts.  I wasn't judgmental or condescending at all, like many others I see here.
You are nasty!!!! You need to find a better
maybe, just maybe that would help your attitude. Otherwise, but out and stay off this board. You are not wanted.
My son just had it 2 weeks ago, very nasty.
He was so sick that he ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor (worse than a bad hangover) with vomiting and diarrhea. It lasted almost 24 hours and he was horribly weak for the next day as well.
just remember, the door of professionalism swings both ways!
nasty email
I worked for a lady who would send me nasty email in all CAPS and in BOLD.  Finally I asked her if was her version of yelling at me and she said "no, I was in bold and caps and forgot to remove"  Yah Right.  She never did it to me again.  I just thought How UNPROFFESIONAL! I don't work for her anymore and I am treated respectfully by my new employer.
If this is just a nasty rumor,
then some of the news stations on TV (notably CNN) are in big trouble, because they are reporting it as fact. They report that if you click on Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (and one other that I can't remember), you will be directed to other movies you might like, such as Planet of the Apes, etc., featuring black actors. This is all very derogatory and racially biased and Wal-Mart is falling all over itself apologizing, so it must have some basis in fact.
If this is just a nasty rumor,
then some of the news stations on TV (notably CNN) are in big trouble, because they are reporting it as fact. They report that if you click on Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (and one other that I can't remember), you will be directed to other movies you might like, such as Planet of the Apes, etc., featuring black actors. This is all very derogatory and racially biased and Wal-Mart is falling all over itself apologizing, so it must have some basis in fact.
Nasty QA comment?
Dear OldQA:

I am one of the recently laid off Heartland employees. I went to this message board for some job hunting and support in light of this situation, and I was completely baffled by some of the things I read. Here are 2 of many comments from your not-so-nasty colleagues as an example of what Im talking about:

(Posted by MsAnonnie Mouse)
First of all, I would like to say that I sympathsize wtih those that were laid off at Heartland, however, I believe that that there were probably indications that this was going to happen, I for one, remember seeing a LOT of job ads for Heartland and they suddenly stopped on the 2 major transcription job boards. For me, that was an indication that something was going down the tube.
I also do not agree wtih offshoring, but when I read the posts on this board, I see one theme over and over; that being laziness in general. I see posts where people gripe and complain about having to work weekends or nights or whatever and wanting to get paid decent money, but they want to only be able to work 8-5 Monday through Friday. I have been in this field for over 20 years and I believe that I have always pulled my fair share. I have seen it in the company that I work for now, and the work load goes up dramatically on the weekends, because NOBODY wants to work and as we all know, medical transcription, for the most part, is a profession that is 24/7.
Sadly to say, our society has become one, where we expect to have something for nothing. Meaning that we want the nice thinngs, but we don't have to break our necks for it. I hear of friends who are giving their kids brand-new to almost brand-new cars in high school. Heck, when I was growing up, if I wanted contacts, or a car, or clothes, I had to detassel corn or work in a fast food place to get the money to be able to have those things. I don't see that happening now, and in essence, that is why so many of our jobs have been offshored. Its not only a cheaper labor cost, but most of these people in general have a better work ethic.
My company takes pride in the fact that it doesn't offshore and it will be a cold day in a very warm place before they do.
My only advice to those that were laid off is to hang in there, send out the resumes and hopefully, you will be able to find a new company that will treat you like an employee and not a number.

Posted By: OP on 2006-05-10
In Reply to: Heartland Layoffs - MsAnonnie Mouse
Some people seem to be missing the point here -- I also do QA as well as medical transcription and I generally am working MANY hours a day and usually 6-7 days a week, because I know budget-wise what it takes for me to surviive.
As a QA person, I see a quality of work that is totally unacceptable and it is from American medical transcriptionists. I read about people saying they can do X number of lines in an hour, or that they type X number of words a minute and as a QA person, that is usually the persons report that has 10 or more blanks in it, because UNFORTUNATELY they are more concerned about production than they are quality.
I sometimes wonder how many medical transcriptionists go back and re-listen to a report they have typed and then are able to figure out what the doctors are saying?
I have worked both inhouse and from home and I really have to agree that if someone TRULY wants to get started in this field, then they should work onsite first to truly get a grasp at what medical transcription entails.
There ARE people who are medcal transcriptionists who DO work long and hard hours and ARE getting shafted by the companies they work for, but quite frankly, I am tired of the ones who have toddlers and small children at home and whine about how they can do this work and take care of their kids too -- just because you work at home, dosen't mean that your children can be underfoot all the time and it is also learning about priorities as well. If you were working on the outside, you would NOT be allowed to take a huge amount of time off for kid activities or family activities, so the MTSOs do have legitimate gripes when it comes to employees not working when they say they will or keeping to a schedule, and this is where I am coming full circle when I talk about a work ethiic -- it has slowly and steadily been disappearing over the years.

Real nice show of support huh? There is nothing more disgusting than using the subject of layoffs, or offshoring for that matter, as a platform to complain about your own problems and dissatisfaction with your job. Shame on them!

Dear Scribevibe: With that being said, you WILL come across nasty, condescending comments such as these (on this message board as well as when you're working). I have been doing this for years, and I still come across them, and they are OBNOXIOUS! You need to let their comments roll off your back or they'll drive you nuts. There are QAs out there who are helpful and even sometimes encouraging, but be prepared for ones who are not and IGNORE THEM (and their nitpicking). Don't let them "snark" you :)
Oh I think she's VERY nasty, but I LOVE her! lol
Hm, been my experience that QA's not usually nasty
Only time I've ever used the exclamation point when communicating with an MT is when they have thoroughly ticked me off by completely ignoring my previous requests....
Nasty and rude. You can
direct people to the infor they need in a much more appropriate and decent manner!
Don't mean to sound nasty but this is a
are trying to get out. 
not nasty -- testy, because....

if you had all the best accounts in your livelihood taken away and were left with the dregs, you'd be a little annoyed at anyone who had benefited from that who then had the audacity to try to then insinuate themselves into this one precious place that is supposed to be just for us.  I know, run-on sentence.

Read all you like, but don't post.