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Fair price?

Posted By: anon on 2006-06-07
In Reply to:

I just picked up a new account today but was so unsure of what to tell them in regards to price.  It is a psych account, PHP program, and they said they dictate on a total of 150 patients per week at 2 facilities.  They said if all goes well, they have 6 more facilities they can add.  I was really scared of giving too high of a price and not getting the account, but I also don't want to get ripped off either.  I have quoted prices that were too low in the past and really suffered for it.  Anyway, I ended up quoting them 0.08 a gross line, which I think is totally fair.  They will be using digital recorders and they will be printing the work.  What do y'all think??  I want to feel confident about this.... 

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Fair price to charge per page?
Any ideas  company from cali
The price of gasoline is reflected in the price of goods. Having said that, one item
higher, MOMENTARILY, than Walmart, does not really make a case against Walmart. You want to make Walmart a bad guy because they don't have a shopper out there matching the grocery stores' price so be it. But MOST people I know shop at Walmart for lower groceries prices AS A WHOLE, and that is what makes Walmart successful. So buy your cheaper Bounty towels at your grocery store if that makes you happy. Your grocery store HAS TO MAKE MONEY and they will get you on something else. It is the retail law. Walmart will not be successful with higher prices than the grocery store. They aim to succeed. They have been sucessful in undercutting other stores. Your Bounty towels will not bring down the Walmart empire but it may cause you to shop at your grocery store where they will charge you more on other items to stay in business. Quit the knee-jerk responses. If you don't like Walmart and don't want to shop there that's all well and good. If you don't shop there because of Bounty towels, well that's just crazy.
Fair is fair -- relative or not, 1 house or 100.
She's earning income and the only fair, right, just, ethical and LEGAL behavior is to report it wholly.

I don't know but I try to be fair, but I can tell you
that I have had some management jobs that required 25 years of experience plus QA experience and MTs with less than 15 have applied and I had to tell them that it was not enough experience. That was hard, but they did not know what all was involved. I have had people get bent out of shape about it, but to be honest, I had my orders specifically from a company and nothing less would suffice, plus it was posted clear as day.

Also, there have been situations where people did not have resumes--yes, can you believe that? They said they had less experience yet they did not have it in a resume.

I think many do not understand what a recruiter has to look at and what we deal with.

still not fair

I understand how you feel, I too am in the same position.  Its like you want to do a good job with quality work and once you prove that to whatever company you might be working for instead of appreciating your high skills they treat you like a door mat and start sending you all the work that none of the others want to do.  We lose time doing bad reports/dictators just like any other MT and just because we can get through it with no blanks or it having to go to QA is no reason to give us all of the bad dictators/reports because its not fair and it doesn't make me feel appreciated what it makes me feel is used.  I get no extra for doing these type of reports back to back to back even though we are supposedly working from a pool and the MTs who don't want to do these bad reports/dictators just keep zipping along.  ITS LIKE THE BETTER YOU ARE THE WORST DEAL YOU GET AND ITS NOT THAT I MIND DOING IT (because I do want to keep my job) BUT WE HAVE TO DO IT JUST BECAUSE ITS TOO DIFFICULT FOR SOMEONE ELSE WHO MAKES THE SAME cpl BUT THEN END UP MAKING A HIGHER LINE COUNT BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THE BAD REPORTS/DICTATORS. 

There should be some kind of way to be compensated when you are put in that kind of position but right now there isn't and you just do it because its your job.  I have been in a situation lately where 95% of my work is from the list of bad dictators to be aware of and I am so frustrated.  If there was some kind of compensation for say a multi-specialist Transcriptionist or ESL transcriptionist then it would make the situation so much better and there would be less resentment all the way around, I think that is something most companies should think about. 

Of note I am not complaining, not whining, and not venting but just saying. 

That is not really fair -
It is not as easy for some of us. I have gained 30 pounds in the past year from just sitting and emotional eating. Once you get down on yourself about it - well that makes it worse. A terrible cycle. Has anyone tried hypnotism?
Fair enough. I see what you mean.
I didn't mean to imply going straight for .12--lol! And I see what you mean by "demanding." I didn't mean that either, but I should have been clearer about what I DID mean. I do mean that the OP has SOME control over the situation--maybe not total control, but some control. As ICs we need to remember that we are in business for ourselves. We ARE a business, and we need to act accordingly. I'd be looking for another client as well. No need to put up with that!
I can't say I do, very fair here.....
No sideburns, no moustache, a few hairs under arms and not much leg hair either. I'm a freak! LOL!
3 cpl isn't fair for ANYTHING!
Seems more than fair, to me! nm
I think that your employer is being harsh, but I do believe that by the end of a year 1200 lines a day should be possible, especially with your background. Of course, if you are working with extremely difficult doctors that may be different. I have what I consider to be a very good account with few ESL and most doctors are very clear, and was able to produce up to 1600 lines a day with relative ease if I actually typed 8 full hours at about 6-8 months. I had no medical experience, but I did have writing and editing experience, along with two college degrees. In part, I think it's the ability to use Expanders as tools efficiently that makes that possible. Are you able to use online resources well? Do you have a good drug reference on your computer with a flexible search tool? Do you have an Expander that you are using to advantage? In order to be productive at the rates people expect these days, I think all of the above are a necessity. I also think that even with experience as a medical secretary some training is needed in order to get up to speed as an MT. In fairness, it sounds like you just jumped right into the job, and that must be difficult. Good luck!
There is a world of difference between a good Expander and using auto correct. An expander will show the possibilities with a few keystrokes, whether you know the words or not, and often as soon as you see a new word you will know it is what the doctor is saying, even in a new specialty. They usually include a very complete medical dictionary, some give the possible words with any letters typed in order, not necessarily having to spell it correctly at the outset, like a mini wild-card search function. With auto correct you are only able to get what you put in yourself for expansions. I would say that using an expander during my training was what made it possible to become proficient quickly, above all else. If you can, try one of the commercially available products before leaving. It can make life SO much easier as you learn.
what is fair
I worked for a small rural hospital and we (3) were on call 24/7/365 and rotated carrying a pager on weekends plus working on Sundays.
That isn't being fair
Whoa there - my husband has a terminal disease and we usually end up hitting a 0 tax bracket because of medical expenses (we file long-form and itemize). We spend well over $700 per month on co-pays for drugs every month and then when he has to get certain IV drugs as out outpatient, our drug bill hits over $2000 for that month. Why should my family be penalized when I work my butt off seven days a week, 365-days a year? I pay in a huge amount of FICA and Medicare taxes each year. Until my husband became ill, we paid in a huge amount of federal income taxes every year. We also have two chldren in college and we are allowed to deduct some of their expenses we pay out of pocket. And, yes, we usually qualify for some Earned Income Credit, but not near what you mention. My family can use the extra money just as much as any other family and I don't think we should be penalized because of exorbitant medical bills that place us in a 0 tax bracket.
That's not fair --
I never said I have common sense!
Seriously, sometimes the most obvious things can be right in front of me, and I miss them completely. I might be slow to get some things (although I am highly intelligent; doesn't make sense to me), but once I do 'get' something, then that's a completely different story. Some day I'll tell y'all about all the other common sense things I shouldn't have needed help with --- but did.
Is if fair to ask
a company what the average line counts of other MTs on same the account are?  I know there are others who feel this particular account is hard to make a decent line count, so I would like to know what the average is.  Otherwise, how do we know if their expectations of us are fair? 
Seems fair to me. sm
As long as accounts are consistent 1200 is a very reasonable expectation.
I would think 1 would be fair, it probably would
not scare them away.
No, it is NOT your price to pay SM

unless you continue to allow the "price" to be extracted from you.  There are companies out there who value what you have to offer.  Sounds like it is time for a heart-to-heart with your current company regarding at least being adequately compensated for doing all the crap dictation (believe me, they KNOW you are doing it) and if that fails...MOVE ON.

I feel for you and I hope this helps but if you continue to allow yourself to be used/abused to the point it is ruining your life...sorry but don't look to me for sympathy, you DO have options and working at Mickey D's is not the only option.

Not sure what that has to do with the price of tea, but I
still recommend them.  Better than paying a big bill.   I average 8000 minutes a month and they do not complain at all. 
It's around 12 cents where I am. However, this is a red flag that they are looking and you should be looking for a new client and dump them. Believe me, they will dump you if they're thinking about it. Too bad, if you're good, good ones are hard to find but they have to find that out the hard way. The buck is top priority. Good luck to you.
Where did you get the price?
Sure am. The price of EVERYTHING is going up and
the taxes are through the roof, but my pay would go DOWN if I didn't work longer and harder to make the same amount. This really isn't good! but it's life, so we plug along and live (or at least WORK).
My price - PS

I know my prices sound low but it is gross line and a letter is counted from the date to the signature line and blank lines count.  That is the way that the company did  prior to me taking the account over, very upfront about it and I continue to do the same and everyone knows about it.  So that is why my rate to them in .115 per line but it adds up as they are surgeons.  They prefer looking at the lower rate per line.  I know it is the "old way" of counting lines -- use word and take the total amount of lines and that is my line count.  Now you know why I don't want to give up this account.  


Best was would be to price it out..sm
DHL, UPS, rental the smallest U-haul trailer and drive it home. Network with fellow MTs and see if anyone from that area is headed your way?

To me it seems a little low, depends on if you get a lot of consults or if it is just patient notes.  Psych consults can have a lot of tests that take a while to set up in a template but once set up, as long as the dictators dictate them the same way, you can use them.   My psych account I do for 11 cpl gross line and we have just converted over to digital.  Used to pick up and E-mail back.  But I do not have 24 TAT, I pick up on Th/Fri and have to have back by Weds night.  Also depends on how may dictators you have and if you can do normals, templates, etc.  Also each doc could want the same test set up differently.   But you have it now, see how it goes and go from there.  If you find it is too low, tell them and up it.  Again, depends on if it is chart notes or consults.   Sounds like you will be having your hands full to say the least.  Congrats and best of luck.   I do two psych, one for ADD children/adults and one that does a lot of consults for traumatic brain problems/cognitive and voc rehab.   


I think the price was too low.

somewhere around 11 would have been fair.  Of course they say, you only press a button and it pops up. I had a doc tell me about how he dictates the same paragraph with his normals and wanted a discount because of that. I told him he could just add in that part when he got the report back, since it was so easy.

In your presentations, keep talking quality when your clients are talking cheap. Show them how nice the finished product is and tell them you would be happy to work with the docs to help them make templates for redundant work so that --here's the kicker-- they don't have to dictate the same thing over and over again.  Sell that the technology is for their benefit to make their lives easier. And again, when they say the little "but you only have to" just smile and say, how about if your staff just adds that when it comes back then...

Don't feel bad about underbidding. Do a really, really good job - spend some time in the office developing a relationship so they know you are a real person. I like to take my kids with sometimes when I drop by so they know when they sign the check, it's not going to a corp but to a family.  Go high end on the service, get it set up so it works real good, then raise your rates. You asked about a fair rate and this rate is not fair to you.

Email me with any other questions. We can talk over some of your options and do some trouble shooting.


Not for that price
$18+/hour. I make more as an MT, but I would not consider anything less. I took a cheapy $14/hr QA job and the owner treated me like dirt. No way.
Seems to me for the price of the
book that AAMT should have used spell check before sending it to the publisher. After all, they are the ones who make all the rules, or are they exempt?
price is $30, not $70....
She is saying she can download the e-book for $30. The paper book is over twice that much. The e-book is worth that, in my opinion. With the book, you are going to look something up in it twice a year and it will collect dust the rest of the time. The e-book, being right on the computer, *might* get used more often.
oh well. no one said life was fair
you just have to make what you can out of it.  There are many, many other subjects that can be debated as well.  That is what makes life what it is; a great variety of people and view points.  Enjoy the day. 
I think I get a fair mixture
I get ESLs, some I can understand easily enough, others I really have to work at and it slows me down.  Then I have some docs who are very easy and good moneymakers.  I get a mixture.  I am not a newbie and can do harder docs.  I just find that my managers are great at evening out the work.  IMO.
FAIR and Honest... sm
I have worked for DSC (Document Solutions Center) in Alabama for many, many years, and have become good friends with the owner of the company... she is very fair to her girls - they come first, she is very flexible, they have a tightly established management team, and the work is abundant... she pays very fair, and gives bonuses and raises as often as she can...    Another GREAT company is OSi...  I am currently working for them, and they are just the BEST... I get the best pay per line, the greatest accounts, never-ending work, constant bonuses, gifts, 24/7 contact with staff...  I can give you contact information on either if you wish... and no, I am not looking for a finder's fee...  I am honest, and just enjoy helping those out who are asking for help...  Contact me by email anytime... Bobbie
uhhh...not fair! sm
I work for west coast...and I didn't get paid. When I asked TC about it, she said there was no pay for it!!!
to uhh not fair, DQS training pay
I'd for sure take that one up with corporate or "ask Frank".  It was stated when DQS first came out that ALL training was paid @10.00 per hour, period!  Should be across the board, since it's company wide.  I'd have to wonder where the training pay your offices did not give you, actually went to, because they sure the heck got reimbursed from corporate.  I was in a training session for 2 hours with THE head honcho in training and she clearly stated, across the board, pay is the same, period.
That is a fair range...sm
I make a bit more but cover everything, not just any one thing. Hourly is the way to go to keep anyone as there is a LOT of time involved in trainng MTs, time to write feedback, etc., which I would guess you know assuming you have been doing it yourself up until now.

I have worked line rates in the past. Anything less than 0.06 you cannot make a living on unless you work 15-20 hours a day as the accounts would ALL have to have perfect dictators and your MTs seasoned on the well side to make a reasonable living in the MW.
Life just isn't fair sm
Hubby and I went out for breakfast this morning and came back to a voicemail that his best friend's 5-year-old boy died overnight from the flu/aspiration pneumonia/ complications.  Life just isn't fair. This family has had a ton of tragedies over the last year and now this right on New Year's Day. The mother and I were just talking at the Christmas party about decent schools in their locale. They need some prayers, please.
Seems only fair to me. If we use it for biz, should pay biz rates.
I think that is fair -- it is only 80 minutes in a day.
At my hospital, we have to type 120 minutes a day as our BASE!! We don't even get incentive until we PASS 120 minutes a day!

That's also 6 time turn around time.
sounds fair to me..nm
That's a great idea.  That's what I was thinking as well.  I was also looking at flat rate billing, picking a number like 2500 or 3500 a month, but that would just be ridiculous.  Thank you for your response.
this sounds fair
Oh well then it is fair game if not following
BOS.  It could be interpreted any number of ways really.  I would probably "sticky-note" it and let the doctor review it to be certain though.  We aim to please, us nonBOS'ers.  You are not saying though Patti, that all clinic notes, in general, do not follow BOS are you?  You are just simply stating that you do not follow BOS for your clinic notes, I am assuming.  
It might not be fair to the patient, but --sm
sometimes these referrals need authorization from the insurance company and those are never fast. Pain clinics are also booked up probably a month or so in advance with other patients, as well. I really do not think they are delaying care on purpose, just that sometimes these things take time. I know it is hard to be patient when one is in pain. maybe you could perhaps suggest a different pain physician who may not be quite so busy??
No. It's not fair. IMO, it's not even ethical. I saw
a pain management physician a few years back, but only went for 2 or 3 visits.  I was made to feel like one of their laboratory rats, with all the new pain meds that are on the market still being tests, and new "wonder" procedures they wanted to perform, and even though their specialty is pain management, it was like pulling teeth to get a prescription; I even had to sign a pain management contract.    Besides the weeks I waited to get the appointment, all the while in sheer agony, be prepared when you finally get in the door to wait just as long.  They think that your time isn't as valuable as theirs, and that you actually enjoy sitting there for hours flipping through 2 year old magazines.  As you can see, I have no faith or confidence in this fairly new 'speciality' -- just another money maker.  I do, however, wish you husband well. Please keep me informed.
I agree that 12 cpl is fair and
I pick up and deliver.  I make trash money with an online company that only pays 8 cpl.  I'd rather hop in the car and pick up tapes and make much more poor hour.  The pay cut is not worth it to be able to sit and take crap cpl from these nationals and small MTSOs. 
It's fair to both companies...
if you're putting in the allotted time that each company requires.  In this day and age with the ridiculous amount we get per line, some people may find it necessary to work two jobs. But, as I stated earlier, each company needs to be given equal time -- if you want to work those hours, go for it!
Let's talk here...what is FAIR?

I took a job as an MT a year and a half ago.  I never worked as an MT before, but I had 10+ years of experience as a medical secretary at a major hospital and I had a college degree.  My employer thought I would be a good fit and hired me.  I work for a medical clinic that houses about 100 doctors of different specialties. 

My time here has been fraught with stress.  After being there a year, I was averaging about 900 lines per day and I thought that was good for a newbie MT who had never done this before!  However, my boss found my performance "totally unacceptable" and said I should average 1,200/day "easily".  (Mind you, she's never worked a day in her life as an MT)  I was told to produce or I would be fired!  I was given a corrective action.

I typed my fingers to the bone and increased my average up to 1,100.  At this time, I had only worked as a MT for about 14 months.  I saved my job, but the stress still looms over me if I get a difficult doc or have a bad day, I will be threatend to be fired again.  I just feel that the whole things stinks and is unfair. 

How long do you believe it takes for an MT to be a good producer (and be accurate too of course). 

I honestly think I got a raw deal, considering I never lied about my lack of experience and I don't think 900 lines daily at a year's experience is so horrible. 

Who is wrong here?  Me or the employer?


Not fair analogy - sm
I worked outside the home for YEARS as an MT and when I came home I had all the classic problems until I recognized it and drew the line. Saying she would not have to ask that question if she had is not a fair assumption.

Your other points are spot on and I totally agree. I just happen to think it is much, much harder to draw those lines because people assume if you are at home, you are approachable. And many women don't realize where "being nice" is getting them until the work's not getting done and she's stressed to the max.

OP, you have to find your own way of setting aside that time and not letting people interrupt you. My husband has always supported me in working, but when I came home, all of a sudden he was calling all the time, it seemed, for me to look up directions on the Internet (he's a serviceman), to remind me to call the bank or any of a number of other little tasks. I finally had to sit him down and in no uncertain terms explain that my being at home was NO different from when I wasn't in terms of his calling me "at work" and it had to stop!
There must have been 2 fair to excellent MTs..

In my opinion, this kind of attitude that an MT needs QA is crapola, you know that right? 

How do you think MTs do it with their own accounts?  I can QA my own work, and if I need CLARIFICATION, I'll just ask the doctor who dictated the report. 

Your post sounds really supportive there....    NOT!  Too bad.  What comes around goes around, and I think your attitude of better than thou really lacks professionalism.  I'd have to say your QA skills are probably more on the fair end than excellent end with that kind of trash talk.  My goodness.  Get a hold of yourself. 

I think we all need to stage a walk out! It adds insult to injury to know these companies will still charge the same amount to these hospitals and they will pocket the money, while we see a decrease! RISE UP EVERYONE!
Who said life was going to be fair? Whoever it