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FileZilla HELP!

Posted By: MT is Wisconsin on 2008-09-23
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I am trying to configure FileZilla and wow...it is not easy!  I have a dynamic IP address.  I am also using a router and I have a firewall.  Apparently passive mode is the recommended mode (as opposed to active mode). 

At this point I have three options: 

-- Ask your OS for the external IP address (but it says this only works if you are NOT behind a rounter...so this one is out).

--I can insert an IP address (but this only works if you have a static IP address...so this one is out).

--Get external IP address from the following URL: http://ip.filezilla-project.org/ip.php.  It says to use this option if you have a dynamic IP address (which I do).  "FileZilla will contact the above server once each session as soon as you use ACTIVE mode for the first time".  SO.... if I am using a dynamic IP address my only option is to use active mode, not passive mode??  How do I tell FileZilla to use active mode? 

I am trying to connect using FileZilla to my webspace (webpages) provided by my ISP, Charter, so I can FTP files for my clients.  Does anyone happen to have ANY suggestions for me?  I much appreciate any help!


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Thanks for your reply. Is this a free FTP site? If not, do you know the names of any free sites that would be HIPAA compliant? Thanks, once again.
Open FileZilla and click on the first icon at the top left of the screen.  Enter the site information and then click on the Transfer Settings tab and click passive or active there.  I hope this helps.
You can download Filezilla here:


Once installed, you need a host, username and password to login into FTP site.
For FTP, just need site, ie Filezilla or do you
Filezilla is software.
It only facilitates the process of transferring from the FTP to your computer hard drive. You can download files from one server to anywhere on your own computer that your little ol' heart desires.
Filezilla FTP site

Does anyone here use filezilla?  I have a question.  Usually I have a client who has me sign into her site (I'd guess you call it that?) through Filezilla and I use Filezilla to download work onto my computer.  Now I have someone who wants to send me work through Filezilla and I don't know how to tell her to do that.  I hope this makes sense.  Any help would be appreciated.   Feel free to email me if you'd like. 

filezilla allows you to see the directory tree...and it's free!
Filezilla is free and has SSL capability for security. nm
Can I d/l voice files from Filezilla to my Cdrive?
I use Filezilla FTP software to send via secure FTP site.

There are lots of free FTP programs available.

Filezilla is the software used to transfer files to an FTP server where the files "reside".