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Foot pedal control/knee control? (sm)

Posted By: Sherry on 2008-06-02
In Reply to:

My sewing machine has a knee control built into the side of the cabinet and I find this very comfortable.  I would like to somehow do the same with foot pedal I use for transcription.  Can figure out how to mount it, but having trouble adjusting it so the 3 pedals are not an issue.  ANyone done this or have any input? 


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Foot pedal control/knee control
Though I have not had experience with this type of modification, I have repaired numerous footpedals and have some information that may be helpful. Generally, the footpedal is comprised of the primary circuit board, the wiring to the computer, and the three switches for play, rewind, and fast forward. These switches are easily removed from the pedal with a screwdriver. With basic soldering, you can lengthen the wiring to each switch, or even replace them with different switches you can get at a local electronics store. With a little bit of creative engineering, you could mount some knee -controllable switches that could control the footpedal.
...enable foot control with your pedal. Play
Royal Philips ergonomic foot control
I have one of those foot pedals and I really like it alot. It is much easier to use that the other one that I have from years ago. You might consider it to be defective and contact the manufacturer for help.
Look in your control panel for "foot pedal" if you - sm
have XP and see how it is set up.
I use Control N to end a job - Control T is for when viewing an old report
Don't know what you are talking about
yep, control, control, control... that's the main
No dial tone? No foot control? What's wrong? Are all parts plugged in? Is your phone
Is your pedal listed when you go Start/Control Panel and look under game ports?
Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Turn User Account Control OFF
Foot pedal? Going from VXP to applying for other companies. What foot pedal should I get that woul
I need one even just to test so it seems.  Thanks for the input! 
Thank you.. you are right. I'm in control of what I do about this!
Why do you let this man control you? (sm)

Confront him about his actions.  Do not hold back.  If it continues, then discuss the problem with all your family members.  You are letting him run your life.  Then let your mother et AL decide whether they want to see you on your terms or if they prefer to have no relationship.  

All this animosity will eat your alive.  Get it off your chest and you do not need a counselor to do it.  Just be yourself and be honest and upfront with him. 

Control-B - nm
cannot control what others do
Personally I would just stop having anything to do with her.  I would tell your husband why and no one else.  Just stop doing anything with her, talking to her, etc.  If you have kids, unless the kids are asking to see her, carry on with your life.  And don't say it isn't that easy.  It is.  And what she does is what she does.  What you do is what you do.  What you and your husband have together is outside of what she does.  Keep it simple.  Don't say anything negative about her.  I know you have hurt but you said you worked though it.  You can do that with this too.  Be strong. 
The key to all of this is control+K
which allows the next keystroke to be entered as the command, in your case hit control B. When the box comes up, make sure the control box is checked, not shift or Alt, and then click okay. repeat at end of phrase.
Out of control
Although working from home is great - I have always felt as if the company that I worked for was more in control of my life than I was. Telling me when I had to have something done - even though they never live up to their own standards. One very well-thought of company on this board is just that way - I have QA sitting out there from the weekend and it hasn't been checked yet, but once it is, they will expect me to have it done in 30 minutes and to the hospital - I'm ready to give up this profession or vocation or whatever anyone wants to call it.
Control key. nm
Control T
Some EXText users have the ability to reveiw old jobs--say you want to look at a physical exam for the dictator you're working on or you want to verify a dosage for a drug on a patient you're working .  You can Control/S, then in the screen that pops up you can chose by date, trans ID, provider name, patient name, etc.  In the documents that come up based on the parameters that you entered, you can select one of those documents.  It's also a way to review what QA filled for any blanks you might have had.  When you are finished reviewing, you Control/T to get out of that document and your working document pops back up.  Working documents you Control/N.  Reviewing documents (read only), Control/T.
Hang in there....it will improve as time goes on.
I am actively searching for a new company. This is a no-win situation.
I don't know nor do I have control over the MT
community.  What I can control is my own career.  Other MTs have to take control of their careers, too.  IMHO, to work for an MTSO/get paid by production as a newbie MT is career suicide.  I never made less than, equal to or close to a housekeeper as a newbie.  I started as a medical-legal word processor of sorts - self-taught - took classes here and there and the rest is history.  My advice to new MTs is to get a job as a file clerk or other admin in a hospital or med group and work your way into a MT clerk and then MT position.  You already have your foot in the door by the fact that you are an employee of the hospital or med group 
And we also have a bit more control over the
...now. It's already too big to control, and not
Sorry, I meant to say hit Control-Alt-UP
It's difficult but necessary to be in control
Otherwise you are simply allowing little Hitlers to grow up and become *adults* - your job is not to be their friend, your job is to be their parent.

Why would you allow your kids to have friends that you wouldn't allow in your house if they were your friends?

Why would you allow filthy language, out-of-control behavior, and downright liars even on your property?

Are you afraid of your kids? if so, why?

Good luck
sorry, don't think it's either new or damage control

Remote Control
AND you can keep the remote control right next to your keyboard to mute it when necessary. I think it sounds great. I might try it!
How to unbold, control +B again?
If you try to control your IC's schedule
in the eyes of the IRS?  If that is the case, I would encourage your "ICs" to ask for benefits.
Settings, control and then where?
Settings, control and then where - can you help me?

Thanks so much!
not other poster but it isn't under the control tab; sm
it is under the playback tab under settings. it is the fifth one down that says auto back step on stop. i have mine set at 2000.
Yes, and one could only believe that if one believed this was something they had no control over. sm
I don't think that way at all.   Please.  How many gay movie stars are we just now finding out were gay all their lives.  And we never knew.  I am sorry, but that is the coward's and liar's way. To have a family knowing you are gay and have no intention of giving up your other way of life.  Shameful. 
pest control
Did it kill your grass?  You know, like roundup turns it brown? 
I gave the tip about using control+K
for command entries.

I purchased ShortHand and it is in the instruction manual that came with it.
Steps for control T.
When using control/T to close out the Control/S document, you must make sure the Control/S document is fully open and that it is the document on top. The document you see should have "read only" next to the patient's name. If it is not on top, control/T will close out everything.

Here are the steps: When you open Control/S, pull up the doc you want to review, etc., it comes up first. When you go back to the document you're transcribing, the Control/S document goes behind your working document. When you minimize your working document to Control/T the viewing document, it will go to a split window, and then you have to make sure the reviewing document is on top before you Control/T. I hope this makes sense--You can't Control/T with a split window or both documents showing at the same time. You must click on the read only document to open it to view so there is no split screen and the only document you see is the read only document. Otherwise, you close out both documents.
control is only an illusion - just when you
something happens to change the illusion.

Such is life.
Well, the patient does have some control, actually.
The patient can see another doctor without mentioning seeing this doctor, if he/she believes this MD's opinion is worthless. You can hope the best for the patient, but that's about it. Now if you worked in this MD's office as an employee or you were an IC (I am assuming you are doing hospital work and he is just one of the dictators), then you could decide you didn't want to earn your living from him anymore, but if you are in a service/hospital employee situation, then you just groan when you get him, call him ugly names if you work at home, type his reports, and steer your family and friends toward better MDs whenever possible.

I think most patients can recognize a jerk when they meet one.
She was just trying to do damage control (for herself of course)
and you're right - she was told to leave, she didn't leave on her own volition. She just wanted to make it look that way to save face.
If you are using Word it's control+E nm
Control Panel-
Security Center
control alt up arrow
Hopefully should get you there. If not, keeping doing the control alt with the arrows and eventually it will turn the correct way. If it goes upside down, then do the control alt up arrow.
"gain" control
It's 2 AM here and I've had it too!
I wish you could control the speed with
a keystroke. That would make it much more efficient IMO, instead of having to use the mouse.

Be sure you go into the spell-check settings and allow it to spell check capitals, especially if your account has you put allergies in caps (but even headings benefit from spell-checking).

Unfortunately it will then spell check patient names. Wish they could tell it not to spell-check the demographics.

Other than these quirks I think ExText works pretty well.
I think so. It's got more to do that the co. doesn't control (sm)
that space, but they own their name. I would think it smarter and more ethical to only put one's profession or area of employement on a MySpace, not the company for whom one works. That way if you wanted to network with others in your field, that's still out there but your privacy and your employer's privacy is protected.
Thanks so much - still having problems.  Got the wizard to work on a couple of ports, but only to the push rewind pedal - then will do nothing - locks up and goes crazy with buttons on Express Scribe flashing continuously...any ideas?
For IC, MTSO cannot control how you do your
to say when the work is due, TAT.  All ICs should stand their ground and not let MTSO treat them as employee.  MTSO may threaten no work, but they need us to do the work, so I think those would be empty threats.  There is always another company looking for good MTs. Sure, it is a pain to test but that is small inconvienence compared to being paid IC wages but expected to work as employee. I think many MTSO do not know what IC actually means. They just see it as way to pay low, with no bennies.  It is our job to educate them and stand up for ourselves.  And quit whining that you are IC but treated as employee.  Only you can put an end to that.
control-Z has saved me
on occasions where i've hit a wrong key combination and screwed up a report royally -- but you cannot hit anything inbetween the screwup and the control-z....
Not to mention gun control just to name one
Another--usually easier--way is to use CONTROL-K. sm
When you are in the entry box and ready to type the text you want bolded, type CRL-K. It'll tell you the next keys you type will be assigned to the entry. Then you hit the same keys you normally do to turn on bold (CRL-B). It'll then ask you to accept what you've done. THEN you type your text. Then you repeat the CRL-K/CRL-B thing to toggle off the bold (just as you do normally).

Remember, CRL-K to turn on and off special functions in your entries. :)
control shift

With VR system I was using (example of bad VR I posted above) I used all the control shifts, control shift arrows, ALT backspace, control delete,  the highlighter, did not use foot pedal or mouse, played the audio in the background while editing. But with so many corrections to make these things are not much of a help. Did not notice much improvement in line count.  On a better VR program they can be.

Als the platform that I was using with this VR involved a lot of control this and that too, for headings and subheadings, and also a lot of control this and that to move around different pages to put in cc (required 5 or 6 Keystrokes to do that), assign work role, check demographics, etc.  

Like this: to make heading

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION had to use control N

then to make subheadings

HEENT: had to use control shift N.

Of course VR did not get all these headings correctly so had to reformat as well as correct the text.

Did like the list function though... no need to manually number.


hold down your control key. While
doing this, you can make the font bigger or smaller with your mouse wheel. I found this out by accident. It changes back to the normal font after you change the report, but is so easy to do it is almost effortless.