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For Speedtype... Please help

Posted By: SM on 2006-03-12
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Can anyone tell me how to find the AutoCorrect entries in MS Word (name of file) to send to Speedtype for conversion into Speedtype??  TIA!

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Speedtype is also the exact same program as Shorthand, but Speedtype is a lot more expensive.
SpeedType AND ShortHand both come with a converter file that will import your AutoCorrect entries to either program. You do not have to pay Betsy to do that unless you flat can't figure out how to do it. It's not at all hard to do. Productivity Talk has posts that even tell you how to do it -- for FREE.
I agree with you 100%.  I purchased SpeedType a couple of years back and hated the program!  It not only doesn't help with productivity, it also has the annoying window that stays open at the bottom while you're typing--which I found highly distracting.  After trying the program out for a couple of weeks (hoping I would get used to it), I uninstalled and stored the CD in a filing drawer, where it still sits today! 
I use speedtype with DQS
They told me it wouldn't work, but I tried anyway - it works just fine. It is not part of DQS of course, but sits open in my systray and works just as if I were using it in Word or any other program.
speedtype with DQS

How do you use Speedtype with DQS?  I've been cutting and pasting from Word for two years and haven't received any complaints, but if there is an easier way, please let me know! 

Can you do this with SpeedType too?
I have the same problem with SpeedType. I type: 3yo and SpeedType types 3 -year-old with that space between the 3 and the hyphen. Anyway to close that space?
does anyone work with speedtype on
What are your opinions?  thanks
Is Speedtype the same as Shorthand?
Thank you so much for this info.  Is Speedtype the same as ShortHand or is it the same as another expander?  I know there are two that are the same and one is cheaper.  I am looking for the Expander that lists the expansion suggestions next to the cursor so I do not have to look at the bottom of the monitor all of the time.  I am not lazy really lol I just need to bring up my production.  Thanks again
Speedtype Questions
I have just begun utilizing this program and I love it, but I am still trying to learn how to use it.  My question is with headings.  Is there a way to save certain templates with the bolded headings to be retained?  It would save me an immense amount of time if I could just type the short cut and have my template come up with it already bolded.  Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated!
I don't know a thing about SpeedType, but you
can download a free 30-day trial of ShortHand to get an idea of how it works.   I know several companies whose own systems utilize ShortHand or recommend ShortHand. 
SpeedType and PCShortHand at the same. nm
It is SpeedType, which is the same as ShortHand, which is
spf compatible I believe. 
It looks exactly like Shorthand and SpeedType.
It expands with the spacebar and punctuation. You do have to make up your own shortcuts and you can have more than one dictionary file, but you can't have duplicate shortcuts like you can with Instant Text. All of these programs are better than AutoCorrect because there is no limit to the number of shortcuts (there is with AutoCorrect), and it works in most programs instead of just Word.

You'd have to download the trial to figure out whether or not you like it.
Don't even THINK about purchasing Speedtype. There are absolutely no

medical words whatsoever and you have to add everything.  Why in the world would the AAMT support this product and not any of the others? I spent over 160.00 on this product and my productivity has increased by ZERO.

I emailed for a refund and have heard nothing. I just hope that when I go to "resell" it they allow me with their licensing regulations!

Now I have to spend an extra 200.00 for InstantText which I should have purchased in the beginning - Can you imagine? 500.00 in the hole just to find which expander is best for you??/ I am highly livid right now. 


I have speedtype and it works just fine.
Just have to remember to open it when I begin working -
I've used Speedtype for almost 2 years
and I love it!  I have verson 8.  It's very easy to use, particularly when changing dates every day, etc.  Once I'm at the beginning of a new month, just delete the whole prior month and begin again.  It's easy to format anything.  If I have one word or a small grouping, it's easy.  If I have a large chunk of dictation, that's easy too.  The woman who sells it is extremely helpful.  I've never had one bit of problem since it was installed. And does it help with productivity - absolutely!
What is the difference between Shorthand and SpeedType?

Hi I've been using ShortHand for a couple months now but I just downloaded the trial of SpeedType to check it out.  It seems that the two are EXACTLY the same!  How is it possible for two different manufacturers to have the exact same program?  It looks the same, all the functions appear to be the same.  This is really bizarre.

I must be missing something.  Are there ANY differences between Shorthand and SpeedType?  If so, what are they?  Why would someone pay twice the price for SpeedType if it is exactly the same??  Thanks.

I have both Instant Text and SpeedType...

but also have AutoCorrect and AutoText entries.  AutoCorrect/Text work fine for many MTs.  I hate the hand movements necessary for IT, although love what it can do as far as multiple glossaries and automatically creating entries from reports.  I think SpeedType is a high-priced version of AutoCorrect. 

With AutoCorrect alone I type anywhere from 200-400+ lph depending on the account I'm working on and whether it is a new one to me.  I've tried and used multiple expansion software and stand by my statement that AutoCorrect is a good expander. 

It's just fine if you don't agree.  Whatever floats your boat. 


Can someone tell me how Speedtype compares to Shorthand?
Yep, in Shorthand & SpeedType since they are the same program.
Smartype or Speedtype free?

Does Smartype work just like ShortHand or any of the other expanders?  Is Speedtype the same as Smartype or any of the other ones too?  I would like to try before I buy.   Thanks


My apologies. I believe it is SpeedType not SmartType
that is supposed to be like Shorthand. But, in any case, check with tech support at ShortHand about compatibility with your program.
Speedtype works fine w/docQscribe
They told me it wouldn't work, but one day I opened it just to see and I'll be darned if it didn't sort of "take over" in place of the expander that's in DocQScribe! Now I have all the work I've already done in my own expander and it works just fine! Glad I didn't listen to them (my employers)
That's because SpeedType is just a retail version of Shorthand. :)
instant text or speedtype, expanders
I need suggestions on getting a word expander program.
They told me speedtype wouldn't work either
but it does - you just have to have it open while you are working - it does not integrate into DQS - just sits there and lets you stuff it with expansions..;)
Converting Instant Text to SpeedType
A friend loaned me an trial version of SpeedType. I have tried to get my Instant Text glossaries to convert over and it will not separate the keyword from the entry. The SpeedType then assigned the entries keywords of 5001, 5002, etc. Is there anyway I can fix this?
IMHO Speedtype is a costly version of...

MS Word's AutoCorrect.  I bought is and asked for help in transfering my AutoCorrect entries to it.  The owner kindly answered she would do it FOR me . . . for an additional fee of $25!!!!  Being as I had just paid $189 for it, I thought that was terrible!  Her instructions for doing the transfer do not work.  I honestly think it is just a ploy to make more money.

I finally did the transfer myself, after numerous tries.  Now I don't even use it.  Since it isn't anything "special," it isn't worth the trouble.  I much prefer IT to SpeedType.  In fact, ANYTHING other than SpeedType is better, in my opinion.


SpeedType and Shorthand are the exact same program.
SpeedType is just a different brand name and costs a whole lot more.

You cannot import into AutoText. You can copy your spf dictionary into Word and then you'll have to create the AutoText entries one by one.
Yes, Speedtype is overpriced retail version of Shorthand.
They are the exact same program except that Speedtype charges you for every list you want to import. Shorthand gives you the same conversion file with the program. The Productivity Talk forum has super tips for using Shorthand and other expanders. http://www.productivitytalk.com/forums/index.php
Save yourself some $$ - Speedtype and Shorthand are the exact same program.
No, there are absolutely no differences between Shorthand and Speedtype except the price.
See inside for a great website for using ShortHand/Speedtype.

Go to forums and scroll down to commands/glossaries/dictionaries then ShortHand Commands. Hope this helps.
SpeedType and Shorthand are the exact same program. Smartype only
works in MS Word.
Shorthand and Speedtype are the exact same program, just sold
under different brand names. ShortHand does have a trial version.
Speedtype is retail version of Shorthand at a much higher price.
SpeedType question...more advanced function (inserting subscripts, bolds, etc.)
Does anyone know how to insert subscripts, bolds, etc., into Speedtype? Is there a way to do it by inserting macros? Cut and paste, etc.? I am currently using WP 9 for most work. Do a little Word work also.
SpeedType and Shorthand are the exact same program. Shorthand is lots cheaper and also has a trial.
Shorthand and SpeedType are exact same program. Shorthand will cost you lots less.
you can import your autocorrect into Shorthand.