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Frank's website

Posted By: lma on 2005-07-11
In Reply to: when Frank fixes Imail, then I might get his letter. - MQMT3

How do you get to Frank's website?  I need to tell him some stuff.

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    Listen Mrs. Frank MQ. Just because Frank gave all his MTs a chapstick doesn't mean

    he loves you less.  You have to learn to share such a charismatic dude as Frank.  There is enough Frank for all of us.  Now go wipe your eyes and get your chapstick and be ready for Frank when he finally gets home.  He has worked hard today looking for Christmas presents for MTs to top the chapsticks and that's not easy. 


    PS:  I hear he got us nail files to keep us MTs prettied up.  How cool is that?  Maybe you could help him get that MQ emblem on the files for that personal touch. 

    I went to MQ web site where Frank is now answering questions. Looks like Frank
    is running behind on his questions because they are last dated May 11.  Maybe he is in Hawaii?  
    Frank still loves the ranks even if you are rankled by Frank.
    Frank cares.  Didn't you get your chapstick?  He doesn't want you to get chapped lips.  Now that beats a raise doesn't it.  Money is so impersonal.  MQ chapsticks mean so much more.  Lots of thought went into bypassing raises and just mailing those chapsticks that are clever enough to fit on a keychain that Frank including.  That's big!
    frank has needs just as we do. if frank needs a personal touch, i'm there for him.
    just say the word.  frank has so many stressors perhaps that extra personal touch will enable him to clear his mind and understand the mts who just want to help him.  frank, we are here for you dude.  just say the word.
    so what becomes of frank? who will we go to with our questions? i have bonded with frank.
    will you be keeping him on? can we ask you our deepest personal questions like we did with frank?
    There is only ONE frank in the MT world. Frank (Mr. MQ) whatever his last name is.
    We love you Frank! We miss you!
    OKAY! I need a vacation. Frank and fans of Frank/MQ who won the Hawaiian vacation?
    Does anyone know? 
    Hey!  I dont work for MQ and I dont' know Frank...I feel like I'm missing out on something big!
    Well Frank cannot help
    he just does not care. Nobody does. He is raking in the $$$$$. He does not respond to the e-mails, so what is the point. What a way to run the company. So sorry that we are boring you with our MQ issues. You obviously do not work for them.
    To Frank
    My experience was great too for several years....then one day.....POOOOF.   Hard to make a silk purse out of a pig's ear...uh, that's hard to make any money with no work.
    To Frank
    I did just that, figured it out and rectified the situation.
    ohoh-should I know who Frank is? nm
    What is up with you? Are you related to Frank?

    Frank knows that.  What a sourpus.

    Okay, if no one answers I will ask Frank.

    Frank wouldn't like that
    You think a union would let them get away with decreasing ME pay by 20%? The concocted system they use to try and make people think their production has gone up is full of holes. I know they forget we are not stupid if they think we can't see through this.
    Frank Stenosis

    I had a neighbor like this once but after a frank
    She had a boyfriend and they were the have a fight and make up kind. One night they had a particularly nasty argument and I didn't know who was going to win the _ugly word_ you, no _ugly word_ you argument. She kicked him out. We lived in NJ and he lived in Brooklyn and it was after public transportation had stopped running so he was looking at a $100 cab fare home.

    The next day I made a point of running into her and being curiously interested in the bus schedules to Brooklyn and cab fares and when she asked why I was asking, I told her I was concerned for her boyfriend after what had happened the night before, using my best "bless your heart" face and telling her if she ever needed someone to talk to, just knock on my door.

    She avoided me like the plague after that and they started meeting at his house


    Anybody else get letter from Frank today?

    Got a letter from Frank about "document preservation"  and the ever-threatening "new pay plan."  He keeps mentioning his new pay plan, but never has the balls to tell us what it is.

    Frank did not write me. I am jealous.
    Frank isn't as hot as Gregg but I still wish I could hear from Frank.  He isn't answering my e-mails either. 
    Frank's special place.

    Isn't he cute?  He bought all of us chapsticks and a key chain.  I think that is so sweet.  He likes me the best of all his 10,000 transcribing chicks though.

    So I am the one doing the labor and get 8 cpl. Frank and all the managers
    need a little something-something for all their "hard" work.  We MTs are so
    Does anyone know Frank's email address?
    Does anyone know Frank's email address at corporate?  I feel the need to communicate on a personal level.  Maybe if we ALL communicated with him on a personal level he would be sorry for what he has done and give us all trips to Hawaii and a raise.  Ya think??
    Anyone know Frank's email at corporate?
    I need to tell him a few things.
    We put frank away. as for your questions, please limit them
    to inquiries about chapstick.  Number one, do not leave them in the sun as they will melt.  Any and all other questions I'm forced to get back to you at a later time, be vague or better yet not respond to you at all.  Good day. 
    Lets ask Frank about spaces
    Well, maybe all us MQ workers should send a friendly letter to Frank (isnt he still the CEO?)  and ask if we get paid for spaces.  I have been told in the past I do, however, I have noted a decrease in lines when switching to DQS and dont know where those lines went.  I have to work one to two hours more a day to make the same line count I made on Cottage, in the **good old days**..OMG, not paying for spaces?  Well, then maybe we should not space between words or sentences, cause it takes our thumb to hit the key board and know when to space, Im working here..It working to put in spaces..I should be paid!!..Or, okay, dont pay me for spaces, then pay me more for my lines and my intelligence and my knowledge of medical..
    better yet, write to "Ask Frank"
    on QNet...I have not even seen any Q&A's posted on there since April or May and I know there are a whole slew of them...I wrote one in June...not there either..so what's up with that???
    Frank, I will go get back to work as soon as I
    fix my makeup and put shine serum in my hair to look beautiful typing today for you.
    Hey Frank, I'll work for you
    email me and we'll talk.
    Frank finds it as humorous as you did
    I e-mailed him the link.
    And his cousin, Frank Spasm
    Whenever I bid an account, I have a frank discussion about TAT...
    really only ER and X-ray need dictation back within 24 hours. For the rest of 'em, it's just a convenience. I explain as a small MTSO I don't want to be the one telling the MT who is sick with the flu that she HAS to get it done. None of my clients have ever complained about their TAT, which range anywhere from 24-48 to 1 week.
    Well... I had a Frank Sinatra wanna be
    He sang an entire appendectomy to me. Sounded a lot like that manta ray instructor in "Finding Nemo". Don't know if he was drunk (he was in the OR and yelling questions at the staff intermittently as he sang).
    when Frank fixes Imail, then I might get his letter.

    Yep, I agree. Frank loves us and only wants the very best for our lips.
    YOU didn't respond, but the REAL Frank did.
    Also cc'd the board of directors in so that could enjoy the show also.
    Isn't it time we all called Frank whateverhisname is?

    In the midst of this joke about letters and phone calls from village idiots who

    have no answers, and now no work, and lies when we ask for answers --

    isn't it time we all confronted Medquist?  I'm sure ready.  I'm angry enough and

    broke enough to raise unholy sand!

    If I were you, I'd take the hospital job, but ONLY after a very clear and frank discussion w/
    the woman who has been refusing to hire you for the last few years. Why would she hire you NOW and not then? Is there a problem you or she need to address? But frankly, you could take a LOT less at the hospital, when you figure in, ON PAPER YOU SHOULD DO THIS, but figure in the 2-3 months down time every year, and the $600 a month in insurance. If you are over 45, you should count, too, on having niggling health problems coming up, and you could need paid time off AND non-cancellable health insurance for that.

    If you and the hiring lady can iron out the wrinkles, I'd much prefer the hospital.
    Frank is now our fearless leader at MQ and he likes us to call him
    just plain Frank, like one of us common MTs.  No pomp and circumstance.  Just plain Frank.  So we are on a first name basis with the CEO and we can ask him questions on his web site and everything. He sent me a key ring and some lip gloss and I think he likes me special. 
    Frank is busy but if you go to his web site you can pour your heart out.
    You don't need I-mail for Frank to respond.  Besides his letter came in the mail and it took him hours stuff the envelopes and get them to the post office.  Don't dog my man Frank.
    Frankly, Frank's rank rankles the ranks!

    Who knows what frank has in mind to oppress MTs and further line his pockets.

    It can't be good.  MQ has a lot of law suits pending and huge attorney fees.  They also had to become honest in their billing methods with government scrutiny.  They can also ship to India.  MQ will find a way to jerk American MTs around.  Why?  Because they can and will.

    frank went to hawaii to evaluate and study the accomodations.
    Frank didn't think this Hawaii vacation would serve the purpose he had in mind so the CEOs are putting their heads together and doing a study and are sure that the new Hawaii vacation they come up with will please all involved but in the meantime please continue transcribing as they value all of our efforts and will get back to us on the Hawaii vacation in a year or so once the CEO and managers form committees to study the vacation and fair way of chosing a winnner while studying the effects of a vacation on work habits of the lowly MT.
    Frank at New Delhi products? Microsoft? Enron?
    Maybe the white house.
    frank is in hawaii and won't be back until he feels like it. or he is fired,
    Ask Frank is still on MQ website. Greg is back. Can Greg help?
    I heard Frank traded vacation in for 10,000 chapsticks.
    I'm waiting to hear from you regarding this.
    Ask Greg or Frank or whoever is the current CEO. They can check e-mails from Hawaii.
    Did everyone get that email from Frank L. about the new pay plan coming out for statutory employees
    this morning. Does anyone have any idea what this is going to be. I hope I dont lose money after all the years with MQ but we shall see.
    I believe you may touch Frank on a personal level if you e-mail him. He is after all encouraging us
    to ask him questions and to call him by his first name as did our beloved ex-CEO Gregg.  Try this link.  If Frank is truly our kind of guy, he will answer your personal questions and problems. 
    frank says aloha and wishes you were here but unfortunately funds for Hawaii vacation dried up.
    Frank is now working on a vacation for lucky MT to home office in beautiful downtown New Jersey.
    has anyone heard from frank regarding the hawaii giveaway from mq? is he still in hawaii?
    i got the mail regarding MT lawsuit and other stuff from mq but no postcard or notification from frank who won the hawaii contest. think he's mad because of MTs suing him?
    Do you have a website for yours?? nm