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Frustrated dial up

Posted By: JGLF on 2007-02-21
In Reply to: How do you speeding up a dial up connection? - INMT

You may not be able to do much about the speed of your PC but do you have options re. the type of program you are using. Some programs allow the work to come in while you are typing the current job, therefore the work will continually flow in enabling you to work without interruption.

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I was told I would dial directly into the system/Will I need to get dial up internet service?

I'm trying but I'm getting really frustrated!
I know work slows down but they should at least have a backup account to give me so I can get SOME work. I'm going to give it a few more weeks, but if this is any indication of how they do business, I really don't think it's going to work out. I think they are just over hiring to get the TAT quick.
Very frustrated
Does the QA (not the people, just the QA itself) make anyone else feel inadequate?? I try and try to do a good job, consider myself to be good at it, have been told by numerous doctors and employers that I do a great job, but somehow, I just can't seem to cut it working for a small MTSO. For 30 years, I've transcribed things by what is correct. Now working for a "verbatim" account, I can't even make a sentence correction to read better without it coming back. Some of this is truly ridiculous. It comes back whether it changes the meaning or not. I have been trained to "fix" things, but now trying to "undo" 30 years of training is hard. It's hard to type what you know is incorrect. How are some of the ESLs every suppose to learn it right, if we constantly type what they say wrong? Everything from wrong pronunciations to grammatical errors??  And it is NOT just ESLs. It's Americans who should know proper English and grammar. I think this job is easier for someone just starting out to learn it this way, rather than trying to change. I guess you CAN'T teach a dog new tricks... this ole dog, anyway! 

Does anyone make money transcribing/editing???? What  If so, how, where do you work. Maybe I have not found my niche. I was hoping this would be it. What companies are good? I spent two years going to school and have been transcribing for 2 years and editing for almost a year. I prefer to be an IC and have had many, many people tell me they want to become a Transcriptionist and work from home. I tell them don't bother it is not worth the time and lack of money. I am probably just too slow. The problem is that I really enjoy doing this and love the freedom and working from home. So, I plug away. I am ready to quit and just scrapbook and quilt. Forget work.

frustrated MQ MT
ASR letter came to me on Friday. I am being dropped 20% on my ASR work as of Oct 1st. Been with MQ for 8 years, been an MT since 1976, very upset about lots of things. Anyone who does ME work, contact me.
Frustrated again
It took me 6 months to finish a 1 year course for MTs.  It took me another 4 months to find someone to hire me.  I seemed to have been one of their better typers, since the e-mails with nasty remarks got sent to all of us and they were not any thinkg that applied to my jobs.  Talk about some stupid errors!  I have managed offices for the past 30 years and wanted to find a job that I liked and could stay home.  Thought I had it!  It would have been 1 year this month.  The company I worked for has a very poor computer system.  They are constantly having problems with their e-mail.  My last job typed to them was a very long one, which they claim that they never received.  I sent it twice to both owners and also saved it twice to the site.  I have not been given another job since, nor have I gotten paid for the previous month.  I feel I am a very adequate typist.  It only takes a little practice and any one can get a doctor down pat.  I use the internet alot for words I don't quite understand and usually get good results.  I am now back to the point of testing for everyone and anyone and hearing the same thing, "We need 2 yrs+ experience."  I'm glad I kept my day job for this past year.  I am still not ready to give up though.  Is there anyone out there that hires old women with excellent typing skills and the know how to find what they need in order to type a good report?

Yesterday I was laid off from my MT job due to an account pulling out suddenly.  I live in a different state than my employer, and when I went to file for unemployment, I found out that my employer had not filed the necessary paperwork and reported my earnings to my state.  I was told I would be denied unemployment initially but to appeal the decision while they do a wage investigation into my employer.  Has anyone ever had this happen to them?  I kept all my pay stubs from my employer showing all the taxes being taken out, but was also told I could still be held liable for the taxes.

Yes, I have taken an intense 10 month course.  This is a 2 year course condensed into 10 months.  I took this course and was told there were lots of jobs....just the college promoting the course I guess.  I had 92% overall and 97% in transcription, but everyone wants experience.  How can you get experience when noone will hire you.  any suggestions?
Thank you - frustrated is exactly what it is.
Yes, I was set up and am currently working, but am not able to look up past reports, etc. Looking for a manual for instructions..........
I get frustrated too.
I know. I get frustrated too. My BOS 2nd edition has the error on pg 297. There is also an error on pg 50. Aster-Coller should be Astler-Coller. I also bought the CMT Review Guide and found tons of errors in that book too.
Okay I applied with Diskriter three weeks ago, went through the testing, both written and transcription.  The recruiter said I had made too many errors and sent the test back to be to correct.  I did that and sent it back to her.  She said everything looked great and I did very well on the transcription test.  I had two phone interviews, one with the recruiter and one with the HIM director.  I had already set up a schedule and everything.  Both sounded like I had a lot of potential especially since I have alot of experience with ESLs and don't mind them at all.  I had not heard anything all week and so I sent an email to the recruiter.  I also called to leave a voicemail and found out she was on vacation.  Therefore, I left a voicemail on the directors phone (because the recruiters voicemail said to do so).  I waited all week and this morning got an email saying that at this time there were no available openings for my hours or qualifications.  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?  I told them both I would work weekend evening and they said great as that is what they needed most right now.  What gives?  Has anyone else had problems with this company? 
Frustrated by All
Mostly in response to "I think most people do not understand our job". I must say that I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have worked at home for 8+ years and feel more stress than some executives. But now even some of the companies are behaving that they do not understand we are doing this for a paycheck and just not to fill our hours. I work for a large national company and I just sat here for the last 4 hours waiting for work from a supposedly full work pool. Meet my 1300 line a night minimum? In their dreams. In fact, usually a nasty e-mail follows the next day as to why lines were not met. If we do not receive the work, then we cannot do the work. I would give anything to go back to the days when we were actually PAID to transcribe. Most people believe that all we do is sit and type all day (and we do, all day/all night to make a check most people only work 8 hours to get).

Just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.
frustrated contains 2 Rs (nm)
You are welcome, frustrated, and please
no longer feel little. And try to forget about that feeling. This is not high school anymore, or at least we have the ability to walk away knowing who we are without letting other people mess with our self-esteem. You are looking good to your boss right now for your asking intelligent questions. And proving yourself to QA that you are not afraid to document errors. You are also earning money for your little one. And these things are much more important than impressing people who do not even admit they understood what you were talking about in the first post. Like I said you know who you are, and you can't let anybody take that away. BTW: Even if you did make a mistake so what, is that an evil thing! No. We learn from mistakes. The only mistake I say you made was allowing anyone to make you feel small. And it was a mistake for me to even answer the posts before after my initial post. I usually don't answer people like that. But, so what, life goes on and it will be a beautiful afternoon. It's all how you look at it. Good luck to you frustrated and remember the most important things in your life: Your family, your boss, and well, you!
To: Frustrated
 Don't be bothered by some of the many bitche$ on this board! I too, had the same exact problems with inconsistent QA and received the same, negative, nasty attitudes! Everyone kept going around the fact that the whole issue is INCONSISTENT QA!! Not you, the MT, doing your job.  And I can totally see your point of:  If it is NOT on your acct specs, then why would 1 QA tell you to do it this way?! I totally get it, and there are very nice MTs on this board, but some are just so sour, so don't let them get you down.  Like the other poster said, some people just need to get a life! Have faith in yourself and your ability, and you will go far!
Yeah, that's for sure.  What I really hate is having to ask for help from the support team where I work.  If you're not a computer geek like they are, they really seem to try to make you feel stupid. 
To frustrated s/m
Email me and I'll give you the name of a company that will hire you if you can pass their test.  The pay isn't the greatest but maybe a place to start.  I might add that I think it will be near impossible for you to work with 3 toddlers unless you either have someone to watch them or work while they sleep.
Frustrated Beyond Belief
I'm having the same problem too. I try to start out the day with a good attitude, and pretty soon I just want to pull my hair out. It seems like EVERY day it turns out this way. Plus I'm just learning, so I don't know if I'll even be able to get 1000 lines. How DO you get 1000 lines in an 8-hour period when sometimes it can take a long time to listen to something or clean up a real mess. I honestly don't know if I'll be able to do 1000 lines a day. The dictators are not tht good. I had one today I couldn't get the name of the patient PLUS she dictated the wrong MRI #. I fought with that thing for over an hour, trying to figure out how to get the name. How DO you decide how long to spend on each report esp. when I'm like you; I don't like to leave a bunch of blanks.
Frustrated with SmartLines

Does anybody else have the problem of tons and tons of SmartLines being added to Smartype, squeezing out all the space available for typing. 

I actually have to keep going into Tools/Customize/Toolbars and individually uncheck all the SmartLine 1s, 2s, and 3s. 

I have had this issue with more than one MT company's software, so I need to either find out how to solve this with Smartype or find another word-expander program that is as good as Smartype--with a very small learning curve--and which will import all my thousands of Smartype words and blocks. 

Can anybody help?  Has anybody else had this problem and solved it?

I get frustrated with ESLs as well,
I take exception to your statement that *whites are smarter and work harder* and *can't help it if we're born white* Do you REALLY believe that? Do you know how racist you sound? ESLs are ESLs because their primary language is something other than English---how does this prove they are are not as smart or don't work as hard as *whites*. I guess ESLs also had the choice of being something other than *white*. I feel sorry for you if this is how you genuinely feel, because you sound like a Nazi.
Computer help-frustrated

Anyone out there who has great computer knowledge?  I have been fighting lag issue on an acct on am I on.  It is Meditech.  I have other Meditech accts and do not have any issues with them.  I have been told so many things some by my company's IS, other things by the people who do my computer work and I do not know who to believe any more.  Some thought it was bandwidth issue, some thought my AVG Free antivirus, but I just put on Norton's 2007 and still have the problem.  The strange thing is I could type in this hospital's Meditech program with AVG off once I got in and was protected with their Citrix, however it was shortlived, even though I could do this on a daily basis.  I have been told that I have redundant programs running, but my computer people looked at the task manager processes and said nothing out of the ordinary,  I cleaned files, defraged, do my anti-virus daily, Ad-Aware, clear cookies/temporary files, upgraded my Time-Warner Internet Service to Premium to speed up upload/download, called Time-Warner's National Help Desk, had their tech out to the house and checked connections, added another stick of RAM and my computer is just a little over a year old.  I have been told that maybe I need to have the operating system cleaned out, which would probably mean dumping the whole thing and starting over.  I suggested maybe cleaning Windows registry, but the company IS people will not help with that because employee computer.  A friend of mine is on a different acct and had terrible lag problem and someone who she calls a computer God had her go into regedit.exe and had her delete a license and installed new Citrix and now she does not have that problem, but I cannot contact that hospital as it is a client and that is a no-no and for reasons I cannot go into she will not let me give info to my IS people.  I am at my wits end.  I should mention that I am the only one with this problem on this acct. I am wondering if it is a problem with my computer and whatever port they have me in at the hospital.  Once again, I know nothing about how or why computers work, I just type on them, but I think you can see why I am frustrated. 

I get very frustrated, too. I correct them and (sm)

explain the corrections on the finished report for their reference, but the same mistakes happen over and over again. 

Very confused and frustrated!
I have worked for the same ortho office for 16+ years.  During that time I was offered the opportunity, by my boss, to work at home which I have been doing for the last 4 years.  I had to buy all the equipment to set up, nothing was paid for by the company.  During these four years I have been told to work in the office to cover for vacations, sickness, etc.  I understand that and have no problem with that.  What I do have a problem with is my boss telling me suddenly she wants me to work back in the office for awhile.  When I said no she seemed okay with that. She then kept asking me when I was going to get DSL.  I finally got it (at my own cost) and then 2-3 months after I did get it my scheduled suddenly was changed by my boss to work in the office every Monday.  Shortly after that my schedule was changed to work in the office full time all week every other week of the month.  I feel like a lab rat that is being experimented with!  The only reason she will give me is that "it is a business decision."  There is one other lady who works at home also and the same thing is being done to her.  There are two other transcriptionists who work in-house who had no idea these changes were coming or why.  What would you do?
Reply to frustrated
It very well could be staff. Someone in the doc's office may be friends with a Transcriptionist who needs a job!!
Frustrated with schedule
I work for a large national company. I was told that EVERY time I was away from my computer, I needed to have Pre-approved time-off.  Even if you are gone for 15-20 mintues to taxi your kids somewhere.  We only get 2 flexes per month.  I am part-time and have no benefits.  I also have trouble making the daily line counts.  Sometimes with kids things come up and you need to take them somewhere and this can happen more than 2 times per month.  Thanks for letting me vent.  Any suggestions are welcome!!   
Frustrated about working
Frustrated, companies that hire you come first as far as their work. They could care less about your family, your home, your this and that. You sound like you have never had a job in which you worked away from the home. You should count your lucky stars you are ABLE to work from HOME. I am an independent and I STILL have set hours and I WORK them. I know others disagree with this; they will say I should be able to do my own hours but I did this same hospital before being outsourced and now work for the company who does the hospital transcription and I am so thankful I can work on the same job I have done for about 20 years. If they want certain hours, fine with me, I give them what THEY want, they are my employer, I am their employee. You really sound immature in the statements you are making. If all companies let every person pick and choose, what kind of place would that be? I have done this work for over 30 years and guess what? We used to have to show up at an office, not working from home and we had to punch a clock, be on time, 30 minutes for lunch. You sound very young though so maybe you will catch on after awhile companies are concerned with companies.
No longer so frustrated..
I've been reading with interest the comments my venting inspired.. both here and in my email .. and some of the assumptions are amusing.

I've been a Transcriptionist for 36 years, an MTSO a couple of times during those year, a manager with a national company or two, transcription manager, QA manager - basically just about every job possible in this field. I know how important it is for a transcriptionist to be respected for our skills and to be paid for the work we do.

We actually flew to a central location in California to train transcriptionists within a 10 mile radius of the central location, so there was no cost to the transcriptionist. We wouldn't have made the trip had we received only one or two applicants. It isn't that difficult to train someone remotely, but since we had several positions to fill and several applicants, we decided it would be beneficial to make the trip and meet the new ICs.

We have 35 very good transcriptionists, all on IC status, working at different levels of competence, on different accounts, with all of the flexibility they can use. Some started as trainees right out of school, others came to us experienced with one or more specialty. All have been cross-trained to some degree to cover each other when someone has a family emergency or just wants to take a vacation.

We have work, plenty of it, and our pay scale is competitive with other services. We've even done work share programs with other services for short term.

My plea is simply on behalf of other service owners - don't apply if you aren't serious about work. It is a waste of time, both yours and theirs.

Thanks for all of your comments. I'm getting back involved on the board a little more and find how much I've missed the exchange of opinions and ideas.


I get so frustrated with the newbies here who

took the At-Home Professions course or other equally bad and then complain they can't find a job.  They didn't do any research on the front end or they would have chosen another school - you do get what you pay for and most took their courses because they were cheaper.

In every aspect of the real world there is someone trying to scam us, so you should always research. 

Frustrated with bad dictators
I have been in this business for over 20 years and I have learned one thing.  The doctor is always right and we are wrong.  I don't let it frustrate me anymore.  I do the best job I can and just let it go.  Otherwise I am damaging my mental well being by doctors who just don't care how they dictate.  I have accepted that.  I even have done research and have listened to psychological tapes that have helped me deal with this.  I realize all of this anger, hostility and negative vibes are doing more damage to myself than to anyone else.  I realize this is is of little help to transcriptionists who are dealing with losing money every day, but now fortunately I am in a position where making money is not a top priority with me.  Hope this helps.
I am just sooo frustrated!

I am just so frustrated with my production.  I am stuck at 800ish lines a day.  I have tried Instant Text and Smartype both and I still cannot get over this 800 line mark.  I really need to double this at least because I have 2 children to support.  Ok thanks for letting me vent


Frustrated with line counts

I just started with a national a few weeks ago. I am struggling to get my line counts plus get used to the different dictators. It is a large account but I do find the dictation interesting. I also have a part-time job typing for a small company. There are a lot of ESL with the national, but not all are that bad.  I am not sure if I went with the right company or not. I had researched for quite a while and found this national to be very flexible, which is what I needed for now. I just would like to know if any others have had the same experience and how long it took to get better and get a decent line count. The people at the company so far are great to deal with, but I am just wondering if after a while it will really get any better as far as pay, etc. Any suggestions appreciated.


Because they're angry and frustrated too
I say definitely change careers, but take a step up not a step back to square one and having to work with 16-year-olds.

People have to set goals and standards for themselves or they will be griping and offending indefinitely, while never getting anywhere.
Such anger! Clearly uneducated and frustrated.
accept responsibility or you're going to be pointing fingers into thin air for years to come.
Frustrated with SmartLines--Followup
Well done! You have stated the problem perfectly; more clearly than my original statement of the problem.

I have been using Smartype for 6 or 7 years, I think. I have been transcribing for 20+ years. At one point I actually solved this problem, although I don't remember how! I don't remember what I did to solve it, and now it has recurred.

This multiple-SmartLines problem has happened with MS Word 2000, 2002, and 2003 (which I dumped in favor of going back to 2002 because it had too many problems, even with the updated version).

I have used Windows 98 all the way through 2003 while using Smartype.

I believe that I have experienced the SmartLine problem whether in MS Word by itself or in a number of MT programs. I have quit a number of companies because of various incompatibility issues with SmarType, since I have THOUSANDS of entries (both single words and SmartBlocks), and I didn't like the idea of doing the equivalent of rewriting an entire dictionary.

At this point, I am ready to "bite the bullet" and switch to ShortHand or something else, even if it means the equivalent of dictionary-rewriting, just so I can get some work done and some income coming in again!

I saw somebody's post about having put Smartype entries into ShortHand. Did this work, even for all the SmartBlocks? If so, could you please tell me how you did it? I'm sure many of us would like to know. (I will also post this last bit as a reply to that post.)

Thank you all for any help you can give.
Feeling Frustrated and need some opinions

I am really feeling frustrated.  I just started a new job with a new company and I have been very excited.  About 3 weeks ago my husband found out that he got a new job and that we would be moving 100 miles away from our current home.  We have been packing and getting ready to go but in the meantime I have been going through my training with my new job.  I had told my supervisor immediately when I found out about the move and everything seemed to be fine and it seemed to me that she was willing to work with my schedule until I got settled in our new home.  Now I am not feeling that anymore.  I just found out last night that the move might happen a week earlier than expected and so I again informed my supervisor of this.  She emailed me back and seemed really irritated with me and I got the feeling that she just did not care.  My husband has already started his new job and has been gone during the week and coming home on the weekends leaving me to finish the packing pretty much on my own.  I feel like I am doing the very best I can and keeping them posted and doing my schedule the very best I can but I am going to have to take some days off to get this move done and they do not seem to think I should be doing this.  Am I right to feel frustrated and a little angry at being treated like this or am I asking too much?  I know I am stressed about moving and it could be that I am just being overly emotional.

Thanks for the input

You sound like a very frustrated newbie--sm
who has discovered that American companies will not hire you or give you a chance! Some of them do. You just have to show your *skills* and your *professionalism* and your *willingness to learn*. All of which you seem to lack. Instead of purporting Indian owned companies who would just love to get their hands on an American newbies, so they have someone to belittle and take advantage of, why don't you focus instead on building your skill level, acting like a professional, and accepting that you have an awful lot to learn yet? In my opinion, just your actions on this board alone seem to make you the Poster Child for why American owned companies do not like to hire newbies! If you haven't noticed...there is no *I* in teamwork. You have to BE a team player in order to become a team member. Your loyalty is lacking. Good luck to you.
Dear Frustrated, here's another idea . . .
If they still won't budge after pointing out the split shift benefits to them, in the meantime try to get farther up the "totem pole" by volunteering to do more difficult work. There are companies and hospitals that are more flexible than where you are.

I have a coder friend who works for a hospital with strict rules, but they let her go home as an employee, and they let her work any schedule she wants as long as she logs in 8 hours total each day.

I completely agree with you that if you were promised flexibility, they should let you choose your hours. I sympathize - I had been working my own schedule for 12 years (in house x 10 years before that) and NOW they fence me in. Well, I'm on my way to another company that gives me the flexibility I want. Keep looking and I hope it works out for you.
Couple questions for Frustrated
I was just wondering if you have had training or experience working as a medical Transcriptionist before this job. I know you said you had a degree in business, but you didn't say anything about working as a transcriptionist before. If this is the case (no experience), I would say the company you work for was having a hard time finding a qualified person to fill the position. Therefore, promises made that they couldn't or wouldn't keep.

Anyway, good luck in trying to get your hours rearranged. I know how difficult it is to work with children at home. Luckily mine are in school now.
Happy Birthday, Frustrated!

My husband's birthday is also today, and he is 40 today too!

(I just told him that I am posting this and he said, "Tell 'em it's also Harry Connick, Jr.'s birthday, and he also turned 40!)

BTW, I agree with you . . . sorry for your plight.

No, just *^)(@$# frustrated by waiting and punching
numbers and getting no where. I am MTer just like rest and donít have time on my hands to wait around.
Don't insist. Just confused and frustrated. nm

Would you mind if I saved this creed of yours to look at when I get frustrated like this?
for 'Seeking intelligent life': Are you frustrated and unsatisfied?
Looking in vain for intelligence in your brain?
so people who are frustrated doctors can give medical advice.
Forced to work scheduled shifts..no flexibilty..what gives??? So frustrated.

I started MT two years ago for a medical clinic of about 100 doctors.  I am now working at home.  I get paid hourly 10.50/hour.  My employer will NOT let us work flexible shifts.  I have to work a standard 8 hour shift with a one-hour lunch break that is unpaid. 

I got into this field because I wanted to work from home and have FLEXIBILITY.  I have a toddler under the age of 4 and when I interviewed and shared my reasons for wanting to work at home (my children) I was told I was a "great fit" and then I get in my home and am told there is ZERO flexibiity and I have to work 8 hours straight just like in-house people!  This is extremely stressful for me having a small child and I don't make enough money to afford daycare. 

I started working with Medquist part-time for extra money and AGAIN I was told I would have to work a set shift, with no flexibility. 

Where are the jobs that you guys have where I can work my own hours?  Sitting here typing 8 hours straight everyday with a demanding toddler is starting to wear on me, but I need this job badly. 

What gives? I thought the nature of working at home with MT is flexiblity and every job I've applied for in MT has given me NONE. 



They must be so frustrated. Gnashing their evil-doing teeth. Trying new bait, tossing out the line.
But we're not gonna BITE! Have I mentioned to you that rabbits bite? Some do, though I don't think they particularly mean it...
How do you dial in...lanier, Cphone???? I'm wondering will this work with a Lanier voicewrite EX
Dial Up
They do make surge protectors that will protect your phone line. You can find them at Best Buy or any other local computer store. Don't but the cheap version either, I made that mistake once. Look to spend about 20 dollars or so on a nicer unit. This will protect the phone line, but I still would not trust it in a thunderstorm.
Dial up
Looking for an at home position but have dial up internet. I just moved to an area where no high speed internet is available (which is killing me) and did not know before we signed our lease there was no high speed internet. Does anyone know of companies that employ MTs with dial up internet access. Any information is greatly appreciated.

You may want to look into satellite. Dial-up is a dinosaur. Most hospitals are VPNs and web sites. You would be lucky to get anything dial-up. It is not MQs fault that you cannot get anything but dial-up. Look into other avenues and get with the program of the future.