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my dial up works for the company I work for

Posted By: Annie on 2007-02-19
In Reply to: How do you speeding up a dial up connection? - INMT

I work for a company that uses MP Word.  They have an edition that is made to work with dail-up.  I just get the first dictations downloading, make coffee, clean the kitty litter, read e-mail or whatever.  Then once that initial  batch is downloaded, when I have about 10 minutes of dictation left, I just request more work and keep on typing.  I almost never have to wait for work after that, I just keep downloading as I type.

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I'm on dial-up. works fine.

Dial up works, but you lose lots of $. sm

Dial up works, but it is sooooooooo slow.  I originally had cable hookup that would shut down all of a sudden for days. Tech support was from India and one guy asked me how I liked the snow and it was mid-June. Then I went "wireless" and that would shut down all the time.  The "wireless" company offered me free dialup as a backup. I lost tons of money because the stupid dialup was so slow. 

I finally went to Verizon DSL.  Have not had a problem.

DQS does work with dial-up
I've used dial-up and high-speed, and trust me, you are MUCH better off with high-speed. Even though it is possible to use dial-up, if you have to do a lot of ADT searches, it can slow you down a lot. Also, splitting jobs is slower because you have to wait for the next job to download, the upload is longer, and it's just a waste of time IMO. Also, signing on and off takes twice as long.

Don't be mad. You are definitey better off in the long run and probably will make up that connection fee and modem cost soon.
Don't think dial-up would work...
even accelerated. It's just too slow and undependable. Have you thought of getting Internet using an air card from your cell phone provider? To be honest with you, I don't have much knowledge on them, but I do know that friends who have them say they rarely have trouble with their Internet service and they are as fast as DSL for them. It may be worth checking into. Here they run about $60 a month for service.
I work at home with Dial-Up
I work for MQ with the DQS platform. It works find, just takes a little longer than with the DSL.
Are you trying to say you work on DocQScribe on dial-up????

And I had to pay for connection fee and modem for the DSL????

I hope I am misunderstanding you!grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

How do you may Escription and dial up work?

Are there any MTs/VR MTs out there using Escription with dial up?  If so, please tell me how to get it to work becuase I have Escription on my computer, but I cannot get the first dictation downloaded.  If there is a setting somewhere that I need to change for my dial up connection please tell me.  I am begging.

Thanks so much

Escription and dial up..Will it work?

How do you make Escription and dial up work together?  I have a slow connection and I can get short dictations but no long ones.  Does anyone have any advice for me? 


Escription and dial up..Will it work?
What type of system are you working with. Editscript and satellite or dialup are not always the best combination.
Use of WiFi versus dial-up for MT work

Hi all,

Posted this on the technical board as well and just wanting to get some imput -- I just moved to an area were the ONLY options for me are dial up or wireless internet.  One of the companies that I work for "gave me the go-ahead" to be able to use wireless, but with the advice to have dial-up available as a "back-up".  The other company said that it really wasn't that stable.  I am in clear view of the wireless tower and about 5 miles away.  I have had both cable and DSL in the past, and have had times when my cable would go out for hours, due to "various reasons".  What I am trying to find out is why wireless is considered "so unstable" when I feel that some of the other high-speed internet connections are just as unstable and if there ARE medical transcriptionists out there that do use wireless and what their experience has been with it.



WiFlyer - Wireless dial up - does it work?

I found something called WiFlyer for "wireless dialup".  I think you plug it into your phone jack and then a little antennae to your notebook and you can move around the house freelying without a phone cord.  I wonder if it makes dial up any faster?  Has anyone used this?  What did you think? 


Will DQS work with dial-up (short-term). How long
I only have dial-up, I work for a small local MTSO -sm
that uses a FTP site to send us our work, so dial-up is just fine for that (work is about a 20 hour TAT, so it does not matter how long it takes for me to download my work, and uploads are quick. So obviously a job that has no set hours, etc. is ideal for someone with dial-up. Also get your own accounts, then it doesn't matter does it as you are the boss. I have 1 account of my own and we transfer the files via the internet through an intermediary website (in place of a FTP). Just keep hunting there are dial-up jobs out there.
C-phone help! Dial tone ok, but keys will not work.

There is a dial-tone when handset is lifted.  Keys do not work to program, dial, ect.  This is the same for 2 different units.  Any suggestions?

I was told I would dial directly into the system/Will I need to get dial up internet service?

MT works for the company, not the facility
It has been my experience that approaching an issue like this comes across as bullying and I have not had very good results with this method. Its like ha-ha you got one more chance kind of a deal. Rather than putting it off on the facility I would have sent a directive to the MT and asked that it not happen again, stating that the facility expects top notch work from us and anything less would not be acceptable to them. If that fatal second blow were to occur, then let the company deal with any disciplinary action it normally takes and/or perhaps move the MT over to another account. I have worked both sides of the fence, so I know this technique never works, almost always results in more and more errors.
The company she works for is CBay
I thought perhaps most would get the bigger picture....the liberal New York Times and their foreign liberal journalist using a blind person overseas to put such a twist on her plight, that the outsourcing just gets overlooked for what it truly is, stripping US of their jobs. This has everything to do with INDIANS or anyone else overseas who is given our jobs for pennies....it has to do with selling us, the U.S. down the river, and our own greedy corporate idiots do it.
I work Sun.-Thurs. normally and will work on Fridays to get Sunday off if I need it. Works
My company works on a tier system, so
much for the first XX lines and then raises the cpl by 0.05 for each 2000 lines up to a maximum cpl. Also, when extra help is needed, we are offered an extra amount per line that we transcribe.

Some companies offer an extra monetary amount for XX number of lines transcribed over your average, or for lines transcribed by working above your required schedule. All companies are different.
She works for MQ see MedQuist forum. It's under Company Board.
You don't want to work for this company. Call your current company and
tell them that you have decided against the new position and tell them that you would like to stay. It is cheaper for them to let you stay than to train someone new. A company who could be so tacky as the one you just spoke of is one you do not want to work for. You can rescind your resignation. If you are a good MT, they will be glad you did.
Yep and then everyone works and again NO WORK.
Works for most work so only need the one
I avoid Dictaphone C-phones, Lanies, Meditech, etc. and finally can do all accounts using one pedal.
What works for one, may not work for the other. sm
Every parent tries to do what is right for their own child. Not everyone has to agree, it really doesn't matter what others opinions are. What matters is you are doing the best for your child!

Good luck to all parents raising our kids in this crazy world! We have our work cut out for us.

Won't Work with MS Works

It HAS to be Word from MS Office; Word from MS Works will not work for some reason.  Your best bet would be to tell the company your problem and look on E-bay for MS Office 2000-2003.  It sucks, but I went through the same thing when I worked for a company who had EditScript.


works best fo MT work
A wireless card works great, HOWEVER how close are you to a cell tower? -- and what kind of cell tower -- I worked with an air card on my laptop and its about dial up speed
What works for one does not work for all...
Personal experience is individual. Different products are better than ours. I agree with prior poster - try it, you might like it, if not nothing ventured, nothing gain!!
All I know is it caused the company I work for to be unable to do all work due today and the rest
i used to work for a company that divided the work types up and i loved it. sm
there were only 4 of us working a major teaching hospital. someone was assigned surgery, different assigned discharges, different admits, etc. we all had the backup work type in case the original assignee wasn't available and were cross trained. it made us much more efficient, ability to get used to dictators, set macros, and in the long run we were all much happier.
The company I work for said cable phone wouldn't work, just FYI.
Everyone who works for MedQuist should know that a MT can work as much as he/she like. One dosen'
1. He works nights. 2. I work days
Ah, but the weekends. . . ..
Sorry you have to use Medicrap, but I use IT where I work and it works just fine.
Its amazing how un-MT friendly that program is and how the hospital administrators don't care that Medicrap won't fix anything.
Plastic surgery only works if there's something there to work with in the first place.
She's been trying to look like her dad's "golden girls," Heather Locklear and Farrah Fawcett, for years, but it's not working, obviously never will.
I got it to work with Express Scribe! Works great!
work out an indexing system that works for you and copy (almost) every report into it.

while Ops offer lot of challenges -- that's a good thing, imho, REALLY ...

I keep my op stored in WORD sorted by

(1) client

(2) specialty (general surgeon, ortho, plastic, podiatrics, ENT, GYN, GI , urology, neurosurgery etc) .... and then in word folders

(3) within speciality, within client I name individual reports like this:

470 hernia vental simple

470 hernia umbilical

470 small bowel resection 


470 would be that doctor's id number -- the file holding 470's reports would be named with doctor's last name 


works for me, although I do usually do big time "indexing" until I've gota bunch of copied reports.


It's really important to NOT consider these NORMALS until you are more familiar with the dictator ... however... this is worthwhile ANYWAY because the joy of OPs is that most doctors say pretty much the same thing in 80% of their reports ... sometimes more. Gastroenterology and GYN  are excellent "easy money" most of the time but you MUST pay attention and change every difference ...


All these saved reports need to be updated when you review your QA ... those phrases that doctor mumbled yesterday are probably mumbled 24/7/365 ... follow up and record this information.


I use Emedicine for my go-to for a lot of things... while they don't have op reports they are stellar at terminology and spelling, hyphens, and capitalization as far as I can tell.

One of the fabulous things about op reports is usually NO MEDICATION LOOKUPS!!!! (although you will spend time finding out the latest heart stents, hip replacemetn component marketing  names, etc. ) Most medical device manufacturers have "pretty good" web sites -- use them, rather than relative Google popularity wrt spelling, caps, etc.

Good luck -- there is a learning curve but imho it is more than worth it -- Surgeons understand that their dictation is in essence their "BILL" when it comes to Medicare and insurance -- they have a vested interest in it being intelligible and complete ... they may talk really fast but most of the time, if you have samples, you will find they are saying variations of the "same thing" using the same words/terminology. 

Oh, and OP pay better.

Sincerely, good luck.!

Relacor didn't work for me, either. If I'm not exercising, nothing works. Gotta use it to lose
I don't work for MQ but that happened to me once at the company where I work and
my next two paychecks were shorted out of what they had overpaid me for that pay period. I hope they don't take it out of your hide. It was hard to budget for that month!
Company I work for has to pay fines for work out of TAT.
I work as an IC, work when I want, but I still let the company know if I am going to be unavailable
for any length of time, even though I don't have to.
What company do you work for? Maybe some of
work for a company

When work is low at my company I have

volunteered several times to just work half a day, or take the day off so that another MT who needs the lines more than I do can have the opportunity to at least get in a full day of work. 

I don't often have a day where I can't get all my lines in though and there are usually lots of days where I could type 24/7.   My work is assigned to me and I have no idea what any MTs workload may be on any given day.  Most of the time I work extra if the workload warrants it, but there are days too that work may be slow at the beginning of my shift and I'm just not able to work more later in the day to make up the lines.  I'm not complaing about not getting work, but I also don't believe that I need to fit my life and family around my work on a regular basis.  I believe that when an MT is hired FT and the company has expectations of how many lines a day they want the MT to produce, then it is reasonable for the MT to expect work.  I know the business is feast or famine, but if an MT who if FT and wants to work is consistently not getting enough work during their scheduled shift then there is a problem.

I'm very good at what I do, but I work to live, not live to work, and I don't remember signing anything that said I agreed that my life/family came second to MTing. 


Any company that has work right
we must work for the same company
The little scale at the top of the page actually calculates total lines, but we do it separately I believe because of keeping track of what each MT does on the log. I keep the log up and type it in as I go and don't fool with writing it down.
Who is the best company to work for?
Can someone please tell me someone you work and are happy.  I have 8 years' experience in multi-specialty clinic and acute care (except op notes) and want somewhere with good pay and steady work.  I'm tired of bouncing from company to company after they lose your account and don't have enough work to keep you busy.  HELP!  I am so frustrated with this field.  When things are going good, I can do 2000 lines a day and be happy, but then every 6 months or so things go bad with that company and its a few months of transition after things fall apart.  I'm about to lose my mind.  Thanks in advance for the suggestions
RE: Who is the best company to work for?
company while i work
My baby, Simon, (lhasa-poo), loves to lay right up against my foot while I work.   You are right - makes me love working at home!  What a blessing.
Best company(ies) to work for?sm
I know this subject has probably been posted b4, but I could use some good advice.  It's time for me to move on and I am looking around and would appreciate any advice on who is good to work for.  I have considerable experience. 
Wonder if we work for the same company?
Your story sounds very much like mine. I would be digging out all the garbage docs every day on my secondary while my primary had plenty of work. I was also made to feel *special* because not every MT can do the harder accounts. I want to start pretending that I can only do the easy docs and let someone else do the harder ones. I leave my office pretty frustrated and wiped out at the end of my day now doing nearly all the really tough accounts. How is this fair? Either pay them less if they cannot do them or pay me more!
Anyone work as an IC for more than 1 company?

I'm wondering how this would work out.  I am an IC for a company, but don't have enough work in my specialty.  I'm not as productive, obviously, when doing a different specialty and am losing money when picking up the left-over work. 

Are there others out there who do specialty work as an IC for 2 or more companies?  Of even do work for a company and also pick up your own accounts that are not through a company?  How has it worked out for you?  Do MTSOs usually dislike this or are they generally okay with it.  I just don't see myself being able to make a living if I have to keep switching gears when there are no jobs for my specialty. 

Thank you for any replies/insight.