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Posted By: passing thru on 2009-05-22
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Anyone familiar with a dictation/transcription program called Fusion? TIA

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It has a long way to go before it is up to an level with most of the other systems out there. It has a lot of bugs in it.
The clinic where I used to work used Fusion very briefly before I left. We had nothing but problems with it! Good luck!
Fusion RIS

This is the only name I can find to identify the system used by the clinics I'm working for, and apparently it includes the whole PACS system. I have a VERY limited word processing program. Is this a proprietary program for Fusion RIS, or is there another way to identify the word processing platform?

Fairly new to working at home...love being at home but don't like those limited word processing programs.

Use version 1.3.17. Sound quality good. Easy to use. Occasionally "hiccups" and lock up jobs you only get one job at a time.

I use Fusion to receive my dictation.  It is the voice program, not the transcription platform.


Dolbey Fusion ?
Does anyone use Dolbey Fusion, especially the speech rec part?  If so, I'd be interested in your feedback.  Thanks.
Fusion software
and/or chartnet?  Anyone have in any info on these?  Thanks a lot!!
Fusion and MediTech

What is the difference between Fusion and MediTech?

Dolbey Fusion was
a platform I used at my previous hospital job which incorporated DVI dictation. It was a vast improvement over SoftMed Chartscript for us as all the fields were filled in (finally) without having to look everything up. It had both straight typing and speech rec. It improved our line counts at the hospital to the point where we were overstaffed by 14 full-time positions and since I lived out of state, I'm unemployed. Easy to learn (took about 1 hour) and line count went from 175 to averaging 250-280 lph. Good luck and wish I was you!
Anyone hear of (s/l) Burke's fusion C1-C2?  Thanks!!
I would like to hear from anyone who uses Fusion dictating equipment...

Hospital just purchased Fusion dictating equipment.  We had been on a Lanier system for almost 15 years.  I've read some on the Fusion equipment and all it is suppose to do (even speech recognition).  does anyone use this equipment with the call in station?

I had to use Dolby Fusion at my last employer and it was horrible. (sm)
Crashed/locked-up frequently, terribly slow to load ADT data, etc. It was just workaround after workaround that we had to use to just keep semi-productive. Fusion lowered my productivity a good 40%, I'd estimate. Hence, "my last employer." Never again.
Air card, Meditech, Fusion, boonies

Yes, I know there are lots of questions and answers about one or more of these issues most of which I've read, but I need to make sure before I end up signing something that I can't deliver.

I have a Sierra air card in the middle of nowhere.  Will I be able to link to Meditech specifically and receive Fusion voice files through a VPN in a timely manner or will one or the other or both be so slow as to be inoperative?  I've worked with it doing FTPs and photo downloads and it's slow but not glacial.

Has anyone had specific Meditech related problems going over the 5 gig limit with their carrier?

Thanks and lots of hugs in advance. f

Anyone have any info on Infoware Fusion transcription machine?
Hospital is switching from Lanier to Infoware's Fusion transcription equipment.  The records dept head is very confused.  With me at home I have no clue as to what is going on because I don't think she knows much more.  Anyway, I am suppose to go the hospital tomorrow for orientation.
Meditech is an operating system and Fusion is voice for a dictation system