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GO HAWKS!!!!!!

Posted By: SEAHAWKS FAN on 2006-01-22
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Sea Hawks
I am from Tacoma and love the Sea Hawks.  I think they really got screwed.  I think the officials alreay decided who should win.  They have a good team and cannot wait for next season.   
I guess either you didn't watch the game or you don't know much about football.
I agree the Hawks didn't play their best game but the officials did give the Steelers a touchdown they didn't deserve and took one away from the Hawks that they did deserve, so the Hawks should have won the game. It's as plain as day. I am just calling as I see it and thousands of other people see it. I guess everyone but you is ignorant.
I guess if I'm an excuse-making sore loser then thousands of other people are too. If they would have brought in officials that knew what they were doing then I wouldn't be so upset along with thousands of other people.
Nope, just very heartbroken.