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GearPlayer customer service stinks - if you need to reload onto another computer (i.e. you get a new

Posted By: not good on 2005-10-22
In Reply to: StartStop and GearPlayer both cost a bit... - Feet

You have to call them to get a new install code,but first they have to fax you a request sheet to be completed and faxed back,then they have to okay the reinstall and give you a new code. They are NOT available after hours or on weekends, so if you have an emergency such a computer crash,you are out of luck.

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If you have a disk, you can reload it on another computer. nm
customer service

We tried for five solid weeks to get signed up with Vonage.  Wasted well over six full hours over the telephone (we just have a plain old residential house, some question of a second line coming out of the house, but no other complications) with 99% ESL's who could not communicate properly with us.  The savings were the carrot in front of our face, which is why we were so patient with having them try to get us set up, but because of one fiasco after another with JUST TRYING TO GET US SET UP, we decided it was not worth it.  We will wait until it has been perfected.  Also the 9-1-1 was a very important factor, as was Privacy Manager for us.    Weigh your options.  Best of luck to you.

For customer service.....
Someone filled me in that if (when) you get somebody from overseas, all you have to do is ask them to transfer the call to somebody in the states.  That way you don't have to try to decipher what they are trying to say, and you get someone from the U.S.  I tried this, and it worked well with no problems. 
Those Customer Service Centers
You have to do what I do. Sometimes if I call and I can't understand a word the service rep is saying to me (after telling me his name is Paul), I ask them to send me back to an office in the United States. They generally don't know what to say at that point because they have no scripted answer to that type of question. It gets your point across without having to resort to nastiness (not implying that you were in any way), which I used to resort to and you have stumped them to the point where they generally will return you to the main office which is in the U.S.

Take care and good luck with the doctor.
Have to talk to Customer Service. There are only one or two
models available with XP. I got one about a year ago. Saw a post recently that someone had just got one with XP through them, an Inspiron I think, and that they had a few left at that time.
Dedication to customer service? Are they SERIOUS?
Here is customer service email

Shame on them for not letting you know would cost $10!!!!!

click the link and send Paypal an email with your question

Just talked to offshore customer service
I just got off the phone to my CC company. The sales rep that answered had no accent but on a hunch I asked where she was located and after much hesitation, she replied she was in the Phillipines.  I told her I wanted to speak to a rep. in the US.  She put me on hold and a few seconds later returned, asking me why.  I told her I was totally against offshoring.  Once again I was put on hold and after a long wait, her supervisor got on the line.  This was a male with no accent so to be sure I asked him where he was located and again, the answer was the Phillipines.  I told him I wanted to speak to a US rep.  He asked why and I told him I was against offshoring.  He said it was not possible to tranfer me to a US rep.  I explained that I had made this same requist before and had been transferred but he said it was not possible this time.  I told him I will email the company and try to get a US phone number that way.  I will let you all know what happens.  I am so angry I could spit.
working as a customer service rep from home....sm

taking phone calls like orders for things, etc.,  showed very pregnant woman with little kids with phone headset working on computer . Raved about flexibility, own hours, fit her schedule, blah, blah....   Had to be able to work alone, etc., all the work ethics we have to have, and good typist.  Full time, they said pays VERY well, with emphasis on the "very."  I think this woman was making 12-15 an hour, can't remember exactly.  Said there were about 10,000 women doing it and it is the up and coming thing.  Check out the GMA website... I think it was "Women at Work"...... something like that. 

purchasing computers with customer service in US?
okay.here it goes.  I thought it might be worth asking if anyone know of any companies that sell computers where you don't have to go through customer service outside of the US?   TIA. 
Call Nicole at customer service...
This is THE best company I have ever dealt with. I downloaded the trial and in a day or two received a very nice personable email from Nicole wanting to know how I liked the Gearplayer. Then my trial ran out before I really got to try it because we had to go out of town so they let me try it an additional 5 days. On my fifth day I had just started working and was so behind because I took my mom for a test. It was last Thursday actually. I placed my order over the phone and was going to have to wait until Monday for the software to come in. Nicole gave me a third extension so I would not lose money and the software arrived the very next day!

I do want to add that when trying the 3rd trial I had the same problem you are having and I called their tech depatment. Mike had me back on within minutes without putting me on hold even one time!

The customer care is unmatched and the product itself has the best sound quality and the settings are so easy to use. I can't recommend them enough. Good luck!
Their customer service is pretty good when you have
If a service wants you to use GearPlayer, though, you can't substitute with ExpressScribe. nm
That's because Dell's customer service is outsourced to India. sm

The guy probably answered yes, yes, yes to all your quesions and didn't understand a single word.

I wish customer service departments would stop hiring
these people who have this terrible nasal twang of those wannabe CSI Miami blonde bimbos (the so-callled  bullet expert).  You cannot understand a word they say, everything is nasal and words run together.  If doctors ever pick up this habit we are sunk.
Does anyone have a contact # for Medword? They have awful customer service!

After contacting HomeEx I ordered the Absolute Experience tapes through them. I wrote under additional instruction to tell the delivery person "Do Not Knock!"

Today the postman bangs on my door and needs a signature confirmation. If he had those instructions he would have delivered it to the apartment office. If I had been working, I could have lost my job for the backroud noise!

I ordered a 3 CD set and in the enevelope there is only 1 CD and transcripts that do not match it.

The outside cover says Package 1 of 2. Why wouldn't they send 3 CDs and the transcripts in the same package? From the ad it is a "set" of 3 CDs. I go to the website to contact them and I need an invoice # to email them about a shipment! There is no original invoice or copy or anything in my package!  I called the # on my package but it's HomeEx not Medword.

Does anyone have a contact #?

Check your boxes and stuff for some sort of customer service...
I think you got a bad one. Return.
Like customer service everywhere - people don't care, no self-respect, no respect for.
Dell customer service is overseas. I have had a Dell, a
Toshiba Satellite, and an HP.   The Dell was a piece of junk from day 1.  The HP hard drive crashed after 4 to 5 years, but otherwise no problems.   I bought a Toshiba about 6 months ago and it is okay, nothing special.  I was looking at the Sony Viao and the salesman said that some laptops are made to be portable, but that the Sony was not one of them, but the Toshiba was.   My keyboard also has a numerical pad on it, but it throws the other keys off a bit, so when I'm in a portable mode and don't have room for an external keyboard it really slows me down.  I have a Duo Core processor and notice no difference whatsoever in speed, the number of programs I can have open, etc.   I have also noticed that even when I am not on battery power that every so often the battery is charging.  I don't know if this is a defect or something that is supposed to happen, but I need to investigate it. 
I was told today that all the big computer companies offshore their technical service. Does anyone
....and need to reload it. nm
We have decided to add this to our current service not have a new service. It will be easier to sm

keep track of and will just be a different department. 

It looks like we will work out details over the next 6 months, talking with community college program directors as well as a few of the distance-learning course leaders to work on the recruiting end.

We will train current staff to mentor if they would like to do so and want to work in the office.

We are still working on production requirements, goals to set, pay, benefits and other fine details but we have 6 months to get it all in place with three months to pull it together after that with a tentative start date of 09/01/06.  We need to build the building as well, although that is already at the blueprint stage in a spot next to our current office. 

We did not want to cause flames and bashing by listing the company name as there are always so many negative people on this site, but we are national with over 200 transcriptionists, located outside of Chicago (40 miles west) and have the best team of transcriptionists around!

We will have an "official" announcement after the first of the new year. 

Thank you for all of your feedback and suggestions!

And we all think our pay stinks -- nm
That really stinks...sm
That supervisor doesn't have a clue about her job! You didn't do anything wrong, and you definitely don't deserve to be removed from the account. But, I've been right in your spot, which is against a brick wall, and my experience has been that you can try to make them see the facts, and they may even agree, but you still will not win.

I'm sorry you have to experience such unfairness, but MTs are often used as scapegoats, most times without their even knowing about it!

Really though, a team leader removing someone without having all the details? ?Without even asking questions of you, and then tell you to "hold tight." It's not worth it to even wait for her to find the facts because they won't be about you anyway. There are MT companies that value their MTs. Find another job ASAP. Kindergardeners need to "hold tight," but where does that fit in at all here? Maybe the supervisor can "hold tight" while you find a better company to work for!!!!

Good luck to you!
One job yes! The other no, and it stinks!
And it takes a very long time for that check to arrive by mail! Why don't all do DD? Just wondering...
Well that just stinks :(

I'm so sorry that happened to you.  At least you tried to communicate with them to find out what went wrong...seems like they are the ones being rude and inconsiderate with not even responding.  Even though I'd say just try to forget it and move on, I can understand how it would be very hard to let something like that just roll off your shoulders, you know?   I'd want to know if it was personal or if they over hired or what...just tell me so I can start to heal!  I hope you either get an answer or are able to come away from this unscathed.  Best wishes and hang in there!    


That stinks!

Something similar happened to me.  I started work at the end of March and didn't see a paycheck until mid-May - AFTER I had quit.  Got in a HUGE fight with my boss.  It's such a risk when you go with a small mom-n-pop company.

I do hope it all resolves for you.

Hi, EL. That stinks! SM
I'd strongly suggest taking advice only from those doing quite well overall with MTSOs. There are reasons why they are, and you want to be in that group.

Seriously, whatever you do, don't avoid VR. Go specifically for it, perhaps looking for accounts that are going to it but still mostly transcription. It's here now and will be the future, and you're already behind the curve. It requires a somewhat different skill set than transcribing, but plenty of people love it and make more at it. Like me. Mine that old can-do spirit and continue developing the skills to continue in this field until retirement if you wish.

Doing well with editing, as well as transcribing, is highly dependent on extensive Expander use.

Regarding MTSOs, lots of people have all the work they can handle, with no bottoming out, but getting that steadiness and having it continue can't be depended on. Just in case, expect to occasionally have to flex somewhat with the work flow just in case.

Webmedx is a good company that specializes in medium-sized regional medical centers/hospitals. Lots of ESL, but higher pay rates balance it out. Expander provided, and classes in its use and other productivity-raising techniques. Good health insurance. Very good incentive pay scale.

Best wishes.
Yep, that stinks, I have one like that - sm
she will do a 17 min consult, I will be lucky if it is 80 lines....stinks, I also have an "ummer"....he will ummmmmmmm for a minute or two, on a 12 minute report, though he redeems himself when he has me "send it in letter format" as well as the report, sometimes to 3 or 4 different doctors, no cc notes for him, so that is quite nice, I can make $25 in 5-10 minutes that way sometimes. He doesn't do it all the time, but still it is a nice perk.
VR pay stinks
I just don't get it and never will. You still have to listen to a whole file to edit, and usually at regular or slower pace to VR which is just another job description for traditional VR which also sucks pay wise. Either way, you still listen to the whole file, and usually the docs put on VR are the better dictators, so you could type them as fast as you listen. The crap docs are the ones that don't make it onto VR, but if you can type as fast as the good ones are speaking in VR, which I have happened upon more than once, then with a good expander, etc., I could be making twice as much just typing their butts. Sorry, this whole VR crap situation is just that, CRAP, and another reason to pay us less than we are worth.

I REFUSE to do this crap work for 3 cpl, and I was shocked as a student at what my mentor made editing my work and giving me invaluable feedback.
Editors in general should be paid hourly and that's a fact. We need to really consider the crap rates we are offered while the middle/man/woman makes the other half of our pay and say enough is enough. Rates are simply pathetic knowing what the middle person is ACTUALLY making!! PLZ............
If no spaces, it is more like 5.75 which stinks! - nm
Vonage customer
No problems here. I wanted to go through Time Warner, as we already have cable and internet through them, and they display the number on your TV (very cool), but Vonage was still cheaper.
yeah that stinks

Its not like with a car where you have a choice whether to drive or not. 

They should make an affordable plan scaled to income available to anyone who cannot get coverage otherwise and set criteria like - if you have to pay more than 10% (or whatever is fair) of your income for insurance, you are eligible for the plan.  Cutting it off at 4X poverty level screws the middle class family, again.  Just like for financial aid for school. 

JMO.  TG we have good insurance. (military)

that really stinks, BIG TIME !!
here is the other web site that goes into more detail,
Comcast really stinks.........
I used to have their cable internet here in Cresson, PA, but I have switched to Verizon high-speed DSL, and I absolutely love it.  They do have special sign ups, which you can you lock in at that rate, I did!  Sure hope you get rid of Comcast! 
No pay for spaces, which stinks. Your

I have heard low work volumes if full time. Not getting paid for spaces was a deal breaker for me.

The new BOS perpetuates this and it stinks. It is
Been using Gearplayer
I have been using Gearplayer for what seems like forever and am soooo disappointed that it won't work with this new system.  Something about being able to have the company's software open the files through the player which Gearplayer won't allow.  I have tried Express Scribe in the past and hate that it reformats every audio file I have into an Express Scribe file.  On another note, with Bytescribe, powerplay, and Start stop.... they all work with a USB pedal if I have been informed correctly.... is that right?
I use Gearplayer, GearXport and FTPtoday - It's Great!
While I do agree with the above poster's frustration about having to call transcription gear if your computer crashes (had that happen a few times myself -- well crashed once and got new computer a couple of times); had to get a new unlock code each time, but I was able to get mine right away, that is no longer true.  It is true they aren't available for you nights/weekends, which of course can be quite frustrating because if your computer is going to crash you can't ask it to please wait until a weekday; however, they now have an upgrade that you receive a HASP key with; once you install this upgrade you never have to ask for another unlock code.  I recently upgraded gearplayer and also installed a new hard drive on my existing computer so all I had to do was install gearplayer (go into their website and download their trial version) and then plug in your HASP key and, voila, there you have it.  No more calls, faxes to transcription gear.  It's about time they got with these "modern" times.  Now having said all that, of course, if one prefers Express Scribe over gearplayer, then that's your personal preference.  I've used Express Scribe and personally didn't like it.....but, to each his own, right?  Have a great evening!
I have used both, and others.  Gearplayer by far was the most frustrating, expensive, and inconvenient with their limited service hours/unlock codes, limited loads for backup computers, etc.  With many of us, it seemed that it was not 'friendly' with some other software on our computers and often would freeze up either the GP or our computers.  Just my 2 cents. 

I also have Gearplayer - The dictations are on a CD and open up with Media Player. How do I transfer over to my Gearplayer so that I may use my footpedal??? I have tranferred them over to my Gearplayer, but unable to open files!

Thanks for your help.  

GearPlayer - anyone use it
Is it worth the money?  Are there any free players that work better - I have a USB port foot pedal.
GearPlayer - anyone use it
I love GearPlayer. I've been using it the past 2 1/2 years. I've tried express scribe and bytescribe before, but neither of those programs have a good tech support department. They have always taken forever to get back to me regarding problems, and sometimes never resolved my problems. I've experienced programs with my GearPlayer crashing before, and even losing of dictation files, but GearPlayer's tech support has always come through to help me and in one case, point me in the right direction so that I can even recover dictation I accidentally deleted! They are so friendly and very knowledgeable. I won't use those other programs again just because of great support I get with GearPlayer.
I've used GearPlayer for about 5 years now - love it.

My latest company requires Express Scribe. It works, but I don't hear nearly as well as I do with GearPlayer.

I've gotten my money's worth out of it, but to me the contrast is a matter of getting what you pay for.
If anyone has a GearPlayer system they want to sell, I would be interested in it.
Does anyone out there have any experience using FTP sites?  I recently accepted a job that utilizes CoreLite and thus far I just can't get it to work for me.  I have always worked for large companies that don't use this method...so I really don't have a clue what I'm going wrong.  Also, I recently purchased a GearPlayer4 and I am having trouble with loading the voice files on that too.  I have called their Help Desk and thus far they haven't gotten back to me.  This is driving me crazy...I know I am "software/hardware challenged," and this is totally my fault, but hoping maybe someone here could point me in the right direction on where to seek help.  Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!
I need help with GearPlayer please!

This is the first work I've been sent.  I was not able to figure out GearPlayer in time to take the test, so I had to manually play the sound, type, etc. 

I was told (here) that I could drag the sound file over the GearPlayer window and it would load.  I tried that tonight, but there was an error.  So I read some instructions from GearPlayer and it mentioned files have to be in HTML format, so you could save the file to your computer and then drag and drop it.  I tried that and I'm not getting an error message; it looks like it loaded fine, but when I use the footpedal all I hear is STATIC.  What is wrong?

RE: Gearplayer
I have it. When you take the test, it says you can open something on the right side, not keys on the left. You click on right side of mouse, save page as or link as, something like that. Window opens and it saves. Go to Gearplayer and check if it is there. Then highlight it and try to play with foot pedal. That is what I do. I have to download all mine to test. In process of all that right now, job hunting.

Gearplayer can be downloaded for a 5-day trial.  After that, you have to order it from Transcriptiongear.com.  If you have a foot pedal (Infinity or any USB port foot pedal or 9-pin foot pedal),  you can just order the software itself.  I just ordered it and it took 4 days to get to me regular mail and it was $109.00 including tax.  If you don't have a foot pedal, then it is about $150. with the foot pedal and software.

I really like the gearplayer as it cleans up the audio quality on most hard-to-hear or scratchy audio files you may receive and you can slow it down much slower than with Express Scribe.  However, if you can make due with Express Scribe and save yourself some money, I would continue to use that.  The company I just started with, unfortunately, not all of their audio files are very clear and I found I needed the gearplayer for that reason.

Up-date from CC offshore customer rep.

Okay, I found a phone number on my statement for thier "Premier" card so I called that number.  I asked where the rep was located and she told me Buffulo, NY and her name was Vivian.  I got the answer to my question and then told her I had initially called and got hold of a center in the Phillipines but I refused to talk to them.  I asked how I could go about lodging a complaint about the company offshoring.  She said she could forward the complaint for me but it probably wouldn't do any good.  I told her it would do some good if more people did as I was doing and also lodged complaints about offshoring.  I explained that in my profession offshoring a a huge problem and that it was only a matter of time before SHE lost her job to offshoring also.  I told her to include in my complaint that her bosses worked for  me and if I, and others like me, refused to use their services, her boss and the company's management would be looking for new jobs.  Vivian told me they have call centers all over the world and I just lucked out using the :"Premier"  phone number because I do not have a "Premier" card.  She said in the future if I want to get a rep in the US, I will probably have to hang-up and call back, several times maybe, until I got hold of a US rep.  (Yeah, right, I am calling the Premier number first thing).  But, at least I know what it might take to get a US rep.

I realise even the offshore people are just looking to make a living but what about all the US citizens trying to make a living, only to see their jobs go offshore? And I agree that it is "managament" that is responsible for this, but until we stand up for ourselve, no one else will.  Management works for us!!  Just like the managment of the MTSOs and even the Nationals have no job without us.  It it too easy to say, "Well, just this one time, I will use the foreign call center,  One time won't make a difference."  But it is that one time, added to your one time and added to her one time, added to my one time and on and on, that WILL make a difference.  It is too easy to sit back and wait for someone else to solve the problem.  That attitude will get us nowhere but out of work or working for slave wages

I realise even the offshore people are just looking to make a living but what about