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Anybody know of any free foot pedal/transcription software besides Express Scribe? TIA. nm

Posted By: babs on 2005-10-21
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Foot pedal/express scribe
Can anyone tell how to get a DVI/USB pedal to work with express scribe - the pedal works with DocQScribe and Emdat - but cannot get it to work with this one??? T
Express Scribe foot pedal
I have an Infinity pedal I have used with Express Scribe I would sell.     Let me know if interested.
foot pedal with express scribe help
I have downloaded Express Scribe to try to do something (not medical).  The only thing is, I don't know how to get the foot pedal to control it.  I don't know what kind of pedal it is, the MTSO sent it to me.  Any ideas or help???
Infinity USB pedal and Express Scribe software. sm
You may need to install an additional file to play .dss files.

This setup works for me.
Are you playing it thru Express Scribe using a foot pedal? nm
Foot pedal wizard is in Express Scribe.
Have you tried to reboot your system since installing the new foot pedal? Sometimes the computers don't recognize new hardware until it reboots.
Need Express Scribe help with foot pedal controls

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong.  I have express scribe and a USB infinity foot pedal.  The foot pedal controls on express scribe do not let you set the foot pedal to back up a few seconds.  When you lift your foot off the pedal, that is exactly where it starts again when you push back down on it.  I want it to back up a few seconds so I can listen to something again, but I cannot see anywhere that it lets you adjust it to that.  I don't want to have to rewind it all the time.  Please help thank you 

Will Olympus foot pedal work with Express Scribe? TIA


Lanier Foot Pedal will NOT work with Express Scribe
Sorry to tell you but no a lanier foot pedal from a transcription machine will not work with an wav.player.
Most foot pedals out there are at least 69.00. - (cheapest I found) - and be careful what kind you get - if you have a newer computer - you will want the USB one - (faster, works great)
NEED RECOMMENDATIONS on foot pedal compatible w/Express Scribe (sm)

I realize they sell them on the Express Scribe website, but I was just wondering if anyone found any that were cheaper, worked well, and were still compatible with Express Scribe. TIA!

Trying to take a test in Express Scribe and cannot get my foot pedal to work. I dont want to
cause a problem in DQS with the foot pedal either.  Any suggestions.  I have the foot pedal that you use for DQS.  It is an Infinity foot pedal.
Free Foot Pedal Software
I thought that there might be some other people out there that would appreciate a link to a free foot pedal control application. Check it out:

PedalWare - http://www.altoedge.com/pedalware/index.html
What software are you using with the foot pedal and for transcription? Sm
Express Scribe, Bytescribe Wav Player, etc.????  There should be something under options/settings for selecting USB with these software programs. 
Express Scribe is free.
Express Scribe is free, but I don't know if it -sm
plays those files. all you can do is try. Good luck.
Can you try your pedal with Express Scribe?

It is a free software program and you can just Google to find it. I really like it. It might help to determine if it is your foot pedal or as another MT suggested perhaps the problem is your adapter.

I sure hope you get things up and running.

pedal and express scribe
Can I use my Start/Stop footpedal with Express Scribe? Thanks!
Express Scribe is free and will probably play

any file format you need.   You just need to buy a foot pedal.   Express Scribe also sells pedals, you can find on e-bay, or even the equipment board here. 


Download Express Scribe for free.
Are there any other free players besides Express Scribe?

I have many problems with express scribe.  Hard to explain, but it stems from stopping and starting the recording just one time too many, and the express scribe "freezes up" for awhile.  Sometimes I have to sit and wait for 2 minutes before it will play again.  I have uninstalled/reinstalled it - no help.  This has been going on for years and I am sick of it.  Sometimes I have to reboot my computer to regain control of it.

Anyone know of any other free players out there I could try?  Thanks!

You can download Express Scribe for free, but I would
suggest waiting on the foot pedal.  If you need to do voice files for testing you can using hot keys - slower, but saves you from buying something that will stay in the closet.   You may need a C-phone but I never heard of a company providing one.  Sometimes the company will provide a foot pedal too.  
Express Scribe is free, download it at

Download express scribe for free
Not sure if it does the files you need but a quick check of their program will tell you. Google it.
You can download Express Scribe for free.
This program has programmed hot keys (the F keys) to do the same things a foot pedal would. A foot pedal does make the going easier. You could try ebay or do a Google search to find a foot pedal that is within your price range.
Express Scribe is a free player...

which lots of us use, just Google express scribe and you will be able to find plenty of sites ot download it from.

For the other items you might try the "classifieds" right here on MTStars, ebay or Craigs list. Good luck!

Use any pedal compatable with Express Scribe - sm
Save yourself some money instead of getting the one specifically for INscribe.
once you use Express scribe to program it should work with any USB compatible software too.


Express scribe is FREE and works great!
Express Scribe is free. You need to purchase a license
Can you download Express Scribe and see if you can get your pedal to play through that? nm
InScribe upgrade- can still use Express Scribe with my pedal
That is amazing!  I did play with InScribe while ago to see what all happened with the different options and in case the upgrade would not let ExpressScribe work with my pedal, but surprising to me, after the upgrade, my pedal still works fine with ExpressScribe.  I have an Infinity USB.  The tech guy at Inscribe had said some people had problems with Express Scribe and Vista, so I guess if I get a new computer in the future and am forced to have Vista, at that point I'll learn to use the keys....anyway, thanks everyone for their input.
Not sure, but from what I understand just about every pedal works with express scribe. HTH.
try express scribe you can download for free. what type file is it?nm
Will fiddling with the pedal settings for Express Scribe screw up
Express Scribe and pedal DO work with InScribe upgrade
That is not the case with me. I just upgraded to 4.91 and am still using Express Scribe and it's working fine. I do have an Infinity USB pedal. I do, however, have Windows XP or ME (I never remember which - XP I think) and not Vista. The tech guy at InScribe said some people have problems with the upgrade of 4.91 and Express Scribe with Vista. They have special directions on their download site for Vista users. Hope this helps someone. The new upgrade looks good, though I've not had a good run with it yet.
transcription buddy versus express scribe
Which one is better?
foot pedal software..HELP

I have an Infinity foot pedal with USB port, but no software to go with it.  When I bought the thing, did not realize software was not included with the pedal as job I ordered for fell through in the interim.  I now went to use the pedal and realize there is no software to put into my computer so the foot pedal is recognized.

ANY HELP...suggestions...please.


What are do you mean? Foot pedal, software, ??????
Again, it is in the software, not the foot pedal.
The Express Scribe program will play many file types, among them .wav and .dss. If your foot pedal does not work, the problem is either the software you're using or the foot pedal configuration. Express Scribe does have a foot pedal set up wizard to help you with that process. Express Scribe is a free download.
Pedal won't work with Media Player, download Express Scribe. nm
Download Express Scribe (free player) and see if you can pull the voice file into it. nm
Yes, I agree. Free is a good price and Express Scribe will work just fine for you. (nm)
You cannot adjust the speed in Win Media Player. Download Express Scribe free NM
I used their software/foot pedal. It is just a wave
file program. 
Have you set the foot pedal up in your software. Not doing so can be a major factor in why SM
won't work.  I know lots of people who just plugged the foot pedal into the computer but never set it up in the software and they had the same problems that you are having. 
I think your Infinity foot pedal has iNet software
set up so it will not play with Express Scribe (I had the same problem). I ended up buying a new Infinity foot pedal off ebay for $65 including shipping and it works fine on Express Scribe and WinScribe. Good luck!
Is there a quick way to get WavPedal software? I have a new computer and the foot pedal, but...sm

no software.  A company is asking for it to test.



a phone/transcription unit with foot pedal and earphone...
dials to hospital dictation system for reports to transcribe.

If Google it - might find a picture of one.
Download Express Scribe, it's free, when you download the voice files you will listen to....
them in Express Scribe and you can set your footpedal up. I forget where the downloaded files go, can't remember if you can put them where you want them but I would have to search for them to download to Express Scribe - maybe someone else can tell you how. It is much better than what you are doing.
You need something to play the files like free download of Express Scribe. Need to play with your
Foot pedal? Going from VXP to applying for other companies. What foot pedal should I get that woul
I need one even just to test so it seems.  Thanks for the input!