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Good one. An anonymous poster blows another anonymous poster's head off. Great win for MQ?

Posted By: PLEEZ! on 2005-07-26
In Reply to: There's no need for violence... - kyradmtky

I guess that is a small pleasure for those of you who have lowered your expectations for the company you work for. 


Bet you're married to a fat bald guy too. 

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Jealousy, bitterness over an anonymous MT poster who SAYS

they are going to be a friggin doctor but has time to post here?   Hardly.  Let's keep it real here.  How does one develop "doctor envy" for an MT who posts on MT Stars or who SAYS they are successful.  That's just plain BS and you know it doncha?  Who are you trying to kid.  Bwaaaaahaaaaaa

Picture this.  A doctor wannabe who obviously should be in pre med classes and at the very least making money for her education is on MT Stars posting.  Yeah right.  And I am jealous?   What planet do you spend most of your time on?


sticking your neck out? i'm alone? your a friggin anonymous poster on an MT board not CIA.
How do you know I am STILL (caps lady MQ apologist strikes again?) alone? Truth be told, you don't know anything and are whistling in the dark using bunches of words that say nothing and pretending you know something, which you obviously do not. You are scary.
Cute. Now you have taken to analyzing people as an anonymous poster on a MT board.
On a Sunday morning, doncha have something better to add to the world?
I think this poster has hit the nail on the head with advice -- My dogs all get along great except

when it comes to dinner, treats or toys.  They have to be separated during dinner, separated to be given treats, and sorry to say, don't have much in the way of toys.  The rest of the time they can be practically right next to each other and nothing has ever happened.  Two of my dogs are greyhounds, so one little scratch can send us off to the vet's office, so I've learned to be very careful!

Wrong! Not a Spheris employee. Blank is a deficiency no matter how you look at it. Supervisors are just that, almighty and then some. It was just strange that all of the sudden she totally stopped emailing any and all of us with the corrected report and went through the supeeee. All I can figure is someone didn't like what she did or had to say and reported her to the supeeeee. With that said, I can comment that in rec'g her corrected copies, I did notice some areas where it's that situation where you need to be flexible. She used, yes, believe it or not, a : (colon) for military time......not! She would actually change this on our reports. I don't think so. There is your way, my way, the correct way, and the flexible way. Military time does not have a colon, nor does it have a.m., p.m. or o'clock following that time. So yes, I did question that and of course, no response from the per say, QAer, but the super said most do not. Most? What do you mean most? No colons whatsoever. Am I wrong here or is this a preference?
right, but everyone on here is ANONYMOUS
I don't know you, you don't know me, I thought this board was about helping others.
I don't know what the big deal is. I guess people either get irritated if someone is making more than them? I don't mind at all, I want everyone to get what they deserve while also loving their job.
I don't want to get screwed, however, and have no one else to ask! and I didn't ask anyone else's salary, I just asked if mine was appropriate to ask for!!!
I think this poster hit it on the head
I'm not anonymous, I named myself.
I just want my post removed.
ummm, the anonymous post below
gives her actual instructions. I tried them and they worked. Thanks!
You're anonymous and demanding to know? Who cares? We come
to chat and get advice and these boards are made available to us at no charge. Who cares who "owns" it?
They find it more productive to complain on anonymous message boards
I don't get it either.
Supervisors aren't reachable through anonymous message boards. You have to actually write them or
call them at work. 
Agree with other poster.. good price..good service
I definitely think they are one of the best out there. We also have been talked through issues over the phone and also had a warranty in which they came out and fixed it right at our home. My only complaint..and I am sorry for saying this.. but... when you call their customer service 9 out of 10 times...you get someone who barely speaks English and I just hate that. I think that is true of a lot of customer support centers these days, ironically they are rarely American anymore. I am not prejudice at all. I just find it frustrating to call in for help and the help you get barely understands you and you do not understand them, thus making the experience very frustrating..
Wow, SnowBunny, you hit the nail on the head. It blows my mind how people think they can
just take a course and jump right in and expect to make a living in this industry at home.  Only the small percentage is able to do that.
Got cut off, but I agree with the above poster. As I said, good luck. nm
As far as company VR for critical care it is not very good and I agree with the other poster. I tend
to leave little words in or if I have to take a lot of words out an extra word gets stuck in. It is a mess. If you are speaking of your own person VR at home to help I know nothing about that. With companies at this stage of the game you will not increase your productivity as you think.
Read the tips from the poster at the top of the board about Word. Good suff! nm
THANK YOU to the above poster - sm
God, I thought I was the only one that could understand the simple fact that we have access to SSN numbers, insurance numbers (which a lot of times are SSN) and we are given computers and equipment that we could turn around and resell.

Apparently only one Transcriptionist in the whole US has been in trouble for identity theft. The rest of us must be honest folks. And yes, I am being sarcastic.
Thanks. I was about to tell the poster the same!

Poster must be new to this board.  For us "old timers" we remember the Terry S posts from awhile ago and how that took up most of the board.

This board is NOT just for MT, but a place for MTs to visit and ask, talk, vent, discuss, buy, sell, ask for help, look for new jobs, send a funny joke, etc.

It's a great board.

If you don't like it, then go elsewhere.  There are plenty of MT chat boards out there, but this, by far is the best.

Only MY OPINION, so I don't need losers telling me I'm stupid.  Thank you very much!

I do believe that poster. They may not
but they were in my area as well. I don't live in Illinois, though.

That's not good money. :(
LOL!! to you and other poster (sm)
The young 'uns are 18, 21, and 25 hahaha!!!

Can I still send them over?

It's just I normally don't work until after 10 p.m. or so, so they are not used to "indoor behavior" until then.

The 25yo is building a computer so he was updating me on every little thing.

The 21yo is his girlfriend (the one talking in the hall).

And the 18yo in my college daughter who just got her first B in English (all A's until now) and she had to give me all the details...

You know they do grow up, but they're still young 'uns I guess.

I just needed to eek out a few more lines before I turned into a pumpkin, so I was slightly stressed. Getting piece of crap dictators didn't help.

But thank you both!! You made my night :)
what you think that poster said
and what that poster said is different.  The poster DID say the MTSO should pay the MT the extra cpl the MTSO was getting from the client.
above poster said it all (sm)

I think you will like it there.  It's about as close to an "old time" transcription company as you'll get.

poster, eh? NOT..................

I am not a big fan of DQS - however, what this poster says
is true. It is manipulated by the account manager, the client, or whoever.

I worked on DQS for another company and it did count spaces and my line counts were correct. It does not count anything you put into the header or searches such as patient account number, etc. That is time spent not paid for, in my opinion. Don't like the spell check or Expander either.

I transcribe 300-400 lines per hour in Word-based programs and WP5.1. With DQS, I too could not get above 200 lines per hour. Very frustrating to say the least. I thought it was me getting slow or old or something, but went back to my old platform, and poof - 300-400 lines per hour again.

I don't know what it is, but something is not right with that program.

I can honestly say, I hate that program! But to each their own. Good luck whatever you decide.

she? You are so sure the poster was a she?
I did like the other poster, but did have to take off one day too! SM

I just couldn't let my original job go until I was 100% sure I would like the new one.  Actually, I ended up keeping both part time instead of one full time.  I like this better because I don't have all my eggs in one basket so to speak.  If I ever need extra work, all I have to do is ask and I NEVER run out of work.

Good luck!

i do exactly what you do and what the poster

GMTA = great minds think alike!!!  *lol* - I do both things only I bang it not in the air, rather on a desk top or some hard surface.

Gotta be real careful with keyboards and salt and coca cola....those 2 items will ruin a keyboard.

Oh, I also have and love the old IBM bigger keyboards....the ones whose letters never rub off....

Like the other poster said, you could
always come back. An opportunity like this doesn't come around too often though.

I would jump at it. With anything in life there is some risk. Without risk though, you will never go anywhere. Sometimes you have to take chances.

Good luck and keep us posted! :O)
I'm not the above poster, but
to figure out that offshoring = decreased pay if the offshore MTs work for less money.    
The above poster is right
Although, I would argue against the 512 that the company says you need. I have 384 MB of RAM on this PC and it works fine. Sometimes they need to extend my time out value when I log into a new account that takes forever to download the first time. Vista will not work.
Know what you mean. But, poster said below to go
to help to find out how to do this. I tried that and was totally confused. I accidentally got one loaded that I desperately needed, but don't know how I did it.
poster is right, we have like 85 or more...sm

there have to be at least 85 dialects in Miami now and ON THE BEACH too....not as many in Fort Lauderdale Beach as in Miami-Dade County and beach areas in Dade....where I live, it is like the United Nations...I'm always saying that and I love it - I have to have diversity and a lot of it.....Today, I'd never get along in small-town America (unless it would be Santa Fe, NM - another place with multi-languaged people, mainly native American, then Spanish from Spain, then Spanish from Mexico, and a smaller amount of anglos and some other diverse groups)

just my 3 cents...no wars please....

You should get together with the poster below.
You both sound like you could use the mutual admiration.
It is not in name box as name of poster, just to
Like poster below, I would use top because
the arm only has 1 top. ????
I second the above poster nm
may be the poster was asking you if you are a U.S. MT because
when we read your original post you said the following.

"Veryu rude, just becasue you feel like it zsnd disagree with my post????

If you like it or not:"

Spelling errors, etc and sounds a bit confused. You are talking about grammer in your post and it is kind of lost there.

The poster did not say anything about
I am just trying to understand if she is working for another company, where she physically has to be at their company every day, or just what it is she is doing. I can do the work I do from my home anywhere, any state, and my tax information will stay the same, BUT if I go to my neighboring state and do work for another company as an employee, they will require all pertinent tax info be filled out....they have to. Then, I would have no choice as to what I would rather do about taxes. Employer will turn in my information to IRS regardless. If she is just taking her laptop and going to another state but still working for the same company via her laptop, who cares! The company just wants the work done.
Wow, I can't believe poster below...these are
the 2 top schools. If you read previous posts on this board, Career Step is actually NOT a good choice. I'm thinking she must be a Career Step teacher.
you are so right and if the poster sm
who was talking about "stealing" your accounts would go out and get her own accounts, have great quality and a better ATTITUDE, she would be making the same money!
To the poster that said the parents just let them go to
party and drink was sad.
I agree with the above poster. When
you are used to an account, you know who the good and bad dictators are, and you are used to getting a balance of the two... then, suddenly, you see less and less of the good, clear-speaking dictation and more of the mumblers, speed-demons, heavy accents, and/or combinations of the above. When that situation occurs, it mostly likely means the client or the service is starting to cherry pick the good dictation to go either offshore or to voice recognition.

In some senses there is nothing wrong with routing dictation appropriately for the skill level of the transcriptionist.

What is unethical is when the services start doing this without communicating with the transcriptionists that this is happening, expecting them not to notice or to to just live with tougher dictation at the same low rate they are used to.

Services may get some cost benefit from using VR or offshore, but part of the expense of using offshore or VR is that you need higher-paid, higer-experienced transcriptionists to do the rest of the dictation.

And you can bet that in many cases, the services are not planning for the fact there are cost increases offsetting the benefit of cost decreases with regard to VR and offshore. They figure MTs are used to constantly having to get paid less and less for doing more and more and are planning to keep the cherry picking a secret and pay their transcriptionists the same low line rate as before, when the difficulty level was less. Just add this to the list of other ways services have effected the lowering of the compensation of transcriptionists over the years, and if we let them get buy with it, they will continue to do it.

I agree 100% with poster. I went to a doc who used this sm
i totally felt he wasn't listening to me at all and was more concerned with typing it all into the computer right; then he read it back to me to make sure he had it correct, which he didn't and had to redo it all. out if 15 min visit, i would say 10 min was typing, other 5 listening to chest, etc. i HATED it and felt i was paying him to type up my info that i could do myself.
I think that's what the poster means.
If they can't report everything why is it that missing middle or upper class white females get much more attention and help than missing [insert race here] females who come from a family with very little money. Look at the case of Laci Peterson and the attention it got compared to an exact same case of Evelyn Hernandez and her 5-year-old son. She was a pregnant woman with very little money in her third trimester carrying a baby boy, who was reported missing just months before Laci. Her body was found in the same bay yet there was barely any attention at all given to that case.  The case was never solved and in fact her son is still missing to this day and we still don't even hear much about it.  I agree with the OP.  Publicity helps in getting support and if the major news networks can report every single night for months and months on one case, why can't they report some of those nights on other cases?
Not the poster you are talking to but..

You totally miss her point.  She is not saying MQ is AOK.  It isnt even about MQ.  It is about complaining, complaining, complaining.  Continually.  WHY????  Do something about it.  Find a new job.  There are TONS.  Do you get it?  If MQ is so bad, why don't the MQMTs go find new jobs?  Take away their workforce, leave in droves.  Do something.  That will shut them down quicker than any lawsuit.  Oh and also, it would benefit the MTs because they would HAVE A NEW JOB. 

Why anyone would work 1 minute for a place that is cheating them is beyond me?  I'm sorry but that is DUMB.

to the LOL/rude poster
Just who do YOU think you are?  Gods gift to the MT world?  You can voice your "expert" opinion, argue facts, etc but you do NOT need to be so friggin rude!  Just shows your age and mentality to have to resort to making yourself seem oh so much smarter than the others
I was trying to respond to both you and the poster

" a good MT should be confident enough with her knowledge and skills to not want or need anyone's pat on the back.  If you can't do a good job without a baby sitter, perhaps you should consider another line of work."

Its a bit silly to judge someone's work based on the fact they just want a little interaction with their supervisor, i've been doing this long enough, and just saying I know my stuff.  One does not have to do with the other!  You guys go far in left field for an insult.

Poster from Slidell..are you out there?
Sunday, before Katrina, someone posted on this board saying she was from Slidell and was doing to stay and ride out the storm..Are you out there??  Are you okay?  From what I can see on news reports, Slidell was devastated..Was your home spared?  I was thinking about you during this week..Are you okay?
thats you. the original poster is not you.

I'm not the above poster but I have been thinking of
My question is how easy is it to work your ebay site, how do people find you and how many hits a day did you get?  Do you think its possible to quit MT altogether and earn a decent living on ebay?  I'm just worried no one will see my site because of all the other sites.  Also, how much did your account cost?  I've been wanting to do this for a couple of weeks, there are a couple of products i'd like to make or buy in bulk and resell.