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Posted By: Simplyme on 2008-06-05
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Hi All,

I know everyone has their own specifications for headsets, but I am trying to look for the most clear sounds.  I just tried the Logitech Clearchat ones and I am taking those back after having used them for about a week.  I don't like them, mainly because I can't adjust the sound without having to do it from the master volume on the computer.  They also made my ears sore.  They are the earmuff kind.  I spent almost 50 bucks on them.  So, if anyone has any that have simply superb sound for about that much money, I would be forever grateful!

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Do you ever sit there with your headphones on
listening to a CD, maybe typing correspondence or message board posts, and just pretend to be working just so you can get a moment of peace and quiet without any interruptions?  I do.  I got some new CDs and am "finishing up my work right now." 
www.transcriptiongear.com has them for 69.00 AND you can get an adapter so you can use them with the dictation system boxes.  As you probably know, you can't use stereo ones because you only get sound in one ear.  The adapter you can buy gives you sound in both ears. 
Check out Bose....they have some amazing headphones. They are sound deadening. I am not sure what they cost, though.
Hi, I use SONY MDR-CD380, about $45 to $50.  tried other SONYmodels and other brands, but found these the best.  provide them to all transcribers working for me.
I have tried different headphones, but am currently using the headhone that came with the DAC phone.  I told my employer about the problem in the past and they sent me a new DAC phone.  I have had the same problem with the new phone as well.  I figure it must be something I am doing wrong, but I can't figure out what it is yet! 
we HAD to use USED headphones
Where I used to work, if we desk shared we had to share headsets, even the kind that push inside your ears. That was only one of the problems with that hospital!
http://www.officedirectinc.com/Headsets.htm  OR  http://www.tvps.com/
I have $20.00 Radio Shack wireless headphones that work wonderfully for me.
I had noise cancelling ones but replacing the batteries was a pain and not really worth it. I just bought a pair I really like from Radio Shack and they are on sale this week half price. They are Koss - Sportclip design. What I was particularly looking for was a volume control up near the chest area. These are very lightweight and awesome sound.
got a pair from ebay, stethoscope style, love'em
Just make sure you take your old pair with you to compare the ends of the plugs. Some headphones have different plugs than others...
My dog ate my headphones!
Well, okay, he didn't exactly eat them, but he chewed them up pretty good. I had a set of Olympus, stethoscope style, and I loved them. I believe they cost in the neighborhood of about $45.00, and I am not willing to spend that again. I know, I know, careless is as careless does, or something like that. Anyway, I think I might try the cheap ear buds they mentioned below. I am currently using the ones that came with my Panasonic transcriber, but when I get the low-volume dictations that require me to turn up the volume full blast on the computer, the transcription module, and the equalizer attached to the headphones, I occasionally will have to press them down to my ears to hear some of what is said . . . what a pain. Sorry, I guess I decided to use your thread to vent a little, but I did love the Olympus headset *sigh*.

I don't know if you've received any replies to this yet.  I'm still in MT school, but I recently got my headphones and love them.  They are the ones that look like a stethoscope.  I got them from transcriptiongear.com.  Hope this helps.


I use the headphones or ear buds, or whatever they call them that came with my iPod. They work great. I am sure that you can pick up somthing similar at Circuit City or Best Buy or even Radio Shack.
I got ones at Radio shack that have noise canceling and also have a volume on the headset control which I LOVE!
I bought ones from radio shack. I dont remember the exact price may be 30 or 40. They are great!!!
I love Radio Shack noise canceling. It has a volume control right on the wire. LOVE IT!
thank you for the tip. I'll look into it soon. So you too have to share working space with noisy people too huh? It can just be truly frustrating.

I have problems with my ears itching.  Has anyone had problems with this?  Also do you know where I can get the sponge coverings for Lanier headphones or what kind of headphones do you recommend?  Thanks!!

Koss  DC/10 are good.
Thank you all so much for the suggestions.  I'm trying the antiseptic in my ears.  I appreciate your help!!
The other place I like is Executive Communications in Ventura, California.  They are on the net, just Google for them.  I saw some at Costco Saturday and they were for ipods and other things, but could be used for PC too and probably a transcriber unit.  They were top of the line sound quality and I think they were $89.00, which my daughter said were a bargain.  You might need to buy an adaptor plug for a transcriber unit, but they sell those at Executive too. 
I work at home with kids and although I work downstairs sometimes it is still noisy. I can't hear on my headphones if there is the slightest bit of loud noise or even my daughter talking and singing in the same room. My other problem is that my head is very small and my headphones do not want to stay on my head unless I have a bandana or hat on even at their smallest adjustment.

Anybody have a good set with good sound blockage and a small headsize?

Thanks in advance
I don't use headphones

I have Logitech speakers, which are fine.  Besides, I don't want to mess up my hearing...think about it.  Just my take on it.

To each his/her own, though.

Do any of you guys' ears get really sore from your headphones?  My ears ache every day.  I sometimes have to take a break just to get my ears to stop hurting.  Is it my headphones you think?  What kind of headphones do ya'll use?

Which headphones does everyone like the most?  I currently have the stethascope style, which I really liked in the beginning, but now if I turn my head they cut out, so it's time to get something new.  Thanks for the feedback!

gave up my stethoscopes a long time ago in favor of stereo headphones. Also have a good noise cancelling set for dictators that whisper. These are real cheap at big lots but also several styles available at Wal-Mart (under $10) and I also saw some light noise-cancelling headsets there for about $20. Sound outperforms stetoscopes by about 2000%.
over ear headphones
I too used to use the wishbone style head phones until I added law enforcement transcription after 18 years of medical... I had no idea how much could be missed without a quality pair of headphones and in law enforcement, you have to hear and type every sound as it's verbatim... I picked my current pair of Sony's up at BestBuy for $35 and they have them at Wal-Mart on line for $20, which are also high quality. You really don't need the noise-cancelling feature... any over the ear phones will do...
Do you have a model number for the ones you like?
Best headphones
Yamaha speakers with a Lanier head set should give you the best acoustics for voice MT. Many MTs go with the fancy headsets but most are made for music and not specifically for MT. That EQ is for music quality not for ESL dictation. You need a basic MT head set that resembles a stethoscope in architecture. These are still the best for hearing dictation.
Best headphones EVER....

One morning I was taking a shower and my chihuahua decided to make my headphones her breakfast (actually got into my computer chair and took them from the desk...pretty impressive feat). 

Out of desperation, I jacked the headphones from my daughter's CD player to see if they'd work. 

The audio was great, the earpieces actually fit over your ears so they don't rub, and I rocked those headphones doing my transcription until she discovered they were missing and took them back. 

Rather than spending all that money on a Lanier headset, if you have kids, borrow a pair of their headsets.  You might be surprised at the results!!!  

I have to order a new USB pedal, so I was looking at the headphones.  Anyone have any headphones they just love.  I do not want to spend a lot, so I was looking either at the Spectra headset USB by Infinity that has the "true volume digital control" and am wondering if that is really not needed and might be over doing it, or I was also looking at just the standard Spectra headset with a plug.  Any opinions greatly welcomed!! 


These are the headphones I use with my computer.  I love them.  They cancel out a lot of the background noise in the general area, and the dictators are MUCH clearer than I ever imagined they would be.  They came really fast too - the shipping was great.

People are probably going to be tired of hearing me talk about my headphones. I have a pair of Bose headphones.  They were in the $140 range, but I've never regretted spending the money.  I can hear a lot more than I used to be able to - way more than the "transcription" headphones I had been using previously.
I tried Bose headphones as well.  Not sure if you use the noise cancelling ones or not, but I found that the "white noise" really bothered me during breaks in the dictation.  I also bought a pair of Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones but had to return them for the same reason.  So I now use Sony Professional MDR-7506.  They're very comfortable to wear, and I'm really happy with the sound quality. 

My headset went kaphooey.  They were a cheap pair from Radio Shack and fit ON the ear and they had excellent sound quality - but they don't carry them or anything similar.  Wondering what y'all use?  I get my work via the PC in case this makes a difference.  Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.  I got a new RS pair but they are OVER the ear and cause the dictation to sound muffled.  I don't mind a little outside noise - I don't have kids.  What I really need is a good crisp audio with not too much base.  Thanks so much!

NC Headphones
Any suggestions?
I have the same headphones...
Hi there! I also use these headphone, and I do love the NC feature...but I do have to take little breaks after 10 minutes or so, just to give my ears a little break for a few seconds. I find this helps, and lets me type for a full day.
I got Sennheiser HD 202 headphones on Amazon for right around $20 and they are super padded on the head and ear parts. I can sleep in them!! Plus I have 5 earrings in each ear (including cartilidge piercings) and I am comfortable all day!!
regular old headphones
I wore the plug type but ended up with such an ear infection that it turned into cellulitis. They had to lance my ear and face area near the ear. Now I just wear the plain old stereo headphones.
Yes, you have a footpedal and headphones

are connected to your computer, the foot pedal into the USB port and the headphones into the headphone jack on the computer.  In my case I have a laptop that runs for quite a while on the battery, so I can either run it on the battery or I can plug it into an electrical outlet on the deck.  I have wireless cable internet, so I don't have to be connected to the router or anything.  I also have wireless keyboard and mass, and the little reception unit for that plugs into the USB port, it is about the size of a mouse.

So all I have to do is take my laptop, my keyboard, mouse, foot pedal and earphones on the deck and I'm all set.  All of it is very lightweight and not cumbersome like a C-phone would be to drag out and hook up.

Noisebuster headphones ?
Just got mine delivered and am wondering if any one else has them.  I used them and I noticed that between dictations or when I'm not pushing the foot pedal, there is buzzing or humming, I don't know if this is normal.  Anyone know?
Question about your headphones
I have an account where the files are recorded and are sometimes not too great with alot of background noise? Would the noisebuster headphones help in this type of situation? Thanks
need new headphones, would like some input

I've been using stethoscope style headsets since forever, but have found that the newer onese don't seem to last long.  I noticed on Transcription Gear.com they have some noise reducing headphones that are pretty pricey, but I notice I just don't hear as well as I used and wonder if these things are really any good.  Also I wonder if anyone has had experience with returning things to this place in case I were to find out I didn't really see a benefit for the cost.

Thanks for your help.

LOL you have to have stereo headphones to get
sound from both sides. 
I use my IPOD headphones sm
the original ones that came with the IPOD and they are the best I have found yet!!! Using Medquist DocQScribe program and sound is very low...super told me I would have to get a hearing test.....then it dawned on me one day to try the IPOD headphones, now I wouldn't use anything else!!! Happy Holidays.
Bose QC Headphones

Does anyone know if QC-2 or QC-3 headphones will work for transcribing on a C-phone?


I have the Triport Headphones
I ordered an adapter and absolutely love my headphones, plug them into my C-phone and crystal clear dictation, that is until.........my cat chewed the wires in two. Now have to send them in to be fixed. Would not trade the headphones for anything except maybe the cat:)
Bose headphones (sm)

I just rec'd my Bose and was very disappointed.  About 2 weeks ago, I purchased a headset from Radio Shack.  Other than the volume on the Bose, I saw no difference in quality.  I used mine with a C-phone, but I have an adapter so I can use other products than Dictaphone. 

Wireless headphones

Is anyone using wireless headphones and, if so, any opinions on them?  I would like to get rid of the cord tying me to my computer, and see that Sony makes wireless headphones (by browsing TranscriptionGear.com).  Any input would be appreciated.


cordless headphones
I do not personally have them but my sister does and she has a love/hate relationship with them.  She loves them when they work......At times they work great and then there are times when they get no signal.  I don't know which brand she has, but someone got them for her as a gift.