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Help! My butt is numb! SM

Posted By: RockinMT on 2008-08-08
In Reply to:

Okay, I'm working in the office for the next month training someone (I work for a hospital). Anyway, cubicle that is supposed to pass for my workstation is AWFUL! Because all the MTs are at home, the hospital of course doesn't spend money on office furniture and the chair I have to use is just the pits. It leans slightly to the left and forward and my left buttock is going numb and sometimes aching (like a pinched nerve). I don't really want to gripe or complain because I'm only here temporarily, but man I miss my comfy chair and desk at home!

So I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions of things I can do to center my chair a little better. It has wheels, so putting something under the chair to raise the left side up won't work. I have thought about a seat cushion of some sort, problem is I'm afraid putting a cushion under my left buttock will throw everything off and cause me to have issues on the right side of my back and butt!

It is amazing how one tiny little shift can wreak such havoc! I feel like the princess and the pea!

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Help! My butt is numb! SM
I know exactly whatyou mean! I don't know if it's my age or what, but I am also very sensitive to my seating. I don't understand why they won't let you bring in your own chair just while you're working there. If I take a job at the local hospital and am not able to bring in my own chair, I won't make it through the day!

Speaking of chairs, I prefer a knee chair with a back, but the cheapest ergonomic one I've seen is $400 from BizChair. It has kind of a sling for a seat. It seems that almost any traditional seat makes my "cheek" bones ache by the end of the day. Any suggestions out there for us sensitive sitters who don't want to take out a loan for a seat?
numb bum
Anyone else with a numb bum? I know the cure is to get up and move around, but I would really like to type for more than an hour at a time. Any ideas?
legs get kinda numb ???
Does anyone else experience this?  After sitting at my 'puter and transcribing, my legs feel like they are asleep.  Not really pain but numb.  It does not necessarily happen after long periods of typing.  It can be after just an hour or two?  What causes this and what can I do about it?  Or is it even related to sitting in a chair all day?
My left pinky goes numb......nm
opps - that's if they say...(fingers numb) NM
no need for stupid police to arrest me. lol
I do not have a big old butt
I just joined this craziness a few days ago. I do not hate having many accounts, I do not mind trying to remember each profile and I would gladly have more accounts but THERE IS NO WORK ON THE ACCOUNTS. The main word here is NO WORK.

I do not wear bifocals or slober. Sounds like you are describing yourself.

You must be an expert MT and love you job so why are you not doing it?
Sorry to butt in, but I'd say...

This is what I would say in a very sympathetic and concerned voice,

"I need to talk to you.  I can hear you a great deal of the time, and I feel very uncomfortable about it.  I am probably hearing more than you want me to.  I am sure you would feel uncomfortable having me hear your private conversations, so I just wanted to let you know that I can hear you." 


There is a seat for every butt, there is the
"one" for everyone, you just have to find them or they have to find you. I believe there is a soulmate out there for everyone.

I have mine!
Working my butt off too
I have beening working my butt off too but recently a lawyer has been asking me why not bankruptcy and now I am also questioning it.  I  had problems when my son was born that just could not be helped and I am trying to rebuild now.
Probably around $24K if you kick butt - sm
Not too many MTs make $44K; if they do they either work 18+ hours a day or have their own accounts and still work long hours. If you need a steady reliable income you are best staying where you are; or do your current job at home if you can.
butt cheeks !!!
OMGSH. That is hilarious. I hope they don't expect you to actually type that. I hope they want buttocks instead. I had this one doc years ago who could not remember how to say "urinate" or couldn't pronounce it. He tried and tried and just couldn't get it out and so he put it bluntly, " And the patient peed" He had a hard time with the English language.
butt cheeks---Unfortunately, sm
It's a verbatim account! He later uses the word "butt" alone. I cringe every time I get one of his dictations.
I hate to butt in here but GP was

stating her opinion. Take it or leave it. You are the one slamming, not her.

You don't have to start bashing someone because they gave an opinion...and FYI, I wouldn't work for someone that has to wait until they get paid either. Two months is a long time to wait....and I'm talking from experience, too.

Now, could you kick my butt into gear? LOL
  I don't wanna work today.  Not sure if it's the rainy weather or if it's just my total lack of motivation!
Just don't go at it from the aspect of "pain in the butt" sm
Never approach a new specialty as a possible "pain in the butt"... think of it as more knowledge, a great learning experience.  I loved cardiology, and with your experience in the medical field, if you really enjoyed it and paid attention to what went on around you (medically), you will do just fine!  My first account was ERs... for about three years, with a slow introduction to a specialty at a time.  I still LOVE ERs...  but I can do them all because I wanted to KNOW as much as possible about it all... but ERs give a great overview to all specialties ...  GOOD LUCK, and have fun learning something new every day... I still do after 11 years!!
Opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one. (nm)

I just sit on my fat butt and watch it grow. nm
Butt ugly comes to mind! LOL...nm
I have always worked 2 so my butt is covered - sm
Just make it so the your work schedule does not overlap. I generally try to work 1 during the day, and do the other a few hours at night. If I get the one done at night early enough I may start on my other IC jobs work until I get to tired and go to bed. Probably work about 10 hours or so a day with a big break between 3:30 and 7:30 basically. It is not hard to do, just if you slack off at one, then it is hard to get caught back up and stay that way.
training is kicking my butt
I've been training with a company the last four days, five reports a day, and I can't seem to get consistent results.

I guess expecting to be perfect after four days is a little rough but I keep making the same mistakes. There are just so many little details, and it's about a huge subject -- verifying the patient info, which could make them kick me to the curb before I even get in full time. It's just so hard to do on this new platform which I am not used to... it might be because I haven't encountered every type of report error yet. Hopefully that's what it is, and I'll learn everything in time (versus having to deal with a permanent brainfart when it comes to this issue).

Thankfully my transcription itself rocks according to QA. Otherwise I'm sure they would have asked me to return my foot pedal and delete the system from my computer!
training is kicking butt
I think I know which company and I quit because of all the steps you had to do before you could start typing and/or VR.
my butt will probably just get bigger, but I choose face
Look at Madonna, bod is solid as a rock but that FACE  ---eek
Thats why I left Medquist. I was busting my butt for them

I never thought his skinny pockmarked butt was hot
Really? Can you explain why or are you just blowing smoke out your butt again?
Sorry, butt I do not think that a 'lazy' MT makes it through an MT school,
no matter how bad the school is.
Must not be too good then. I'm kicking butt and taking names
Sounds like my old job, pain in the butt, all that crap slows you
Clinic is generally easier, but you can get longer reports with acute care generally. Kind of a toss-up I think. I get slowed down most when I have to look up the doctor's name and addresses when I do letters. Doing a bunch of clinic notes/evaluations tonight where they supply a patient list and all the doctors names and addresses.....saves me tons of time....but that is a rarity. Oh well, good luck.
Considering Peter Preziosi (PP) is going to India to do some serious butt kissing...
Bottom line, just worry about your own butt instead of kissing theirs ; ) LOL
Don't worry - it kicked my butt for a LOT longer than 4 days,
and I've been in this business for over 30 years. It jujst takes time to absorb new information, and when you get so many things thrown at you at once, it takes even longer. Verifying pt. info. was a sticking point with me, too. The huge list of possible choices was hard to read, and there wasn't always a perfect match.

ALSO.... once you're considered "trained" and not under a microscope, little mistakes will be little to no issue. I think QA just gets a little picky during training, to try to get people started off doing things as correctly as possible.

Hang in there, and it'll all sort itself out in time.
The ball works for the butt, but not so well for the lower back.
I sat on an exercise ball for about 2-1/2 years (with a 3 month break in between after giving birth to my son). The first 1-1/2 years before I had my son were great, as my abs were in pretty good shape. After the delivery and after my abs were shot, I had a hard time keeping good enough posture of my back and ended up putting more strain on my lower back, causing injury. I just switched back to a regular chair, and my back feels great comparitively, but my butt hurts. I am going to try one of those donut things though.

If you do try the exercise ball, I noticed that if I kept moving on it, I typed faster and produced more (kept me going more), but be very careful to make sure you are keeping a good posture.

Good luck.
Same problem, usually crave about a week before my period - pain in the butt-
and yes, dark chocolate works wonder! But cutting out all sweets, etc. should help procure a cure, I am going to try it as I have 70 pounds to hack off. Maybe suck on a mint/TicTac type of thing will help.
I just go paper route as I find TT a pain in the butt and it takes me longer actually - sm
plus they flag our return every year anyway (4 years running) so I am not wasting my time and money on it. My refund takes 4-8 weeks depending on their inventive reasons to hold our refund, but it always comes through eventually, last year it only took 1 month total. So I am hoping this year to get the same, need to get off my but and it it as we have $1400 coming back. TT is supposed to be reliable, and guaranteed, as long as all the info. you put is is correct and you can back it up, go for it, you already spent the money on the software you might as well use it.