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Posted By: Mommyx3 on 2005-09-22
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Anybody out there volunteer for hospice?  I recently started my training for it and I am so excited.  I have 18 hours of training to do before I actually am on my own.  I can't wait. 

Anybody else volunteer for hospice? 

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The family can get free counseling through hospice even

if their mother was not a hospice patient.  They have programs that the family participates in together and just programs for kids too.  If they are able to associate  with other kids that have experienced what they have that would probably be a tremendous help.  They don't just talk about their feelings, but do activities and play games and just be kids, but if the emotions come then there is a trained person to help them.

Sounds like the dad could use some counseling too and maybe just a break from being a parent 24/7. 

When my mother had cancer, hospice provided me
The hospital may also be a source of information on where you can get forms.  The POA is an actual legal document.  You could try to 'google' for free forms.  You may want to think about a general POA so you can handle her finances, also, in case she becomes totally incapacitated.  It makes a big difference in handling her affairs - without those papers, it makes it a lot harder to handle her affairs for her, including paying her bills and making decisions.  Don't wait - get it done now just in case things get worse.  Good luck and best wishes. 
Was a nurse for Hospice. Very special work! It will change you.nm
Was with Hospice. He might live a few days w/o making urine depending on what
How about a home health aide or an aide for Hospice? Get paid weekly, too. nm