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How common is it in MT to have late paychecks? (sm)

Posted By: Paid Late on 2007-09-05
In Reply to:

I work for what is probably a small MTSO.  (I don't know how many clients she has, just that she's a one-woman operation as far as office staff, and she runs the place out of her home.)  I have worked for four MTSOs.  The first one right out of school consistently paid late.  The next two never paid late.  This one, and I have been with her for over two years, didn't used to pay late but now is consistently late with making payroll. 

I am not doing this job as a way of just making 'mad money'.  I had to borrow money from my parents today in order to make the mortgage, as the paycheck due on the 31st of August is not going to be paid until late next week.  I am very frustrated, but we are told that this is the 'nature of the business'.  I'm not an ignorant woman...  I know that small businesses can (and should) have a line of credit with a bank/credit card for emergencies like equipment breakdowns and to make payroll.  I suppose she can't qualify, poor credit, whatever...  But I am getting frustrated because her inability to make payroll on time is affecting my ability to pay my bills on time, not only my mortgage but my utilities, credit card, etc. 

How prevalent is this problem?  I love my accounts, I make a better than average line rate (I am an independent contractor), and my MTSO is really a lovely lady...  so I hate to go to another MTSO, but I am considering going back to my old career (teaching) now that my kids are in school, just for the benefits and consistent payment. It's nothing personal, I just need to get paid for my work!  Does anyone else experience this problem?    

Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks so much!  (Sorry for any typos, I am working and am kind of typing this in a rush...) 

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Late paychecks
I hope you do not work for D&L Typing - they have a history of paying late and then not at all. Beware, they also work under a new name no one is supposed to know about.

In any event - Send them an invoice with late fees and penalties - you are a independent contractor - if you do not pay your bills you get charged, charge them.
Ha! ... They should get a look at one of MY paychecks!
Not even enough to keep the lights on!
Bounced paychecks
When it happened to me many years ago, the first time my check bounced I figured it was a fluke. The second time, I went directly to the California Labor Board. I not only got my money, they also found LOTS of little illegalities going on at that person's company, and they put her out of business. I sure didn't lose any sleep over it. Plus I had already quit, anyway.
August 24th. Can't wait for those bigger paychecks I'll get when I have fewer interuptions!

Common phrases. LOTS of common phrases, just like ops. SM

pser = the patient was seen in the emergency room

wwd= the wound was dressed

Just two tiny examples. People need to learn to use their Expander programs. I'd be making like $10 per hour without mine. I also work in a job where I do the work type I do best. That's very important. I would imagine (don't know for sure) that H&Ps and DSs have the most lines (I work on a gross line count) but you have to think more, look up more, and type more to get those lines.

I have everything magicked in there. That's the way I like it, that's the only way I will work.


You have a lot in common with him then
for what's making you so angry about your own poor life choices.
We have something in common
I also had a hysterectomy at 28, but my ovaries were gone at 27. It was hell for the first 6 weeks but I went on the hormone therapy...then came the first warnings  about taking them, so I stopped them.  I still have night sweats once in a while, but I can live with it. Now that I'm in my late 50s, seems my body wants to do it all over again. I'm getting hot flashes and all the other goodies that come with the change. Hey! What's going on here???
common among

I mean, 18 YO girls having breast implants, nose jobs...come on, that's for looks and nothing more. But hey, if you can afford it, don't mind pain, and it makes you feel better about yourself, I say go for it...I'd love to have a boob lift... can they do that?

Not only is it not common.
it is very common that many MDs.....NM
Yes, very common that PAs are some of the
most horrible dictators. I also find they routinely murder drugs and dosages, diagnoses, etc. Really cringe when I get PA dictations, and, though I am of the same gender, usually the awful ones are women, and really do come across with an attitude - at least via audio!
Yep, it can be and is quite common!
I did my first year of transcription on a laptop with external keyboard and mouse.
Can be very common
I've been struggling to find the right fit for a very long time. I try not to put all eggs in one basket because even good MTSOs can lose their accounts - on the other hand finding two or more accounts to work with concurrently is a huge pain -While payment on time is paramount for me too (I have no parents to borrow from :( but so are: a decent platform, fair and competent management, and consistent work flow. You are lucky if you get 2 out of 4. But many will post a different experience (4 out of 4) so you must take all this with a large grain of salt.

You might want to consider supplementing a job as a teacher with a part-time opportunity as an MT - the best of both worlds. Of course, you could offer the MTSO you currently have the opportunity to remedy the paycheck problem before losing you (get your back up set up first though... :)


I applied at a hospital for a office job. The position had already been filled. They called me back and asked if I was interested in working in the kitchen washing dishes. Of course this was not my first choice as far as jobs go, but I really needed the job. I took it part time. The day after that I was offered a part time office job at an insurance company. I took that one too. The insurance company was wonderful, and I was able to work the two jobs around each other. In a few months a temp office job opened up at the hospital, because I was on the inside, I was one of the first people to know of the job opening. Hospitals usually hire from the inside first. If they do not fill the job, they advertise it to the public. I do not think that you were being insulted in any way. I guess how you look at it mostly depends on how bad you need a job. When you have to have one, any job looks good. Sometimes we are lucky enough to be in a position to be picky.

It's more common
The only thing I would warn about is that the part-time job especially be as hassle-free as possible. In other words, a long turn around time, supervisor leaves you alone, easy to make lines, fewer ESLs, etc. Otherwise, trust me, you'll dread it. On the bright side, if you're spending a few hours a day watching TV and would rather spend that time earning money, it's a lot less stress when you don't have to pinch every penny and tell your kids "I can't afford it".
8 cpl common at MQ
I've been with MQ a total of five years with a 99.7% QA consistently. I started at 8 cpl and I'm leaving at 8 cpl.
It's very common now
When each hospital had their own radiologist, they were read immediately. But to save money, they now contract outside services and send the films electronically and in most hospitals, none are read over the weekend at all.  What's shocking to me is most don't even have staff to do a CT or MRI on the weekend or evenings either and that floors me because we all know patients come in who need one or the other all the time.  I went in on a Friday to have a CT done and they told me it wouldn't be ready until Tuesday.  It's all money money money.
so much in common, Andromeda
Besides our love of animals.  I raised my 3 without ever one penny from my now dead ex.  In 1977, (the laws were very different then), he had them for a few months in the summer, and he went to court in Florida, where he lived, claimed that I abandoned them, and got legal custody (which I already had in my own state).  He refused to return them, and with God's help, and something that would have appeared like an episode of Starsky and Hutch, I "kidnapped" them  back because there was nothing I could do legally.  Thank goodness the laws have changed since.   Yes, he had the pool, the motorcycles, the money, the boat, etc.etc. and tried to turn mine against me -- but it didn't work.
Thanks, of course I used common sense...sm

before I posted and waited until not only after the press release but after the details came out. We were carefully briefed early on on the details of what was and wasn't okay.

My daughter is going out of her skin waiting to hear.  She loves history and current events at school, particularly the mock elections, etc.  I just think it is a wonderful opportunity to give her this early in life. I hope it makes a huge impression if she gets to go as far as the importance of exercising her right to vote, etc.

One common mis-think that I see is that people think SM

they have to have a whole canned report to up their productivity. How many times do you hear choledochocystotomy and have to think about the spelling? How many times do you have to remember that doc spells his name Brian instead of Bryan? How many times - in op notes - do you hear "the patient was taken to the operating room"?

My expanded stuff is 99% common phrases and hardly any canned reports. My production is huge. Of course, like the poster below, I've been working on my Expander vocabulary for many years and it's just second nature to me.

Those are common. See your OB?GYN or neurologist
There are a lot of medications out that help that type of headache, and my neurologist's office (Dr. Scott Ferer and Dr. Philip O'Carroll in Newport Beach, CA) is doing a trial for those types of headaches too. I had those when I was younger. When I got pregnant with my son, they mostly disappeared. Have you seen a neurologist? They can do hormonal manipulation or other methods. Good luck!
I think this is common sense to the
I believe what she is saying is how to get relief NOW, since perhaps she does not have the funds to pay them?  She cannot very well take a time machine back one year and save up the money now can she? 
Yes, this is common in the MT world.
and see what they say. Don't be shy about it, that is one way of finding out what you may be doing incorrectly, or if your stuff got shuffled to the bottom, or whatever. I wish you the best of luck.
Because it's such common knowledge.
But by all means, give them your money and prove it again if you like! I was just trying to help you.
Lots in common
The post office!!! My husband works there. What a nightmare. It is not uncommon that people leave working there. My sympathies are with you and glad you are doing well now. I went through the same thing. They cut incentive on me at a hospital where I worked when I was a single mom. They told us if we could find more money to leave, so taking the challenge I did and went to the other hospital in the area. Big mistake. When I kind of crawled back to the director of trans who also used to be my friend and little boy's pal, she had no openings (although there were ads for openings). I had been there for more than 7 years too. This year I applied again. Immediately got a "resume will be kept on file for 3 months" letter. Well, that wsa that. It has been 5 years since then and finally I found a great company to work for and believe me, I will never look at grass greener on the other side again. Takes too much work to keep trying out new places and too many heart breaks. But, as they say, "all things work out for the best" and we must in the end believe that one hundred percent. Good luck to you!
Seems like common sense
The negative effects on our health really does seem like common sense.  I love the peace and quiet of working nights, and in the days when I used to work graveyard shift outside of my home, I loved going to the grocery store and running other errands early in the morning when places were was less crowded.  But, I have to admit that working nights kind of leaves me with less than an energetic, healthy feeling.  Through trial and error, the best compromise that I've found for me is to make sure that I sleep at the same time every day, whether or not I am off work for that day, and make sure that I get 5 hours or more of sleep during the dark hours.  I've found that the rhythm of this plan has made all the difference, which is no surprise.  This, of course, is easiest to do in the wintertime.
Is this not common sense?

I think maybe my first month or so of doing MT I would actually try to look up stuff as I came to it.  It doesn't take long to figure out that is the WORST way to do it.




Why not? Just common sense.
this is common practice ....
in hospitals.  What our hospital HR told me was that they save all the applications until they have an opening, they then will advertise that opening in-house and if none of their employees apply they will take out the applications.  So, it's quite a long process and really the luck of the draw.  Since hospitals cannot be without the necessary staff even for short time, they stock pile applications ahead of the need.  So often they will advertise and in reality there is not an opening.  Hope this helps.  btw, I'm 64 and just got hired by a wonderful and company working at home.
This is common sense...
He means exactly what EMR means electronic medical record.  Why is this so difficult to understand?  There are many benefits to medical records being electronic.  Research it and you will find out for yourself. 
Again, common sense....

It is not already implemented at many facilities, yet at others it is; thus, the desire to implement it universally.  Below is an excerpt from Wiki regarding EMR.  This should clear things up for you.  Also, spend a few moments reading the second paragraph.  It clearly explains that EMR is an electronic medical record, and the means of achieving that final electronic state are many, some of which include templates, VR and traditional transcription.  So, tell me again, EMR automatically means a point-and-click system?

As of 2006[update], adoption of EMRs and other health information technology, such as computer physician order entry (CPOE), has been minimal in the United States, in spite of studies showing revenue gains after implementation.[2] Fewer than 10% of American hospitals have implemented health information technology,[3] while a mere 16% of primary care physicians use EHRs.[4] The vast majority of healthcare transactions in the United States still take place on paper, a system that has remained unchanged since the 1950s. The healthcare industry spends only 2% of gross revenues on information technology, which is meager compared to other information intensive industries such as finance, which spend upwards of 10%

Pricing for EMR systems is highly dependent on each practice's unique needs. Because every medical practice has distinct requirements, systems usually need to be custom tailored. This is due to the majority of EMR systems being based on templates that are initially general in scope. In many cases, these templates can then be customized in co-operation with the vendor/developer to better fit data entry based on a medical specialty, environment or other specified needs. There are also EMR systems available that do not use templates for data entry and therefore can be easily personalized by each individual user. Alternative data entry methods include concept processing, voice recognition, and transcription.

DO NOT WRITE IT OFF! Writing it off is too common.
Companies who do not pay are becoming more common now and believe it or not, some of these companies are well known to the MTs and many are too afraid to say anything. Follow through. I would certify a letter to the company with a return receipt and give them 5 days to get it to you and if it is not there by then, pursue small claims court being that I do not believe the labor board would be involved in this. Go to small claims court, pay the fee and have them served.
That takes common sense - LOL - nm
lack common sense, one's I have met..nm

Must be genius, cause if I had common sense, I would have
I like your theory though and have often in truth considered it as an explanation myself.
Hey guys, is it common for MTSOs to not pay if you
go below a certain accuracy percentage? This company I applied for said if the accuracy rate is less than 98 percent then I wouldn't be paid for those lines...is this an industry standard? I'm new and have been having a hard time getting a job and this seems kinda harsh. What is your MTSO/company's policy regarding accuracy rates/line minimums? Thanks so much!
I think I will try this, too, with the clear tub. He is just a common domesticated
He was bigger than his brother and sister (I received 3 all at the same time)when they were 4 weeks old. He just kept growing!

He's HUGE. On his hind legs, his head is at the doorknob and YES - He can open doors! If I don't have the bathroom door locked, he comes right in! I have pretty big hands and his paw in m palm is about 3 fingers width! He is just a massive kitty. He's a wus, though. lol He's terrified of outside! The only thing he doesn't like is the FedEx man! He growls like a dog when FedEx comes to the door!!!

I can't carry him myself in his carrier (not the hard plastic type, but the soft material) so I have to have my son come over and carry him!!

Um, in this country!?!? lol Extremely common.
Poor grammar is everywhere, unfortunately, and ya can't fix what they don't know. ;)
Asked to test then nothing, is this common?

It has happened to me 3 times now.  I answer an ad, am asked to test, then never hear from the recruiter again.  Never sent a test, nothing.  Is this a common problem in the MT world?  I'm fairly new to all of this, finished my course just 7 months ago.  I've had a good job, but recently accounts there are being shuffled and I'm not happy with what I am getting so want to move on. 

Would you contact the recruiter and ask if they still want you to test or just move on and forget it?

Antiquated system - not common any more. nm
Are 'dial-in' accounts very common? nm
Infinity USB pedal is a common one. See that and others
English is common in India, still...
After 3 centuries of British occupation, English is still the primary language for many educated Indians and a second language for many others.

Still, to be fair, English is a very confusing language and I don't blame anyone for misusing prepositions - by, over, etc. I think it's easy to understand how someone would say "by" for the slash when "x" stands for "by" in measurements.

As long as I can understand their English, I don't care how thick their accent is or if they misuse a few words. I get most irritated by the MDs born here who will not open their mouths and speak distinctly, or go 110 mph.

I know a little French and a little Spanish and I confuse some of those terms.
Common Error List

Does anyone have a common error list that a new MT could use? I have been doing transcription for about 6 years now and am starting to edit a new MT's work. I know I had a common error list with another company I worked with, but I tossed it when I ended my contract (I know, never throw away a resource! I am kicking myself now). I just was curious if someone had one and was willing to share :0) Thanks in advance!


common error list
You might try a yahoo search for "common error list in MT." I am sure you will come up with something that could be helpful.
Don't forget common words that are less than
Such as the, and, with, was, there, left, right, etc. A lot of Keystrokes can be saved that way.
Exactly!! Finally some common sense
here. We're professionals, not some hired hand slave. Not too much to ask, for a doctor to dictate something right the first time. No seriously, 40% of this dictation is "correction."
Too late now, but what you should have done...
You probably should have deprived yourself of sleep last night and slept today, or better yet a couple nights in a row, just cleaning house or something to keep you "awake" so you can get a jump start on training your sleep cycle.

It is SO hard to do this job sleep deprived because it is so sedentary. I can easily stay up 24 to 35 hours as long as I'm doing something physician and nonbrain-taxing.

If you find yourself nodding off, take a 45-minute nap. I'm sure your employer will understand this is something hard to go into "cold turkey."

Good luck!
Late fee

I do the opposite, I offer a small discount when they pay within five days and in the past five years I have had my checks well within that time frame (usually 2 days) and never have had to ask for my check.  



Late fee
I really don't think a late fee is going to make them pay you any earlier.  You really need to sit down with the office manager or whomever  processes your invoice and talk with them.  They probably won't pay the late fee and still take 3 weeks to pay you.  If you stay with the account and this has been a chronic problem you gotta budget to have money to tide you over for the 20 to 30 days or how ever long it takes them to process your check.   Talk to them see what they say and then decide if it is worth the frustration to continue with it.   If this has been going on for quite a while doesn't sound like it is going to change so you either have to live with it or find another account.    In 22 years of doing my own accounts I have never had anyone pay me any later than 10 days after recepit of invoice and that was just a couple of time.  I guess I am lucky but it is the truth. 
late pay
Well, I feel the same way, I don't want to mention the name of the company at this point. I do know however the company actually goes to pick up the checks from the hospitals and has to get them in the bank before she pays her ICs! I have been in this business over 20 years and it's the first time I have encountered something like this.