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How do I get it ST to open when escription is open?

Posted By: nm on 2009-02-06
In Reply to: Yes! - Malia

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You can't just open the attachment. You need to save it to a file and then open SM
your wave player and load it. 
Going to keep this in the open
For anyone who did not read the previous.
I Already Open it
Please Tell Me How I can Remove it
Okay, this should be open to all MT's...sm
Thanks for bring me up short. This question should be open to all MT's, especially those working for other companies. Tell me what you like as well as what you dislike. If this comes about I want to try to fulfill those dreams and requirements as well as make a profit. I'm not greedy - I believe it sharing the wealth. Again, I want to get and RETAIN great employees!
Express Scribe and click on Settings. Click on Files, and un-select the work file types you want the other program to open.

Or, open the program you want to use, find the equivalent settings in it, and then make sure the file types ARE selected.
This is what I was saying....the box does not always open.
My question is how do I manually open this box when it does not show up in the background or anywhere else. Thanks
Why do you want to open this?
If you don't know what this is, you probably don't need to be messing around with it, especially if you are being taken to a website that wants money to fix it for you.

If nothing was wrong with your computer before, you probably have no reason to need this. You didn't say how you ran into this, but in the event it is a scam, why don't you leave it alone.


1-Do not wonder WHY work is being sent overseas when in screening applications 20 of 25 resumes are full of errors, typos and people applying that do not come NEAR to fitting the job requirements.

2-Do not wonder WHY work is being sent overseas when you are hired to work hours YOU REQUESTED and then you do not even bother to start work, call, email, just nothing. 

3-Do not wonder WHY work is being sent overseas when you are tested and screened only to find out that several "friends of friends" circulated the test around and while you do wonderfully on the test, now in the real situation, you can not figure out the difference between discrete and discreet.

4-Do not wonder WHY you were given less and less work, but take a look at the quality of work you produced...full of blanks, not formatted to specifications in the manual sent, skipped reports.  When Q*A has to redo 90% of your work, it is easier to quietly phase you out than to continue to "train" a supposedly seasoned MT

5-Do not wonder WHY you were taken off an account, but look at the feedback you were given regarding the continued mistakes with spelling (you do not use the spellcheck as too time consuming - your words), continued mistakes with doctors signatures, names, formats, phrases.  Your position is to "pound out lines" and not worry about the quality. 

6-Do not wonder WHY no one will hire you...after all, MTSOs communicate with each other too and the same names just seem to cycle through

7-Do not wonder WHY companies look overseas for workers...because at least THEY want to work.  They are not taking days off at a time with no notice...leaving a company and client in the lurch. 

8-Do not wonder WHY your resume was not answered...you applied before, were tested before and never bothered to answer emails regarding hiring...never bothered to start on your start date...resumes are kept and note made of why someone that seemed very qualified was not hired.

9-Do not wonder WHY you were not hired...remember me?  I am the one that tested you, screened you, then talked to you for quite some time on the phone interviewing you.  Remember me?  I am the one you "sold" yourself to as far as being ethical, good worker, etc., only to find out that you received the hiring package, then contacted the client directly and suddenly, you did not want the job and then I see you are working FOR THEM....

10-Do not wonder WHY you were not hired after taking the test...take a look at the test results and the responses back you made like "that is how I have always done it" and I do not think you are correct because that is not how I was told or trained to do it.

11-Do not wonder WHY you were quietly let go...check your invoices and the inflated lines and/or hours on there?  The system SHOWS the reports you ran, lines you did, but you continue to add report numbers not done by you and lines not done by you.  AND for bonus hours...you continue to add bonuses that were not earned.

12-Do not wonder WHY I cringe when it comes time to hire again..I cringe because of every MT out there that shows NO RESPECT to a potential employer now or down the road by ignoring remails.....receiving a test, but never taking it...getting a test graded and offered position but never responds back....going through entire hiring process with access codes, start dates and times but then NEVER even starts...or the ones that we PAY a computer guy to get set up and they never start working...or we send software and equipment to and then never get it back or have a legal fight to get it back.

There are two sides to ever story, this I know, but as an MTSO the above are simply a FEW of the hundreds of things experienced in trying to hire just ONE good MT....

How do you open up that .lex file to....sm
copy/paste it into MS Word?  When I try opening it, it asks what format do I want and every option I've tried hasn't worked. 
Open Shorthand
Highlight the entry you'd like to get rid of, then hit the little trashcan icon in Shorthand to get rid of it.
open your pea brain :)

he comes from the ghetto, his family still lives in the ghetto, he's trying to help kids in the ghetto......and you want him in a TIE, TUX, and TAILS?  He is dancing for a charity.  That's all he's there for.  To get $$ toward his charity of helping kids in and around the ghetto.

Perhaps you want him to dress like the late Fred Astaire? 

Get real.................

It certainly is a thorn! Don't open any of it, though.
That's why I got concerned, and still concerned even with this SpamBayes, as there could be a virus in some of it.  Also, hackers may be trying to get into your stuff, maybe all they need is for you/ me to click on it and to get information, don't know all of it, but I won't open any of their stupid email. 
We did our last one over an open pit for hours...
and it was sooo yummy. It was so tender. 
Unscrew it, open it up, and sm
splice it with scotch tape.  You won't loose much of the sound on it.
Open mind
With all due respect for your opinion, people from all extremes of thought, are what make this country great. As Americans, we should question everything our leaders do. For too long, politicians have tried to conceal information, or conceal an agenda from the American public. The public is growing up as a whole, and it is becoming wise to the manipulation by government, and those in charge of great power. There is great danger in this, and we should not become a complacent society. We should not be expected to accept explanations so easily, and create a society where we are not allowed to explore issues. Michael Moore is every bit as American as you or I. Many people do not like the policies by our government. Many people will speak out against those policies and protest. That does not make one anti-American. It is because many of us, including Michael Moore, who I may not necessarily agree with, have strong feelings about being an American that we protest what we feel goes against our definition of what America is about - freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. This is the problem today, which I find disturbing - many people pledge unquestionable loyalty to our leaders who have too much power and abuse it, and then there are those of us who feel devotion and passion for America's ideals and constitution, and protest any sense of suppression from government. Remember our founding fathers, and what many suffered and sacrificed. They rebelled against government that was too harsh and unfair, and fought to uphold their freedom. This is what America is all about.
You don't have to open a post to see how many

have viewed it.  It is right beside the date showing at the end of the subject line of each post. 


I have no idea what post you are talking about though.

I am open to all suggestions.
I have not removed it from the system but my boss should be in touch with me on Monday. They installed and I will pass that by them. BTW, have you had to removed and then reinstall- have you had any problems? I have XP with 1.5 gig and the other - not sure but had installed what computer person there at company suggested and still horrifice problems.
You have to open it and read it.
It's a hidden prize...
do u HAVE to open it - it has adware! - sm
WARNING: WinZix is advertised as a compression tool however it appears from analysis of the files produced that it simply adds information to a file so that WinZix needs to be installed to access it. The program contains an adware component that must be installed with the program and the EULA for that component says you cannot use anti-adware software against it. In addition, use of such software may damage the component and make it difficult to remove. FILExt has removed links to this software and advises that you install it AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you receive a "compressed" ZIX file you are advised to warn the sender and ask them to resend the file in a more conventional format (e.g., ZIP). .....
Open Message for ALL MTs - sm

Happy Medical Transciptionist Week to each and eveyone of you.  Your dedication to your profession is, in my opinion, admirable.  I wish I could do what you do.  The knowledge you carry with you each day, the amount of patience and attention to every detail is beyond belief.  I cannot imagine getting up out of bed every day and doing what you do each and every time you sit before your PC.  I am a mere radiology/Diagnostic Imaging MT.  They tried to cross-train me for discharge summaries, clinic notes, psychiatric notes, etc....and I almost went out of my mind.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for you all and for all you do and know how to do.  I just wanted to say this to you during MT week, and wish you all the best.  My hat is truly off to all of you.  You all deserve to take a bow!! 





re open message
Thank you so much. After having a very frustrating day with my acute care job, it is so nice to hear that. Please don't discount yourself. I also started in radiology. I then went to a medical group and three years later went to acute care. It has been three years since starting acute care. I thought I would never get it, but I worked hard and am hanging in there doing a more than fair job.
just like people who don't NM at the end to let you know no need to open! NM
i cannot open ANY post -- just me??
Open office
I am saying the same thing as I need to set up my laptop.  Someone told me that Open Office is compatible with Microsoft Word products - can switch documents between the programs.  I have gotten as far as installing it, but have not figured out anything further as of yet.  If you check this out and find it works for you - tell me how you did it!!   It has everything in it like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Database - so hopefully it will work out to save us all some money - it is a free program.
when I open your post
Who is that guy - your husband? Cute.
Open ES first, then drag them into box. nm
I use ChartScript, but I open

Word separately.   Does your version open Word for you?  When I worked in house on CS we had OLD versions of CS, I think it all opened together and we had no Expander - just the Autotext.  

Sorry I don't know about the older versions, maybe someone more "techy" than me can answer.  Do you have tech support you could call or maybe visit the CS website & ask?

Need Advice - trying to keep options open
I have only worked for one company, namely TL/Medquist, for many years.  They have always supplied the things I need to do my job, computer, transcription equipment, phone line, etc.  With all the job dissatisfaction with MQers in general, running out of work, etc., I would like to keep my options open as far as pursuing a job with another company BUT I don't know what type of equipment I would need or if other companies also supply equipment for you.  Any information/advice about this or anything else that would help me be ready for a change would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks! 
Congrats on still having your eyes open!
Your 11 p.m. to midnight hour will be credited to the previous day since it technically is yesterday.

Okay, don't think that made any sense.

11 p.m. to midnight on 08/28/2005 is credited to 08/28/2005

midnight to 7 a.m. on 08/29/2005 will be credited to 08/29/2005, and then when you go back to work at 11 p.m. tonight, that hour will be credited to today, so you will get your 8 hours, just kinda split.

Good luck! I'm dozing. Sunday/Monday is the hardest for me.
An Open Letter to MTSOs

Don't be upset if we decline your offer of employment after being hired when...

1.  Your server is down the entire afternoon of our first day of training.

2.  You don't pay for headers, yet there are 4 different screens of demographic information we have to enter information into.

3.  Your recruiter tells us we are paid for headers and/or spaces and we find we are not.

4.  Your tech support can't seem to get your software up and running for us.

5.  You quote us a line rate and then tell us you didn't get the account we were supposed to be working on so we will have to accept a lower line rate.

6.  Calls and/or emails to support/supervisors/QA go unanswered.

7.  Your software is nowhere near as MT friendly as your recruiter and/or trainer portrayed it to be.

8.  The "more than enough work to keep you busy" fails to materialize.

Winmail.dat file....how do I open? nm. TIA

That's why I keep it open at the bottom of my screen
Word vs. Open Office
I have an even better idea than spending money on Word. I'm doing this myself. Log on to: www.openoffice.org and read about it, then download it and start using it. I love it! It's absolutely free. No risk of marketers getting your email address and bombarding you with junk mail. I learned about it through our I.T. Dept. It works exactly like Word! You can even use the spreadsheet and other features, but all I really use is the word processing part. Check it out and let everybody know what you think. I'm very happy I learned about it. :)
Why would you? I just open my SH first and use it minimized with ExText. Don't even use
I open it so it changes the color and I know I've seen the msg nm :)
Open Casket can be very traumatic
I was only 8 when I was forced by my mother, Catholic family, to "go see greatgrandma" - it was an open casket and to this day I've not forgotten how she looked or "felt"; my mother insisted I touch her hand one more time, ewwww!! It was horrid and I never took my children to any funerals; in fact my son is 26 and has yet to attend a single funeral.

I believe at 11 years of age your daughter is entitled to her opinion and you should abide by her decision.

Death is traumatic and it does affect different people in different ways. If she does not want to attend the funeral, maybe graveside after everyone else has left?

I agree with the previous poster there are always other ways to pay respect.

Blessings on your family,
Oops! I meant, yes they are open. nm
You do not say which version of Word you are using but if you open--sm
File, Print, and in the box 'print what' click on the down arrow and choose key assignments. Sorry, I do not use templates much so maybe someone else can answer that, or go the 'help' and you may find the answer there. Hopes this helps
If you aren't interested, don't open this.
I'm back to work.  I have moved into an apartment - 2 bedrooms.  He has moved down to be with his family permanently.  The kids are doing okay.  I'm kinda stressed out right now because he is really putting the pressure on me to move down there near him so he can see his children more frequently.  I don't want to move down there, it's two hours from here, and I say if he doesn't want to put a little bit of effort in for his children, then forget it.  There is no point in moving down there away from my church and family.  That would be highly self destructive at this point.  I'm just getting sick of him.  He's trying to make me feel guilty about our small apartment which he calls the Projects.  It is not the projects, but even if it were at least IT'S NOT WITH HIM.  I'm trying to get work done, but the quarters are cramped.  I typed when they took a nap yesterday and I will again today.  I appreciate all of your prayers.  The nastiness ran me off last time and I don't intend to check in here much, unless I have an MT question.  Better to keep my personal life to myself I guess.  Just wanted to give an update.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I stay strong and move forward for mine and my kids' sake.  Thanks!    Jodi
He already is...From what I've read, he's been doing open act for
you don't have any other programs open that would interfere, do you? (sm)
I had 2 programs open at the same time and they both used the same foot pedal. I thought I broke something, but realized both were open, shut one down and viola! it worked!
yes, open notepad (see message)
If you have a list of addresses already, you can add a couple of "markers" to your list and then convert using the Run File Converter in Shorthand.

If your addresses are on separate lines like this

Jane Doe
123 Sesame Street
New York, NY 00001

you will need to set it up like this:

"janedoe", "Jane Doe
123 Sesame Street
New York, NY 00001"

Notice the name you'd like to use as the Expander is in quotes, followed by a comma, not a comma inside the quotes. Then, the actual expansion is in quotes and also appears on separate lines, and ends with quotes. When you run the Run File Converter option in Shorthand, chose option #5, text format: "keyword", "text" option and go from there.

If anyone else has a better, easier, or quicker way, I'd love to know!

You can also start the Run File Converter and chose "help" for options to see if you fit into another "option."

My eyes are wide open. Believe me, I know his
faults better than anyone. I can't keep religion of it, though, because it is a huge part of my life. It's not a crutch, it's simply a way of life. I, too, wish you the best. I know we all have our opinions and may not always agree, but that's okay, too. I hope you have a happy 4th, too!
Try Open Office - see inside
It's free and works the same as MS Word.

Tabbing between open windows
Lately I have noticed that when I use shift + tab to go from one application to another, the tool bar at the bottom of the screen will highlight new window that I am trying to go to, but that window does not open. The current window that I am in will "gray out." I then have to minimize all applications before I can get to the application I want. I am working in IE6. The applications I have open are the internet, Instant Text, Word, and Windows Media Player. Sometimes I might also have Stedman's Word book open as well. I also work in Bayscribe so I have the Bayscribe Player open as well. Does anyone know how I can fix this so I an easily alternate between each window? This is getting annoying.

Additionally, has anyone tried out IE7 yet? I ran into a few issues with with it and Bayscribe and IT. Can anyone say they like it or are you experiencing problems with it too?

Open up a word document to use as a
template.  Do view header.  Go into th e header of your word document.  Go back to your scanned document, highlight the pic and right click to copy.  Then go back to your word document that you created and paste into the header.  Do the same if there is a footer.  Hope this helps.
Open your internet page.

Go to Tools.  Internet Options.  General Tab.  Delete files under Temproary Internet Files and Clear History under History Section.  This will clear your cache, which I think is what you mean by internet address in your drop down box.  Hope this helps.  

How can I have my IE open in full screen --sm
vs a small screen.  Had IT do some upgrades yesterday and every time I open word, excel, IE they are small screens in the upper left corner.
Thanks for this open and informative post ...

It seems that now getting your own accounts is the only way to go (at least for the time being until the pervasive mood of the industry corrupts even in that area).  My curiosity though lies in how those who are claiming that they work for services are able to do this. 

Also, congratulations to you for your success in getting your own accounts, and thank you for sharing your insight in a manner that doesn't imply that you're trying to belittle those who don't have their own accounts like I've seen others do on this board.

P.S.  On the matter of panhandlers, in the area of the country where I live an investigative reporter did a feature on just this subject a couple of years ago.  Believe it or not, it was estimated that panhandlers in this area average approximately $120K per year.  I tell you, I'm in the wrong profession ...

Open your start menu--sm
look through the listing of the programs and if there is something there under the name of "creative" you have a soundblaster sound card. A lot of the newer computers now are coming with a "built in" or "on board" audio program and a sound card is not necessarily needed. If that is what you are using, then I do not believe it would be compatible with SoundBlaster.
Let the next MT refuse him also. Be open bout
I dont consider this cherrypicking.  Just straight up refusing to do a doctor who has no regard for me or his pts if he is going to dictate in a manner that is indecipherable.  Again, I am in this for the money just like MTSO.  I am not here to work for mere pennies an hour.  There are plenty of jobs out there.  The MTSO can get rid of me over 1 crappy doctor or keep me, knowing I know the platform, etc.  If MTSO would rather have 1 crappy doctor or a darn good MT, whatever.  Again, it is hard to find a good MT, crappy dictators are a dime a dozen.  Let the next MT refuse him or not. It is here decision.  Mine is to ask to be taken off so I can make money just like the MTSO.