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How do you define a Hero?

Posted By: Remember those who fight for freedom! on 2006-02-18
In Reply to:

WARNING:  Tissue alert, rememberance, reflection page.

There is no good place to post this, not comedy, not of true political material, just heros that need a few prayers for them and their family.


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just did it.. it's CTL-10 and then define macro (nm)
Well, define "normal"? lol
single parent, head of household, own a house, itemize ... around $4800 usually.
I think you have to define Mother's Day for yourself...
to escape from the expectations. I doubt anyone really has that day where they are treated like a queen, but somehow it lurks in us that "that's the way it's supposed to be." In order to be spared this disappointment, why not define mother's day yourself?  After some deliberate thought, I decided Mother's Day-- for me-- was going to be about celebrating the fact that I have two kids. I usually will do a picnic lunch for us (if the weather holds) or else we go out for lunch.  I tell my husband in advance what I would like (usually some flowers to plant around the house or some slippers and a nightie or something) and then ask him to take the kids shopping so they have an opportunity to learn how to give gifts, and how to give gifts with some ceremony to it too (not just "I didn't get you a card but I could get you one.") My kids are 10 and 14, so hopefully by the time they are in their 20's they will kinda know how to do it! Sorry for your disappointment but instead of expecting them to make your day special, think of how you could make your day special 
Define pricey-sm
If you don't mind my asking, what would one treatment cost? Thanks.
Define a line please. sm
I have worked with someone who adds my pay per gross line and pays me $5 per 1000 words, and 1 line equals 14 words. You will need to provide more details on how your pay is calculated because most places pay on a 65 character line.
Define "whining"
You left out a lot there.  Just what are your QA people whining about? 
Define professional
Do you mean somebody that does a report accurately, with proper attention to detail, creating a report that serves as a helpful adjunct to patient care? Guess what, cupcake? Locking someone in a chamber of solitude does not guarantee that. Since we became predominantly home employees, the only way to judge our work is based on the finished product, and if you're good, you can do that anywhere.
Define reasonable
I've gotten all of my equipment from Transcriptiongear.com and have never had problems with the quality.  Reasonable depends on your definition, though.  I never thought their prices were outrageous.
He was and is a hero to me...nm



He was a hero to me, too. nm
You are my Hero!! Thanks so much!!
I thought I was going nuts - I just always 'fall' onto that site by accident and was really panic struck when I could not find again this morning as I so badly needed!!  Thank you so much!!
You are my HERO!!!!!
I found a website that may help define IC

I am searching myself for a clear definition, but I did find this site.  I wonder if there are other sites that specifically state what an independent contractor really is especially in this field. 


YOU ARE RIGHT - But define "trade secrets."
My hero too, luv him, peace to all.
Hillary your hero?
Pervert is a pervert no matter what form of pervert you are. The thought of 2 men having sex makes me want to throw up. Kids today are taught to have no morals, and we wonder why 13 year olds are pregnant.
nn You are My Hero-It Worked
Thanks all of you for your help on this. I finally got it.

nn thanks so much.

It depends on what you define as "good money". sm
I do acute care, part time, no more than 24 hours a week and made 56K for the year.

Everyone's definition of good money is different - I think.

Nagin of New Orleans, no hero
Not only did he not use school buses, and all public transportation to get his people out of the city, they did not even transport jail prisoners out of the city, they waited until the flood then opened the jails and let the prisoners out on the street. Nagin may run his mouth in public, but is no hero. He will blame anyone he can, other than himself, who is at the root of the problem. Even had the audacity to say, "because of their color". Get real. Who would have thought so may thousands of people would stay there and not evacuate? It was his job to see that people got out, and he FAILED miserably.
I don't care anymore- since my hero
Randy Johnson sold his soul to the devil I don't watch it.
Ronald Reagan, my hero. nm
FedUpMT - your're my hero!!
I'm going to copy and paste that part to QA.
I thought so do, hubby wanted me to define a cycle so he could use that Rx! nm
I'm not surprised that the media is trying to "spin" him into a hero
but he's unqualified and unethical. The tourists that were there were able to pay him to let them out of there first, plain and simple. Once again, consider the source.

Hero my foot.
Not a hero? Surely U jest, Sharon!
He's STILL my hero. :)
Ever hear of Working Class Hero?
If that doesn't make him a hero, I don't know what does! :)
Well, you have to define what makes you happy. I personally don't want to be chained to a chair a
so that is the reason I won't take the hospital MT job locally they phoned me about with all the perks and bennies, ability to work from home, etc. They wanted in writing that I would either work 8-5, 7-3, etc. I just can't and won't do that right now, so thus I pay the price of not making as much because of the flexibility my job with MQ has to offer me!
BUT, you are brilliant. Keep up the good work! You are my hero for today! nm
Those things are not indicative of a hero, RadGuy. People who fought in battle
are hero's.  One who puts themselves in harms way to protect another is a hero.
How do they define a word? Is it characters? Is it the MS Word definition
of a word? You can fit approximately 500 words on one page of typing. It's about $.055 per line, or $2.75 per page. It's up to you. It's not great, but you are a newbie. If you don't have any other offers out there, try it for a while to gain some experience.